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Lessons From A High School Dropout

Lessons From A High School Dropout

By Troy Thomas Joseph Fitch
Lessons From A High School Dropout Podcast is your go-to resource for learning, growing and achieving your goals. In our weekly podcast you will hear directly from Troy as he shares lessons from his life dealing with the peaks and valleys of the road less traveled. Today he enjoys helping other entrepreneurs and business professionals fulfill their dreams by discovering their Gift. You will find these lessons are very down to earth as you learn how to hold a vision for your future rather than living from the memories of your past.

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Resolutions vs Change Of Habits

Lessons From A High School Dropout

My Hero's Haven't Always Been Cowboys With White Hats
My hero’s in life began with guys like Elvis and Johnny Cash. My attraction to Elvis was the story of a poor kid rising to fame from very humble beginnings, his style, his music and how he held such a commanding presence inside every auditorium he ever stepped into. My admiration for Johnny Cash was from learning how during his early  years, he struggled with drugs and alcohol. Then went on to become an international inspiration to others as he shared his music that was instilled deep within his heart. I have always admired the guy or girl who battles demons, overcomes poverty, discover their gifts and move to fulfill their dreams, out of a somewhat hell many often create like myself. When looking for hero’s, I have a scale that challenges the measure of man! I didn’t hold much interest in the common things of life. Common to me is lame and boring, I was attracted to those who shared a gift they discovered from deep within their soul and not necessarily from common backgrounds. It is time we travel further down the discovery of the hero’s “Road Less Traveled”. My first hero to reflect on is my father, but we often do not recognized this until we reach into the age of our thirties when we recognize these qualities. So be patient, your hero is down the road a little further, just keep walking. Think about this, if we are willing to look back into our lives and contemplate events that have taken place in our lives which moved us in a special way, we will often find these people walking on the road less traveled. This can provide the opportunity to learn valuable lessons from them. My father was the man who did not hold onto judgement, so my past was never brought up unless he was recognizing my choices and giving me wonderful accolades time and time again. Never did he judge me for my actions. He took the high road every time and was always inspiring me to keep up the great work. The greatest gift my hero father gave to me was unconditional love, and the same unconditional love to each of his six children. Hero’s can often be excellent cooks! My mother is also on this list of hero’s as I refer back to the two books Lessons In Truth and Healing Letters which she intuitively mailed to me with an understanding that they could help me on my walk. As you read in chapter one how those books lifted my heart to an awakening, where I truly discovered I could read and with enough effort in pushing through I could  comprehend the meaning of a story if only I would keep reading it over and over again and again. More importantly those two books lead me to discover my spiritual walk that my soul recognized like I had known this all along. Finding our walk in life often comes through the little synchronicities of life. Passing these events off in our minds as a coincident with a hidden meaning like “as luck would have it” just doesn’t fly with me and never did. People often tend to simplify how these occur which discounts them, rather than look for the divine connections that bring powerful moments together. Synchronicity to me is a word we should be speaking into the young minds, so that in our future we eliminate the passing off these powerful events as “happen chance” and embrace the full power of how God aligns all this to take place. Often our Newtonian minds mislabel the Devine as happen chance rather than give full credit to the source who created all things.   A little counseling never hurts anyone, so I now introduce you to my earthly angel and hero Irma Froe. 
