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In Progress

In Progress

By TravelFit
Listen in to TravelFits new Podcast “In Progress“ Founder of TravelFit Chris Walker interviews people from Small Business Entrepreneurs to Worldwide Celebrities, helping you understand what it takes to be successful and how Travel, Health, Fitness and Having the right Mindset through Self Development can help you create a happy and successful life. If your stuck in business or Life this is the Podcast for you.
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Cool 2 Be Conscious With Ru and Ryan
Today's interview is with Ru and Ryan from Cool 2 Be Conscious, a super inspiring movement to get more people to breathe, connect and grow emotionally through being present. Both being from a small country town in New Zealand they had similar stories, Ru found himself in a dream career as a professional rugby player but realised this wasn't actually a dream come true, as he found himself in a Coma and a near death experience, Ryan grew up on a farm with his mother and step father who projected his own perspective onto Ryan about what a man should be and oppressing Ryan in the process. From an anxious and a depressed state both Ru and Ryan felt lost and they found breathwork at different times and different experiences from a journey of self development which started with podcasts, emotional release work and connecting together through the wim hoff method. We touch on where to start your breathwork and why, the science behind breathing, being present, creating a daily practice, what book you must read and connecting the feminine and masculine balance.
June 11, 2021
Cultivating Strength Through being present with Gracie Purvis
In today's episode Chris interviews Gracie Purvis, a meditation teacher, yoga teacher, content creator and recently mind performance coach. We dive into her past challenges with losing a close friend which lead her to suffering with anxiety issues and panic disorder from the shock of losing someone so close. She found herself losing confidence to even go to the post office to pick up a parcel. She found herself seeking help at headspace which lead her to finding meditation which completely change her life! We discuss tools and actions you can take to start changing your physical and mental state, the stigma of not expressing your emotions, not being a victim and creating your own self love and creating a morning routine.
May 3, 2021
A Fighters Mentality With Pro Muay Thai Fighter Charlie Bubb
Today's episode we catch up with Charlie Bubb, professional world Muay Thai champion and inspiring human. We touch on having a the right mentality in life, not getting caught up with the crowd. We also touch on how Charlie got started in Muay Thai at high impact in Orange, what his plans are and 3 must do actions to change your life and how you can pursue your own goals in life.
February 11, 2021
Rewriting Your Script in Life With Matt Horspool
Matt’s story starts when he was born in south Korea, 6 months later matt was adopted and was raised in a place called orange 4 hours inland from Sydney. Growing up matt felt different and found some racial bullying from other kids in his neighbourhood, he found he was restless at school and felt he wanted to be apart of a tougher crowd which led him to school yard fights and finding himself battling his own environment to belong. Fast forward past the school days to now Trekking the Peruvian Andes for 21 days with world mountaineer Simone rates from the well known documentary touching the void. Matt's passion for taking photos then took him to Brazil to volunteer at a local school where he took some photos, soon after he returned he saved for a mirrorless camera which then was the start of a 3 and a half year travel journey around the world we talked about his first photos to when he decided to make a career out of his passion in 2014. He started with a volunteer charity event then starting building momentum with more jobs and aoon after applied for a grant for a project through Olympus in 2016, for funding for a project he wanted to do with another friend which he got, that then took him to Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan for a month to document those remote places and since then everything snowballed with professional work and in 2019 he decided to quit his role as a teacher to go full time, which has recently lead him to heading to Antartica at the beginning of 2020, just before COVID hit. Matt also talks about why Australia is lacking real connection and the influence of social media in society and learning lessons from strangers. We talk about putting the camera down and being fully present in each destination and the overwhelming feeling he had in a valley where he sat down and really reflected on his life, which really lead him to being grateful of the life he has created. we also touch on understanding your own identity, rewritting your own script, how to start your own journey to success, creating a tribe of your own and what books you need to read to help fast track your personal growth.
December 23, 2020
Funky Socks Inspiring Men To Take Initiative with Adam Ashcroft
Todays Interview is with Adam Ashcroft, growing up in a family business we started in retail from a young age as his dad built their own local IGA, fast forward year's later after Adams fathers hard work in building IGA, ian was diagnosed with prostate cancer. This led Adam and his brother to creating Bro toes, a funky sock business that donates a percentage from every sale to prostate cancer, their mission is to get people to talk more about prostate cancer for men and take the time to get checked. We also touch on 3 critical points every business needs to succeed and how to support your own family if your in similar circumstances.
August 4, 2020
Accepting Rejection To Reaching Your Goals With Lauren Esposito
Today's episode is with Lauren Esposito, from starting her career in a singing role to theatre and touring around the world, moving to LA to star in her first major movie role in the conjuring 2 and to now being the lead actress in ”the legend of the five” an Australian film being the first Australian film released after the impact of covid 19 its restrictions, the film is focused on inspiring youth to finding their place and not listening to the limited opinions of others. We also touch on Lauren’s perspective in facing rejection to reap the rewards of achieving her goals, her future goals for acting and advice for people just starting out.
June 24, 2020
Plan Your Fight Back And Finding Your Commercial Passion With CEO and Founder, Roman Brady.
