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Joe Public Speaking

Joe Public Speaking

By Tom Jackson
Issues that are being ignored by commercial media.
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Musician, Greg Allen with new music from Greg Allen's Fringe Religion

Joe Public Speaking

Musician, Greg Allen with new music from Greg Allen's Fringe Religion

Joe Public Speaking

Author, Gina Troisi talks about her memoir, "The Angle of Flickering Light"
"[W]hat would it cost for a girl to run wildly and recklessly into womanhood, making instant, temporary homes?" Gina Troisi shows us the cost in her vivid, visual writing style. "The Angle of Flickering Light" should be on your summer reading list, if it isn't already!  New York Times bestselling author, Domenica Ruta called this memoir, "a story of powerful recovery". 
May 14, 2021
Theologian, Martin Rumscheidt talks about his new, soon to be published essay about Nazi complicity in his family during WWII
In "Honoring Father and Mother: An Impossible Possibility?", Martin Rumscheidt discusses his lifetime struggle with the fact that his father, as a high ranking employee of IG Farben during WWII, was complicit with Nazi atrocities. How does one heed the ideal of honoring one's father and mother while knowing that through direct involvement, or through silence, one's parents were complicit with an atrocity? 
April 19, 2021
Musician, Celia Woodsmith: Della Mae, Say Darling, and her solo work!
Celia is the frontperson for the Grammy-nominated bluegrass band, Della Mae, as well as the rock/country rock band Say Darling.  You've got to hear her voice. Really.  Music in this episode: "Way Down", Celia Woodsmith, from the album, "Cast Iron Shoes" "Headlight", Della Mae, from the album, "Headlight" "Good Man", Say Darling, from the album "Before & After"
February 28, 2021
Author, Ernest Hebert talks about the upcoming re-release of his Darby Chronicles Series, a new book on the way, and fun with the publishing industry!
Ernie's (soon to be enhanced by re-releases and new stuff) author page on Amazon:
February 27, 2021
Musician Jon Nolan of Say Zuzu joins us to talk music, before, during and after COVID
Music: "Pennsylvania", by Say Zuzu "Mary (Won't You Come Along), by Jon Nolan
February 26, 2021
Guests: Colum McCann wrote "Apeirogon" about Bassam Aramin & Rami Elhanan: Steven Spielberg couldn't make it, but he purchased the film rights to the book!
The Parents Circle - Families Forum: American Friends of the Parents Circle; Palestinian and Israeli Bereaved Families for Peace: Combatants for Peace: Colum McCann's website: Narrative 4 Foundation: Amblin Films buys film rights:
February 1, 2021
Jen Senko; "The Brainwashing of My Dad", January 6, 2021 and beyond
Documentary filmmaker, Jen Senko, talks about "conservative" media, the attack on the US Capitol by domestic terrorists on January 6, 2021, and what lies ahead, in a country divided thanks to the brainwashing of tabloid media.  Film website:
January 10, 2021
Did He Concede? That's Not What I Heard. Domestic Terrorists Planning Their Next Move: Op-ed 2
Following up on my year-end op-ed, I was wrong about the pocket veto, but at this point, I still believe that Trump and his domestic terrorist brigade still plan to start a civil war, if that's what it takes to fully install him as the country's first full-fledged dictator. As I said in my prior op-ed, I hope I'm wrong, but I see little to indicate that their insane plan, based entirely on lies that Trump, his enablers, and "conservative" media told these terrorists, has changed. Newsweek article: Music: "Here Comes the Shutdown", Kevin Healey (
January 9, 2021
Works of Mercy in an Age of “the Giant Triplets of Racism, Extreme Materialism, and Militarism”: Christopher Douçot, co-founder of the Hartford Catholic Worker community
The quote, borrowed from the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., holds as much relevance today as it did more than 50 years ago. For even longer, the Catholic Worker movement has tried to counter-act these triplets in the ways that my guest today describes. Christopher Douçot and his wife, Jackie, co-founded the Hartford Catholic Worker community, and even with a pandemic raging, their work continues. In these times, voices like theirs seem even further in the wilderness than ever, and they need to be heard as much if not more than ever. End music: "Here Comes the Shutdown", Kevin Healey (