May 20, 2022
You Can Only Lose What You Cling To ~ Buddha
Thank you for listening, sharing and subscribing to my podcast.  Your support to this podcast is greatly appreciated to help further inspiration  to all who open themselves to new awareness of how we move through life with greater ease and understanding. These lessons are shared with men in our jails, prisons, youth programs and places of worship throughout the world. Your support goes to build awareness to how we can show others  how to travel through life on that Road Less Traveled.   Thank you for all your support!  Troy Thomas Joseph Fitch    This is a story told by Buddha to his students studying to become Brahmans. A widower who loved his five year old son very much was away on business. A group of bandits came and burned down the entire village and took his son away. When the man returned he saw the ruins and he panicked. He took the chard corps of an infant  to be his child. He began to pull his hair and beat his chest crying uncontrollably.   He organized a cremation ceremony and collected the ashes and placed them into a beautiful velvet pouch. Working, sleeping or eating he always carried the bag of ashes with him. One day his real son escaped from the robbers and found his way home.   He arrived at his fathers new cottage at midnight and knocked at the door. You can imagine at that time the young father who was still carrying the bag of ashes and crying. He asked who is there and the child answered, it’s me Papa open the door it’s your son. In his agitated state of mind the father thought it was some mischievous boy that was making fun of him and he shouted at the child to go away and he continued to cry. The boy knocked again and again but the father refused to let him in. Some time passed and finally the child left and from that time on father and son never saw one another again. And after telling this story the Buddha said,  sometime, somewhere you take something to be the truth, if you cling to it so much when the truth comes in person and knocks at your door, you will refuse to open it. It’s a powerful story for young students learning to be Brahmans and it’s a powerful story for each and everyone of us. Music: Cafe De Anatolia ~ Ghent Nemnon Live at Baalbeck, Lebanon   Lessons From A High School Dropout Podcast is dedicated to all of our uniquely gifted minds who at some point felt sadly alone as they struggled with the challenge of learning or discouraged for holding the vision and dreams within their brilliant minds.    Lessons From A High School Dropout is here to support the spirit of the entrepreneur, the student, the employee and to help build these dreams upon the gifts each one of us are endowed with. Maybe you were told you couldn’t do something and needed to choose another path. We all learn in our own special way, each with a unique desire for a sense of fulfillment in our journey. We affirm that with each lesson you will be more inspired to learn new things to help you with your walk in life. A walk that will take you down the "Road Less Traveled".  A walk where you will learn new things and allow your heart to be inspired with a new road map that can and will elevate you to a higher consciousness.  
May 14, 2022
The Deception of Perception How It Can Remove Years From Your Life
Thank you for taking time to listen to this podcast. Your attention to this lesson will bring you blessings in your life and I say this great certainty. It has been proven through the ages and is not some stereotype label as new age thinking. This is ancient thinking of long long ago so just know those who will attempt to poison your knowledge of such teaching only want you to stay on their wayward walk of life. If your consciousness feels slow to receive this information just do what this eighteen year old kid did in that jail I landed in with months after leaving high school. I sat and pondered for hour and read one paragraph for hours to absorb what the writer was saying. As I began to receive the words I began to sit up to read more.   If you would like to learn more on this subject I suggest a few great minds of science and medicine that hold these truths and they demonstrate them in their lives every day. You can find these brilliant minds Dr. Bruce Lipton and Dr. Joe Dispenza and Gregg Braden on YouTube with vast lessons on the body, mind connections. Please share with all who you feel could benefit from these simple but necessary tested truths to move others into a consciousness of love and kindness. When we take time to express what we have learned it also allows us to deepen our understanding and brightens our delivery as we bring others to a higher walk in consciousness. These steps will bring our world to a greater consciousness for mankind.  The dividends don't come from profit, they come from hard work of those who were seeking to better the world. Make a difference in the life as a seeker of knowledge. Thank you for watching! Thank you for sharing! We hope you are inspired to Like ~ Subscribe and Click on the bell 🔔 ALL episodes. Troy Facebook ~ @FriendsOfAHighSchoolDropout Instagram ~. @LessonsFromAHighSchoolDropout.  Lessons From A High School Dropout YouTube  
March 16, 2022
The Field Is The Sole Governing Source
