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Twisted Travel and True Crime

Twisted Travel and True Crime

By Twisted Travel and True Crime
If you love travel and true crime, this is the podcast for you. Sandi will tell you true crime stories or crazy travel stories and a little bit about the history and landscape of the places where they occur.
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The Voodoo Prosecution vs. the Insanity Defense
Genevieve Lewis and Steven Cornish were brutally murdered while walking on a beautiful beach on the island of St. Thomas.  The murder by machete was brutal, gory and witnessed by many. Daniel St. Clair's defense was, of course, insanity.  The prosecution disagreed stating that his belief in voodoo steered his choices that fateful day.  It's a classic case of Voodoo Prosecution VS. The Insanity Defense. DONATE: One time: Monthly: Social Media Links: Gmail: Resource Links: Twisted10
August 01, 2022
My Daughters Killer, The Murder of Kalinka Bamberski
72 year old Andre Bamberski seemed like an unlikely kidnapper.  He was a mild mannered but tenacious accountant. The victim was a 74 year old physician and step father to Andre's children.  These two men, who in many ways led parallel lives, also had one big difference between them.  One was a serial rapist and murderer, the other a devoted father who wanted justice for his daughter and worked for 30 years towards that goal.  Java House website: Code: Twisted10 DONATE: One time: Monthly: Social Media Links: Gmail:
July 18, 2022
Murder for Lobster - The Murder of Phillip Boudreau
Have you ever known someone who drives you absolutely mad?  The kind of person who makes your middle finger twitch?  It's just itching to raise every time that person comes around?  You only put up with them because you feel like you have to?  That is how many people felt about Phillip Boudreau.  He was a local scallywag, a pest that everyone had to deal with, until that is, he disappeared.  His character, behavior in life and ultimately, his murder would divide his small community.  DONATE: One time: Monthly: Social Media Links: Gmail:
July 06, 2022
The Case for Nurtured: The murder of Amber Peck and John Parker
Amber Peck and John Parker were looking for peace, quiet and to connect with nature and each other when they went camping in Ocala National Forest.  Sullying the beauty of nature was another man,  one with no good intentions.  In fact, he entered the woods with one reason.  The purpose of his trip was to kill someone in the forest but he didn't care who.  How does someone make a decision like that?  This case is one for the nurture side of the nature vs. nurture debate. DONATE: One time: Monthly: Social Media Links: Gmail:
June 23, 2022
Under The Sea - The Tale of Chris Lemon
Leaving his home and fiance to go to work was harder for Chris Lemons thank for most people.  He was a saturation diver whose job was to make underwater repairs on oil rigs. This North Sea Diver faced death after a catastrophic computer failure caused his boat to drift away and his oxygen supply to cut off.  Hear what he did with his last breath from his oxygen tanks. DONATE: One time: Monthly: Social Media Links: Gmail:
June 09, 2022
One Last Phone Call from the Trunk, The Murder of Sara Kuszak.
A pregnant tourist named Sara Kuszak was abducted while out on a morning jog in Puerto Rico. She was stuffed into the trunk of a car and while trapped inside, she was able to make one last phone call to her fiance.  An hour later she was found dead.  Was she able to help lead police to her killer?  Absolutely.  Find out how this woman helped put away a suspected serial rapist and murderer. DONATE: One time: Monthly: Social Media Links: Gmail:
May 26, 2022
Dumped in the Dirt, The Murder of Elly Warren
On November 9, 2016 in the coastal town of Tofo, Mozambique, Elly Warren's lifeless body was found face down in the sand with her bikini bottoms around her ankles. Fisherman found Elly‘s body near a toilet block which was the location of the small coastal towns only public freshwater taps. It’s there that the fisherman go each morning to get their boats ready for the day. A botched or non-existent police investigation and rumored cover ups pushed Elly’s father, Paul Warren, into making several trips to Mozambique.  Over the next several years, he would act as detective with great success but also with heartbreaking despair. DONATE: One time: Monthly: Social Media Links: Gmail:
May 20, 2022
Ax Murders, Affairs, Freaky Friday and Candy - Candy Montgomery and Betty Gore
