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Life Ain’t Fair: Redesign It!

Life Ain’t Fair: Redesign It!

By Tj Everhart
Strategies on how to transform your life or your business so that you can become all that you are called to be. There will be panel guests to give us tips and tools on how to thrive even during the tough times of life.
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Is your business certified?

Life Ain’t Fair: Redesign It!

Find the sunrise in your pocket
This episode features my wonderful guest Elena Sonnino.  Listen as we discuss how she coaches her clients to not only survive the challenges or life, but to overcome and thrive.  You can contact her at and listen to her podcast
June 8, 2021
Hard Beauty....From Addiction to Oprah
Today's episode is an amazing conversation with Racquel Garcia, CEO of Hard Beauty.  Racquel and I discussed how she overcame addiction, and how she built a business around recovery coaching with clients throughout the US. You can find more information at Racquel is the epitome of redesigning your life!!
May 21, 2021
What's your story?
Everyone has a story, but do you know how to tell the story of your business.  In this episode Mellissa Tong talks about the importance of telling your story so that your business in memorable.  She talks about how she came to the United States, overcoming great odds and created her compay DunkPunk Productions. You can find more about Mellissa at
May 11, 2021
Is your business certified?
In this episode, my guest Pamela Smith of PTS Compliance Consulting, LLC discusses the importance of getting your business certified.  Also, we talk about how courage can move you from where you are to where you need to be. Reach out to her at
April 12, 2021
Knocked down but determined to not be knocked out!!
In this episode we talk with Ramon Peralta of Peralta Designs.  Ramon talks about how unemployment led him to starting his thriving business of building brands.  His determination will inspire anyone. 
March 4, 2021
Conflict is Inevitable
Today's episode we have Suman Kapur with Well Balanced Solutions  Suman helps us understand why its important to address and manage conflict. She also discuss the steps she took to get out of post partum depression.  Suman is definitely a rock star!!! 
February 9, 2021
Winners Win!! Period!!
Man, 2020 has been a tough one for many of us, so what are we going to do for 2021?  Well, winners win, regardless what they go through.  In this podcast we will discuss the steps needed to win in 2021. 
December 23, 2020
The tortoise or the hare, which are you?
Meet Susana Fonticoba owner of Clear Path Business Strategies as she talks about the challenges in life she had to overcome to be the entrepreneur she is today. 
November 15, 2020
You should probably be an entrepreneur
On today's episode I have the awesome pleasure of interviewing Heather Polivka of Heather P. Solutions as we talk about the expectations we had when we decided to be entreprenuers. 
October 20, 2020
From Homeless to Celebrity Plug with Tyressa Ty
An inspiring conversation with Author, Celebrity Host and Celebrity Brand and Marketing Manager Tyressa Ty.  Find out how she went from homeless to the celebrity world by using her faith, vision and journaling.  Find her at for more information, for booking info and to purchase her products. 
August 6, 2020
Be unstoppable
Have you ever been told no so many times that it seems like a yes is nowhere to be found? Do stop!!
July 18, 2020
How Do We Compete (Part 2)
Continuing my conversation with Sly King of Sly King Unleashed as we continue to talk about how we compete and how we build sustainable businesses. It begins with a strategic plan. 
June 24, 2020
How Do We Compete? (Part 1)
There has been a major move to buy black, but the question is how do we compete in the market?  Join me as I have a candid conversation with guest podcaster Sly King of Sly King Unleashed as we pull back the onion peel on our ability to dominate as African-American entrepreneurs. 
June 17, 2020
Help!! Black, Covid-19 and Racism
A candid conversation with mental health professionals Dr. Raechelle Kay and Kristi Myricks on how to successfully navigate through the emotions many African Americans are experiencing right now. 
June 9, 2020
Sink or choose
In this episode you will hear the first step you must take when you have been thrown into the deep end of the pool and you can’t swim.
May 27, 2020
A short introduction of me your host!!
May 22, 2020
May 22, 2020
May 22, 2020