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What Do I Know?

What Do I Know?

By Trev
A discussion on various topics including television, film, music, and whatever else comes to mind. A quest for knowledge... but hey, what do i know?
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Ahijah Clark Interview. Overcoming Adversity!

What Do I Know?

Everyday Heroes! Anthony & Janeeka Martin; Fireman and a Nurse
What is it like to be on the front lines saving lives?  In this episode I interview a beautiful couple who experience every day the stresses and dangers of being a Fireman and a Nurse.  Hear what their lives are like, and what family life is like for this busy couple.
July 05, 2020
Tiny House! Tony &Char discuss their Tiny Home
Tony House Living! What are the benefits of living tiny? Tony & Char describe what it’s like to live in a tiny home. How can You benefit from living tiny?
June 24, 2020
Traveling on a Budget! Travel advice from Tony & Char.
The world is so BIG! Tony & Char give advice on how to see much of our beautiful planet on a BUDGET!
June 16, 2020
Ahijah Clark Interview. Overcoming Adversity!
Tune in as I interview a friend who’s life was altered in an instant, but who beat the odds. Encouraging interview with Hadji
June 05, 2020
Top 10(ish) songs!
What’s your favorite song? Do you have a top 10? Well in this episode, we will discuss our favorite songs, and why they are so. Open your minds! Enjoy the art form that is music!
May 29, 2020
He Said, She Said: Top 5 Films
An in depth discussion of our favorite films of all time. Very difficult to narrow down, but we DID IT! Whew! Fun discussion.
May 22, 2020
Survivor: Winners at War Finale Discussion
Episode details of the finale of Season 40, Survivor: Winners at War
May 21, 2020