The crime scene was brutal. It was Friday the  13th of  June 1980.  Local officers entered Al and Betty Gores home to find it drenched in blood. Betty Gore, a 30 year old mother of two, had been hacked to death with an ax. One of her good friends, Candy Montgomery, was the last person to see her. Candy had a lot of secrets she was keeping from her friend Betty including an affair with Betty’s husband.  Did a church going Southern lady like Candy, kill Betty? Did she get away with it? DONATE: One time: Monthly: Social Media Links: Gmail: Resources: Book:  Evidence of Love, John Bloom and Jim Atkinson Texas Monthly article by John Bloom and Jim Atkinson
May 11, 2022
Hostage on a Houseboat: Carmen Greentree
18 years ago , A young woman named Carmen Greentree travelled to India in search of enlightenment and spirituality. But she ended up on a houseboat in Kashmir in north India where she was allegedly held captive for two months and raped repeatedly.  DONATE: One time:  Monthly:  Social Media Links:  Gmail: Research: podcasts:  Welcome Podcasts - Carmen Greentree Turn Up the Talk - A Dangerous Pursuit of Happiness
May 05, 2022
The Breath of Death, The Murder of Shelley Tyre by David Swain
It was the Caribbean vacation Shelley Tyre had been looking forward to - sunning, sailing and scuba diving with her husband and friends in Tortola, British Virgin Islands. In March 1999, the vacation finally came. They had lots of fun activities planned but at the top of the list was plenty of SCUBA diving as it was a passion of theirs.  On the fateful last dive, at a site called Twin Tugs, something went horribly and mysteriously wrong. Shelley was dead and the Tortola police wanted to talk to her husband, David Swain. DONATE: One time: Monthly: Social Media Links: Gmail: Research: Major Payne Sailing and Scuba:
April 26, 2022
Jungle Love and Death, John and Ann Bender
A genius American stock trader and his exotic wife build a eco-mansion and animal refuge in the jungles of Costa Rica then appear to slowly, steadily lose their mental health. A spiral of handguns, angry locals, armed guards, uncut gems, abduction plots, and a bedroom decorated with hundreds of Tiffany lamps ends with a body and a compelling mystery: Did John Bender die by his own hand? Or did Ann Bender kill him to escape their crumbling dream? DONATE: One time: Monthly: Social Media Links: Gmail: Research: Real Estate ad for Bender home:
April 18, 2022
Steel and Cement Tomb - The Murder of Ruby Rose Barrameda
There maybe no justice for the death of Ruby Rose Barrameda, after her body was found cemented in a steel drum and thrown into the Pacific Ocean. The accused murderers seem to live above the law in a mafia style family.  One of the confessed killers comes forward but then goes missing.  DONATE: One time: Monthly: Social Media Links: Gmail: Resources: Court Documents Podcast: PH Murder Stories
March 15, 2022
Mutiny on the Sex Raft - An anthropologist named Santiago Genoves takes 10 people out to sea to study sex and violence among the crew.
In the 1970's, a science project descended into violent chaos.  The Acali raft, which sailed the Atlantic in 1973, was part of  a social experiment devised by anthropologist Santiago Genovés.   He set sail across the Atlantic Ocean on a raft with 10 attractive people.  He didn’t foresee hurricanes, epiphanies and murderous scheming.  DONATE: One time: Monthly: Social Media Links: Gmail: Research: Book- "The Acali Experiment" Documentary - "The Raft"
March 05, 2022
The Burning Boat - The Murder of Karen Barnes and Larry Ford by David Trauger
In August of 2012, police responded to a 911 call about a boat on fire. Once inside they found what appeared to be a burnt skeleton.  The owners of the boat had been in dispute over ownership.  This is a story of love, greed, and revenge.  DONATE: One time: Monthly: Social Media Links: Gmail: Resources:, TERRY DICKSON | FLORIDA TIMES-UNION Love and murder on the waterway, BY PETER SWANSON Murder in the Deep: Burned
February 21, 2022
The Stockpot - The Murder of Mayang Presetyo by Marcus Volke
This case is one that is well known in Australia because it scandalized the headlines in 2014. Some of which read "Chef killed, dismembered and cooked girlfriend in Teneriffe apartment". Some headlines were even worse, because the murder involved people with alternative lifestyles and the headlines were demeaning.  This is the case of Markus Volke and  Mayang Prasetyo. DONATE: One time: Monthly: Social Media Links: Gmail: References: Waria: The Lives of Indonesia’s Transgender Women, Culture Trip Coroners Report
February 10, 2022
The Tinder Swindler - Ladies watch out! Simon Leviev aka Shimon Hayut is on the prowl.