Our societies have indoctrinated people with the laws of our Newtonian World. Teaching our youth what goes up, must come down works best inside the mechanical confines of newtonian physics, therefore requiring a newtonian response. The Newtonian response then requires a physical action.    On the other hand we have the Quantum World which works concurrently with the Newtonian Laws. The difference lies in how we as human beings choose to work within the laws of each governing system within space and time.  It's when we choose to look at each given response to any event in our lives and begin to question how we should choose to respond is when we begin to create a shift in consciousness. This shift over time will begin to resonate within your daily routine giving the result personal empowerment therefore creating a pathway of the least resistance as we live our lives.   Creating a new response to life is like an adventure. Begin to see good in everything as we are all learning and growing together and when you see someone acting out in similar ways that you have chosen in the past embrace this change for yourself and then move to find a way to encourage those around us how to recognize these two powerful laws within our universe can be harnessed and use for the proper response to each situation.    Recognizing how to respond to life always works easier when we choose the right tools within the mechanical laws. Newtonian Laws require a physical response and Quantum Laws require a not physical response.   It is when we embrace this energy within these two powerful laws, we move into the flow of the frequency of the field.  This powerful shift in our conscious mind is where our personal empowerment begins to bring those wonderful synchronicities into our lives when we begin to "Feel It".   Thank you for watching and sharing!   Troy Thomas Joseph Fitch Thank you for watching!  Thank you for sharing!    We hope you are inspired to Like ~ Subscribe and Click on the bell 🔔 ALL episodes.   @ Facebook ~ @FriendsOfAHighSchoolDropout Instagram ~.   @LessonsFromAHighSchoolDropout  YouTube ~   Spotify ~   Breaker ~   Anchor ~
May 23, 2021
Resolutions vs Change Of Habits
Creating a resolution for change in your life takes the same effort as changing your habits, we are simply using different techniques to arrive at the state of change. It's a mental focus that allows us to recognize our thoughts. Ninety five percent of our thoughts are the very same thoughts as the day before. So if you believe that your thoughts are somehow connected  to your life, then the same thoughts always lead to the same choices. The same choices always lead to the same behaviors. The same behaviors create the same experiences and the same experiences produce the same emotions and those very same emotions drive the very same thoughts so your biology, your neurocircuitry, your neurochemistry, your neurohormones and even your genetic expression is equal to how you think, how you act and how you feel. So how you think and how you act is called your personality and your personality creates your personal reality.That it! So if you wake up every morning, get out of bed on the same side, shut the alarm off with the very same finger, shuffle into the bathroom and use the toilet like you always do. Go and get a cup of coffee in your favorite mug and get in the shower and wash off in the same routine way. Drive to work, see the same people that push the same emotional buttons, do the same things that you have memorized and do so well. Then hurry up and go home and hurry up and check your emails, then hurry up and check your Facebook and watch your favorite TV show, then hurry up and go to bed. Here is my question, did your brain change at all that day? So let’s get to the subject of learning. Now every time you learn something new you make new connections in your brain. That’s what learning is forming, new synaptic connections within the brain. That’s what learning is! Physical evidence as a result of your interaction in the environment and the footprints of consciousness is called learning, making new synaptic connections within the brain. The Nobel Prize Laureate Eric Kandell in the year 2000, found that when people learned one bit of information they doubled the number if connections in their brain from 1300 connections to 2600 connections, but if they didn’t review that information if they couldn’t repeat it, if they couldn’t remember it, those circuits pruned apart in hours or days. So if learning is making new synaptic connections, then remembering is maintaining and sustaining those connections. Take time out of each day to ask yourself in the early part of your day what is the best version of myself I can be today? Take time to analyze and critique your thoughts and feelings to help you consciously create a new "state of being". A state of consciousness over time that will create new pathways in your thinking, your feelings and that is the foundation to a change in conscious. I wish you well and thank you for taking time to read this and listen to this podcast.     Thank you for listening!  Thank you for sharing! We hope you are inspired to Like ~ Subscribe and Click on the bell 🔔 ALL episodes.    Facebook ~ @FriendsOfAHighSchoolDropout Instagram  @LessonsFromAHighSchoolDropout  YouTube ~   Spotify ~
February 04, 2021
Your Creed Plants The Seed ~ It's Optimism That Equals Kale In The Garden Of Your Mind