Todays interview is with Roman Brady, CEO and Founder of Air Locker. Air locker has an experience like no other with their high altitude training gym, you will find yourself working harder than usual in this world first unique experience. We discuss Romans up bringing in the central west from a place called Dubbo, where emotions weren't shown too often with his family and in his country town, the unconscious effects of words that people say in front of or too younger people in their upbringing, Starting your own business and planning your fight back after difficult times. We also touch on Romans past struggles with mental health after football, how he felt like he lost part of his identity and his business success in the past and why he decided to create air locker training and why its more than just money. Lastly we talk about commercial passion, a concept of having both passion in something with a pay off.
June 5, 2020
From Selling Pizza on the street to Head of Partnerships and Sales Development at Shopify With Rhys Furner
Todays episode is with Rhys Furner, from Selling Pizza's on the street at the Bathurst 1000 at the age of 15 to Head of Partnerships and Sales Development with shopify, which currently as of May 12, 2020 has a net worth of $87.02B. Shopify is an e-commerce platform which helps businesses and brands tell their story and sell their products or services lil no other website. From his earlier years living in new south wales in bathurst and Dubbo, he faced challenges growing up with a single mum, from watching his mum run a dance studio after school till late at night everyday, Rhys learnt some of his entrepreneurial skills watching his mother run her business. We talk about why chasing money in business just isn't enough when starting a business, how selling isn't just about being charismatic, the difference between a boss and a leader and what you can do to work on yourself and on your new business venture. We also touch on how shopify is the future for small business and how its closing the gap of having to pay thousands of dollars to build a website that still doesn't do the job or just inst worth it compared to shopify's affordable module.
May 14, 2020
Creating Impact Through Diversity and Adversity With Winson Lam, Ninja Warrior, Actor and Business Builder.
Today's episode is with Winson Lam, a actor. model, ninja warrior, content creator and business owner of cali studio and envisage clothing. From growing up with diversity. adversity challenges and from handing out pens to creating content with some brands you have probably heard of like Dominos Pizza, Toyota, Culture Kings, Acai Brothers, Honda to making his way onto acting and most recently appearing on Ninja Warrior Australia. What steps he took to overcome his own struggles with identity issues and overcoming mental obstacles. We talk about how he grew up and what obstacles he had to face, how before he started modeling that he struggled with communicating outside of his businesses and felt socially uncomfortable, what his perspective is on pursuing modelling, acting, business and personal growth mentally and physically. We also touch on how he manages himself around running two businesses, modelling and acting jobs.
April 28, 2020
Changing Your Own Story and Creating Consistent Growth With Alec Baker
Todays episode is with Alec Baker, from working as a labourer and having a passion in creating soul filling content as a side hustle for fun, to quitting his labouring  job to pursue his passion in content creation to help brands, Influencers, music artists and a world record holder bring their vision and story to life with his skillset and to name a few you may know he has had the pleasure to work with such as. Steve Cook, Gymshark, Tommy Jeans, GoPro, Under Armour and Many More. We dive in to where Alec got started with his work, what sacrifices have to be made to reach your goals, how important mastering your skill is and how you can be successful from being self tight, how his content has changed and where it started. We also touch on self doubt, not being ego driven, his struggles through his own journey, keeping set standards and being true to his own style that project his values and beliefs through his work and how not to plateau in your own creative aspect.  And lastly we talk about what the future holds for Alec and what his next set goals are.  
April 22, 2020
Finding Connection Through Disconnection and Creating Self Expression With Samuel D Hall The Inspiring Video Production Creative Director
Todays episode is with Samuel Hall a story teller, creative director and inspiring human. Sam has a story touching on his younger years as being a sports driven individual with the focus at the time of becoming a professional sports person, later on Sam found himself with an ACL injury that would not only end his at the time dream, of becoming a professional athlete but also to giving him an opportunity of a life time to help people capture moments, inspire connections and relationships in business and which also lead him to touring around the world with Ziggy Alberts. We talk about creating better business relationships through connection, how influencers are leading the charge for these consumer relationships, being open and transparent in business, what he does to be more creative, how to reconnect with himself, how you can express yourself, saying yes to opportunities even if your scared and  how Sam impacted my own life when I first met him two years ago.
April 10, 2020
Creating Connection Through Broth Night and Understanding Self Awareness With Zac Deane
Todays episode will be with the inspiring Zac Deane, a TV Presenter, Health and Wellness Coach and Broth Night Creator.  Zac talks about his up bringing at a younger age being bulled at school and felling out of place and lost in life, he was influenced in his upbringing to change his live for the better which lead to him pursuing acting, multi level marketing and health and wellness coaching. We talk about creating self awareness to create more clarity and fulfilment in your own life, why we all need a positive connection environment, being a connector and what healy the frequency healer is all about. 
March 2, 2020
Identifying Your Triggers and Self Aceeptance With Nick and Femi From The Amazing Race
Todays Interview is with Nick and Femi, both are personal trainers, psychiatric nurses and two people on a mission looking to inspire more people to open up about mental health and the issues we face today through lack of looking after our mental and physical health. Nick and Femi are recent contestants in the TV Series "The Amazing Race" we talk about what their experience was like, the opportunities it has opened and their up coming podcast about to be released. If you want to understand why you may act in certain ways, why training and nutrition is so important and why we as a society lose 50% of our IQ when we are stressed, than this episode is for you.