Fans of true-crime are about to hear a tale of a man that is quite possibly one of the most prolific conmen that the world has ever seen. 31-year-old Shimon Hayut pretended to be a billionaire named Simon Leviev and claimed to be the son of a billionaire Russian-Israeli diamond mogul. He preyed on young successful women.  DONATE: One time: Monthly: Social Media Links: Gmail: Missing Persons: Twitter: Facebook: Spotify: Resources: https://www-dailymail-co-uk.cdn https://www-dailymail-co-uk.cdn
February 02, 2022
Would You Like Some Cyanide With Your Curry? Jollyamma Joseph - Poisoner
It was quiet in the jail cell holding 47 year old Jollyamma Joseph, except for the sound of a faint scratching and what might be interpreted as a moan.   This sound woke one of Jolly's cell mates who glanced across the dimly lit room. Something wasn't right, so she looked a little harder then called for the guards.   Jolly was found bleeding her cell. Her bed and the wall next to it was covered in blood. She had bitten through the tissue on her wrists in an attempt to kill herself. In order to keep her wounds open and bleeding, she had repeatedly  rubbed her wrists on the wall.  Many believed this stunt to be a plea for sympathy from her friends and neighbors who once adored her, but now saw her as an evil murderess and manipulator. DONATE: One time: Monthly: Social Media Links: Gmail: Promo: Zodiac Speaking: Twitter: Facebook: Spotify: Resources: Podcast: Death, Lies and Cyanide Kerala High Court  Jollyamma Joseph @ Jolly vs The State Of Kerala on 20 March, 2020
January 26, 2022
Not Your Model Tourists - The Murder of Jerome "Jolly" Joseph
In the summer of 1997 reporters raced to the Caribbean island of Saint Vincent to report on an American couple, Jim and Penny Fletcher, who had a reputation as rich rude Americans. They’d been kicked out of some of the best bars and restaurants in their hometown of Huntington, West Virginia before leaving for the Caribbean on a yacht called the Carefree. Alcohol and drug induced sexual hijinks followed them from port to port ending up in the Grenadines with a mysterious murder. DONATE: One time: Monthly: Social Media Links: Gmail: Promos: DNA: ID: Twitter: Facebook: Spotify: Research:
January 19, 2022
Pushed - Janet and Des Campbell
Janet Campbell was found dead by authorities at the bottom of cliff, with the surf washing up onto her body.  Her newlywed husband was the one to alert authorities to this this terrible misadventure while they were camping.  Police found him to be a grieving widow but Janet's family knew better.  Des Campbell was the first person they suspected, but did he do it? DONATE: One time: Monthly: Social Media Links: Gmail: Promo: The Murder in My Family: Twitter: Facebook: Spotify: Resources:
January 12, 2022
You Have Been Voted Off the Island - The murder of Monica Burgos Beresford Redman
Ex Survivor (reality TV show) producer Bruce Beresford-Redman killed his wife Monica in Cancun while on a family vacation. His and the love for another woman. DONATE: One time: Monthly: Social Media Links: Resources: https://www-hollywoodreporter-com. https://www-nbclosangeles-com. https://www-hollywoodreporter-com
January 05, 2022
Mustachioed Duck Tape - The Murder of Raveesh Kumra and the DNA Mishap of Lukis Anderson
Raveesh Kumra was killed in in 7000sqft mansion and though a sex worker and 3 men were involved another man walked away free. His DNA was under the victims nails but how it got there is still a mystery. DONATE: One time: Monthly: Social Media Links: Gmail:
December 16, 2021
Choose your weapon. Sooraj Kumar and Uthra
The perfect murder weapon, is it a gun, an icicle, ingested poison, or brute strength? In India, a man thought he had the perfect weapon to kill his wife and the mother of his child. His weapon of choice was none of the above but it worked. He used venomous snakes. DONATE: One time: Monthly: Social Media Links: Gmail: Resources:,,,
November 27, 2021
The Missing Six - Gert van Rooyen and Joey Haarhoff
In South Africa there is a case that has become infamous over the years. Its often referred to as "The Missing Six". Gert van Rooyen and his accomplice Joey Haarhoff allegedly abducted several young girls and trafficked many others, but what happened to these innocent victims is unknown.   They have never been found. Some believe there was a massive cover up by people with high political standing and power. People who were entrenched in a large pedophile ring.  This case is unsolved and going cold. DONATE: One time: Monthly: RESOURCES: The sins of the father: a dark legacy, Tribune April 08 2007
November 19, 2021
Shark Attack - Brad Cavanagh and Deborah Scaling -Kiley
"All of a sudden we hear the most inhumane scream.  It was blood curdling. Then it was over.  Silence.  There was no crying, nothing.  There was no doubt what got him. The sharks got him."  These words came from Deborah Scaling Kiley, one of the survivors from the sinking of the "Trashman". This is a true story worse than the movie "Jaws".  Brad Cavanagh and Deborah Kiley survived to tell the story of how their friends, John Lippoth, Mark Adams and Megan Mooney died after being stranded at sea. DONATE:  One time: Monthly: Social Media Links:   Gmail: Resources: Book:  The Albatross Wikipedia Podcasts: Deadly Misadventures "The Trashman" and Just the Gist "The Horrifying Story of the 1981 Trashman Yacht Sinking"
November 10, 2021
Forest of Horror, The Soka Forest Ritual Killings
The Forest of Horror - The ancient city of Ibadan, Nigeria has been playing host to the theatre of the absurd. Things have taken a dizzying pace. The focus on the city was on the unusual discoveries- mangled, decomposing bodies, human parts and walking corpses that people have been turned into. - The Western Post Nigeria, April 1, 2014 DONATE: One time: Monthly: Social Media Links: Gmail: RESOURCES: Wikipedia
November 02, 2021
Unhinged Lover, Cheaty McCheaterson and Sadie Hartley. The murder of Sadie Hartley by Sarah Williams.
