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Brave, Bold & Brilliant Podcast
Speaking up unapologetically!

Brave, Bold & Brilliant Podcast Speaking up unapologetically!

By Tulia Lopes
Your voice matters!
However, have you ever had the courage to speak up unapologetically?
Hi, I'm Tulia Lopes, communication architect, international speaker and author of Leading in High Heels.
For the past decade I've been helping professionals to "find their voice" so they can express themselves with clarity and confidence.
Since 2014 I've been supporting women to speak up.
In this podcast my guests and I will share stories of how much it takes to be Brave, Bold and Brilliant.
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#009 - Not Asking For Permission with Melitta Campbell

Brave, Bold & Brilliant Podcast Speaking up unapologetically!

# 23 - It is not WHAT you say, it is HOW you say it (and to WHOM) by Tulia Lopes
In this episode, I (Tulia) go "solo" to talk about a topic that has become one of her signature talks. This is a big challenge for many. And it will always be because even when you are aware about the way you communicate and how effectively you manage to get your message across, there will be times when you will fail, and you might wonder why... Well, the primarily reason, in most cases is one, not knowing enough about your audience, therefore, not crafting your message in a way, in a language, that is relevant to them. And you might ask: "how hard could that be?" And my answer will be, "knowing your audience and speaking in their language is easier said than done." However, the good news is, it can be learned. Saying no more, I want to share with you my views on that topic in podcast episode. I hope you enjoy it and learn from it. And, get back to me and share your views. I want to learn from you too.
January 20, 2022
#0022 - Grabbing the Opportunities As They Pass By with Rocio Cárdenas
It is said that "opportunities don't appear at our door. We have to be at the door and then grab them when they pass by..."  That is exactly what Rocio did. From being in an unhappy professional situation, instead of going into depression she decided to find ways to move forward. Diversity and Inclusion was at the core of her heart, and she decided to go towards that direction. The rewards were more than she could even imagine, including international recognition for her achievements. Rocio is part of Fujitsu Global, based in Barcelona. She is known for her gift when dealing with people. She is a competitive person, motivated and always in search of self-improvement.  She is a Google's #IamRemarkable Facilitator, and a member of the Radar Program (talent search) in Fujitsu. She is currently starting to pursue a university degree in Computer Engineering. Connect with Rocio:
May 13, 2021
#0021 - Following the Guts with Mafalda Pereira
The truth is, many of our most important decisions in life are made based on... gut feeling! 💯 Do you agree? My guest in the upcoming Brave, Bold & Brilliant podcast, Mafalda Pereira, is Portuguese, living in the beautiful city of Porto, and describes herself as an entrepreneur, and both a mentor and an avid learner. One of the big lessons she learned in her 20 years journey as successful entrepreneur is that "sometimes" going against the current is the best way to flow and grow... 🌹 She founded her company  - MULTIvertentes  - at age 23 and has been in the language services industry for almost 20 years, where she has built an international network of business partners and peers. With an Arts master degree in Languages and Literature, she also completed a post-graduate course in Management and regularly invests in various self-development and business skills trainings. Alongside her role as managing director, she has been engaged in supporting women leadership skills as a mentor and as a peer group member in different organizations. This year, she was nominated for the Executive Council of Inspired Women Lead, a non-profit international organization that supports women leadership skills by mentoring women cross-culturally. As a natural networker, she is regularly host to a number of events focused on professional development and market synergy building within her business area. A book and music lover, her leisure time also includes sharing a good Portuguese wine with friends.  You can find more about Mafalda here:
May 06, 2021
#0020 Mother and Daughter in a Common Purpose in Life & Business with Marta & Alexandra Bernal
Martha and Alexandra are mother and daughter in life a business.  They have lived and traveled the world during the last two decades, learning and valuing the richness of human relationships.  Today they help to heal relationships between mothers and daughters, guiding hundreds of women globally in their process of awakening to a more conscious dynamic of communication within their families and extended relationships.  As international mentors and speakers, Martha and Alexandra have created a unique and proven method where the three basic pillars are love, trust and respect. You can reach them at Now, sit back, relax and enjoy this conversation. 🌹
