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Two Homes

Two Homes

By Julia Graeter
Two Homes - your Podcast about Nature, Sustainability and Self-care. I am Julia Graeter and I talk about love and how we can protect what we love. I talk about two homes – because we have two homes. Nature - mother earth. And our body - the place where our soul, our presence – name it as you want – lives in. And it is time to love our home! To protect our home! Protect what you love! With this in mind this podcast has episodes by myself where I share with you my personal experiences and learnings and episodes with inspiring interview guests. I talk about nature love and protection, sustainability, zero-waste, climate change and minimalism, self-awareness, self-care and self-love. About relationships, solitude and womanhood. About everything what moves me – and maybe you. This podcast is a space where home matters! | |
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#23 The Red Tent: When women gather - Interview with Jill Genet
Women out there, attention please! You are a man?! Then you should listen even closer... This podcast episode is for everyone! I talk to Jill Genet, a fascinating woman, founder of the Red Tent Aoteroa and Australia, a business mentor and consulter.  Have you ever heard about the Red Tent Movement? Well, we talk about the history of the Red Tent and what it means exactly. How does a Red Tent Circle actually look? What has the definition of power to do with the these circles? What does the "Wild Woman" embody and who is she? We discuss, why more and more women are rising up right now and what it means for men and general society to have this gentle, emotional and nurturing, feminin energy expanding. We also talk about the meaning of courageous conversations and what exactly makes a conversation courageous!? Stay with us until the very end to hear, what secret we disclose together. Are you located in New Zealand, Christchurch? Then you should definitely keep your ears tuned! Show notes: Tickets “Red Tent - The Power of the Wild Woman”: More about “The Wild Woman event series”: Tickets “Wild Woman Awakening”: Tickets “Embodying the Wild Woman”: Red Tent Aoteroa on Facebook: Red Tent Aoteroa on Instagram: Red Tent Australia: Conscious Consulting NZ: Conscious Consulting NZ on Facebook: Conscious Consulting NZ on Instagram: Get in contact with Jill: Visit:

