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By Sam Fraulino
TOAST EDU podcast with your host Sam Fraulino at Paradise Valley Community College in Phoenix, Arizona will discuss new media strategies, higher ED trends, and digital media techniques that can be used to enhance the student experience in and outside of the Canvas LMS. Staff and faculty here at PVCC will be given strategies to enhance instructional technology skills.

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Ep10- Welcome Back! Spring 2022


Ep13- What is Digital Media?
This podcast of the TOAST EDU, Sam Fraulino, the instructional multimedia developer will discuss digital media.  So what exactly is digital media? Is it graphics you upload to your Canvas course?  It’s video, audio, software, or other content that is created, edited, stored, or accessed in digital form.  We know in today’s fast paced digital world as well with the rapid changes in higher education, the distribution of digital media will soon outpace the creation and distribution of standard print newspapers, magazines, and textbooks. The main benefit of digital media in education is that it can increase student engagement. In addition, it helps students work through difficult concepts with multiple resources.  It can fuel creativity as well, especially if your student has a hand in the creation of the content. TOAST EDU Podcast Website-
May 03, 2022
Ep12- New Media Lab Experience
This podcast of the TOAST EDU, CTLEE Director Lynn McClelland and Instructional Media Developer Sam Fraulino sit down for a discussion about the upcoming development of PVCC’s New Media Lab Experience.  Join in on this conversation to learn about what exactly the New Media Lab Experience is, who is involved, and the many positive learning opportunities it can bring all faculty, staff, and students to enhance their digital media experience. The New Media Lab Experience at PVCC's Creative Commons welcomes students, faculty, and staff to a space where they can create multimedia projects, collaborate with others, and utilize the latest content-creating technology for videography and podcasting. For faculty and staff, we will provide opportunities for personal and professional growth. For students, we provide the opportunity to develop their written communication with a focus on digital publication. Whether researching a topic for a website, podcast, or video documentary, students will need to develop their written content and support their information with credible sources before transferring their work to a digital form. TOAST EDU Podcast Website- Book Resource- Teaching Digital Natives-Partnering for Real Learning by Marc Prensky New Media Lab Experience Video with Dr. Jon Storslee and Lynn McClelland:
March 21, 2022
Ep11- CTLEE Newsletter: Creative Connection
This podcast of the TOAST EDU, is a sit down discussion with the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Employee Engagement’s Sofia Pijanowski and Sam Fraulino as they discuss the new CTLEE newsletter called Creative Connection. Sofia will talk about the upcoming new and improved newsletter that the CTLEE has developed to create a better connection with PVCC’s faculty and staff. We’ll be discussing what is different from this letter and newsletters past along with how and where you will be able to find this incredible resource.   Creative Connection Newsletter- TOAST EDU Podcast Website-
March 07, 2022
Ep10- Welcome Back! Spring 2022
Welcome back Pumas! Spring 2022 is about to begin, as we know the beginning of a new semester brings back a fresh energy and an excitement that we all look forward to as we welcome back students into the classroom and connect with faculty and staff to create an innovative and fun learning environment both in person and online. As we wrapped up 2021 with some new projects, a new podcast, a new video series called Puma Playback, along with an Employee Engagement Canvas resource site.  We look forward to the 23rd Annual Spring Learning and Leadership Week for our employees offered in virtual, hybrid and in-person formats next week, January 10-14, 2022.  We are excited to bring back the Adjunct Faculty semester start-up session including a break-out just for new adjunct faculty. We at the CTLEE hope all PVCC’s faculty and staff have a wonderful start to what we hope is a very successful and productive Spring 2022 semester. TOAST EDU Podcast Website- Employee Engagement Canvas Resource- Puma Playpack Collection:
January 06, 2022
Ep09- What is Puma Playback?
Bits-N-Crumbs Segment! So in the last few weeks, the CTLEE has released a series of short videos highlighting a faculty member or staff member here at Paradise Valley Community College.   Puma Playback? What is that? For the last few weeks, the CTLEE released a series of short videos highlighting a faculty or staff member here at Paradise Valley Community College: who they are and what they do. Collaborating with fellow faculty and staff, these short, casual, and fun videos created by Lynn McClelland and Sam Fraulino highlight the innovative projects and programs at PVCC. Their fresh ideas can inspire us all to be more creative. So, pull up a chair, sit back, relax, and listen in, as we talk a bit about the Puma Playback video concept and how you and your projects or programs can be featured. TOAST EDU Podcast Website- Puma Playback Collection:
December 10, 2021
Ep08- YouTube Videos in Canvas
Bits-N-Crumbs Segment! YouTube is one of the world’s leading video hosting websites for hosting all types of online videos.  From piano playing cats to educational documentaries, there are millions of videos on YouTube that can benefit student learning.   So how do you get those videos to play inside your Canvas course/content?  Sure, you can paste in a long complicated URL into your page and have your students click on a link, but there is a much better way. Embed it!  Make the video that is hosted on YouTube play right inside your Canvas content, without the student having to leave your course or copy and paste a link.  This podcast will talk about how easy it is to take any video on YouTube and embed it right inside your Canvas content. TOAST EDU Podcast Website-
November 30, 2021
Ep07- Podcast Basics & Gear: What Do I Use
This podcast is a quick discussion and introduction to podcasting and the basics which also includes a breakdown of what audio gear I use to record, edit and publish my simple educational podcast.  We’ll dig deeper into what equipment I use, settings, what types of microphones and how the TOAST EDU podcast is created from beginning to end. We will also cover hosting and the ideal place to house your podcast for easy use of sharing and listener subscribing. What I hope faculty and staff will get out of this episode is an understanding of just how easy it is to create a basic podcast, host it for free on Anchor, and feel comfortable with creating audio content for their students. Say it all with Anchor  Create, distribute, and monetize your podcast—all for free. Link to free hosting at Anchor ( Gear I use- Rode Podmic- Rode Procaster Mic- Rodecaster Pro- Mixer- Sennheiser HD280 Pro Headphones- Apple Logic Pro- Click Here
November 15, 2021
Ep06- Impact of COVID: What Did You Learn Teaching During a Pandemic?
