The Women I Know

Being Brave is Hard: Ep. 2 With Chiquita Brujita

An episode of The Women I Know

By Zoila Darton
The women I know have taught me countless lessons and brought immense joy into my life. This podcast is where I honor them, their unique stories and their teachings.

Special thank you to VIAA for our intro song: Blind Love
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Investing Like A Woman: Ep. 5 With Jennifer Burks
Jennifer Burks is a Philly native who has been working in finance for over 10 years. She is a brilliant financial mind and also one of my best friends! We discuss everything from meeting as two freshman college girls at The University of Delaware to generational wealth and Jenna helps us all see that you don't need to be rich to invest.  Check out the show notes for more from the episode including apps for investing, books for investing and how to support women's reproductive rights in Georgia.
May 15, 2019
Sister Check In: Ep. 4
In this mini episode, I check in with you! I admit to falling short, share some information about The Wing, a co working space for women, wax poetic about Beyoncé's "Homecoming" album, talk about generational trauma and shoutout some of the women who have recently brought light into my life. Next episode I'll be back with a special guest who will school us on investing! Reach out On IG: @zoiladarton
April 24, 2019
Your Comfort Zone is Killing You: Ep. 3 With Karina Cabreja
Karina Cabreja is, like myself a Native New Yorker of Afro Latina decent. She is EXTREMELY Dominican and EXTREMELY New York. She is also a mother, a music industry vet and a radio host.  She recently uprooted her life to pursue her dream of being on the radio and you will never guess where her journey has taken her and her adorable daughter, Quinn. Her story is inspiring and a major kick in the ass for anyone who has ever felt stuck. In this episode we discuss everything from motherhood to moving to race relations in the midwest.  Follow Karina's adventures on social media @karinamariacabreja Contact me @ Get all my recommendations at
March 21, 2019
Being Brave is Hard: Ep. 2 With Chiquita Brujita
We made it to episode 2! Hooray! This episode is pretty special because you're meeting my first ever guest and she is someone I have known for a long, long time. Chiquita Brujita (@chiquitabrujita) is the inspiring HBIC behind Brooklyn Brujeria, the creative house that produces the candles I used in EP 1 - you can buy them at:  Chiquita is a modern day, real life Bruja. Her world is magical so get ready to know my girl! Special thank you to my brother (literally) Martin Carle for editing our episode! On the episode: :00 - 9:55: "Blind Love" by VIAA + Introduction + A new book I'm reading + New Music I'm loving 9:56 - 11:25: Welcome Chiquita Brujita! 11:26 - 13:18: Who is Chiquita Brujita? 13:19 - 15:07 How we met. 15:08 - 21:20: What is Santeria? 21:21 - 26:09: Magic is a lifetime endeavor (Chiquita's journey to now) 26:10 - 28:50: How Chiquita Brujita was born 28:51 - 31:05 The plight of perfection, competition + allowing yourself to be brave 31:06 - 33:17: A freedom prayer 33:18 - 37:58: Stepping into service & your gifts 37:59 - 41:58: My insecurities, Chiquita bigs me up + the importance of just DOING IT! 41:59 - 47:37: Last thoughts Follow me on Instagram at @zoiladarton &
March 6, 2019
Failure to Fly: Ep 1 With Host, Zoila Darton
Welcome to The Women I Know! This is a podcast about extraordinary women hosted by me, Zoila Darton, founder of LA based agency, WORD Creative. Special thank you to VIAA for our intro song: Blind Love On this first episode, I dive into a bit of my personal story, why I started the podcast and some new things I'm trying. More in the show notes below: What to Expect This Episode :00 - :30 Blind Love by VIAA :30 - 5:00 A little about me 5:00 - 8:53 How ”The Women I Know” Started 9:55 - 16:30 My BIG failure 16:30 - 21:59 I get a little preachy (my bad) 22: - 23:20 Next Episodes Guest 23:50 New things I’m trying + a controversial subject Blind Love by VIAA Get in touch with me here: Instagram Facebook Thanks for listening to The Women I Know! You're the best and I love you!!!
February 20, 2019
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