What you sow you reap!   If every word that came out of your face was the framework of your future would you change your words or just the look on your face? I can read the look on your face like everyone else.   The Optimist Creed is something that should be taught in our schools, but that would require all participants in each classroom to practice optimism. If you ask what good would that do?  Well for one starting with each educator they would have to swallow the creed so that every expression held optimism. That includes their words, their looks, their body language, absolutely everything. So give it a try each day then try a little harder, then a little harder until you begin to feel more optimistic until it comes more easily. Oh you may receive some strange responses, but that's nothing new! you were receiving them before you were just to self absorbed with your old ways thinking.  Please stop by Lessons From A High School Dropout for your free copy in PDF form on our website:  The power of visualizing The Optimist Creed daily over time will begin to bring your mind to a new awareness that the sky isn't falling, that failure is an event not a person and it will build a belief within yourself.  If you struggle with believing in yourself I know that feeling and I encourage you take the time to believe in this exercise. This exercise does not require going to the gym. It does not require anyone else to be involved. It requires you to recite and hold the very feeling the words can express within our body.  Lastly, share this with others only when you personally feel good about you and how you are with your own sense of optimism.  The reason for this is few people will embrace this when we ourselves have not made improvements to the point we feel completely comfortable with the strange looks or comments. The Optimist Creed I Promise Myself ~ To be so strong that nothing can disturb my peace of mind.   I Promise Myself ~ talk health, happiness, and prosperity to every person I meet.   I Promise Myself ~ make all my friends feel that there is something worthwhile in them.   I Promise Myself ~ look at the sunny side of everything and make my optimism come true.    I Promise Myself ~ think only the best, to work only for the best and to expect only the best.  I Promise Myself ~ be as enthusiastic about the success of others as I am about my own.   I Promise Myself ~ make mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements of the future.   I Promise Myself ~ wear a cheerful expression at all times and give a smile to every living creature I meet.   I Promise Myself ~ give so much time to improving myself that I have no time to criticize others.   I Promise Myself ~ be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear, and too happy to permit the presence of trouble.  I Promise Myself ~ think well of myself and to proclaim this fact to the world, not in loud words, but in great deeds.   I Promise Myself ~ live in the faith that the whole world is on my side, so long as I am true to the best that is in me.   Thank you for watching!  Thank you for sharing!    We hope you are inspired to Like ~ Subscribe and Click on the bell 🔔 ALL episodes. Facebook ~ @FriendsOfAHighSchoolDropout Instagram ~.  @LessonsFromAHighSchoolDropout YouTube ~ Spotify ~ Radio Public ~   Apple Podcast ~ iTunes Google Podcast
December 09, 2020
The Wake Doesn’t Move The Aircraft Forward, So Step Into The Flight Deck & Stop Focusing On The Wake
Welcome to Lessons From A High School Dropout!   Today, I would like to share a short story on why most people get stuck in the turbulence of the wake.   Your life is like an aircraft. Let’s say the aircraft is heading through the sky at say 240kts.    Now while your aircraft is traveling through the air you are able to metaphorically stand up on the aft of the aircraft and look back into the trail called the wake.    Now there goes your life in one direction and you are standing there looking back and you ask yourself these three questions.   (1) What is the wake? Wake turbulence is turbulence that forms behind an aircraft as it passes through the air, causing wing-tip vortices. Wake vortices are formed any time an air foil is producing lift.    (2) What’s driving the aircraft?  The present moment energy that’s being generated by the engine and nothing more!   That’s the only thing powering the aircraft.  Now metaphorically this means it’s the present moment thoughts that I have and how I am using them is driving our lives to move into different directions and nothing more.    Now the third question is the most important and powerful question of the three questions.   (3) Is it possible for the wake to power the aircraft? The answer to this question is simply no.   Now we have a propensity to look at our lives and explain it from the stand point of looking back at the wake of our lives and point to all turbulence inside the wake as to why we feel our life is not working the way we would like.  Well, we are the captain of our ship! We make decisions to listen to others and often that is the distraction that we are not taking control over.  Today, it's not just those around you in your space at work. It's the social media that so many people allow to drive their thoughts that are likely holding most people back each day. So take a look at what is holding your attention. Your attention is truly vital to your future.     The dividends don't come from profit, they come from hard work of those who were seeking to better the world. Make a difference in the life as a seeker of knowledge.   Thank you for watching!   Thank you for sharing!    We hope you are inspired to Like ~ Subscribe and Click on the bell 🔔 ALL episodes.  Facebook ~ @FriendsOfAHighSchoolDropout  Instagram ~.  @LessonsFromAHighSchoolDropout  YouTube ~   Spotify ~   Breaker ~   Anchor ~   PocketCast ~   Overcast ~  Radio Public ~   Apple Podcast ~ iTunes   Google Podcast
