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Trash Magic!

Trash Magic!

By Oakley Jennings-Fast
Change the world one purchase, one piece of trash at a time.
There’s always something to discover about your planet and yourself - even in your garbage!
Where does stuff come from? Where does stuff go when I throw it out? I care about the environment but I don't know what to do to help. You're in luck! Do you wish plastic pollution would magically disappear? Wave a wand and everyone is buying second hand? We do! Your hosts, Oakley J-Fast a chemical engineer, and Sara Fuentes a waste and recycling expert are here to demystify the circular economy. Welcome to Trash Magic!
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S3 Ep 5: Makeup Making the Planet Ugly?
Sara and Oakley explore the health and environmental impacts of makeup. An industry seen as "girly" is unregulated - what's new? Dive in for some dirty secrets on the beauty industry.  Note: We refer to "women" a lot in the episode but this information applies to anyone who wears makeup.  Lots of resources mentioned in this episode! Here they are: Cosmetic Ingredient Review Story of Stuff: Cosmetics EWG: Skin Deep  Think Dirty Ulta Clean Ingredients Recycle Coach Women of Color Personal Care Products Good Hair Explained: Beauty PFAS Ban Bill
May 16, 2022
S3 Ep 4: Interview with Derek Ruckman: CEO of WasteXperts
Derek Ruckman is the CEO of WasteXperts. WasteXperts does onsite waste sorting and training and save their customers money while improving recycling/environmental performance. Derek has over a decade of experience in the waste and recycling industry and he is dedicated to keeping waste out of the landfills and creating a circular economy. Today we learn about the power of proper residential recycling, the economics of recycling, and much more! Advice from Derek when you do not know which bin something goes in: When in doubt, FIND OUT! Learn more about WasteXperts:
March 21, 2022
S3 Ep 3: Discover your Sustainability Alter Ego with Viridescent
Being a sustainability professional or climate change activist can be draining! Burnout is high when we are all trying to save the world. That's why Chance aka The Designer created Viridescent! He helps change makers create their Sustainability Alter Egos - the superhero version of ourselves we can lean on when our work becomes too much. Viridescent adds fun and creativity to sustainability - because solving these problems needs a new perspective! We hope you enjoy our interview with Chance! You can find our more about Viridescent below and the workshop coming up on March 2nd!! Her is all the information for registering for the Change Maker Workshop, discovering your own Sustainability Alter Ego and more! Become an “Origin 🍃 Change-maker” in the #VIRIVERSE ♾ Immersive Sustainability Workshops More information & registration found here.  Note that we are offering a unique “Pay What You Can Price” for this series. *We stand for an equitable world and have had enough with money being a barrier to opportunity, so we offer flex pay! For any questions, reach out to Chance AKA The Designer 🐺 @ Viridescent is working on a website, but for now the best place to plug into the #VIRIVERSE ♾ is by subscribing to our weekly email experience… Click the first link @ Socials: Our main content hub is on WONDR (a social learning space for sustainability!) #VIRIVERSE ♾ Page Other active socials: #VIRIVERSE ♾ on YouTube Chance Thompson on LinkedIn @viridescent_us on Instagram Immersive Sustainability Club on Clubhouse
February 22, 2022
Bonus Episode: Lena Ziegler on Creating a Sustainable Wardrobe
Lena Ziegler gives us practical tips and tricks to creating a sustainable wardrobe! Join us for this special episode where we explore what we can do as individuals to be more conscious of our impact and look good doing it!! Sources Lena Mentions in Episode:
February 19, 2022
S3 Ep 2: Lifecycle of Clothes Book Review: Unraveled by Maxine Bédat
Have you ever wondered what happens to that old band t-shirt when you donate it? Or who sewed my jeans together? Where did this sweater really come from? In her book Unraveled, Maxine Bédat takes an incredible journey around the world to discover exactly how our clothes are made and where they end up when we discard them. Oakley and Sara review her book and give our reflections on an industry that is dismissed as "girly" but is in need of much needed attention in the climate and human rights space! You mess with nature it will kick your butt! - Carl from Unraveled
February 15, 2022
S3 Ep 1: Voices of Women in Waste & Recycling
For the majority of people, waste management is a mystifying force with operations that vary widely from state to state and even differ across county lines. In this episode Oakley and Sara interview a variety of thought leaders and in the waste and recycling space. Trash Magic is excited to feature our friends and colleagues from the National Waste and Recycling Associations (NWRA) Women's Council! Featuring:  Samantha Podgorny, the Product Manager of the Electric Refuse Trucks at Heil Environmental Peggy Macenas, the Vice President of the Midwest Region at National Waste & Recycling Association (NWRA) Katie Evans, Government Affairs at Best Way Disposal and President of th Women's Council at NWRA
January 31, 2022
S2 Ep 5: Dr. Kat Knauer: Is Plastic the Problem or How We Handle it?