Love triangle murderess Sarah Williams who is often referred to in the press as a "Bunny Boiler" and her accomplice Katrina Walsh thought they had planned the perfect murder of Sadie Hartley.  They believed she was the cause of all Sarah's troubles.  The truth was that Sadie was completely innocent and Sarah was psychotic.  Sarah and Katrina were caught in only 3 days.   DONATE: One time: Monthly: Social Media Links: Gmail: Research: Documentary: Murder of Sadie Hartley You Tube: The Murder of Sadie Hartley with Emma Kenny
October 26, 2021
Wrapped in Chicken Wire - Sue Neill Fraser and Bob Chappell
In 2010, Sue Neill Fraser was convicted of murdering her husband one year earlier. Her case is far from closed though as she has many supporters who refuse to give up on her and feel that she is innocent. Her partners body has never been found and her conviction was based on circumstantial evidence. She has never waivered in her claim of innocence but her extremely wavering recollections of her actions on the day and night of her partners disappearance were her downfall.  If you like nice and tidy, open and closed cases, this is not the episode for you.  Two of the main characters stories change quicker than you can catch the Delta Variant. DONATE:  One time: Monthly: Social Media Links:   Gmail:,_robert_adrian_-_2014_tascd_04 Wikipedia. PODCAST: Evidence Locker, What Happened to Bob Chappell
October 11, 2021
Bonus Episode: Interview with serial killer William Dathan Holbert
This is an interview with Wild Bill also known as William Dathan Holbert, an Amercian who killed several expatriates in Panama in order to steal their homes and money.  It is a follow up episode to the previous 2 episodes. DONATE: One time: Monthly: Social Media Links: Gmail: Instagram for William Dathan Holbert:
October 04, 2021
King of the Toilet Bowl - Serial Killer William Dathan Holbert part 2
This is part 2 of Serial Killer William Dothan Holbert also known as Wild Bill.  He lived like a king in Panama off the profits he made by killing multiple expatriated Americans in Panama.  Motivated by money, he murdered innocent people before burying their bodies on the grounds of his stolen tropical paradise.  The now confessed killer and self proclaimed hitman has become an inmate representative and has found Jesus.  He leads daily church services and has covered his body with tattoos depicting good and evil.  Let's lift the lid on this shit show.   DONATE: One time:  Monthly:  Social Media Links:  Gmail:  Research:  William Dathan Holbert  Many excerpts came from Don Winners writings from the Panama Guide which is now defunct but bits and pieces can be found online. There is a book available written by Nick Foster, please read it if you are interested in this case. THE JOLLY ROGER SOCIAL CLUB -Henry Holt and Co. Copyright © 2016 by Nick Foster.
September 27, 2021
King of the Toilet Bowl - Panamanian Serial Killer- Wild Bill Cortez
Serial Killer William Dothan Holbert also known as Wild Bill, lived like a king in Panama off the profits he made by killing multiple expatriated Americans in Panama.  Motivated by money, he murdered innocent people before burying their bodies on the grounds of his stolen tropical paradise.  The now confessed killer and self proclaimed hitman has become an inmate representative and has found Jesus.  He leads daily church services and has covered his body with tattoos depicting good and evil.  Let's lift the lid on this shit show.  DONATE: One time: Monthly: Social Media Links: Gmail: Research: Many exerpts came from Don Winners writings from the Panama Guide which is now defunct but bits and pieces can be found online. There is a book available written by Nick Foster, please read it if you are interested in this case. THE JOLLY ROGER SOCIAL CLUB -Henry Holt and Co. Copyright © 2016 by Nick Foster.
September 21, 2021
Nauti Nauti - A Serial Killer Who Targeted Cruisers? The Murder of Don North and Jean Pierre Bouahard.
In early 2011, Don North and his sailboat, the Wind Dancer vanished somewhere off the coast of Panama. During the search for Don, a body was found floating near where he had gone missing. It was tied to an anchor and was clearly a victim of foul play but the body wasn’t Don’s.  This is the story of how a disappearance, led to the capture of an alleged serial killer who targeted sailors. DONATE: One time: Monthly: Social Media Links: Gmail: Research: I also read many articles written by Don Winner from his website the Panama Guide but it is no longer avialable. These were copied and pasted articles from various cruising forums.  