November 23, 2020
The Power Of Mentorship ~ Mentors Builds Leaders ~ When Someone Knocks Open The Door Of Opportunity
It was the mentors that built this dropout. The mentors in my life didn't always know I was watching. I didn't always make it obvious but I was vigilant in seeking knowledge from the great minds of men that came across my walk in life. Taking time to express interest in the younger minds can carry another man or woman to a better place or across the finish line. The African Proverb "It takes a village to raise a child" speaks to mentorship. When you receive a knock on your door, a phone call, email or a message through a social media app you might want to respond to what's coming to you. It's not always appears to be what you might see. The lesson isn't always for the mentee, there are two sides to every coin. It was four years ago I met a young man at the gym. He had recently graduated from college and was seeking an opportunity in finance. We talked for a short time and I shared my card with him to reach out if he wanted to inquire about my career in the financial services industry. We communicated a few time in four years then the knock came again. I like knocks on the door because as a professional salesperson all my life I love the cold call. Nothing better than standing in front of someone who looks at you like boy you sure have nerve. I thrive on the hunt and the chase. I also thrive on watching the hunt and chase. It is what great sales people do! They step out of their comfort zone into the uncomfortable and push to make it across the finish line. Next time you see a young hunter observe how they hunt, look for ways to learn from the hunter and discover how you too can become better too. It's the seekers who can teach you, it's the hunters who gain respect!  There are no free hand outs for those on the sidelines. The reward is in those who take action to be builders of men and women. Take time to open the door, take one more phone call you think you shouldn't, and a respond to one more person who is simply asking for a minute of your time. That minute can and likely will pay off for all involved. It the man or woman who gets this far in the text I truly appreciate.  Thank you for watching!  Thank you for sharing! We hope you are inspired to Like ~ Subscribe and Click on the bell 🔔 ALL episodes. Facebook ~ @FriendsOfAHighSchoolDropout Instagram ~. @LessonsFromAHighSchoolDropout
November 12, 2020
Put Your Immigrant Hat On ~ Walk Down The Road Less Traveled of Entrepreneurship
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Lessons From A High School Dropout was inspired by a desire to share my lessons as an entrepreneur who dropped out of high school in 1982. While traveling this past week enjoying time with my Dr. KathrynJane we enjoyed a ride to Fort Lauderdale beach from our AirBnB with Henry Cairo a 29 year old Cuban immigrant who arrived in the United States at age 14. Today, Henry has three wonderful children with his wife and enjoys the blessing the United States provides him and his family. Henry was sharing how the Cuban people come to the United States to “Create A Life”. Lessons From A High School Dropout affirms each day, “You can have everything in life you want if you just help enough other people get what they want.” Zig Ziglar taught me this! Now take a look at these facts on immigrants and first generation children of immigrants. The 2017 Kauffman Entrepreneurship Index shows that immigrants are more entrepreneurial than native-born Americans. Every year from 1996 to 2016, the pace at which immigrants started businesses outpaced U.S.-born individuals two-fold. Whether it’s a corner mom-and-pop taquería or a Silicon Valley start-up, immigrants are engaging in entrepreneurship more frequently, and often succeeding. According to the non-partisan Partnership for a New American Economy, over 40 percent of Fortune 500 companies had a founder who was either an immigrant or the child of one. Another key measure of financial strength at which foreign-born Americans outpace the native-born: Immigrants use credit less often for purchasing cars, homes, or starting businesses. This results in significantly lower levels of indebtedness than native-born Americans. The inventor of the telephone was a Scottish Immigrant named Alexander Graham Bell. The iPhone is the most widely used mobile phone in the world was created by the son of a Syrian refugee. Google was co-founded by immigrant Sergey Mikhaylovich Brin from Russian EBay ~ Pierre Morad Omidyar Yahoo ~ Jerry Yang immigrant from Taiwan with his mother. His father died when Jerry was two years old and moved to San Jose in 1978 with his brother around the age of 10. How about Chobani Yogurt founded by Hamdi Ulukaya of Kurdish decent immigrated from Turkey. Lastly Felix Sebates~ a Cuban immigrant became a salesman for TSC Top Sales Corporation in 1969 then in 1974 he acquired the company and built it to $12 Billion in sales and sold it to his employees and a lower than market value to share the wealth with the men and women who helped him build the company. Now tell me what that says about the values of our immigrants. They tend to hold high standards and hold strong values. Period Facebook ~ @FriendsOfAHighSchoolDropout Instagram ~. @LessonsFromAHighSchoolDropout YouTube ~
