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Twisted Travel and True Crime

Twisted Travel and True Crime

By Twisted Travel and True Crime
If you love travel and true crime, this is the podcast for you. Sandi will tell you true crime stories or crazy travel stories and a little bit about the history and landscape of the places where they occur.
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Head shrinking is still happening and Enno Lolling-Nazi Doctor and experiments on bodies.
Off with their heads!  We have all heard that quote from the queen of hearts in Alice in Wonderland.  Maybe you remember the scary story of the headless horseman from childhood?  Beheading is how people were put to death in France via the guillotine and even in current times we have heard of beheadings within terrorist organizations.  What is the fasciation behind "losing our heads". There seems to be some inherent power placed in our heads, as there should be after all it’s where we speak, hear, taste, feel and smell.  All the senses in one place.  Its what makes us, us.  So is it hard to believe that there are people who believe that their enemies souls leave through their mouths when they die?  Would it be beyond our scope of comprehension to think that if our enemies souls escape their bodies, they might do harm to us in the afterlife? If they could do that, our next thought would be how do we do keep the souls in the head.  This is the belief of the Shuar. The most popular of the headshrinkers.  This is a brief history of head shrinking, and the story of Enno Lolling,   a NaziGerman doctor who allowed  the abuse of the dead bodies of human beings.  Not only that but he experimented with head shrinking, himself.
January 18, 2021
Cordell Farrington, the Bahamian Serial Killer
Cordell Farrington is a Bahamian serial killer who is known for his paintings of young boys crying which is terrifying because he killed 4 children and an ex lover.    He was working as a clerk at  a hardware store and was reportedly by all accounts he  an exemplary employee.  It was at his workplace which was located  across the street from a local supermarket that he found his  victims.  His victims were innocent hard working young boys who he proceeded to kidnap, rape and kill. They all held part time work , bagging groceries, at the supermarket when they caught this predators evil eye.  His depravity knew no bounds and his actions shook the peaceful Grand Bahama island's inhabitants.  Little did they know, they had a serial killer living among them.  This is  a nasty one and involves children, so if this is a trigger for you, skip this one but please come back for the next episode.  Resources: Murderpedia Wikipedia Special thanks to NOMADasaurus - Advenuture Travel Couple (Facebook)
January 11, 2021
Human trafficking: The Essex Trailer Disaster
The heat is deadly.  The smell of sweat, hot bodies and fear permeates the air.  It's becoming less and less breathable. Mai struggles to breath.  She is 26 and in the prime of her youth but she is tightly  surrounded by people who are sweltering in the heat just like she is. People are crying for their families and loved ones. The person standing next to her faints and falls to the floor.  There is no way out.  The strongest among them  have tried  force and the smartest have tried to figure a way out but nothing has come of their efforts.  They are all going to die. This is the story of 39 people who died inside a cargo trailer while they were being illegally trafficked from one country to another. Research:
January 4, 2021
Harrison Okene - The real life Aquaman
Imagine:  You are are a rescue diver.  You have been called to help find survivors of a tug boat that overturned in bad weather.  You and your co-workers decided that on the first day, the weather is too rough and the conditions are too dangerous.  By day two you know that you are are looking for dead bodies.  The boat sits 100 feet deep and here thewater is dark.  Not only that but the swiftly moving water that is kicking up sediment makes the visibility close to zero.  Your only choice is to search by feel with your hands with very limited vision.  The first day that you spend on the seafloor, was difficult.  You and your 3 man team, had to break your way through two locked doors and navigate your way around a boat that landed top down on the ocean floor.  Even with the poor conditions and the very cold water, you found 4 bodies, bringing them to the surface so their families can say a final farewell. The following day you enter the water, hoping to find the 8 remaining crew.  You are feeling around, not knowing whether there are predators in the boat with you.  A voice coming through your mask from the mothership, trying to guide you as best they can through the boat. Suddenly, you see something in arms reach of your face It’s a hand, you tentatively reach toward it, touching it, expecting cold dead flesh.  When you grasp the hand firmly, its fingers curl around your hand.  You are holding the hand of a survivor who has been underwater for 60 hours.  This is the story of the survivor, Harrison Okene. Video:
December 28, 2020
Murder in the Jungle- Emma Kelty
Welcome to Twisted Travel and True Crime, today I’ll be telling you the story of Emma Kelty, an avid adventurer who met her in the Amazon River where she was brutally   killed because she was initially mistaken for a drug runner.
December 21, 2020
Ayahuasca Murder
Ayahuasa is plant medicine from South America that shaman's use to reach an altered state of consciousness.  It is reported to open up your mind and heal your body.  In this podcast, I will discuss how it contributed to a murder that took place in the Amazon.  
December 14, 2020
Muff and Mac Graham and the hippie murderer.
Mac and Muff Graham planned the vacation of their lifetime, a year on their boat in paradise.  Unintentionally joining them was a young hippie couple, on another boat,  were running from the law.  Before the year is over, one of the boats is missing as well as one of the couples. 
December 7, 2020
Vanishing of Madeleine McCann and updates on the case.
Madeleine McCann's case is fairly well known receiving a lot of media attention at the time. Now there is a new suspect and he is one nasty human being.  Hear about new connections to the case and where the investigation is heading.
December 1, 2020
Mark Kilroy - Voodoo Sacrifice
Mark Kilroy was a college student, taking a break from studying to go party with his friends near Mexico.  He crossed the border several times safely before falling into the hands of a voodoo cult.  
November 24, 2020
Israel Keyes - Murder everywhere. Alaska to New York and anywhere in between.
Israel Keyes is known to have killed 3 people...but may have killed many many more.  He prepared years in advance but then would kill without discrimination.  He didn't really care who he came across to be his victim.  It was all about timing for him.  You may be able to help link him to victims. 
November 17, 2020
The Dupperault Family - A little girl adrift survives and shares the tale of her families murder.
The Dupperault family planned on fulfilling a dream vacation aboard a charter boat called the "Blue Belle".  The hired captain of the ship was more like a pirate than a respectable captain. The family is lost at sea...was it an accident or murder? Listen to find out!
November 15, 2020