Is plastic itself the problem or how we are handling it? We answer that question and so many more with a good friend and plastic recycling expert: Dr. Kat Knauer! She has her PhD in polymer science and dedicated her career to research and implement the latest in plastic recycling technologies! We talk about the technologies which will change the future of plastic recycling, her volunteer efforts with Ocean Plastics Recovery and about her new book coming in 2022 about chemical recycling for plastics!! As a nerd, I am super excited for this book. Thanks for the amazing interview Kat! Hope you all enjoy! Instagram: @wthdoidowiththis Facebook:
August 30, 2021
S2 Ep 4: Angelica Maulucci and Morgan Vickers: Fashion Used to Reclaim Sense of Self
This episode is a little different! We explore the many layers to fashion - and I don't just mean the layered tanks we wore in the early 2000's. Today we are joined by Angelica Maulucci - founder of Glow Up Glow Together where she helps youth discover that fashion can open the door to connection, self-discovery, and transformation and Morgan Ruth Vickers - founder of Morgan Ruth Style where she uses fashion to help women with chronic illness and survivors of domestic violence to discover and rediscover their inner beauty.  We cover so many amazing topics today including how to use fashion as a source of self expression, how to decide which clothes to get rid of (from our fashion experts!), and how to decide where to sell or to donate (so it doesn't just feel like throwing it on another Goodwill).  How to find Angelica Maulucci: ; Instagram: How to find Morgan Ruth Vickers: ; Instagram: How to join WTH Do I Do With This Community:; Instagram:
July 25, 2021
S2 Ep 3: Kirpa Grewal: Plastics in our oceans and what we can do about it
This is one of our favorite episode yet! Our amazing friend and hydrologist, Kirpa Grewal explains to Sara and Oakley how plastic gets into our oceans, waterways, air, and EVEN FOOD. It is an alarming issue. Kirpa does an incredible job explaining the reality of the issue and giving us actionable steps and hope to fight this pressing issue. So grateful for your knowledge and expertise Kirpa! You can find her on instagram @climatekirpa Facebook: Instagram: @wthdoidowiththis
July 15, 2021
S2 Ep 2: What's the big deal about PLASTIC?
Sara and Oakley explore the complex issue of plastic and give consumers clear tips on what exactly they can recycle! We go through the myths around plastic, the pros and cons of the material, the technology to change the industry, and what consumers can do about their own plastic! Facebook: Instagram: @wthdoidowiththis
July 12, 2021
S2 Ep 1: Tom Hockin at Brightmark: Plastics Solutions for now and the future
We had the amazing opportunity to interview Tom Hockin National Director for Origination & Feedstock at Brightmark. You may have heard that China banned accepting plastic waste from the globe in 2018. Brightmark has created a US-based solution to handle our plastic recycling and turn it into a valuable end product. This is the first episode on our three-part series on plastic in celebration of July - Plastic Free Month! 
July 04, 2021
S1 Ep 12: Batteries, Lightbulbs, Paint Oh My!
This episode is about what the hell to do with batteries, lightbulbs, and paint! And of course we dive into the bigger picture of all three in terms of their impact on people, the planet, and even beetles! Yes, beetles. Listen to find out!
May 31, 2021
S1 Ep 11: What happens to my recycling? MRF (Material Recovery Facility): Are you a Dirty or Clean Recycler?
Do you know what happens to your recycling after it is picked up!? Learning what happens to your recycling is an amazing way to understand what can be recycled and what is "wish cycled" (something we hope can be recycled but truly can't! There is one thing you as an individual can do to help the planet - recycle right! It truly helps!! If recycling is contaminated with too many things that cannot be recycled, it is sent to the landfill. Learn more about how recycling is processed and how to recycle right in this episode!
May 17, 2021
S1 Ep 10: Second Hand Buying and Selling Tips and Tricks!