November 04, 2020
It's Character That Wakes You Up ~ If You Want To See A Man's True Character Watch Him Under Pressure
Character is what wakes you up in the morning,  yet it’s not a signature like our fingerprint.   It’s not passed down through our DNA or our ancestry.   Character is a unique design created by our daily habits and actions.   It defines us in a big way.    Charisma is often mistaken to be similar by definition as character, but this not even close to being true.    Today’s episode on Lessons From A High School Dropout I will share how Character not only gets you up in the morning, but how character sets you apart from others in a unique way and the power of character can have a lasting impact to build on how we are perceived in a positive or negative fashion.   It’s like you and I are ice sculpture’s on display and you can change the character very easily as you hold the chisel and your vision holds the design!    Welcome to Lessons From a High School Dropout. My name is Troy Thomas Joseph Fitch.  We thank you for tuning into our lesson today.  The inner resource we build for handling the more difficult times of our daily living are what deliver us to a higher level of consciousness or the opposite being a lower level of consciousness.   I think the best example I can share most often is a personal experience where wisdom hit me over a phone call.  During my nine years as a commercial offset printing sales professional I found myself sharing a very heated conversation with my production manager for some large scale printing projects with my father.   As I was sharing in my very charismatic way I began to vent my anger and frustration.    After a pause likely due to needing to breath my father gently said this to me.    “Son if you want to see a man’s true character watch him under pressure.”   My charismatic way was silenced and my eyes began to look within and digest what my father was saying. I didn’t feel that I liked what he said, but deep within the character of my core knew full well he was right.    Another little story I would like to share is the conversation on a park bench outside a local library back in 2003.  I was once in a conversation with a homeless man on a bench outside a library where he spent countless hours each day reading.    This homeless man was about the age of 48 and had been homeless since he was 24. At the time I was 36 years of age and really engaged in my very own personal development in my life and creating change in many ways for my future.    David was his name and this is what he said and I wrote it down.  He said, “I may not always know the right thing to do but I always know the wrong thing to do.”  Character is what’s left after charisma is gone.   You see character is what wakes you up in the morning, but it can also wake you up while we walk through life.   It’s up to us to make a choice to recognize when we need to look within under difficult challenges.
October 23, 2020
Awakening Your Gift From Within
Awakening our consciousness to discover or rediscover our independent nature is truly the key to opening up to our true potential and creating a more meaningful life designed by the architect from within. Our people all across this great nation and the mass of people of our modern world have fallen asleep.  My mission is to speak greatness in us all and demonstrate how we can discover our gift for fulfill our dreams and vision.  Over two hundred and forty four years ago, there was a revolution, an American Revolution. An event that literally changed the course of history. It was led by a group of unsatisfied people. People who were tired of being told what they could do and when they could do it.   People were fed up with their lack of personal choice and their lack of their personal freedoms. People fed up with their lives being controlled by others. Fed up with being oppressed, fed up with being manipulated, and they finally said enough, I’ve had it and I ‘m not going to live like this anymore.  We changed from and independent people to a dependent people. We had slowly shifted to a people that took full responsibility for everything that happened to them, to people who became talented and practiced at the art of blaming others for their problems. Our giant has fallen asleep. Our forefathers didn’t say who is going to take care of me? They simply said, “All I ask is the opportunity to be free and the ability to take care of myself and my family.” We’ve slowly changed from a society that compensates based on value, to a society that compensates based on entitlement and seniority. We we’ve come to believe it is our due. We act if is someone actually owes us a living. Part of this change is due to the dramatic rise of conformity in our society. We are all taught to conform. Incredible pressures are put on us every day to do things the “The Right Way” And yet no-one asked the question is this really, the right way? There’s another revolution coming and it’s going to be led by a group of unique and courageous people like YOU. The people in this country are special, the people of this magnificent world are special, you are special because there is only one you! One you that was given the gift of choice, the gift of desire, the gift of a powerful intelligence deep within each of us.     