January 5, 2021
Pocket Veto, Chaos, Martial Law (or even Civil War) - That is Trump's Game Plan to Stay in Power; JPS Year End Audio Op-Ed
I hope I'm wrong about this, but what I believe is taking shape is the most vile, cynical power play ever witnessed in this country. This recording contains my opinion, and mine only.  Music: "Here Comes the Shutdown" by Kevin Healey ( 
December 26, 2020
Gaza 2020 - the COVID-19 tests have run out: Ibrahem Elshatali talks about Gaza under siege, occupation, and a pandemic
Gaza is in danger of a massive catastrophe, due to several factors combined with the pandemic. It was reported in a few large scale media outlets a few days ago that Gaza has run out of COVID-19 test kits. On a small patch of land, with 2 million people, and multiple crises already challenging daily life, a pandemic with no more test kits and no sign of help on the way equals a humanitarian disaster. 
December 13, 2020
Nonviolent Conflict Resolution in Afghanistan: Basir Bita is an advisor for Afghan Peace Volunteers, a youth group in Kabul, Afghanistan that advocates for nonviolent conflict resolution
Nonviolent Conflict Resolution in Afghanistan: Basir Bita is an advisor for Afghan Peace Volunteers, a youth group in Kabul, Afghanistan that advocates for nonviolent conflict resolution. He talks about the possible withdrawal of US troops from his country, and the possibility of Afghanistan one day serving as an example of bringing people back together again after years of war. Afghan Peace Volunteers:
December 12, 2020
Politics & Media in Brazil: Former reporter turned political communication advisor and campaign manager, Nara Alves
Nara Alves worked in media for 18 years, including at TV Globo. More recently, she became a communications advisor and campaign managers for political candidates in Brazil. She joins us to talk about the recent elections held in Brazil. End music: "Honey in My Tea", Kevin Healey ( Check out that dirty guitar work!
November 28, 2020
Guitarist, Johnny Rao and drummer, Thommy Price, talk about their band Downtown Phantom
In this episode, we hear from two musicians who have worked together since they were kids. Their band and album is called Downtown Phantom.  Guitar player, Johnny Rao has recorded and toured with former NY Dolls members Syl Sylvain and David Johansen. Drummer, Thommy Price has recorded and toured with Joan Jett and the Blackhearts since 1986, and he’s also worked with a long, diverse list of bands and solo artists.  Most of this interview focuses on Downtown Phantom. They are now recording more material! Downtown Phantom songs in this episode:  "Some Strange" "Sitting on Gold" Country of Residence: USA; Publisher: CD Baby Publishing; Performing Rights Organization: BMI Downtown Phantom on Amazon: Downtown Phantom on ReverbNation:
November 14, 2020
New Music and An Award-Winning Book: Professor Kevin Healey from the University of New Hampshire's Communication Department
This week on Joe Public Speaking, I talk with Prof. Kevin Healey, whose latest book, "Ethics and Religion in the Age of Social Media: Digital Proverbs for Responsible Citizens", co-authored with Robert Woods, won the 2020 Book of the Year Award from the Religious Communication Association. Kevin also talks about his forthcoming EP, "X Minus 1", which consists of new, original, stylistically diverse music. Songs in this episode include... "X Minus 1" "Wake Up Blind" "Lies We Believe" PS: "You can go with this" line which I mention is from Black Sheep's, "The Choice is Yours" (c. 1991, The Island Def Jam Music Group)
November 11, 2020
Kevin Martin, President of Peace Action and the Peace Action Education Fund, talks about nonviolent action, the slow motion trainwreck of an empire, and the upcoming election
Kevin Martin talks with JPS about the various factors contributing to the crash of the US empire, and what the possible outcomes of the upcoming election will prompt advocates of nonviolent social change to do. 
