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transport treehouse

transport treehouse

By chelsea sexton & russell frost
A casual and candid conversation with people who are involved in transportation and energy.
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transport treehouse with John Voelcker

transport treehouse

transport treehouse with John Voelcker

transport treehouse

transport treehouse with Michael Dunne of ZoZoGo
Michael Dunne knows China. He's an expert in what's going on there especially with regard to the auto industry. We spend a fascinating hour discussing all aspects of this. We also very much look forward to having him back because we're only scratched the surface.
August 21, 2020
transport treehouse with John Voelcker
Our friend, journalist John Voelcker joins us for an hour of discussion on GM's EV Day featuring talk about the Bolt, the Volt, the EV1 and much more. An hour with John is always interesting.
August 10, 2020
transport treehouse with Dave Patterson
Dave Patterson is an auto industry who has worked lots of places, lots of cool, interesting places but for infrastructure we fell back heavily on his time with CHADEMO. We talk about where charging is going and how it might get there. Dave's candid and detailed observations make this a fantastic show.
August 6, 2020
transport treehouse featuring Matthew Teske
As our episodes for infrastructure week continue, we have Matthew Teske of Teske Design and perhaps more notably, the creator of Chargeway. Chargeway is a graphic system designed to make charging EVs simpler for people new to the technology. Matthew was also responsible for the Jolt web site which made a splash when it (possibly) upset some plans at GM for a two seater, sports oriented Volt.
August 6, 2020
transport treehouse with Kitty Adams
Kitty Adams is one of those people you may not have heard of but is doing huge and important things behind the scenes clearing the path for EVs. As Executive Director and Founder of she is responsible for placing chargers in important venues that would otherwise not be there. And she was an amazing guest.
August 6, 2020
transport treehouse featuring John Voelcker
John Voelcker has written thousands of articles on vehicles with an emphasis on advanced technology variants. He's written for dozen of outlets. He's also one of the most interesting and fun people we know. We could not think of anyone better to kick off our new series than with our friend, John.
August 6, 2020