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Thrive with Marketing Podcast by Toni Navarro

Thrive with Marketing Podcast by Toni Navarro

By Toni Navarro
A podcast hosted by Toni Navarro for ambitious business owners and entrepreneurs that love listening to great stories and learning from the best marketers and professionals from different sectors and backgrounds.
A place where everyone has a voice, and which is created to entertain you in the moments when you need it the most. Connect, learn and grow with us!
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Episode 5: How to make your brand trendy using Video with Stokely Howard

Thrive with Marketing Podcast by Toni Navarro

Episode 8- The importance of wellbeing and health in this digital era with Emma-Louise Furasi
In this episode I had the pleasure to talk to Emma-Louise about the importance of Wellbeing and Health (Physical and mental) in this digital era. She is the founder of In-house health, a company based in Manchester and working with digital and tech companies using a data led approach to eliminate the root cause of issues such as stress and burnout. Don't miss out, as she shared loads of great tips, and we discussed some amazing topics including: burnout, work-life balance, entrepreneurship and mental health. You can follow Emma, on Instagram, twitter, read her blog and connect with her on Linkedin here. Thanks for listening. Toni
June 21, 2022
Episode 7- How to run an agency while having a healthy work-life balance with Victor Pazmino
In this new episode, Victor shares with us his story on how he built a PPC agency in the US and how important has been for his to maintain a healthy work-life balance to keep his motivation high.  Listen to this episode as it comes full with great advice from Victor and I'm sure you'll enjoy listening to his story and experiences. Follow Victor on Instagram here Connect with Victor here on Linkedin Link to all Thrive with Marketing Episodes here Follow Toni on Instagram here  Follow Toni on Twitter here Thanks for listening to my podcast. Lots of love Toni
May 05, 2022
Episode 6: Marketing with purpose + strategy + people with Mike Pye
In this exciting episode I had the pleasure to chat with Mike Pye, the managing director of Mike Pye +Co, a great man of values and a top marketer &  business owner. In this session we talked about: Entrepreneurship and the importance of values in business. Mike share some their clients as top Why he works with purpose driven organisations like: Tyler Grange or We are Adam. He share some of their awesome work:  A recent Marketing e-book, more info here A series of Marketing Strategy workshops called build, find more info here Mike shares his story, how he became a business owner and some of the best experiencias and reasons why he started off. He also gives some good advice on how to build effective marketing strategies for your business. And loads of more stuff on Marketing and business so don't miss out and listen to this new episode of the Thrive with Marketing podcast. Cheers, Toni Navarro
February 15, 2022
Episode 5: How to make your brand trendy using Video with Stokely Howard
Live session with Stokely Howard, co-founder of Trendy Grandad Agency and creative director, as well as a brilliant person and a serious young entrepreneur who I have the pleasure to interview today, and who is going to be sharing his story as an entrepreneur and how he is building a great community of young entrepreneurs in Norwich, and also how to make your brand look cool, trendy and grow using Video Marketing. It was a very fun session! If I was you, I wouldn't not miss it! Thanks for being there and listening to my podcast. Toni Navarro
November 25, 2021
Episode 4- The power of live streaming to boost your personal brand with Marco Novo.
This is a very special episode of the podcast as I had the pleasure to chat with my very good friend Marco Novo about Live Streaming as a very powerful tool to promote your personal brand. For those who don't know Marco, he's an international marketer consultant and trainer, specialised in Live Streaming, and throughout this 50 minutes episode, he shared his experience and advice on how to use video, live streaming and social media to grow your business and to promote yourself as a brand. You can follow Marco on social media:  Twitter  Linkedin And you can follow Toni Navarro here:  Toni Navarro blog Toni Navarro twitter Toni Navarro Instagram Here is the link to try Streamyard for free, a tool to live-stream to different social media platforms. I hope you enjoy the show and I'd love to hear your feedback.  You can email me anytime at with any question or suggestion. Lots of love Toni
November 08, 2021
Episode 3- Entrepreneurship, Mental Health and Social Media Challenges with Bilal Jogi
In this episode of the Thrive with Marketing Podcast, Toni has a brilliant chat with Bilal Jogi, founder of the exciting, Manchester-based social media agency Lipstick. They chat about entrepreneurship, the mental health issues that often arise when running your own business and, of course, social media! Bilal shared with us loads of vital tips and tools for social media marketing, as well as lots of great advice that will help anyone growing their business and team and facing the challenges that comes with it. We hope you enjoy this episode, and be sure to share your honest feedback with us. Follow us on Instagram here for more content! Lots of love, Toni Navarro.
August 18, 2021
Creating a Winning Marketing and Branding Strategy with Lara & Sally
During this amazing second episode of the Thrive with Marketing Podcast, Toni had a very insightful & interesting chat with Lara Denney and Sally Graves both Marketing experts about how to build an effective marketing & branding strategy, and many other important parts of the Marketing Strategy that most businesses neglect.  They also shared loads of great tips on how to build a strong and effective Marketing & Branding Strategy, so if I were you, I wouldn't miss this episode! Listen to it, and share your honest feedback with us.  Follow us on Instagram here for more content ! Lots of love, Toni Navarro
July 09, 2021
Episode 1- Simplified Social Media Marketing with Karen McCarthy
Do you struggle with the social media side of your Marketing Strategy?  We hear you, and so does Karen McCarthy from Simplified Social Media, who build her business to help those who didn't necessarily grow up on social media. It was lovely to chat with Karen in this very first episode of the Thrive with Marketing podcast, where we spoke about challenges that many business owners face with social media, and she shared loads of tips and advice on how to overcome them.  Don't miss this fun and insightful episode to get to know more about Karen's journey and to learn about some of the best social media tricks and tools. Let us know you feedback and share with anyone you feel will benefit from it!  Cheers, Toni Follow us on Instagram here
June 25, 2021