March 09, 2021
#0019 - Trading a Secure and Prominent Position For a Passion to BE LEAD LIVE with Allisha Ali
How much does it cost to leave a secure job to follow one’s passion? In my conversation with Allisha Ali she shares her journey coming from the academic environment, building a successful career in the corporate world, and then, being brave enough to bold step to leave her title to embrace her true passion where she now shines with her brillance. You might agree that Allisha followed the classic academic and corporate career path…With a PhD in Chemistry, Allisha ventured into a successful scientific corporate career in the Pharmaceutical Industry. She went on to become a Senior Partner to the Chief Executive Office in a Fortune 500 Vaccines company, leading R&D business transformations. With intense training & coaching by top McKinsey consultants, she lead more than 20 transformations, excelling at lean & change management, and operational excellence. During this adventure, her business, leadership & career coaching skills were unveiled, especially in helping executives and professionals to (re)discover and believe in themselves, and to accompany them in their leadership and career development. You might agree that Allisha followed her dreams and aspirations…Driven by her passion to help others achieve their aspirations, she firmly followed her purpose and calling. She has combined her extensive corporate experience, leadership expertise, coaching experience and certifications, and a lifetime of learning and research to create ©UniqueYou Careers, a company specialised in Executive, Leadership and Career Coaching. You might agree that Allisha lives by her message: Be more, Lead more and Live more…With the support of her Coaches and Mentors, Allisha continues to master her own life journey by combining her passion and calling for the stage. She enjoys hosting interviews, running workshops & trainings, and delivering interactive keynotes Leadership, Business, Career and Life management. Daring to take it to the next level, she is actively researching for her upcoming book on “Career and Life Design”. BE | LEAD | LIVE Allisha Ali, PhD Career Expert | Professional Certified Coach |Mentor | Trainer | Speaker Brussels, Belgium Founder: Unique You Careers; |
February 18, 2021
#0018 - Mind the Gap! A talk about menopause with Pat Duckworth
Can you talk about Menopause? Are you experiencing it? What do you know about it? 🤨 There are several “myths" around the topic of menopause which jeopardise women’s role as leaders in the workplace, and categorise them as less “attractive, or capable" in our Western culture. For instance, many women believe that when they reach menopause “that is it!”. That is the end. They are “old”, they are… “disposable”… And unfortunately, most working and social environments reinforce that. Too bad! 🙄 My guest in this episode of Brave, Bold & Brilliant podcast, Pat Duckworth, is a Women’s Wellbeing Strategist, Author and Coach. She has published five books. Her most recent highly acclaimed book, 'Menopause Mind the Gap: The value of supporting women's wellness in the workplace', raises the awareness about the issue of menopause in the workplace and how to support employees who are experiencing symptoms. Pat makes the subject of menopause accessible and provides practical advice for employers and employees. Because ladies, you should all be celebrating your midlife and embracing your role of a “Crone Goddess”, the wise woman within the tribe, who has the wisdom of the years to impart. Reach out to Pat  T: 01763 853867 M: 07740 596189 W:
February 11, 2021
#0017 - Food For Thought And For A Healthy Life with Émely Steegstra-Hendrix
Are you a foodie person? What about having your own garden in your own "balcony"?!!! Then you have to meet Émely Steegstra. She is a a foodie by birth growing up as the 6th generation female chefs in her mum's kitchen stirring the pots and growing her own veggies as of the age of 3. And she still love to cook and grow her own vegetables so much, that she made it her business... In my conversation with Émely she shares the stories of these amazing women in her family who got into the food business 6 generations ago, around the late XVIII century. Women who served their delicatessens to the  "Prussia Könige" (Medieval North Eastern Germany). Women already managing their food business successfully. So, no wonder Émely has it on her blood. But... was that so straight forward for her? It never is, isn't it? Here is a teaser of my conversation with Émely. Enjoy it. The full episode will be released over the weekend. #food #culinary #garden #healthyfood #braveboldbrilliantpodcast
February 07, 2021
#0016 - Bullying or Burnout Who's Responsibility Is It? with Eylem Demir.