October 23, 2020
Paul Baker Hernandez, translator and performer of the songs of Chilean singer-songwriter Victor Jara, talks with us from his home in Managua, Nicaragua
Paul Baker Hernandez, a former monk, talks about his journey from monastic life to his life in Managua, Nicaragua. For several years he has translated and performed the songs of Victor Jara, who was a Chilean teacher, poet, singer-songwriter and political activist who was tortured and killed during the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet. Paul also is an activist, focusing on climate change, and social justice issues; He tells us of his latest initiatives in that regard. *Here are the websites that Paul keeps active, including sites where one can contribute to his ongoing work: ODE TO EARTH EARTHBALL CHALLENGE BEETHOVEN 250 CROWDFUNDING PATREON (monthly support)
October 20, 2020
Musician, Anarchist, Activist, David Rovics on the state of his home city, Portland, Oregon, and his latest album, "Say Their Names"
David Rovics has been writing songs and performing for almost 30 years, during which he has produced 30 albums of songs with topical lyrics that express a critical view of American foreign and domestic policies. He talks with us from his home in Portland, Oregon. David's website: David's YouTube channel:
October 18, 2020
Documentaries, Dangerous Workplaces, Neoliberal Economics, and the BIFED Film Festival!: Filmmakers, Ethem Ozguven & Petra Holzer
Here's the name and web address for Ethem & Petra's film festival: Bozcaada International Festival of Ecological Documentary And check out the documentaries they mentioned, here on Ethem's website:
September 18, 2020
Endless U.S. Proxy Wars: Sireen Al-Adeimi talks about the US-backed Saudi attack and blockade on Yemen
Professor Sireen Al-Adeimi was born in Yemen. Today she teaches at Michigan State University, and she speaks and writes about the US-backed Saudi war and blockade waged against Yemen. The humanitarian crisis rages on in Yemen, now exacerbated further by COVID-19. Meanwhile, US commercial media rarely even mentions this ongoing attack on Yemen's 30,000,000 people. Host: Tom Jackson Music: "Here Comes the Shutdown", Kevin Healey (
September 15, 2020
Ross Gelbspan: Mainstream media's abysmal, pro-corporatist, mishandling of the climate change issue
Ross Gelbspan, journalist, and author of "The Heat Is On", and "Boiling Point", two 1990s-era books on anthropogenic climate change, talks with us about the mishandling of the climate change issue by mainstream media. "Follow the money", as usual, reveals why so many commercial media outlets continued to treat the issue as though "opinion", and therefore debate, were merited, long after scientists had concluded that we have a major problem on our hands. Think the coverage is better now -- now that California is burning down? It's somewhat better, as Ross acknowledges, but still not commensurate to the problem, and what needs to be done to address it -- to the extent that it's still possible. Music: "Here Comes the Shutdown"; Kevin Healey (
September 8, 2020
Documentary filmmaker, Danny Alpert from the Kindling Group
Danny talks about his work in progress, "The Last Strike", which focuses on the "true story of the '81 PATCO strike when Ronald Reagan fired 11,345  Air Traffic Controllers, changing the American workplace forever". The Kindling Group, led by Danny, is about to go into post-production on the documentary, and they currently have a Kickstarter fundraising campaign at --- Danny tells us about a couple of other Kindling Group productions, and the group's work on "impact campaigns to inspire, entertain, and ignite change". See more at
August 26, 2020
Writer/musician Maggie Dubris talks about her new book, "Brokedown Palace", in which she chronicles 25 years of work as an EMT for St. Clare's Hospital in NYC.