Today we stand at the genesis of a new revolution and people like you are going to lead it.  Theodore Roosevelt said these words more than 100 years ago and I think they are appropriate today.  He said, “We see across the dangers of the great future and we rejoice as a giant refreshed, the great victories are yet to won the greatest deeds yet to be done.”   This precious Gift is within us all… I love you all thank you for taking time to listen and share this message to the family of humanity all across our mighty God’s magnificent earth.  My name is Troy Thomas Joseph Fitch Your 1982, High School Dropout   Thank you for watching!  Thank you for sharing!    We hope you are inspired to Like ~ Subscribe and Click on the bell 🔔 ALL episodes.  Facebook ~ @FriendsOfAHighSchoolDropout   Instagram ~ LessonsFromAHighSchoolDropout YouTube ~   YouTube ~   Spotify ~   Google Podcast ~ Anchor ~   Apple Podcast ~ iTunes
September 30, 2020
Tap Into Your Alter Ego/Inner Child ~ Learn A Peak Performance Technique That Can Create A New You
When you choose an alter ego you want to choose someone real or fictional who’s most known for the qualities and attributes you would like more or less of in your life. It doesn’t have to be one quality it can be several. You might want to start with one or two so then you can shape your alter ego as you begin working with it.  Today we are talking about this surprising tool that can transform your life and ways that we can invoke this ability into our lives.    Now answer these questions honestly!  Do you sometimes wish you were someone else, maybe a famous actor, a rock star, a successful author or investor.  Think about this question seriously and pause.   Do you sometime wish you had better skills with handling money or public speaking, better at presentations a better listener.    Here is a fun statistic as of 2018 45% of male consumers surveyed had seen one or more of the Marvel movies and 38% women have watched one or more of the movies too. The most popular films if you would like to know are the Iron Man movies with roughly 48% men and 41% women having seen at least one Iron Man movie!   Now you need to stick with me here because this can bring real meaningful change in your life.   Example Public Speaking ~ Jerry Seinfeld publicly joked about how at a funeral most people would rather be in the person in the coffin, rather than the one delivering the eulogy.    Peak Performance Coach Todd Herman refers to this hat as s totem.  Todd’s book The Alter Ego Effect shares how an “object” can invoke a particular personality.  Winston Churchill spent a fair amount of time before choosing the hat he would wear as he was to became Prime Minister by the King of England.   Martin Luther King wore glasses to invoke a sense of confidence and bring focus to his delivery of his incredible speeches. If you have never listen to his speeches I highly recommend taking time to listen to his words.   Both Churchill and King used “Props” to invoke the same tool you can use to show up as your best, smartest, savviest or funniest self and that tool is known as the Alter Ego. Stephanie Carlson professor and Director of Child Development at the University of Minnesota. Took four year olds and split them in two small groups. They placed a toy in a clear box and gave the children an assortment of keys to a locked box. What the children were not told is that none of the keys would not open the box.   The researcher’s told one group to select a character they could pretend they were while they performed this task. Someone like Batman or Dora The Explorer they even had the option to wear a cape.   Professor Carlson already knew children are inclined to pretend to play. What the researcher’s were looking for was how these children bring pretend to play into a serious task. The other group were not given any special instructions.  They were using what is called their Executive Functioning which includes  Flexible Thinking Working Memory  Impulse Control  The children who took on a character and pretended that they were Batman or Dora The Explorer as they attempted to open the box seemed to be more relaxed flexible thinkers than those who didn’t. They spent more time to try to open the box, they tried more keys and over all they were more calmer. As one child stated, “Batman Doesn’t Get Frustrated”. Creating an Alter Ego is about taking some of those qualities that makes the person so great at what they do and applying them to that field of play for you personally.   Thank you for watching!  Thank you for sharing!   We hope you are inspired to Like ~ Subscribe and Click on the bell 🔔 ALL episodes. Facebook ~ @FriendsOfAHighSchoolDropout Instagram ~.  @LessonsFromAHighSchoolDropout
September 22, 2020
Celebrate The Lives Of The Learners ~ Dedicated To A True Learner Cameron Harel Cook