Sara and Oakley share their tips and ticks for buying and selling second hand! Why is it worth buying and selling second hand? We share our favorite stories and our reasons on the show. Spoiler: buying second hand is good for the environment, good for your wallet, good for your community. We are also joined by Abbie Burgess who is a new mom who was inspired to start buying more second hand! How does she pull it off? Take a listen! One note: if you can, please forgive the audio! Unfortunately Abbie and Oakley were not on a great mic for the interview. But we have lots of great things to stay so stick around!  Also the webinar we chatted about at the beginning was from Women in Cleantech and Sustainability. Amazing organization - check them out facebook: instagram: @wthdoidowiththis
May 10, 2021
S1 Ep 9: Solar Panel Recycling: Have we really evolved?
Have we really evolved if we throw solar panels in the landfill? Our own Sara Fuentes said it best herself: "Any new innovation we have that's going to help save the planet has to be created in a way that is everlasting." It may not be sexy to think about the end of life of objects but when it comes to the future of clean energy, we must think about it! Do you have solar panels at home? What are some of your best ideas for technologies or innovations to help the planet (can be small or large ideas from artwork out of reused materials to a new technology)?? Instagram: @wthdoidowiththis
May 03, 2021
S1 Ep 8: Covid Masks Creating Trash
Phone, wallet, keys, mask... we live in a new world where we have one more thing we can't forget before we leave the house. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is something your familiar with if you work in manufacturing or the healthcare industry but now everyone knows what it is! An example of PPE is what we wear everyday to protect ourselves and each other from Covid: a mask! On this episode we talk about the increase single use masks and gloves has had on the environment and what individuals and companies can do to reduce their impact. We say this on the episode but want to reiterate it here: the first priority is safety and following local guidelines and work guidelines. Please do what is within your means, protocols, and comfort level when it comes to any of our suggestions. Your safety comes first. We also wanted to express our gratitude and thanks to our frontline workers
April 26, 2021
S1 Ep 7: Feeling Sassy and Glassy: WTH to do with Glass?
Here on WTH do I do with this, the glass is always half full! On today's episode we talk about what to do with your glass jars and even windows and car windshields! Did you also know that sand, the main ingredient in glass is actually running out!? Did you know wine bottles may not be able to be recycled!? Before you panic, take a listen to the episode and some solutions and tips we have like reverse logistics and other options for all our used glass. Stay classy, stay trashy, and stay glassy 
April 19, 2021
S1 Ep 6: What is Circular Economy!?
What exactly is circular economy!? Who are our hosts Sara and Oakley and how did they get into loving trash so much? What horoscope sign is Pitbull!? Learn all of this and more in this week's episode of WTH Do I Do with This!? Facebook Group
April 12, 2021
S1 Ep 5: Food Series! Compost and What is WORM Composting!?
Hi everyone! Welcome to part 3 of our food series. Great episode today talking about commercial compost, practical tips to reduce your food waste, and how to compost at home featuring Oakley's friend Julia Samson. Julia tells us how she uses worms to compost her food at home!  Want to try vermicompost (worm compost)? Check out our fakebook page! Plus you're welcome to join our Facebook community for comments and questions! For reference photos join our Instagram community!
April 04, 2021
S1 Ep 4: Food Series! Takeout Food/ The Last Straw!
Which takeout container is the "best" for the environment? Is this the last straw for plastic!? Find out in this week's episode
March 29, 2021
S1 Ep 3: Food Series! Meal Kits
Which has a lower environmental impact: a meal from the grocery store or one delivered from a meal kit service? How do I get rid of this packaging from my meal kit delivery!? Find out in this week's episode! @wthdoidowiththis • Instagram photos and videos
March 22, 2021
S1 Ep 2: Is my Amazon addiction really that bad?
This week Sara and I reveal the weirdest thing we have ever received in the mail - stick around to the end! And we chat about how to properly dispose of all the packing from online shopping and the most sustainable way to shop sustainably Join our Facebook community!
March 16, 2021
S1 Ep 1: Paper: Good, Bad, or Tear-able?
Hello, and welcome to Trash Magic! This is our first episode. We are so excited to bring this show to you! We chat about what to do with all this paper, how to properly recycle or dispose of unwanted paper, and how to purchase more sustainable paper in the future. Today we are joined by our cohosts Oakley Jennings-Fast, a chemical engineer, and Sara Fuentes, a waste and recycling expert Questions or comments for us? Send us a voice memo below!
March 08, 2021