From the early 1980s to 2007, Maggie Dubris worked as an EMT out of the Hell's Kitchen hospital, St. Clare's. Her new book, "Brokedown Palace" chronicles those years in a very personal, and present, honest way. She talks about some of the stories from those years, including the impact of AIDS on communities throughout NYC, and, of course, 9-11. During the interview, Maggie reads a few of her poems from the book.  We end the podcast with new music from Maggie, and Lisa Gutkin from the Klezmatics ( The song is called "Rise". Along with Maggie and Lisa, Sara Wendt does vocals on this recording. Check out the video for "Rise" on YouTube at Learn more about Maggie's work at
August 22, 2020
Musician, Greg Allen with new music from Greg Allen's Fringe Religion
Greg Allen has been writing rock tunes and touring for years, with bands such as Blue Ruin, and his current group, Greg Allen's Fringe Religion. He and the band are currently recording new music, and Joe Public Speaking has the pleasure of including a demo of one of the new songs on this episode! Don't miss this interview with Greg -- not just because of the stories about playing and recording with ex-Dolls drummer, Jerry Nolan, or guitar great, Johnny Rao, or getting punked by Keith Richards, but also because his gonzo sense of humor hasn't exactly "mellowed" over the years. And that, IMO, is a good thing.
August 8, 2020
Massimo Pigliucci: Stoicism, Pseudoscience, & COVID-19
Massimo Pigliucci, Prof. of Philosophy at City College, evolutionary biologist, student of Stoicism, and critic of pseudoscience, joins us today on Joe Public Speaking! Massimo is also the author of the forthcoming book "A Field Guide to a Happy Life" (release date, September 15, 2020)! What is stoicism? How does a stoic respond to a pandemic? What is pseudoscience (given that both sides accuse the other of practicing pseudoscience)? How is pseudoscience infesting the response to COVID-19? All this and more, on this edition of Joe Public Speaking!
August 1, 2020
Mike Boudreau from Compas de Nicaragua
Mike Boudreau has been working for Compas de Nicaragua for over twenty years. The group focuses on Nicaraguan culture and social justice issues. Tune in to hear Mike describe how the organization has developed over the years, and where it stands today.  Their website: Their Facebook page: Music: "Here Comes the Shutdown", Kevin Healey ( Host: Tom Jackson
July 25, 2020
Wayne Matthysse, update from Wat Opot Children's Community in Cambodia, 2020
Here's the latest from Wayne Matthysse about his work at the Wat Opot Children's Community. At 75, he is still going, listed now as founder and advisor to the community.
July 12, 2020
Wayne Matthysse, Vietnam War vet, and founder of the Wat Opot Children's Community in Cambodia
Wayne has an amazing story, from his decision to volunteer to go to Vietnam during the American occupation and war there, to his unwavering dedication to caring for Cambodian children with HIV, he continues to live a life of service.
July 12, 2020
"Thought For The Day" 1: Yes, it's a republic. AND...