This podcast is a discussion about what it was like to teach during a pandemic, what did faculty learn, how did some adapt and five questions to ask yourself to improve or enhance how you teach students from this point on. As we know, for the last year in a half, students adapted to online learning and a remote style of communication with their instructor. So reflecting on my own experience, supporting a college and handfuls of faculty who never taught remotely was a significant challenge, that had both rewards and huge amounts of obstacles as well. Our CTLEE team here at PVCC adapted quickly and I believe successfully to keep things going and hopefully keep instruction solid with the support in Canvas and the growth of remote/virtual teaching tools such as Canvas Conferences and WebEx, Kahoot, etc. As well, we have two instructors who pre-recorder their insight to this subject as well.  Dr. Caron Sada and Lynn McClelland both share their experiences with teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ll also hear a brief statement from Loretta Mondragon on what occurred behind the scenes at PVCC to support faculty, staff and students. Article- Teaching Online in the COVID Crisis: What We Have Learned
October 26, 2021
Ep05- Art and Science of Culture Change
The Art and Science of Culture Change is a strength based approach to inclusion that creates a safe, welcoming and even fun environment where diverse groups of people can learn, unlearn, learn and solve problems together. With both individualism and collectivism in mind, Dr, Sada's bold vision could be described as creating better cultures for each of us and for all of us. This podcast is focused on The Art and Science of Culture Change designed by Dr. Caron Sada. Caron teaches psychology at Paradise Valley Community College but Caron is also a social entrepreneur, artist and organizational consultant beyond her internal role at PVCC. Caron’s specialty is industrial-organizational psychology, sometimes called the “psychology of the workplace” and she is especially interested in the social contexts that best facilitate problem solving with the potential to lead to more inclusive, innovative and entrepreneurial cultures. Visit Caron's Website
September 22, 2021
Ep04- Listen Up Faculty- This Is Your Next Student
This podcast is focused on the next generation of students coming into our college system.  As each high school year ends, more young teens graduate from high school and make their way into “your” classrooms. Ready and armed with a virtual backpack of digital skills of interactive media knowledge and creation skills, online course experience such as Canvas knowledge, along with other advanced skills.   These are the students that are extremely tech savvy and will be needing much more from their instructors to keep them engaged and better learners. Sit back and listen to a conversation with a 15 year old sophomore who will give us an insight to what she loves about her high school experience with her instructional multimedia and Canvas usage. -TOAST EDU Podcast Website- Center for Teaching and Learning at PVCC
July 19, 2021
Ep03- Club Z: Expanding Our Comfort Zones Together
Club Z: Expanding Our Comfort Zones Together, is focused on Club Z’s culture that is based on the Art and Science of Culture Change, and what’s happening at PVCC in this new virtual world. We talk a lot about how college classes have adapted, but what about co-curricular experiences for students? Join Sam Fraulino from Paradise Valley Community College's Center for Teaching and Learning along with Dr. Caron Sada creator of Club Z and Psychology Faculty as they discuss everything Club Z. Club Z is still saying, “Everyone is Invited!” and students have led projects including Calm Talk by Peter Tometi and Jovana Vincic’s International Day of Human Rights event. For more information: Club Zeitgeist | Paradise Valley Community College (
February 02, 2021
Ep02- Hey Quicktime! Let's Record This!
Quicktime is an Apple developed application, native with all Mac OS computers along with PC compatibility. QT is used to deliver and edit sound, video, and customizable screen recording possibilities with basic functionality.  The possibilities and flexibility of this application can give instructors and edge on the basic creation of media for all types of delivery. This podcast will cover the three basic uses for Quicktime for instructional development such as movie recording, audio recording and screen recordings. For more information and in person demo, contact Apple Support: Quicktime User Guide- -TOAST EDU Podcast Website- Center for Teaching and Learning at PVCC
December 03, 2020
Ep01- What's So Great About Canvas?
Episode 01- What’s So Great About Canvas?  This episode is a look into the course management system we use here at Paradise Valley Community College called Canvas, developed by Instructure.  A very basic introduction on what exactly Canvas is, and what it can do other than just be used for an online gradebook or syllabus.  This podcast will go over a few of the features and a few basic benefits to using Canvas to enhance a student’s experience.  Along with a summary of a few key points in the Canvas’s State of Student Success and Trends in Higher Education- 2020 Global Research Study -Instructure Canvas 2020 Study -TOAST EDU Podcast Website-
November 18, 2020
Ep00- TOAST EDU Introduction/Trailer
Visit Sam Fraulino is an instructional multimedia developer discussing all topics of multimedia, visual design, instructional technology , and Canvas in higher education at Paradise Valley Community College. This podcast will discuss new media strategies and techniques that can be used to enhance the student experience in and outside of the Canvas LMS. Staff and faculty here at PVCC will given strategies to enhance instructional technology skills, learn about new software, discuss and collaborate with others across the PVCC campus. Visit TOAST EDU on the iHub at:
October 28, 2020