September 12, 2021
Who hates hate crimes? - The murder of Talana Kreeger
It was undoubtedly one of the most horrific murders in Wilmington history. The body of a disemboweled woman was found in a wooded area off Shipyard Boulevard, February 22, 1990. It would turn out to be a 32-year old woman named Talana Kreeger.  This murder was called a hate crime and would lead to some fantastic changes in the way the LGBTQ community would be treated in Wilmington.  At the time there wasn't much news about her murder or about Talana as her friends were told that  they shouldn't mourn to publicly for her because she was gay and that shouldn't be in the news.  Let's change that.  DONATE: One time: Monthly: Social Media Links: Gmail: Research:
September 05, 2021
Calm and Brave in the Face of Death - The Heroes of Flight 93
Armed with boiling water, a fire extinguisher and a food cart, the exceedingly brave passengers of Flight 93 put aside their personal fears and revolted against the terrorists who now steered the plane. They had only one goal, to take back control of the plane.  Their actions and sacrifices may have saved thousands of innocent lives.  On one of the darkest days in US History, these men and women are bright shining example of humanity. They are truly heroes and should be celebrated and emulated for representing the best of humanities values.  Please take a moment to listen to their story and to honor all the worlds heroes who step forward when they are needed. DONATE: One time: Monthly: Social Media Links: Gmail:  Resources: Wikipedia
August 25, 2021
How Learning to Pass Notes Covertly Can Save Your Life - Lauren Canton
Let me set a scene for you. It’s a busy shopping center, on a busy Saturday afternoon.  A mentally exhausted worker from a Burger King restaurant is taking a smoke break outside. A young woman walks by him. He remembers her because she was with an abusive customer who got upset, cursing and swearing over some small problem with his order. The woman is beautiful. She has long dark hair and a slight build. The man she’s with is large. There was another woman too, but he doesn’t see her anymore. The dark-haired woman makes eye contact and then suddenly drops a balled up paper towel on the table where he sitting. It blows off and slides to the floor landing at his feet. After she’s walked by, he picks it up and reads the following words, "Don’t make a scene but I am a missing person. Please call the police. Please act normal. Don’t say anything, just call the police." He looks back at this woman, disbelief on his face. He’s probably thinking he must be being pranked by some TV show or some "tik-tok"er who wants some views. He looks around but he doesn’t see any cameras. Then he remembers the way the man was and how silent, quiet and subdued the dark haired woman was. He decides he needs to call the police. DONATE: One time: Monthly: Social Media Links: Gmail: Resources:
August 11, 2021
What Happens in Kinky Cottage Stays in Kinky Cottage - Max Garvey
A missing wealthy farmer, who hosted sex games at his private nudist gathering in  "Kinky Cottage", was found dead in a castle tunnel several months after his wife reported him missing.  His glamourous wife, her boyfriend and his close friend all ended up being accused of murder but it was the victims actions in life that garnered the most press and shocked the nation. DONATE: One time: Monthly: Social Media Links: Gmail: Resources:
July 30, 2021
Bobbing in the Bay- Oba Chandler
On what started as a beautiful June day in 1971, a small group of people were taking a short sail in Tampa Bay when to their shock and horror they sailed right by a body, bloated and bobbing in the bay. They called the police to retrieve it and shortly after 2 more bodies were found floating the same way.  They were three women, a mother and her two daughters.  What kind of monster could toss them overboard tied to cement blocks and leave them to die?  You will hear all about this monster and the amazing way the case was finally solved. Thanks to one woman, her intuition and persistence, a serial killer was put in jail.  DONATE: One time: Monthly: Social Media Links: Gmail: References: Murderpedia Wikipedia
July 23, 2021
The Ogre of Fez - Moulay Hassen, the murderess who fed her victim to her cats.
Moulay Hassen, also known as Moulay the Nightingale and the Ogre of Fez has quite an interesting history. By the time Moulay had reached 47 years old she had been running a fairly exclusive harem in one of her three homes in Fez, Morocco. For many years, there had been whispers about this woman who was once beautiful but now had a face and a heart as hard as the jewels she wore all over her body. There were whispers of murders and torture so fantastic that they eventually reached the ears of the ruling French class. The gossip resulted in  entertained smiles because the skeptical ears believed no modern woman, especially one who was rich, privileged and influential, could be such an evil person.  They were mistaken. DONATE: One time: Monthly: Social Media Links: Gmail: Resources: [“Why Didn’t They Chop Off Wicked Mme. Hassen’s Head?” The American Weekly – San Antonio Light (Tx.), Dec. 25, 1938, p. 3] (4 part series)
July 10, 2021
The Mermaids Couldn't Save Them- Possible Fugitive Tomas Gimeno
Thomas Gimeno planned and secretly plotted the worst  and most spiteful “revenge” possible against his ex-wife.  He set sail with his two daughters who were only 1 and 6 years old, on April 27th of this year.  The next day his boat was found adrift with no one aboard.  He was up to no good. His actions that night were despicable and authorities are still searching for him by land, sea and air. Domestic Violence Help: Social Media: Gmail: RESOURCES:
June 29, 2021
The Mignonette, Cannibalism at Sea
Is murder ever justified?  Yes, you say, it it's self defense.  I agree but what if you take self defense out of the equation?  Maybe you are thinking, well if the person is a murderer themselves and that person is sentenced to death. That might be ok, too.   Are there more instances where murder is justified?   The sailor in the story I’m about to share with you believed that it was. He hoped others would believe him too.  Today’s case is about sailors aboard the Mignonette who did something so terrible, they feared for their own souls. DONATE: One time: Monthly: Social Media Links: Gmail:
June 19, 2021
Juliane Koepcke, the amazing survivor story of a girl who fell from a plane and then survived a harrowing trek through the Amazon.
