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The Trippin Podcast

The Trippin Podcast

By Trippin
Trippin is a travel platform powered by an international community of local thought leaders.

Each episode we’ll be bumping heads with the creative minds who are shaping culture worldwide. We invite our guests share their stories and advice on what it means to be a traveller today, to find out how we can navigate the world authentically, respectfully and sustainably. Travel is so much more than the pictures we take, it’s the stories we come back with, it’s that growth, insight and inspiration that occurs when you experience a world outside of your own.
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001: Exploring Afro-Mexican culture with Darryl Richardson

The Trippin Podcast

The Point 2 Mindset and Solo Travel
In this week's episode we touch down in London to tune into a panel talk we hosted around Solo Travel in partnership with On Running's Point Two series. ’Point Two’ celebrates those who have the mindset to go the distance. No matter your goals, Point Two is for those who are looking for inspiration around every corner.  To us taking a solo trip is at the heart of the Point Two mindset. Surprisingly, 84% of solo travellers are women and 86% are over 35 showing that solo travel is a field that young people have yet to properly explore. So what’s stopping us? Through out the episode our host and Trippin co founder Kesang are joined by Trippin family Peigh Asante and Tim Shieff to bring us their wild solo travel stories, how their identities impacted their trips and what advice they wished they’d know. 
November 24, 2021
Introducing: Roots & Ritual
In our newest podcast series, we take you on an immersive audio experience, exploring the spirited rituals, lifestyles and practices that connect cultures worldwide. Alongside local and leading experts, Trippin’s co-founder Yasmin Shahmir and producer Robyn Landau, uncover the origins and delve into the science behind traditions rooted in physical and spiritual wellbeing. Learning about how these practices have travelled and are ever evolving to embrace the needs of individuals and communities to this day. Listen and subscribe to Roots & Ritual here:
March 15, 2021
Part 2: Making Sustainable Travel Inclusive
This podcast episode breaks down how we can navigate our future trips in a more purposeful way, the positive impact on our mental health when we travel with, what change we want to see for the future for travel, and top tips on how to travel more sustainably. We hear from 3 incredible women, @joycelynlongdon founder of Climate in Colour and AI researcher at Cambridge University,@sashaklu, lead researcher and contributing editor to the Future of Travel report, and @lydiadinga expert travel content creator. Hosted by @sorayastuart from Black Minds Matter UK, the conversation deep dives into themes in our latest comprehensive research report on the #futureoftravel conducted in partnership with University College London.
January 22, 2021
Part 1: The Future of Travel
 Part 1  explores the nuanced experience of travel when you are a person of colour and what exactly purposeful travel looks like. We hear from 3 incredible women who will be breaking down how we can make changes that make travelling more inclusive, sustainable and purposeful. Joycelyn Longdon, founder of climate in colour and AI researcher at Cambridge University, Sasha Kluvitse, lead researcher and contributing editor to the Future of Travel report, and Lydia Dinga, expert travel content creator. Hosted by Soraya Stuart from Black Minds Matter UK, the conversation deep dives into themes in our latest comprehensive research report on the Future of Travel, conducted in partnership with University College London.  This conversation was recorded before lockdown with Trippin, Black Minds Matter UK and The Standard, London.
January 15, 2021
007: Carnival Uncovered with Rampage Soundsystem
Episode 007 is a much-anticipated conversation with the founders of the much-loved and renowned Rampage Sound System. Rampage hosts the largest static sound system at Notting Hill Carnival and 25 years later still holds the title for being the most talked about system with an impressive crowd of approximately 330,000 over the 2 days. It is also the only sound to host an entire street. Heading to Rampage is well-known to be guaranteed absolute carnage. Get in the spirit of Carnival by listening in on Yasmin and the team of Rampage reminisce over fond and hilarious memories, that we are all bound to have if you're a Londoner.
August 25, 2020
006: Building a Modern Utopian Paradise in Mexico with Andrés Saavedra
In this episode, Yasmin speaks to Andrés Saavedra about the art of sustainable living and how stories can be told through the use of space. Born on farmland on the outskirts of Mexico City, Andrés grew up around his grandparents who had a deep relationship with the land around them. To describe himself, Andrés prefers the term ‘storyteller’, his medium of telling stories? Spaces. From homes, hotels, restaurants and even point breaks, he strives to build the perfect settings for great experiences to occur. This conversation was recorded on location at the coordinates of his current project, Musa, an untouched stretch of jungle meets coastline along the Pacific Ocean where he plans to build both a dream destination and live-able community powered by adventure, creativity, tradition and connection to the natural world.​
August 06, 2020
005: Travel, Spice and Life, with Chef Tyler Henry
Episode 005 of the Trippin Podcast brings a little spice into your life. Tyler Henry is a spice-forward chef, based in Mexico City, who smashes together flavours from across the world. In this conversation, we talk memorable chilli encounters, the future of food and he even shares an easy recipe for his go-to comfort food.
May 21, 2020
004: Amplifying the voices of refugees through storytelling with Jaz O’Hara
Episode 004 of the Trippin Podcast brings incredible conversation from a truly inspirational woman, named Jaz O'Hara. Jaz is a refugee activist and the founder of organisation 'The Worldwide Tribe'. We hope this candid conversation will open your minds and hearts and provide some options for how we can all play a part in making the world a more compassionate and empathetic place.
May 07, 2020
003: A lesson in Ballroom History with Derek Ebony
Episode 003 of the Trippin Podcast brings you a true lesson in Voguing and Ballroom Culture. When Trippin's Co-Founder, Sam Blenkinsopp, found himself on the end of the iconic Christopher St Pier in NYC talking to legend, Derek Ebony, he knew he had to grab his phone and start recording. In this raw conversation, listen in as Derek gives us a breakdown of Ballroom. Its origins and originators, key cultural moments, the spaces in which the scene has flourished and the many styles that have developed over the decades.
April 16, 2020
002: Home & Belonging with Phoebe Lovatt
In today’s episode we sit down with Phoebe Lovatt, journalist, author and founder of the ww club. As the daughter of two nomadic writers, being a writer and world traveller herself must come as no surprise. Born and raised in London, Phoebe spent much of her teenage years visiting her parents between Paris and Miami and For most of her 20s she’s been living in the US both in La and then New York. Our host, Yasmin, went round to Phoebe’s apartment to talk about the concept of home and belonging. Sometimes a life on the go isn’t as glamorous as it seems and Phoebe shares her advice on staying present as you move through the world, how to manage your of expectations and the importance of finding community wherever you are.
April 02, 2020
001: Exploring Afro-Mexican culture with Darryl Richardson
In our first podcast, we sit down with photographer and filmmaker, Darryl Richardson, who’s work aims to build new narratives for communities of colour across the world. In his largest and most personal project to date, ​‘JUS SOLI’, he focuses on telling the story of the Afro-Mexican community of Costa Chica, Oaxaca. 
March 19, 2020