This is the first of an ongoing episode in which I share a brief thought, usually related to politics, public discourse, etc. This first edition is, for some, a review of high school civics class, but for others, a good response to others who try to deny that the US was supposed to be guided by democratic principles. When they fire back that the US is a republic, that's true, but the discussion doesn't stop there. What are the possible guiding principles for a republic? Host: Tom Jackson Music: "Here Comes the Shutdown", Kevin Healey (
July 6, 2020
Documentary Filmmaker Bob Hercules talks about his films, including "Maya Angelou: And Still I Rise"
Bob Hercules joins me from Chicago, for this edition of Joe Public Speaking, as we continue our Sunday Series with documentary film and video producers. Bob's work includes the Peabody Award winning "Maya Angelou: And Still I Rise", "A Good Man", "Senator Obama Goes to Africa", "Forgiving Dr. Mengele", "The Democratic Promise", and more! We have three brief audio clips, with Bob's permission, from "The Democratic Promise", "A Good Man", and "Maya Angelou: And Still I Rise", respectively. Thank you to Bob Hercules and Media Process Group. End music: "Here Comes the Shutdown", Kevin Healey ( Host: Tom Jackson
June 29, 2020
Black Women's Invisible Struggle Against Police Violence - Professor of Law, Michelle Jacobs
Here is the link to anti-racism resources that Professor Jacobs mentions during the podcast: Interviewee: Law Professor, Michelle Jacobs Host: Tom Jackson
June 24, 2020
Filmmaker, Laura Coxson: Interview; Sunday Series on documentary film and video producers
Laura Coxson has amassed some very impressive experiences in the wonderful world of documentary filmmaking! She worked with Albert Maysles, including on Albert's last film, "Iris"! She talks with us about her career thus far on this new Sunday Series featuring documentary film and video producers. Music: "Here Comes the Shutdown", Kevin Healey ( Host: Tom Jackson
June 21, 2020
Documentary Filmmakers, Sunday Series 2, Preview
The new Sunday Series will feature interviews and conversations with documentary filmmakers galore! This episode is a preview of the first couple of productions for this series. Which filmmakers are lined up for episodes 1 & 2? Tune in and find out!  Music: "Here Comes the Shutdown", Kevin Healey ( Host: Tom Jackson
June 13, 2020
Kathy Kelly from Voices for Creative Nonviolence
Two time Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Kathy Kelly joins us to talk about Afghanistan, Iraq, Gaza, and more on this Anything Goes edition of Joe Public Speaking. Music: "Here Comes the Shutdown"; Kevin Healey ( Host: Tom Jackson
June 5, 2020
Tom's Sunday Series Monologue & Random Thoughts
A bit of reflection on the Sunday Series about opioid addiction & recovery as we transition from that series to another. We will have future podcasts on that issue, on Anything Goes Wednesday editions.  And there's a few random thoughts about the events of this now past weekend. Music: "Here Comes the Shutdown" by Kevin Healey ( Host: Tom Jackson
May 31, 2020
Jen Senko, Director of "The Brainwashing of My Dad", on "conservative" media, and the divide in the States of America
Guest: Jen Senko; Music: "Here Comes the Shutdown", Kevin Healey ( Host: Tom Jackson
May 27, 2020
Joy Rucker, Executive Director of the Texas Harm Reduction Alliance joins JPS on our Sunday Series: Opioid Addiction & Recovery
Guest: Joy Rucker, Executive Director, Texas Harm Reduction Alliance ( Music: "Here Comes the Shutdown", Kevin Healey ( Host: Tom Jackson
May 24, 2020
Media Bias and Disbelief in Scientific Facts: Lawrence Hamilton & Thomas Safford from the Carsey School of Public Policy
Guests: Lawrence Hamilton is Professor of Sociology and Senior Fellow in the  Carsey School of Public Policy at the University of New Hampshire; Thomas G. Safford is associate professor of sociology and faculty fellow  at the Carsey School of Public Policy at the University of New  Hampshire. Their recent publications focus on trust in scientists, media, and the government, in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. Music: "Here Comes the Shutdown", Kevin Healey ( Host: Tom Jackson
May 20, 2020
Joe Public Speaking, Sunday Series on Opioid Addiction and Recovery: Professor of Nursing, Kerry Nolte
This was actually the first recorded interview for the JPS Opioid Addiction & Recovery series, and it took place shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic really started messing everything up. We recorded in the UNH Communication Department's Media Lab, and as you will hear, the original idea for the series was to keep is focused on UNH as a microcosm for other universities across the country, and for that matter, the issue in general, in our society today. Well... you know what happened next. Bye-bye campus. The interview wound up staying in the hopper for awhile, but now here it is. Prof. Nolte has so many insightful things to say, so hearing her discuss her response to the way we look at the addiction issue is very enlightening, and her practical ideas for addressing the issue are invaluable.  Guest: Prof. Kerry Nolte Audio tech: Christian Kmetz Music: "A Plastic Cup", Kevin Healey ( Host: Tom Jackson
May 17, 2020
Theologian, Martin Rumscheidt talks about his childhood in Nazi Germany, on Joe Public Speaking
Guest: Martin Rumscheidt Location: Recorded for video at SomeCity, Somersworth, NH.  Audio tech: Bill Rogers Music: "Here Comes the Shutdown", Kevin Healey ( Host: Tom Jackson *Hi, it's me, Tom. I did the audio edit, as I always do. You might think that you hear an un-denoised audio hiss in the background, but that's actually rain and downtown traffic, in Somersworth, NH. It was 5PM when we started recording, and it was raining steadily, during the interview, and SomeCity is in a storefront in downtown Somersworth, so the main drag was filled with drive-time traffic, which you can hear, along with the falling rain. I was tempted to sing an acapella version of Tom Waits' "Downtown Train" as an outro for this edition of Joe Public Speaking, but then thought better of it.