Occupational research shows that 80% of the bullying in companies come from line-managers, while 20% from peers! 😱 And most companies are not willing to address the problem, and instead, they push the problem back to the employee by categorising it as "burnout". If it is burnout, YOU have a problem and have to get fixed. If it is bullying it is related to the company's culture and that seems to be something difficult to address. My guest in this podcast, Eylem Demir Sentürk I Founder and CEO of Women on Stage is, among many other amazing skills, a bullying expert, and has been helping professionals, and companies, to address this very important topic with clarity and efficacy. Our conversation touches several areas of professional's well-being. Take a break and listen. It might help someone you know, or even yourself.
January 28, 2021
#0015 - You Are A Goddess, Loved And Good Enough At All Times with Angela Ramel
“You are a Goddess, loved and good enough at all times!”🌹 A conversation with Angela Ramel will always lead us, naturally and smoothly, into deep connection with ourselves, human beings (especially women), into limitless source of power and energy through our sensuality and sexuality. Angela is a living Goddess. 🌹 She is the epitome of a woman with a deep understanding, awareness and connection with her inner source, her inner power. In this episode she shares her many Brave & Bold actions, as her Brilliance through her journey, initiation process and mission to help others to tap into their greatness and explore the power of their sexuality. Angela Ramel is the Founder of The Goddess Academy. It was birthed from her own passion to raise the consciousness of the planet. She is here to help you awaken the Divine Feminine and remember who you are at your core. She is an openminded world adventurer, openhearted free spirit and single mother of 3 teenagers. She is also a Teacher of the Feminine Tantric Arts, Feminine Embodiment Coach and Holistic Empowerment Coach, Mentor & Trainer. At the core of her work, she is here to support you in expanding your awareness and alignment to your body, heart & soul. She supports you breaking down conditionings and stories that bind you and hold you back from living your Goddess Life in abundance. She offers her gifts and medicine as a revolutionary transformation guide, through Online Courses, 1:1 Mentoring and Trainings. These unique opportunities offer you a safe space to connect within, so you can begin living your most delicious life. "We are hungry to feed the desire for intimate connection within”. She is wildly passionate about exploring the depths of the human experience and potential and her personal Goddess Journey has led her to a deeper understanding of self, through the sacred path of Traditional Tantra, Yoga, Plant Based Nutrition, Hypnosis, Quantum Healing, Orgasmic Empowerment..and more. However, she always finds herself arriving back to the simple truth: Life is supposed to be blissful, ecstatically orgasmic, creatively abundant, spontaneous, juicy, radically self expressive and wildly adventurous.  We are here as powerful creators…to create from our divine feminine essence. The answers are always within and our authentic state of being is LOVE and BLISS!!! #love #sexuality #sensuality #chakras #transformation #energy
December 31, 2020
#0014 - Having a Bit of Madness to Get Things Done with Shivangi Walke
Helping women to thrive with mentoring is Shivangi Walke's passion. 🌹 She is a powerhouse of energy and creativity. 💥 In my conversation with her she shares what brave and bold actions she had to take in order to brilliantly create and develop this vibrant and dynamic non-profit organisation called Thrive with Mentoring. Which today is a global, digital-first, women’s mentoring network active across 6 countries with over 800 members. 🌹 She brings over 17 years of corporate leadership experience, encompassing leadership of HR and L&D teams globally. The foundation on which she excelled across all her roles is her ability to lead and influence virtual teams across industry sectors and seniority levels. Known for her compelling drive, Shivangi has trained and coached leaders and management teams in over 40 countries globally for organisations such as Google, Johnson and Johnson, Airbus, Syngenta and Swiss Re. The words most often used by leaders to describe their interaction with Shivangi are 'evocative, dynamic and transformational'. Enjoy it.🌹
December 24, 2020
#0013 - We are a result of our upbringing with Maria Elena Alvarez-Camps