Some survival stories are so incredible that they are almost unbelievable.  This  is the case with a young girl who survived a devastating plane crash which left her stranded and alone in the middle of the Amazon jungle.  How could she have survived not only the miracle of a fall from almost 2 miles above the earth but a second miracle of surviving for 10 days in one of the wildest and most dangerous places on earth.  This is the story of Juliane Koepcke. DONATE: One time: Monthly: Social Media Links: Gmail: Resources:
June 10, 2021
Something Fishy is Going on Here. Carole Packman
Sam Gillingham believed her mother had walked out on her at 16 years old.  The full story only begins to emerge when  her father falls overboard while chartering a yacht, but it’s what she finds out  after her father disappears that is so shocking and so unexpected.  It turns Sam's world completely upside down.  You don't want to miss this episode and I don’t want to spoil this one because it’s got some twists and turns! DONATE: One time: Monthly: Social Media Links: Resources:
May 25, 2021
Buried Alive! Survivor Story
Michelina Lewandowska, 27 years old and a young mother, was tasered with a stun gun multiple times.  She was then bound and gagged and shoved into a cardboard box. Her one-time fiancé Marcin Kasprzak taped the box closed and attempted to murder her by burying her alive. Then  Michelina, incredibly brave and strong-willed, escaped from her shallow grave in the woods. She slashed her way free from her bindings using the engagement ring she continued to wear in the hopes that she and her lover could reconcile. DONATE:  One time: Monthly: The link is at the very bottom of this page. Social Media Links:
May 19, 2021
Genius, Murderer, Master Manipulator or all three? This is John McAfee
Genius, murderer, inventor, rapist, these are all words that have been used to describe John McAfee. His tale is scandalous, violent, and has more twists and turns then most could come up with in a fictional story. Yep, this one is a doozy. DONATE: One time: Monthly: The link is  at the very bottom of this page. Social Media Links: Research:
May 12, 2021
Crime and Punishment in St. Lucia, The murder of Roget Pratt
Margaret and Roger Pratt planned for years to make their retirement plans come true.  They dreamed of a retirement which included living aboard their sailboat full time and sailing all over the world.  They had sailed for years, decades really, on weekends and  long vacations. Their time and experience sailing led up to the purchase of a beautiful 41 foot steel cutter.  A sailboat named the Magnetic Attraction.  The culmination of their hopes and dreams, the trip of a lifetime ended in tragically while anchored in St. Lucia. DONATE: One time: Monthly: The link is  at the very bottom of this page. Social Media Links: References:
April 29, 2021
Incest, Molestation and Pedophilia on Pitcairn Island
Incest, pedophilia, and rape are not the things you want in your mind when your are thinking of an island paradise.  More likely, cold drinks, warm sand and sun are at the top of your list.  Sadly, what many believe to be an island paradise was rocked with allegations of sexual depravity when several young local  girls came forward with information about several of the men living on Pitcairn Island.  This scandal rocked the small community, then the world and revealed over a century of what could be described factually as deep rooted moral depravity.   DONATE: One time: Monthly: The link is  at the very bottom of this page. Social Media Links: Research:
April 21, 2021
Lamu, Social media star set on fire and killed while live streaming in China.
Lamu a Tibetan farmer and a social media influencer was attacked by her husband during a live stream.  She was recording in her kitchen with about 400 of her followers watching the when a man entered the kitchen. Lamu’s video went blank but followers heard her screams as her ex-husband held a knife to her neck and then set her on fire after dousing her with gasoline. She died 2 weeks later from her injuries. Her death has sparked domestic violence awareness and reform in China.  She had almost 1 million followers on Douyin and Wiebo, Chinese social media platforms. Social Media Links: DONATE: One time:   Support this podcast: Research: Key words: Twisted Travel and True Crime, podcast, murder, serial killer, victim
April 11, 2021
Murder on the Appalachian Trail
‘I held still’, she said. Kirby Morel pretended to be dead in order to survive a knife attack on the Appalachian Trail.  She had just witnessed a friend being stabbed to death by the same killer.  She then had to hike 6 miles or 10 kms through the dark to find  help.  She was bleeding profusely, unable to use one of her arms. She tried to use duct tape to patch her injured leg which kept spurting blood, but there was too much. Please look for Twisted Travel and True Crime on social media: Research:
April 04, 2021
Insane Asylum Killer. Andre Rand, aka Cropsey
The Cropsey Urban legend is a staple on Staten Island in New York.  Most of the children who grow up in the area have heard of the escaped mental patient who lives in the tunnels under the abandoned hospital. This version or similar stories tell of a crazy man who has an affinity for naughty children and would come out at night and snatch them.  They would disappear forever.  This well known tale unfortunately, like many tall tales and spooky nursery rhymes, has some basis in reality.  Cropsey may be based on a  real life serial killer named Andre Rand  who preyed on some of the weakest people, children and even worse, mentally disabled children. Resources: Wikipedia You tube link: Social Media Links: 
March 24, 2021
Ghost Ship in the Bloody Bahamas, the murder of Bill and Patty Kamerer on their sailboat.
