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The Vulnerability Podcast with Peace Itimi

The Vulnerability Podcast with Peace Itimi

The idea behind this podcast is to explore everything that makes us human and to share our stories. On the Vulnerability Podcast, we share our painful stories, our fears and failures, our joy, our successes too, the struggles, the easiness - all of it - with the hope that it will inspire you to share too. There is strength in our humanness.

Host: Peace Itimi.
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S2 EP3 - Failing and Starting Over From Scratch

The Vulnerability Podcast with Peace Itimi

S2 EP7: A collection of stories about Heartbreaks
There is rarely love without pain, whether it is the relationship with your parents or a lover or a friendship that ends. A lot of times, relationships hurt. On this episode, you’d hear a couple of these stories. Careful, you might cry
December 31, 2020
S2: EP6 - Five Young Adults Share Their Adulting and Shii Stories
When we were kids, we could not wait to be adults, but we sure as hell weren’t prepared for it all. The bills, decision making, relationships, finding a place to live and the cost of furnishing etc. In this episode, a couple of my friends shared their significant ‘Adulting is kicking my ass’ stories.
December 31, 2020
S2 EP5: Monogamy, Polyamory and all the in betweens
One thing is clear, our generation is evolving. We are more open, more accepting, more aware and much more comfortable with labels. On this episode, I had a conversation with two friends - Tega and Kush - and we talked about monogamy and polyamory. What it means, where they stand, how their previous relationships have been affected by their stance and more.
September 20, 2020
S2 - Ep4: The Journey To Seeking Therapy
I and Opeyemi Olugbemiro shared our experiences with therapy. What drove us to seek professional help? How has therapy been? What were our expectations at the beginning? Would we continue therapy? Find out on this episode
September 11, 2020
S2 EP3 - Failing and Starting Over From Scratch
Some people are lucky enough to get a handle of their life early - to figure out what they want to do and to begin that journey. Some are even luckier to never have to doubt their identity, to not lose everything and or ever have to start again. Debola Ajayi wasn't that lucky. At 22, he had his life figured out but five years later, he lost everything.  His apartment caught fire, he lost his ministry, friends and even family. He got to the point where he had to rebuild from rock bottom and rebuild entirely differently this time. On this episode of the Vulnerability Podcast, Debola shared with Peace his starting over story. What happened that he lost everything? How did he cope? How did he begin to get himself back? What lessons has he learned so far? How did he manage a major life crisis at 27? 
September 4, 2020
S2-EP2 Dealing With Grief
On this episode, Peace Itimi sits with Phidelia Imiegha as she shares the story of losing her mum. Phidelia talks about her she has dealt with / handled her grieving process in the last 5 years, how it affected her mental health and her relationship with God; and the things you should never say to someone who just lost someone close to them.  This is a very sincere and open conversation, and we both hope this reminds someone out there that they aren't alone and that things can get brighter.  Listen then share on your social media pages; also send me a message ( or as a VN on anchor) and also leave a review on the podcast channel so more people can see it.
August 28, 2020
S2 - EP1: No University Degree (School Dropouts)
Season 2 of the vulnerability podcast explores the dark, deep and vulnerable stories of  ‘upwardly mobile’ young Nigerians. On this first episode, Peace Itimi sits down with Chief Osaretin and Victor Fatanmi as they share their education journey. They talk about their individual struggles & lessons learned so far. Find out which of them dropped out of University, who didn't attend at all and if they’d do things differently if given the opportunity to go back. Listen then share on your social media pages; also send me a message ( or as a VN on anchor) and also leave a review on the podcast channel so more people can see it.
August 21, 2020
The Vulnerability Podcast Season Two Intro
Everyone has a story ...or two: Season 2 of the vulnerability podcast explores the dark, deep and vulnerable stories of  ‘upwardly mobile’ young Nigerians. The stories you typically won’t see featured on social media posts or news features or interviews; the stories that remind us of our humanness; the stories that make us who we are - that show our pain and our strength; our struggles and then our victories; the battles we lost, the lessons learned and the battle we won. Season 2 returns on Friday, August 21st 2020. We have 7 episodes of goodness for you. I hope you are as excited about this, as I am.
August 20, 2020
EP 10: Random QnA with the Co-hosts
To wrap up season 1, we asked ourselves random and slightly embarrassing questions.
February 14, 2020
EP9: Friendships and everything in between
In this episode, Yvonne and Peace deep dive into adult relationships. How important is frequent communication and vulnerability in their friendships? How good are they at sustaining friendships for a long time? Is it bad to let people go often? 
February 7, 2020
EP8: Sexuality (Queerness) and Acceptance
On this episode we got 4 queer Nigerians to share their sexuality acceptance stories.
December 25, 2019
Ep7: Sex and Attraction
On this very fun episode, Peace and Yvonne share how much physical attraction and intimacy matters to them in romantic relationships.
December 13, 2019
Ep6: Dealing with Mental Health Issues
Social Anxiety, Depression and everything in between; We tell it all.
December 6, 2019
Ep5: When you Feel like a Failure in Your Job/Business
Everything about feeling like failures in our jobs and businesses and navigating impostor syndrome.
November 29, 2019
Ep4: Love and Rejections
When it doesn’t work out. When romantic relationships end. When you get turned down after shooting your shot. In this episode, we talk share stories of loss (in love) and how we deal with it.
November 22, 2019
EP3: Dealing with NO’s/Rejection in our Career
If there is one thing Yvonne and I have in common, it is that we have received a lot of NOs in life so far. We are go-getters and so we are always trying out for stuff - new jobs, grants, scholarships etc and this year we have been rejected back to back. On this episode, we share our stories and how we deal with rejection.
November 15, 2019
EP2: Making Money in Lagos
In this episode, we talked about how a vision board exercise made us think hard about our current financial situation and how it doesn’t even look like what we envision for ourselves in the next five years (lol). We talked about money and peer pressure, money and lagos living amongst other things. We also shared some advice (we tried not to but couldn’t help it. Too much passion in this episode tbh).
November 8, 2019
EP1: Insecurity and Jealousy in Romantic Relationships
On this episode, we share stories of times we have felt insecure or jealous in our romantic relationships. Peace begins the episode with a very touching story, then Yvonne follows suit.
November 1, 2019
About the Vulnerability Podcast and the Hosts
Listen to the hosts of the Vulnerability Podcast - Yvonne and Peace - explain what’s the podcast is all about and what to expect. They also tell you a bit about themselves.
October 24, 2019