True learning begins during the age of awakening! The age of awakening takes place around the ages of five to seven. The conscious mind awakens around this age and begins to align with the subconscious mind creating habits in the realm of our subconscious mind. As we begin to learn it is important to build our learning around the desires of each young mind. Exposing our young minds to new and impactful things helps awaken the giant within each of us. You may be asking, what is the giant within? The giant within is the incredible Gift that lies within each of us! The gift becomes a giant upon this discovery and take action developing our gift. This action will propel each of us into a realm of learning as we then zero in on what really matters to our soul. It matters to our purpose, our vision and to all we will bless along our walk in this amazing life we have been given. Wake up to your gift as you learn new things and begin to feel how this gift moves you to grow in knowledge. Take advantage of the learners around us who sharpen our knowledge and as we help to sharpen others. Recognizing our awakening as to how we learn best helps sharpen our ability to use our gift in a big way for all who come across our path. This Lesson From A High School Dropout is dedicated to Cameron Harel Cook a natural learner who inspired so many lives. Cameron was a gifted learner and a gift to all whom he touched with his beautiful life. Cameron’s life of learning and sharing his gift was cut short. My memory of Cameron’s most recent book he read from my library was Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. We talked for over an hour about how Napoleon Hill incredible book inspired this true learner. It’s rare that a twenty two year old will sit for an hour in discussion of a book! That in its self is a demonstration of Cameron’s desire to learn and share what he had learned. Cameron’s life was special to so many of us. I was given the opportunity of helping teach Cameron how to drive at age fifteen. Cameron and I had planned to share a talk on Lessons From A High School Dropout about how he was inspired by the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. That talk was silenced but his passion he shared of how it truly impacted his life will be heard in this message. We will continue to share his Cameron’s story for many years to come. Thank you for watching! Thank you for sharing! We hope you are inspired to Like ~ Subscribe and Click on the bell 🔔 ALL episodes. Facebook ~ @FriendsOfAHighSchoolDropout Instagram ~ @LessonsFromAHighSchoolDropout YouTube ~ Lessons From A High School Dropout  Spotify ~ Breaker ~ Anchor ~ PocketCast ~ Overcast ~ Radio Public ~
September 10, 2020
Minds Over (Gray Matter) Matters ~ Neuroscience Friday
The power of our minds comes from first recognizing the polarity of our minds. Yes, I said minds as in plural. We as human beings have two minds. It is vital that we learn this at an early age, but if you didn’t, don’t worry, neuroscience has proven that old dogs can learn new tricks. Now learning these tricks after time takes a great deal more effort but geez, if a high school dropout like me can begin to learn this, it isn’t that hard. After all, it all comes natural to you, and if we embrace our true nature, we more easily transform our minds. You see, the transformation of our minds is vital for the creative mind to expand our lives into a new dimension. A dimension that reaches into our desires and pulls us into opportunities where we begin to manifest our dreams. You cannot move into expansion while complaining about any current situation in your life. So, recognizing these feelings and dealing with them is VITAL. Wake up your conscience mind to recognize exactly what your subconscious mind is performing on “virtually” on an automatic basis. This will propel you forward more easily. The great news is that our subconscious minds are like a computer program. The minute we begin to take action on recognizing our thoughts and feelings, we immediately begin to change the program. Now the initial programing is like running Beta Test’s that go through our minds.  Yes! The Beta Test’s is plural and for good reason. This is no different than anything else we learned and truly once we learn this skill our lives transform into new dimensions where we more easily see ourselves as the vision or picture we hold in our minds. Bam! That’s it! I encourage you to watch this video a couple of times to help create that frame work in these few short steps on the realignment of our minds.  You will truly transform your mind(s) in a short time and see the power within you that has been waiting to be awakened and aligned. Meditation is a powerful tool as you begin this reprogramming of your minds. Please take time at least once each day, if not twice each day to meditate and bring your consciousness into unison and tap into that powerful creative mind deep inside you. We will continue to move deeper into the understanding of this power in later sessions but for now take the time to begin recognizing the opportunity to create small changes. Remember when you turned your first computer on? Remember that excitement as you anticipated what would display on that screen? Hold a vision for what you would like your life to display through the program you design, and very soon you will reveal many of your dreams and visions from what you desire! So be careful what you ask for from your desire! This is just a Lesson From A High School Dropout! If I can do it anyone darn sure can! LOL Now as Mr. Kapral my ninth grade math teacher for three months said as the bell was ringing. “Time is the most precious thing, don’t waste it, now go home and do your homework.”
September 05, 2020
Wake Up and Discover Your Gift Inside Your Dreams
Everyone has a Gift. Most people never discover what lies deep inside each of them. Listen as Troy shares how his Gift was revealed through a dream at the young age of sixteen and began learning how to use his Gift throughout his life. 
September 01, 2020
August 31, 2020
August 31, 2020