Did they fight to save their boat and their lives?  Did they look into the faces of their attackers or was it an ambush?  Did the killers approach them silently or did they betray the couple acting like friends to gain their trust?  Who died first and did the other have to bear witness?  These are just a few of the many questions  left behind in the wake of the ghost ship, the Kalia 3.  The only witness, a domestic boat cat named Gypsy,  was unable to tell the story of Bill and Patty Kamerer. They were killed aboard their home, the Kalia 3 while cruising in the Exuma Islands of the Bahamas.  Resources: A special thanks to Tim and Arie for the suggestion.,amp.html
March 17, 2021
Survivor Rachael Moore is saved by her own 5 children, all under 14ys.
Today’s story involves five child heroes. Their heroic acts  saved their mother from being murdered. These five children all under the age of 14 protected their mother who had been shot, from their very own father.  The man who is supposed to love and take care of them. I don’t cry very often when researching cases but this one definitely put a tear in my eyes. Unfortunately domestic violence is all too common and we don’t hear the true nature of the violence perpetrated inside someone’s home until there is a survivor in a story like this one. Even more rare is hearing about the violence from children who are often the silent witnesses. Four of these five children were rewarded with medals of bravery after the residents of Australia heard about their courageous acts.  This is the survivor story of Rachael Moore.
March 10, 2021
Evil at Birth - Serial Killer Charlie Brandt
The debate over nature versus nurture is a hot topic among true crime listeners.  It’s  the question of whether our biological makeup, or what is in our DNA makes us who we are, or whether the environment we are raised in contributes more to who we become.  This is often debated when it comes to murderers.  Certainly, mental, emotional and physical abuse or being subjected to evil on a regular basis as a child would make it seem normal or acceptable to a child and that may transition with some of them to adulthood, but what if a murderer is raised in a home where none of these  bad things happened .  What if the child came from a larger family, where the other children are completely normal?  What if despicable acts are committed by someone who is only a child themselves?  Today’s case seems to argue for nature, or a biological  disposition to commit evil.  This case is pretty gruesome and definitely not for young ears.  This is the case of Charlie Brandt. Resources: Wikipedia, Murderpedia, The Invisible Killer: The Monster Behind the Mask, Dark Topic Podcast, and Serial Killers Podcast Thank you so much for considering sponsorship of the podcast.
March 01, 2021
The Dyatlov Pass Mystery. A group of 9 experienced hikers are dead due to very mysterious circumstances.
Sixty two years ago an intrepid group of young men and women were determined to hike and ski  through a mountain range in Russia. After they failed to return home rescuers were sent to find them.  What they found stumped everyone. They had all died, some from hypothermia, Some were severely injured, but they wore no shoes and were nearly a mile from their tent.  What happened to these young, healthy, experienced people.  This is one of Russia’s greatest mysteries.  This is the story of the  Dyatlov pass incident. Resources: Wikipedia
February 22, 2021
Wells Grey Park Camping Murders
Camping, I love it.  Many people hate it and cases like this one sometimes make me question why I enjoy it so much.  A heartless killer staled his prey while they are innocently camping and enjoying the natural beauty found in one of Canada’s gorgeous parks.  This man killed 6 innocent fun loving campers just to satisfy himself and to get what he felt like he was entitled too.  The search for this man ended up being one of the most expensive and well known cases in Canada’s history.  The killer is up for parole this year. Wikipedia Murderpedia
February 15, 2021
Cruise Ship Murder or Not? The unsolved case of George Smith
A huge cruise ship named the Brilliance of the Seas weighed anchor and eased out of Harbor at the Greene island of Mykonos  in the Aegean Sea.  It was America’s Independence day in 2005.  It was also the sixth night of the trip for the passengers. There were 2300 of them on board and most of them were Americans. George Smith and his newlywed wife Jennifer were enjoying their honeymoon.  They spent the day exploring Florence, eating and drinking exotic drinks.  They partied  into the early morning of the 5th and then within what was only minutes, George would disappear from the cruise ship, leaving behind his forgetful wife and an unruly group of young men who may have murdered him.  This case has more  questions than answers, and has not yet been solved.
February 08, 2021
Surviving a Tsunami, the story of 3 survivors of the 2004 Christmas Tsunami
Dwayne Meadows, a marine biologist and seasoned diver had spent Christmas day of 2004 in the world-renowned Similan Islands Marine National Park. He Had made plans to go on a snorkeling trip with a friend.  right after breakfast, he went to his  Bungalow to start Gathering his snorkeling gear when a scream shattered the morning air.   He turned to see the harbor emptying and a thick white line of foam on horizon racing towards him. He saw the boats bobbing wildly in Khao Lak Bay. He immediately recognized the signs of a tsunami but was one of very few people who did so. This is his story and the stories of two other survivors of  this deadly  Tsunami.