We are a result of our upbringing. 🌹 And having a mother who becomes our role model is definitely a privilege. 💯 Maria Elena Alvarez Camps is definitely a daughter of her mother. In my conversation with her in this episode I discovered the origin of her resilience and determination. Elena is Transformational Manager at Airbus with 30 years of experience in different military aviation programs, covering all aspects of the aerospace product lifecycle – Including system design, testing, qualification and production. In her function, she is successfully managing a wide range of stakeholders. As a project manager, Elena has been recognised for playing a vital leadership role in challenging the “status quo”. She also received a laudatory report and a Bronze Award. In her coaching and training, Elena’s professional passion focuses on developing and bringing the best out of people. For this purpose, she uses her technical knowledge, her passion for people and her communication skills, as well as applying traditional and non-conventional problem-solving skills and agile methodologies. She is also specialised in fostering employees to embrace company values. She is the co-author of a book to promote Latina women in Aviation. It is so fulfilling and enjoyable to hear those stories where girls are empowered by their mothers to be themselves, and as result they become amazing women. 🌹 Women who can lead with grace, grit and glory! 👏👏👏We are a result of our upbringing. 🌹 And having a mother who becomes our role model is definitely a privilege. 💯 Maria Elena Alvarez Camps is definitely a daughter of her mother. In my conversation with her in this episode I discovered the origin of her resilience and determination. It is so fulfilling and enjoyable to hear those stories where girls are empowered by their mothers to be themselves, and as result they become amazing women. 🌹 Women who can lead with grace, grit and glory! 👏👏👏
December 17, 2020
#0012 - Sex life, sex drive, are we women and men really that different? With Maggie Bain
I once read (somewhere, I don't recall the source now 🙄) that we are SO different that it is almost "a miracle" that we still mate and live together... 🤔 Maggie Bain is a Sex Coach, Relationship Specialist, and Certified Sex Therapist who specialises in helping individuals and couples achieve more satisfaction in their relationships and the bedroom. For ten years, Maggie has shown men and their partners how to get truthfully naked with each other to deepen their intimacy and reignite their desire. It's more than sex tips, but those are part of the magic. Her style is uniquely non-judgmental, compassionate, and fair. As a Speaker, she approaches taboo conversations with a combination of lighthearted humour and the intensity of someone who is unwilling to allow relationships to remain anything less than extraordinary. Personal stories and thought-provoking insights mesmerise audiences -- moving them between tears and laughter and leaving them uplifted and equipped to transform their love lives. Known as the Bare Naked Coach, Maggie travels sharing her message of being Truthfully Naked.
December 10, 2020
#0011 - Flying High to Be Grounded with Jacqueline Camacho-Ruiz
🌹 Dream high and touch the sky 🌹 To Jacqueline Camacho-Ruiz, Marketing/PR Expert this is true, literally and metaphorically. Jacqueline is a powerhouse with strong foundations laid in abundance and servant leadership.🌹 She believes she is in a mission to serve, and she takes that seriously and to a higher level which reaches the sky. She is impacting people's lives directly and the world in her daily life with her work and all the initiatives she runs. She is a Pilotina (Pilot+latina) who feels grounded when she is in the sky. It was such a pleasure to talk to Jacqueline for the Brave, Bold & Brilliant podcast. She is open, she is warm, she is someone to look up to. 🌹 Enjoy it 🌹 You can learn more about Jacqueline here #marketing #flying #leadership #author #communication #womenhelpingwomen
December 03, 2020
#0010 It Is your Duty to Ask for More Money with Wies Bratby
Ask for (more) money! 💰💰💰💰 We all know, experience it, it is also written everywhere, that women have "problems" with the money conversation. Wies Bratby, founder of WIN (Women In Negotiation) has substantial proofs that paying your people more may actually save your company money. With a career as a top lawyer and HR Director, Wies ended up coaching women across the world to negotiate their worth. She is on a mission to end the gender wage gap globally, by focusing on increasing women’s confidence and competence to have these challenging "money conversations" at the right level, so both sides win and the relationship between them improves. And women, you have to learn to ask! You can watch her TEDx Talk here: Save your company money; give your employees a raise! | Wies Bratby | TEDxZurichWomen And you can contact her directly at #win #womeninnegotiation #communication #leadership#money#wagesandsalaries
November 27, 2020
#009 - Not Asking For Permission with Melitta Campbell