February 6, 2020
Understanding That We're All Human With Michael Adams, Founder Of Strong Hearts Foundation
Todays Interview is with Michael Adams, an inspiring and humble human on a mission to help people with intellectual disabilities and physical impairments to reach the world platform for powerlifting at the Special Olympics, from years of experience as a personal trainer and coach to hosting powerlifting competitions for these strong determined powerlifting legends. We talk about his story on how he got started, why anybody could of done it, the lessons he has learned and how simple it is to follow your own passion towards your own ideal career and lifestyle and how you can help support his amazing non for profit charity called Strong Hearts to help these guys get to their next big event!
December 5, 2019
Are You Training For Self Contentment or Seeking Gratification From Other People? with Kwame Duah
Todays interview is with Kwame, a world champion bodybuilder, health and fitness influencer, ninja warrior, humble giant and down to earth legend. In today's episode we talk about his own training and nutrition, his own obstacles he has had to face with keeping a strong mindset throughout a bicep tear that could of ended his career, what he has planned for his future and how training should be about self contentment rather then seeking gratification from other people to train.
October 14, 2019
Creating A New You with Youtuber, Manu from Italy Made Easy
Today’s Interview will be with a Youtuber called Manu from from his business Italy Made Easy. From a you age Manu has had the opportunity to travel giving him a wonderful perspective on life, it wasn’t until he travelled to Australia that he would make the decision to call Australia home. Having such a huge culture shock, it was an experience at first. We talk about how Manu got into youtube, his experiences building a business that earns upto $60,000 a month, his struggle and his advice for people looking into YouTube.
June 14, 2019
Focus On Internal, Before The External... with Naj from Acai Flow
Todays interview will be with Naj from Acai Flow, from starting in a family business and helping it to grow to 4 Million dollars turnover to now owning and operating Acai Flow, which has been delivering a high quality product all around Australia. Naj talks about how important fixing his gut health was and how that effected improving his whole health in a positive way and how his history with depression became a lot easier once he treated his gut health.  Naj is now living a well balanced life with a successful business and a lot more a head to come with Acai Flow. We also touch on why you need a student mentally to succeed.
May 18, 2019
Exercise Anywhere... Your Excuse is Invalid With Matt Fox
Today I will be interviewing the inspirational by the name of Matt Fox, an ex professional tennis player who had a wonderful opportunity to travel the world in his younger years to unfortunately being diagnosed with Cancer. Matt has achieved so much in his life so far, thankfully surviving cancer to being in magazines like Mens Health, Mens Fitness and GQ.  From having such huge obstacles and opportunities in life to now impacting and changing peoples lives through health fitness, showing people that you don't need a gym to workout and you can literally do it anywhere! We also touch on fad diets and why finding your own balance is the only way to be accountable in reaching your success. 
May 3, 2019
Stop Following The Crowd with Sandro Nunes
Today's Interview is with Sandro Nunes, originally from Angola in Africa, growing up wasn't easy with wars, starvation periods and a feeling of wanting more out of life.  Sandro made the move to England when he was 18 aspiring to be a singer and create his own record label, unfortunately his circle of influence made him feel he had to change and cause him to lose his passion for singing, eventually he found himself directing videos for businesses and musicians, over the next 5 years was on a mission to create company that could help people level up their business with his skills and experience he became a business strategist consultant. We talk about how kindness and contentment isn't bought, you need persistence with purpose and why the alchemist is a must read book.
April 5, 2019
Are You On Autopilot Mode? - With Humphris Health
Today’s Interview is with Ben and Josh from Humphris Health, we talk about how contributing to society helped Them find their purpose, why their standard in the fitness and health industry is different, why people need to be healthy to lose weight, not the opposite way around and why people are addicted to the victim mentality...
March 22, 2019
Finding Your Purpose With Nik Hansen
Today's Interview is with a full time Musician from New Zealand, from the streets of Auckland to playing around London, Nik played 100's of venue's working  towards building his reputation and mastering his trade. We talk about how travelling has changed his view of the world and why more people need to start travelling if they feel lost in life.
March 19, 2019
Perspective and Persistence With Matt Leong
Do you appreciate your environment? In this episode Chris interviews Matt Leong a Landscape Photographer from Hawaii. From perspective to persistence, why being grateful is so important to seeing what others can’t see and understanding why passion drives persistence.
March 8, 2019
Who Is Chris Walker?
In this episode you’ll have an insight into the Founder of Travelfits life. What influenced Chris Walker to create TravelFit and why life experiences and obstacles that he faced inspired him to base the foundations of TravelFit on Mind, Body and Soul...
March 3, 2019
An intro into TravelFits new podcast called “In Progress”
A short summary of what the new podcast “In Progress” will be all about, from small business entrepreneurs to worldwide celebrity interviews. I hope your ready for it!
March 2, 2019