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By Derek Ross
LOVE REVOLUTION is the core talk that the True Love Waits Team and Volunteers share with students. Revolution is also something that we need. Join the team and Special Guests as they share candid thoughts on being a youth in this generation, finding love, challenges with family, social injustice, HIV/AIDS, Abortion, Pre-marital Sex, Homosexuality, Trafficking, Masturbation, Suicide and Pornography and Online Sexual Exploitation of Children.

The team also will simply talk about new music, cool movies and lifestyle ideas that you might want to talk about.
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Contagious Behavior Pt 1


May 25 Audio Newsletter
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May 26, 2021
Contagious Behavior Pt 1
When God truly works in our lives and rebirths us, it should make us infectious. This is easy to see when you meet someone excited about their faith, who then proceeds to tell everyone. Even uninterested people find it difficult to ignore this person. The dictionary describes an agent as a doer of an action, producing a result. In our NGO True Love Waits Philippines, our effectiveness as an organization is dependent upon our volunteers and so when we say replicate inside living cells of a body, this means equipping volunteers in the body of Christ!
April 08, 2020