Melitta is a Business Coach for women and host of the Driven Female Entrepreneurs podcast. Through her Dream Clients Blueprint program, she helps female entrepreneurs break free from a cycle of doubt and overwhelm, to become confident business owners with a clear blueprint to consistent clients, fulfilment and time freedom…in just 12 weeks. Melitta’s experience comes from 25 years working in communication, marketing and leadership. While her expertise lies in business, having been her own boss for 12 years, Melitta understands that being successful takes a lot more than a perfect plan. You also need the skills and confidence to implement it. Therefore, Melitta’s coaching program features a personalised approach that helps clients build an entrepreneurial mindset while building a solid and profitable business. Melitta lives in Switzerland with her husband and two daughters, while serving clients around the world. She is also the founder of the Swiss Entrepreneurs Club, Driven Female Entrepreneurs Club, and a TEDx Speaker Coach. LINKS Website: Facebook: FB Group: Twitter: LinkedIn: Instagram: Pinterest:
November 15, 2020
#008 - Breaking the Pattern of Pleasing Others with Blanca Vergara
Blanca Vergara is a soul and business mentor for international female business owners. She helps them transmute their Female Lineage into their unlimited source of power. After working with her they succeed and bloom on every level. She has created live and online brain reconditioning experiences based on decades of meticulous research to expand your self-worth and net-worth. Her programs combine the most effective evidence based techniques, the most current scientific methodologies and modern business hacks. She is the author of several books among others “Unstoppable You” and “Women Work Wonders”. She has degrees in Information Technology, Coaching and an MBA. She has over 25 years of international business experience. She honed her business skills within important consulting firms like Price Waterhouse and European institutions like the European Space Agency.  She lives in Amsterdam with her two children and her husband. She also speaks Spanish and Dutch. You can find more about Blanca here: #womeninbusiness #braveboldbrilliantpodcast #speaking #presentations #leadership
October 29, 2020
#007 - Bringing a More Inclusive and Intuitive Leadership Style To Business With Meghann Conte
"Women in business are really changing the paradigm in the business world with a more inclusive and intuitive leadership style.:  Meghann Conter empowers women-led organisations to leap over revenue targets, grow professionally and personally, and form meaningful collaborative relationships as founder of The Dames, an international community that celebrates high-level leaders in nonprofits, corporations and government organisations.
October 22, 2020
#006 - Judged by the Cover with Malva Gasowski
Malva Gasowski is an international business trainer, coach, and speaker for corporate soft HR skills. She is an international best-selling author. She is also a parenting coach and couples counsellor working with parents and couples from all walks of life implementing the positive parenting approach to build closeness in the family. Creator of Coaching - Mother and all a community of support for couples and parents in their journey of building positive relationships at home and at work. Malva’s passion is to make the world a better place through communication and creating a successful business while being a fulfilled parent and happy couple. #workwithmalva #malvagasowski #coachingmotherandall
October 15, 2020
#005 - Finding the Clown in You with Caroline Dream
Caroline’s passion is to help others enjoy being in the spotlight. As a professional clown, she has traveled the world learning how to best express and enjoy herself on stage in order to provoke laughter, engagement and dramatic impact. For the past 20+ years, she has coached thousands of people to use their sense of humour to overcome those pesky inner obstacles that prevent them from being Brave, Bold and Brilliant. Since 2013 she has been blazing the trail in Applied Clowning for the corporate sector, with innovative clients at Bancolombia, Hp, Seat, Ecopetrol, Joyco, amongst others. Her books and keynote speeches open the lid on the art and wisdom of clowning, and it’s intrinsic connection to self-empowerment. To receive information about my english workshops: caroline To find out about my November 1st clown masterclass: caroline My books can be found at:
October 08, 2020
#004 - Bravely and Boldly Leading the World with Morag Mathieson
Morag was born in Scotland and lived in various parts of the UK before relocating to Germany. A graduate in Pharmacy, she worked in clinical practice where she discovered her love of seeing people develop. She led change in her profession when she helped introduce Continuing Professional Development for Pharmacists in Scotland. Today she is the Chair of the Child Sponsorship Charity Living Water Germany while working as a mentor to MBA students and a professional development consultant. Morag is currently the Second Vice President on the Board of Directors of Toastmasters International, an organisation devoted to the development of communication and leadership skills. Since she joined in 2006 she has grown her skills and her confidence as she led a pan European team to significant success as well as supporting the development of leaders across Europe, Middle East and Africa.