May 13, 2020
Anonymous guest on Joe Public Speaking's Sunday Series on Opioid Addiction and Recovery
My guest today talks about being in a relationship for most of their teens with a person who was addicted to opioids. As my guest points out, the realization that one can't expect a child to take care of another child in this type of a situation was an important one, and it took a long time for that realization to fully set in.  My guest asked to remain anonymous, so their voice has been altered. I hope that even if you find the sound annoying, you'll still listen all the way through--- they have some really well stated, important thoughts about this issue which is still very much among us in American society today. Guest: anonymous Music: "Here Comes the Shutdown", Kevin Healey ( Host: Tom Jackson
May 11, 2020
Intro to JPS: What is the Joe Public Speaking podcast all about?
Host, Tom Jackson, gives some background on what the Joe Public Speaking podcast is going to be. In short, it's part interview show, with occasional commentary, introducing you to some writers, thinkers, artists, etc. who may not be household names, but who are expressing ideas that are insightful and inspiring. Music by Kevin Healey (
May 7, 2020
Paul Levy, author of "Dispelling Wetiko" on Anything-Goes-Wednesday, Joe Public Speaking
Interviewee: Paul Levy ( Music: "Here Comes the Shutdown", Kevin Healey ( Host: Tom Jackson
May 7, 2020
Sunday Series on Opioid Addiction and Recovery, Sheila McNamee interview
Guest: Professor Sheila McNamee, Communication, University of New Hampshire & co-founder of the Taos Institute Music: "Honey in My Tea" and "Here Comes the Shutdown", Kevin Healey ( Host: Tom Jackson
May 4, 2020
Joe Public Speaking, interview with Dr. Bryant Welch, author of "State of Confusion: Political Manipulation and the Assault on the American Mind"
Host: Tom Jackson Interviewee: Dr. Bryant Welch Music: "Here Comes the Shutdown", Kevin Healey (
April 29, 2020
Joe Public Speaking, Sunday Series episode 2, Part 2 of our interview with Dean Lemire on Opioid Addiction and Recovery
"What do you want YOUR recovery to look like?" You've gotta here this guy! Straight from someone who knows first hand what he's talking about, Dean Lemire talks about the current state of the opioid issue, including the way our current state of isolation due to COVID-19 precautions is likely to effect those who are struggling with addiction. The good news is, there's a lot more recovery going on than many in the general public realize.
April 25, 2020
Joe Public Speaking, Anything Goes Wednesday, Episode 1: Unruly Americans and the Woody Holton interview
Host: Tom Jackson Interviewee: Professor Woody Holton, author of "Unruly Americans and the Origins of the Constitution": Music: "Here Comes the Shutdown", Kevin Healey:
April 23, 2020
Series 1: Opioid Addiction; Dean Lemire interview, part 1
Host, writer, voice: Tom Jackson Music: Intro & middle - Horchata, "vespermillionoldea", "emballonuroidea" End music - Kevin Healey, "Here Comes the Shutdown"
April 20, 2020