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Turks and Chaos, It's A Real Mother...

Turks and Chaos, It's A Real Mother...

By Patty Turk
A motivational podcast for moms. Host, Patty Turk delivers the pep talks for moms in need of a little boost of motivation. Getting real and setting goals-even through the chaos.
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25. You need a hobby!

Turks and Chaos, It's A Real Mother...

25. You need a hobby!

Turks and Chaos, It's A Real Mother...

35. An Interview With My 9 Year Old On Distance Learning & Covid 19
I sit down with my 9 year old son and get his take on distance learning and covid shutdown. What he's liked, what he's disliked, etc.  Buy my book, Happy Mom At Home here!
June 30, 2020
34. Time To Say Goodbye To News?
Everyone's stress is at an all time high in 2020 right now. Many thanks to the constant negative news that fills our tv and social media feeds. Maybe it's time to part ways and say our goodbyes to News and "social" media. Join my book giveaway at
June 23, 2020
33. School's Out For Summer, And I'm Glad That's Over!
We were baptized by fire with the distance learning we all struggled to finish the end of the school year with. Now that we have some time to breath and think about the future, it's time to decide if we will continue on with distance learning or try our hand at homeschooling for real.  What does the fall 2020 school year look like for the Turks? find out in this episode!
June 17, 2020
32. Time To Get Tough!
Enough of the quarantine blues, ladies! Now, it's time to find our groove again and start thriving under these new set of circumstances and plan our social distancing summer! Woo Hoo! Buy my eBook, Happy Mom At Home here:
May 15, 2020
31. Navigating The Struggles Of Distance Learning
I think we can all agree distance learning has been a major curve ball in our lives. As parents, teachers, and even more so for our kids. In this episode, I discuss my own struggles and offer advice for how to make distance learning a little more manageable for you and your kids.
April 30, 2020
30. Looking Forward
We all want to get back to normal from this pandemic. But what will normal look like for us? How will socializing, school, and summer look like? Will we get to have birthday parties and vacation? All we can do is wait and see and prepare for the worst while hoping for the best. Earth Day is Wednesday the 22nd. It is the 50th anniversary since the first Earth Day. How will you celebrate Earth Day? You can head over to for an online event full of speakers and training. Get my eBook here: Website:
April 21, 2020
29. Easter Ideas 2020
We're stuck inside and churches are closed off to gathering, but that doesn't mean  Easter is cancelled! In this episode, I share Easter basket ideas, crafts, and other easter fun. Crafts mentioned on the show: Bible Verse Egg Easter Egg Paper Toy Toilet Paper Roll Bunny Easter Craft Peep Fruit Kabobs Visit my website here:
April 7, 2020
28. Beating The Quarantine Blues
April 1, 2020
27. Stay At Home Orders Week 2
We are in our second week of stay in place orders in California.  I am homeschooling my kids during this time and my husband is home from work. Giving my update on life under lockdown
March 24, 2020
26. Makeshift Homeschoolers
With the recent events in the world currently, we are all faced with the reality of suddenly being homeschoolers. In this episode, I'm sharing what's working for me and spreading some positive vibes to hopefully wash out all the doomsday negative content out there. Enjoy!
March 17, 2020
25. You need a hobby!
Find your passion, have a creative outlet, make time to rediscover your interests. in this episode I'm talking about the importance of having hobbies as a mom. Start exploring your personal interests after motherhood and begin to find rediscover your new identity after kids. What will your passion be?
March 10, 2020
24. Too Many Toys??
In episode 23 I went over how many clothes kids really need. in this episode I am talking about toys and if there is such a thing as too many toys.  Read my blog here: 
March 3, 2020
23. How many clothes do kids need?
Do you ever feel overwhelmed with the many many piles of laundry and overflowing dressers? Have you ever stopped to wonder.......does my kid actually need this much? How many shirts should my kid have?  Well, in this episode, I'm talking about decluttering your kids clothes and sizing down to a more manageable amount.  Like what you hear?  Let me know-leave a review! :)
February 25, 2020
22. Cutting The Grocery Bill
Grocery Outlet Haul:
February 20, 2020
21. Raising Worry Monsters
Are we babying anxiety in our children instead of helping overcome anxiety? Tune in as I rant about my recent run ins with adults who are trying to help but may be doing more harm than good. Today, I'm talking about anxiety and the negative effects of Overly Positive/Sensitive Parenting. The sponsor for this episode is meal planning websits, Get $10 with code: TURKSNCHAOS Try it today! Visit to read more about anxiety on my blog.
February 12, 2020
20. Tips For First Time Home Buyers
We recently started our journey as bright eyed first time home buyers. Soon those bright eyes turned into dark baggy eyes. Here are my tips for anyone going into their own journey of buying their first home.
February 6, 2020
19. My switch to HMO and childhood dental anxiety tips.
HMO or PPO? Kaiser or Anthem? In this episode I talk about why I made the switch . Plus, tips on easing your child's dental anxiety.  For $10 off menu planning, Use code TURKSNCHAOS turks-chaos Come hang out on Instagram! @turksandchaosblog
February 4, 2020
18. Having the tough conversations with kids
