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The Truth Ain’t Peachy

The Truth Ain’t Peachy

By Keemia Kaboli
Life is short- let's feel empowered to live it at our fullest potential. Get the scoop on minimal-effort wellness and beauty remedies for maximum results. Hear inspiring stories you won't hear anywhere else that will raise your vibrations and make you feel like you can do anything. Each episode gives you ultra useful, life changing info straight from wellness expert Keemia Kaboli and her guests.
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Dans cet épisode avec coach sportif Florian Coutellec vous allez découvrir : - Les bienfaits fitness du trampoline  - Les conseils nutritionnels pour ceux qui menent une vie active  - C'est quoi le fascia et pourquoi vous aller voir améliorer vos resultats physique en basant vos exercises sur ce tissu connectif. Connectez avec Florian : Son programme de premium live coaching (n'oubliez pas de profiter de ces séances gratuites !) :     Son IG : RESTER CONNECTÉ AVEC MOI & THE TRUTH AIN'T PEACHY INSTAGRAM : TWITTER : FACEBOOK : SITE : et mon compte IG personnel :
May 3, 2021
THE SMILING ASSASSIN - How to let go of control, enjoy life (and food), and find balance - feat. Ally McDonald Bull
Ally Mcdonald Bull is a fitness instructor, former Disney princess, true chocolate addict, New Zealand native, and creator of the internationally known program Triple Threat Pilates. She's always pushing the limits in each class with her upbeat energy, hence why she's known as the smiling assassin. In this episode, Ally courageously opens up about her struggles with disordered eating. Her story is so relatable, you don’t need to have an eating disorder to have experienced thoughts and fears of losing control. On a lighter note, we share some of the benefits and ancient uses of cacao (as if you need any excuse to add more chocolate in your life). We also cover how to have a balanced diet - and how our grandmas have it all figured it out. Lastly, we delve into what a blessing it is when some things don’t work out and how better things take their place! My top chocolate-related recs: Organic fair-trade cacao powder: Organic vegan dark chocolate bar with 70% cacao + sea salt: Organic black rice + quinoa crunch vegan dark chocolate bar with 85% cacao: Connect with Ally: Personal IG: Triple threat pilates: Ally's YouTube channel: ARE WE CONNECTED?: I'M IG WORTHY!: LET'S DO SOME TWEETS: READ MY BLOG + SIGN UP TO MY NEWSLETTER FOR UPDATES: CAN WE BE PEN PALS? WRITE TO ME:
April 27, 2021
This inspiring episode is with Natasha Overin. She does everything and anything she’s interested in, like professional bodyboarding, modeling (you can find her face in magazines and makeup palettes), cooking (she has an IG for it which I feature below), writing (she has a poetry page, also featured below), fitness, PR, automobiles, journalism, and so much more.  This episode dives into topics like: How to stop feeling like you just have to do one thing or stay in your lane.  Why it's better to be a jack (or jill) of all trades. If you knew you couldn't fail, what would you do? Skincare and makeup tips she's picked up over the years The unseen sides of being a model Ilia Beauty Faves: Tinted SPF moisturizer: Blush: Mascara: Follow Natasha on her adventures here: IG: Writing: Food: ARE WE CONNECTED?: I'M IG WORTHY!: LET'S DO SOME TWEETS: READ MY BLOG + SIGN UP TO MY NEWSLETTER FOR UPDATES: CAN WE BE PEN PALS? WRITE TO ME:
April 20, 2021
In this solo episode, I'm getting into how to clear acne holistically from within!  Also... I APOLOGIZE IN ADVANCE FOR SNIFFING SO MUCH!! I had a sinus infection while recording! :(   Here's everything I recommended in this episode: Luxury exfoliating face wash I use from Tata Harper: My facial shaving article: The athletic greens smoothie supplement I've been taking for 3 years (this link gives you 5 free travel packs!): Https://  Cheaper supplement option (from a clean and transparent brand): Poppi healthy prebiotic soda: Flowfilling CBD tincture for women: Pre +probiotic peanut butter powder (so yummy!): Water bottle with time tracking markers: Cosrx low pH jelly face wash (lasts forever and only $10): Etude House low pH foaming cleanser: Tata harper starter set I'm obsessed with: Circcell's luxury DEW pH perfecting toner: Biologique Recherche p50 lotion (be REALLY careful with this, it's potent and can make you peel and purge!): My current facial oil: can't find the link but it's a UK brand called Skin & Tonic Pai facial oil (creates a natural tinted glow too from the pigmented rosehip): Patyka face cream: ARE WE CONNECTED?: I'M IG WORTHY!: LET'S DO SOME TWEETS: READ MY BLOG + SIGN UP TO MY NEWSLETTER FOR UPDATES: CAN WE BE PEN PALS? WRITE TO ME:
April 14, 2021
FR- SOULAGER VOTRE TENSION ! Les meilleurs conseils de mon ostéo sage Etienne Chaize
Dans cet épisode avec ostéopathe Étienne Chaize découvrez :  - La différence entre l'ostéopathie, la kinésithérapie et la chiropratique - Les meilleurs conseils de soulager votre tension articulaire, améliorer votre circulation et beaucoup plus. Chaussettes de contention: : RESTER CONNECTÉ AVEC THE TRUTH AIN'T PEACHY INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: SITE: et mon compte IG personnel:
April 3, 2021
WHERE ARE YOUR TOXINS? feat. Bailey Petrucelli
After years of writing copy for functional medicine doctors, Bailey is an expert in all things toxins & wellness. In this episode, we share our favorite tips we've picked up along the way during our hard work!   Learn about: - Where your toxins are lurking + telltale signs you're living with too many toxins - When to see a holistic doctor vs a "normal" occidental doctor - Foods to avoid when you're pregnant + postpartum supplements - Why living a healthy lifestyle isn't just for the wealthy + how to do it on a budget & more!  SHOP Organic pumpkin seeds: Organic cashews: My favorite magnesium supplement for stress:  Connect with Bailey: WEBSITE: INSTAGRAM: ------------------- ARE WE CONNECTED?: I'M IG WORTHY!: LET'S DO SOME TWEETS: CAN WE BE PEN PALS? WRITE TO ME:
March 23, 2021
I LOST HAIR AND IT CHANGED MY LIFE- The stressful experience that changed my career trajectory forever
A stressful period in my life got me losing hair... a LOT of it. Find out the natural remedy that stopped the shedding in just TWO DAYS and some helpful supplements to take to prevent and keep the negative effects of stress at bay. Ceylon cinnamon (the non-liver damaging kind): Hair loss + stress-balancing supplements that worked for me: The exact bamboo “tea” I took: Stinging nettle: Magnesium: Maca: LET’S CONNECT! IG (ASK ME ANYTHING IN DMS) - FB - TWITTER - PINTEREST - WEBSITE (sign up for my occasional newsletters with my favorite super helpful tips) - Want to show your support? Rate + subscribe this podcast! Thank you!
March 8, 2021