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My Story-Center Of Truth

My Story-Center Of Truth

By Truth Akins
Center of Truth performs workshops to create the space to empower people using Circle processes and 8 degrees of yes Life transformational program. I share my story here of how we began. Learn more at and also at
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My Story-Center Of Truth

The First Degree of Yes to Life Part II
We continue on with the next episode of the First Degree of Yes to life out of the 8 Degrees of Yes to life.  (see more at What is 8 Degrees of Yes! I created a program to help others go through and reflect on life and see negative events, pull them out to find the blessing, or the lesson in the event. See the truth and release victimhood by forgiving, and letting go, then share their story. It's a narrative therapy and a spiritual journey together. We share these together in a space set with unconditional love and no judgement because we all have these challenges, just in different forms. Thus, it's meant to be done with others, however, due to Covid, we have to work around it. The first thing that I have is my story. I show how I have separated 8 life structures, and my desire to live life (8 Degrees of desire to live life), in a structured way so the reflected manifestation of that desire, can be reviewed in the Life structures at that time. This shows our dominion over life and ability to manifest. I go through my story and point out my lessons, or blessings, my desire to live and then the reflection of my manifestation in my life structures. Then, I forgive, I Let Go, I transform. I now have dominion and escape victimhood, but I must continue practices to retain dominion over the muck in my mind from the past. There are 3 sections for helping others do the same. A life satisfaction survey, a study book, and a testimonial maker. To help others I have made a testimonial maker for them to complete after they have went through the workbook to study key terms definitions how do you go back and find lessons and blessings separating life structures manifestation forgiving and letting go Survey The first thing that we have is a survey life structure satisfaction survey we go through and we reflect on our satisfaction what our life structures look like presently. Workbook I have the workbook that we go through and we learn about all these life structures and lessons blessings how we relate to each other in our stories Etc. Testimonial Maker Then at the end I have a testimony maker that's someone can go through and actually write their story pull out lessons and blessings and have it in a structured way that they can tell their story to others. Prayer Lastly I have prayers that I've written that I have used for myself in my own transformation to pray on truth, and not on False illusions from others ideas of truth. So I pray knowing that God's not limited by man's mind and man's idea of God. God goes far beyond what man could ever perceive and no one can ever tell me that they know it, but truth is we have to know if ourselves we have to know life force energy for ourselves because that's the truth. It is us. it's within us. So, I have 40 prayers. Five for each life structure that I pray on a rotational basis so that's the way I've been able to put all this into a program in order to guide others and to structure it because it's so complex and has so many moving parts the transformation.
October 11, 2020
The First Degree of Yes to Life
In this episode, I discuss the First Degree of Yes to life, which is a small NO to life that can lead to suicide. I tell my story about my father's tragic death and how it is important to be conscience of ourselves and those that may battle with suicide. We must define love correctly. Love is ever-expanding, unconditional and never failing. Later, we will continue with the Second Degree of Yes to life in the next episode. Thank you for listening! Blessings,  Truth
October 02, 2020
I would like to define a few terms before I begin the story of the Center of Truth and Transformation and share about my book 8 Degrees of Yes. Sorry for cutting the Podcast short. I am still learning about the ins and outs of technology! Bless it!  Truth Akins
September 28, 2020
This is the introduction of why I started the Center of Truth and Transformation. It is also a description of my book 8 Degrees of Yes! We can change the world through sharing our stories. We can end injustice by say YES to living our own lives to the fullest!  Blessings,  Truth Akins
September 28, 2020
August 28, 2020
August 28, 2020