Talking to your kids about safety, society, and anything else that comes up is easier if you make it a priority to open dialogue for your kids in a comfortable environment. The sooner we make talking about the nitty gritty stuff a normal piece of family conversation, the more likely or kids are going to come to us in the future.
January 30, 2020
17. Meal Planning
Get $10 Off at! Use code: TURKSNCHAOS at checkout. How do you plan your meals for dinner?  How do you keep variety in the mix while ensuring your kids eat the food? To leave a voice message, click this link: Thanks for listening to Turks and Chaos. If you liked it, leave a review and share!
January 23, 2020
16. Building our KB Home Part 1
We are first time home buyers and having our home built with KB. In this episode I talk about our application process and the KB Design Studio. You can follow our KB adventure on Youtube:  and at
January 21, 2020
15. Earthquake Preparedness
This episode will be dedicated to talking about how to prepare your kids and yourself for an earthquake, what to do during one, and supplies you should have on hand beforehand in the event the big one does come.
January 16, 2020
14. Mom: The Manager
In this episode, I talk about mommy duties and switching the mindset to feel more empowered in motherhood. New Episodes every Tuesday and Thursday. Make sure to subscribe and leave a review! 
January 14, 2020
13. Why I became a stay at home mom
In this episode I share why I became a stay at home mom. Want to leave a voice message with questions or comments on this episode? Click the link below! You can also leave a review and let me know what you love! Email:
January 9, 2020
12. New Year's Eve!
In this episode, we talk about New Year's Eve celebrations with kids and setting goals and resolutions for 2020!
December 31, 2019
11. Reason For The Season and Other Thoughts
I talk about Jesus and share some history on Christmas. Then I rant. Enjoy! New episodes every Thursday!! Share, leave a review, subscribe and LISTEN! Visit me on Instagram @turksandchaosblog
December 19, 2019
10. Family Christmas!!
Christmas traditions, Top Toys of 2019, Christmas movies and more! Leave a review if you like it! Your review helps other moms find me :)
December 11, 2019
09. Being Grateful and Focusing On The Positives In Life
Thanksgiving is a week away. Join me as I talk about Thanksgiving Traditions and being grateful for all that life has to offer. @turksandchaosblog If you like this episode, please leave a review and subscribe so you never miss a new release-which is every Thursday morning!
November 21, 2019
08. Mom Friends and Mean Moms
Why is it so hard to make mom friends? Why is #momlife so lonely?? This week I talk about finding mom friends and dealing with mean moms. Blog>>>>>> Catch me every Thursday for a new episode. You can leave voice messages for me, so If you want to be included on an episode head over and leave a message.
November 14, 2019
07. Positive Mindset In Motherhood
Thanks for listening!  Check out Subscribe if ya liked it and share with your mom friends! Follow me on Instagram @turksandchaosblog Like my Facebook page @myturksandchaos
November 7, 2019
06. Halloween, Busy Schedules, Mommy Rant
Happy Halloween! If you’re listening to this on the release day, it’s October 31st, which means its Halloween! So today we are talking about some scary stuff like parent teacher conferences, turning back the clocks, and the last 2 months of the year! OH MY! Thanks for listening to the Turks & Chaos podcast. If you enjoy this podcast, please subscribe and leave a review or share with a friend! New episode drops every Thursday :) Come find more of me here:
October 31, 2019
05. Smart and EASY! Grocery Shopping & Meal Planning
Grocery shopping and meal planning doesn't have to be scary! With a little preparation, you can make dinner time great again! ;) Check out for my November meal plan and shopping list. Thanks for tuning in! Find a new Podcast every Thursday  Come hang out with me here:
October 24, 2019
04. Mommy Burnout
GOT MOMMY BURNOUT? Relax momma, and join me for episode 4 as I offer some tips to combat burnout and get you back on track with your goals ad finding your identity again in motherhood. ***Ultimate Homemaking Bundle  ***Green kid Crafts Subscription Box  Have a question? You can leave a voice recording  HERE
October 17, 2019
03. Preparing Kids For Their Future By Teaching Life Skills
Welcome to episode 3 of the Turks and Chaos podcast.  In today’s episode I’ll be going over important life skills our kids need to learn and why these things are important to teach them early. Are we harming our children by not teaching them enough basic life skills before they are on their own?? One study found that while 58 percent of 3- to 5-year-olds in the U.S. can navigate a smartphone, fewer than one out of six (15 percent) could make their own breakfast.... New Episode every Thursday!  Find me here- Website:
October 10, 2019
02. Millennial Moms: How we parent in today’s society
The word millennial is enough to give anyone a bad taste in their mouth. With the constant negative reports out there of how we ruin everything, it’s enough to make even the most under the rock person...possibly throw a rock at a millennial. But we are so much more than all that malarkey. Tune in to hear why!
October 3, 2019
01. Fun And Adventure, the missing link of motherhood.
Do you feel stuck in a rut? Is it difficult to get through your daily tasks because you’re too busy dreaming of a life beyond the home?? Well, I’m here to talk about the missing link, FUN! Visit and subscribe for a free Fall Scavenger Hunt printable. Find me on Facebook and Instagram!
October 1, 2019