For the Love of Story

107 - Impromptoo Sidekicks

An episode of For the Love of Story

By TJ Tooley
Part audio book, part writing prompts, part book club, and so much more!
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111 - Theater 4
A short story written and read by Yours Truly based on a writing prompt I wrote with my friend Creative Bobbie! In this story, young Ashton and his friends investigate the mysterious Theater 4 where movies supposedly come to life! Music: Theme: Transmission
October 9, 2018
110 - Yours Truly Tool3y
I break down my thought process behind my sidekicks writing prompt response from episode 107, I share my thoughts on our first book club from episode 108, I update you on my personal writing challenges, and give a quick look at the next couple episodes! Music: Theme: Transmission
October 2, 2018
109 - An Update for Emma
The next chapter of our adventure is finally here! We continue chasing clues written in old letters from around New York. What did D.E.G. have in store for us this time? Join me as we continue our quest "For Emma." Check out episode 104 for the first part of this story. Music:// Theme: Transmission
September 25, 2018
108 - The Alchemist's Book Club
The first Book Club episode! I discuss and review "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho with my guest star @creativebobbie Music: Theme: Transmission
September 18, 2018
107 - Impromptoo Sidekicks
A short story written and read by Yours Truly based on the writing prompt from Reddit user u/thx_1138 about a superhero and villain's sidekicks meeting while shopping. Music: Theme: Transmission
September 11, 2018
106 - Hi(story) Time
My Labor Day weekend special! I give a brief history on the fascinating history of Labor Day and share my views on the how the original purpose behind creating the holiday still apply to us today. Music: Theme: Transmission
September 4, 2018
105 - Yours Truly 2 (ley)
I break down my thought process behind the writing prompt and response I wrote for episode 2 and give my first writing update on my book. Music: Theme: Trasmission
August 28, 2018
104 - Original Writing Adventure
A new adventure begins as I discover a mysterious letter hidden in an old library book. Music: Theme: Transmission
August 21, 2018
103 - Bobbie's Creative Life
It's Story Time! My awesome friend Creative Bobbie joins me as my first guest! I interview him and he shares his unique story with all of us. Music: Theme: Transmission
August 14, 2018
102 - Red Prompt Blue Prompt
A short story written and read by Yours Truly based on an original writing prompt. Music: Theme: Transmission
August 7, 2018
101 - Truly an Introduction
The very first episode of For the Love of Story! This episode is a brief introduction to the podcast, descriptions of all 5 episode types, and a quick look at next week's episode! Theme: Transmission Music:
July 31, 2018
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