February 01, 2021
Murder and Cannibalism in the Marquesas - The Rape and murder of Heike Dorsch and Stefan Ramin
Stefan Ramon and Heike Dorsch decided to leave the trappings of their traditional life in order to explore the world and to delve into the cultures they would come across in their travels.  They were nearing the end of a 3 year sailing trip which had nearly taken them around the world, when they decided to stop at the inviting Marquesas island of Nuku Hiva.  They enjoyed their time there and had made a mental list of things they wanted to complete while visiting the island.  It was one of the items on this simple list that ultimately led to Stefan’s death, Heike's rape and allegations of cannibalism.  Thank you for listening.  RESOURCES:
January 25, 2021
Head shrinking is still happening and Enno Lolling-Nazi Doctor and experiments on bodies.
Off with their heads!  We have all heard that quote from the queen of hearts in Alice in Wonderland.  Maybe you remember the scary story of the headless horseman from childhood?  Beheading is how people were put to death in France via the guillotine and even in current times we have heard of beheadings within terrorist organizations.  What is the fasciation behind "losing our heads". There seems to be some inherent power placed in our heads, as there should be after all it’s where we speak, hear, taste, feel and smell.  All the senses in one place.  Its what makes us, us.  So is it hard to believe that there are people who believe that their enemies souls leave through their mouths when they die?  Would it be beyond our scope of comprehension to think that if our enemies souls escape their bodies, they might do harm to us in the afterlife? If they could do that, our next thought would be how do we do keep the souls in the head.  This is the belief of the Shuar. The most popular of the headshrinkers.  This is a brief history of head shrinking, and the story of Enno Lolling,   a NaziGerman doctor who allowed  the abuse of the dead bodies of human beings.  Not only that but he experimented with head shrinking, himself.
January 18, 2021
Cordell Farrington, the Bahamian Serial Killer
Cordell Farrington is a Bahamian serial killer who is known for his paintings of young boys crying which is terrifying because he killed 4 children and an ex lover.    He was working as a clerk at  a hardware store and was reportedly by all accounts he  an exemplary employee.  It was at his workplace which was located  across the street from a local supermarket that he found his  victims.  His victims were innocent hard working young boys who he proceeded to kidnap, rape and kill. They all held part time work , bagging groceries, at the supermarket when they caught this predators evil eye.  His depravity knew no bounds and his actions shook the peaceful Grand Bahama island's inhabitants.  Little did they know, they had a serial killer living among them.  This is  a nasty one and involves children, so if this is a trigger for you, skip this one but please come back for the next episode.  Resources: Murderpedia Wikipedia Special thanks to NOMADasaurus - Advenuture Couple (Facebook) NOMADasaurus Travel Blog Website - Instagram - Facebook - YouTube -
January 11, 2021
Human trafficking: The Essex Trailer Disaster
The heat is deadly.  The smell of sweat, hot bodies and fear permeates the air.  It's becoming less and less breathable. Mai struggles to breath.  She is 26 and in the prime of her youth but she is tightly  surrounded by people who are sweltering in the heat just like she is. People are crying for their families and loved ones. The person standing next to her faints and falls to the floor.  There is no way out.  The strongest among them  have tried  force and the smartest have tried to figure a way out but nothing has come of their efforts.  They are all going to die. This is the story of 39 people who died inside a cargo trailer while they were being illegally trafficked from one country to another. Research:
January 04, 2021
Harrison Okene - The real life Aquaman
Imagine:  You are are a rescue diver.  You have been called to help find survivors of a tug boat that overturned in bad weather.  You and your co-workers decided that on the first day, the weather is too rough and the conditions are too dangerous.  By day two you know that you are are looking for dead bodies.  The boat sits 100 feet deep and here thewater is dark.  Not only that but the swiftly moving water that is kicking up sediment makes the visibility close to zero.  Your only choice is to search by feel with your hands with very limited vision.  The first day that you spend on the seafloor, was difficult.  You and your 3 man team, had to break your way through two locked doors and navigate your way around a boat that landed top down on the ocean floor.  Even with the poor conditions and the very cold water, you found 4 bodies, bringing them to the surface so their families can say a final farewell. The following day you enter the water, hoping to find the 8 remaining crew.  You are feeling around, not knowing whether there are predators in the boat with you.  A voice coming through your mask from the mothership, trying to guide you as best they can through the boat. Suddenly, you see something in arms reach of your face It’s a hand, you tentatively reach toward it, touching it, expecting cold dead flesh.  When you grasp the hand firmly, its fingers curl around your hand.  You are holding the hand of a survivor who has been underwater for 60 hours.  This is the story of the survivor, Harrison Okene. Video:
December 28, 2020
Murder in the Jungle- Emma Kelty
Welcome to Twisted Travel and True Crime, today I’ll be telling you the story of Emma Kelty, an avid adventurer who met her in the Amazon River where she was brutally   killed because she was initially mistaken for a drug runner.
December 21, 2020