October 01, 2020
#001 - Breaking Barriers, Being Bold & Staying Authentic with Kamales Lardi
Kamales is a bold and strategic thinker in digital and business transformation. She combines deep experience of over 20 years in the digital space with a dynamic and current approaches to technology application. She often says, 'technology is not a silver bullet solution, a clear value proposition should drive any transformation effort'. This approach resonates well with many business leaders and has helped her stand out in the digital space. She has advised many multinational companies across various industries globally. On a personal level, Kamales enjoys breaking barriers and believes in boosting capabilities with a breath of experiences. She has presented over 100 keynote at major events, proactively publish articles and books, as well as lectured at esteemed institutions in Switzerland and the UK. Kamales is a Teaching Fellow and Chairperson of the MBA Advisory Board at Durham University Business School, and she was recently awarded as Top 10 Global Thought Leaders And Influencers In Digital Transformation (Thinkers360, July 2020). In this talk she will have with us How she broke barriers, became bold while staying authentic Her challenges as a woman in tech In the past, challenges relating to abilities to handle the work in tech space. Now, challenges relate more to diversity and unconscious bias How she overcame fear and doubt Understanding strengths and weaknesses, mindfulness How she stayed true to her values Situations where she had to fight for what she believed in
October 01, 2020
#002 - Saying YES boldly with Lovelda Vicenzi
"Lovelda is a world-class MC, Moderator & Host who enables event organizers to transform events into memorable experiences. Witty, Energetic and Funny, she's had the honor of introducing political figureheads, CEO's and household names such as Monica Lewinsky, Kunal Naayar best known as Raj from the sitcom Big Bang Theory and Paul Polman (Ex CEO of Unilever) to the stage.  Lovelda Vincenzi is truly the event organizers secret weapon. She's also an champion for diversity on large global stages.  As a speaker business coach to female business owners, she teaches women how to build sustainable, viable income streams from speaking"
October 01, 2020
#003 - Boldly Advocating the Digital Reinvention with Nahia Orduña
Nahia is an award-winning expert with over 15 years experience in International IT and Tech companies. Her ideas about digital disruption, digital skills and Future of Work have been published in the World Economic Forum Agenda and she is the author of "Your Digital Reinvention". In this episode she shares how the stage became her best friend to encourage others to step forward and boldly reinvent themselves in the digital world.
October 01, 2020
Welcome to Brave, Bold & Brilliant Podcast
I’m Tulia Lopes, communication architect, international speaker, author of leading in high heels and your host. Welcome to Brave, Bold and Brilliant Podcast, the place where my guests and I, will share with you, inspiring stories where being Brave and Bold were the trigger to becoming Brilliant. For the past decade I’ve been helping professionals to find, own and unleash their voices so they can express themselves with clarity and confidence on any stage and arena of their lives. Communication is key to success. And stories have the potential to transform lives and move people into action. There is someone, somewhere who needs to hear exactly what YOU have to say. Be brave, bold and brilliant and speak up, unapologetically.
September 07, 2020