 Two Homes Podcast on Instagram
: Two Homes Podcast on Facebook

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July 29, 2021
#22 Going into silence - Interview with Tibetan Buddhist Nun Venerable Khadro
“Silence gives you permission to go inwards” Just out of a 7 days silence retreat at the Mahamudra Centre, a buddhist retreat centre in the middle of the beautiful Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand, I talk to Venerable Khadro. She was our teacher and guide through the week of silence and lives as a Tibetan Buddhist Nun.  But what does it mean exactly to be a Mahāyāna Tibetan Buddhist Nun? And what does it mean to go into silence for that long? I talk about my personal experiences I had during the week of silence. We dive deeper into buddhism knowledge and learn how we can improve our life with the practice of meditation and compassion. Ven Khadro explains the six perfections of Buddhism, which are Generosity, Ethics, Patience, Joyful Effort, Concentration and Wisdom, and how we can benefit from using them in daily life. We discuss the concept of happiness and how we can achieve inner happiness based on the transformation of heart and mind. We ponder about inner peace as well as having meaning and a purpose in life and how important it is, to be clear about our own values. We talk about how we can deal with negative charged stories in our mind when they pop up and go through some tips for our daily life in modern society.Join in and listen to quotes of other participants who just finished the retreat...Show notes: Centre on Facebook: Centre on Instagram: www.juliagraeter.comTwo Homes Podcast on InstagramTwo Homes Podcast on Facebookor juliagraeter on InstagramCheck out more episodes here!Support the show ( )
January 20, 2021
#21 Saving whales with Project Jonah - Interview with Daren Grover
Saving whales since 1974Today I talk to Daren Grover, Gerneral Manager from Project Jonah, a whale and dolphin rescue organisation from New Zealand.  We talk about whale standings: about the emotional stresses of the event for whale and human, about hard facts and about the knowledge and the different techniques to help the whales back into water. Find out more about the whaling history in New Zealand and learn the three most important things you can do as a first aid for a stranded whale. We also discuss the human impact on nature and the ocean in particular, talk about living in a world of consumption and the power of rising awareness for change.  Join in and listen to Daren sharing some touching stories he personally experienced while working with whales  for Project Jonah.Show notes: advice: Mammal Medic Training: number:Project Jonah 24 Hour Stranding Hotline: 0800 4 WHALE (0800 4 94253)DOC Stranding Hotline: 0800 DOC HOT (0800 362 468)Project Jonah on Instagram: Jonah on Facebook: or juliagraeter on InstagramTwo homes podcast on InstagramCheck out more episodes here!Support the show ( )
December 16, 2020
#20 Entangled: Whales, fisheries & climate change – Interview with director David Abel
ENTANGLED  – About the right whale, fishery and climate change Today I talk to David Abel, an award-winning reporter who covers fisheries and environmental issues for The Boston Globe. He is the director of the documentary "ENTANGLED", a feature-length film about how climate change has accelerated a collision between North America's most valubale fishery, one of the world's most endangered species – the right whale – and a federal agency mandated to protect both, which won a 2020 Jackson Wild award, known as the Oscars of nature films. We talk about which challenges the Northern Right Whale has to face and which role climate change has. About problems caused by the fishing industry and upcoming solutions with new technologies like “rope-less fishing” and “Whale Alert apps”. We talk about “break-off lines” and what every individual can do to rise protection of these marine mammals. David further tells us his background story of how he started making documentaries and shares tips he can give to aspiring film makers who want to spread their message with the world. Stay until the very end to hear David following his natural habitat as a journalist, starting to interview me. Show notes: Abel on Instagram: Abel on Facebook: Abel on Twitter: or juliagraeter on InstagramTwo homes podcast on InstagramCheck out more episodes here!Support the show ( )
December 09, 2020
#19 From tent to tiny house - Tiny talk with Ivan Ujdur and special guest
From tent to tiny house We talk about our last four months of traveling. About the ups and downs. The romance of camping up on beaches and the harsh reality on the other side. And we also have a chat about the beauty of meeting different people and the deep kindness in all of them. What after being on the road finally led to a change in our living situation?We share the first time what our new adventure is about from now on? Living a minimalistic lifestyle is what we fell in love with. We keep doing this by living in a tiny house. What the peacock palace is and how it got that name? And who else will accidently but in the perfect moment join our chat? Listen and find out.Visit: or juliagraeter on InstagramTwo homes podcast on InstagramCheck out more episodes here!Support the show ( )
November 27, 2020
#18 Back to life: horse therapy - Interview with Coo from Equus Liberation Ltd
"I had a brain trauma and had to relearn everything..."What it means to relearn everything? Coo had a brain trauma after a motorbike accident. She couldn’t walk or talk anymore. What saved her? Horses. How horse therapy helped her to get back into life? Coo tells us more about her personal story and how she understood the needs of horses. She now leads horse therapy herself. What a therapy session looks like? She introduces us into the deep energy level of horses and the healing progress she made during her injury. She shares intimate and personal depths of her life as well as her exercises to realise a happy life she now loves and appreciates. She also shares her thoughts about a minimalistic and sustainable lifestyle and we talk about positive thoughts and mantras, about how people affect you with their own energy level and what we all can learn from horses. Stay until the end to hear about further plans for her horse business and how she wants to create a positive impact for a more sustainable world.Show notes:Equus Liberation Ltd on Facebook Equus Liberation Ltd on InstagramVisit: or juliagraeter on InstagramTwo homes podcast on InstagramCheck out more episodes here!Support the show ( )
October 29, 2020
#17 Ponder time: What brings you into a state of flow?
Let's ponder together!In this episode I ask you some questions to ponder about. After a short breathing exercise and a little story about my last days traveling and being at the beach, I introduce you in some life changing questions you should ask yourself. I also share some personal routines I enjoy doing every day.Pro tip: This episode is further great to use as a guide for your personal journaling time. Listen to the questions and pause the podcast to think about it. To ponder. To journal. Press play again as soon as you are ready. Make this episode your own! Never stop pondering! Join this episode and start right now. Visit: or juliagraeter on InstagramTwo homes podcast on InstagramCheck out more episodes here!Support the show ( )
October 15, 2020
#16 Stuck and smile - Tent talk with Ivan Ujdur
In this episode you can join Ivan and me at our tent talk. We talk about life in general and in particilar our last experience we had a few days ago, when we got stuck with our car in mud. We share how we felt and what helped us to go through this situation. How we got out in the end? Join in and find out.Visit: or juliagraeter on InstagramTwo homes podcast on InstagramCheck out more episodes here!Support the show ( )
October 09, 2020
#15 Climate change & a journey to the Antarctic - Interview with scientist Rachel Cooper
“Change has to happen!““It was so devastating to know that humans having an impact from so far away!”Rachel Cooper is the youngest woman ever selected as one out of 100 female scientist around the world to go to the Antarctica with Homeward Bound, a women’s leadership program. At the shore of Antartica, far away from human society, she found some plastic pieces and saw the impact of climate change right in front of her.She has two passions in life - one is creating a positive longterm impact in the world for people and the environment and the other is adventure and exploring, like skiing, hiking and climbing. She worked as a climate change adviser for the New Zealand government and as a climate scientist.Her huge love for the environment grew into the wish to protect it what lead her into studying environmental science at the university. We talk about climate change. About recent events according to that and the impact of community and economy structures. Did you know that New Zealand’s agriculture industry makes up 50% of the country’s emissions?! We talk about some solutions of New Zealand’s government like the agriculture emission reduction policies and the zero carbon bill.  We talk about her actual projects and studies about circulate economics and share some personal experiences about the beauty of nature. She gives some interesting and impactful tips what you personally can do to make a change. We also talk about self-care and believing into the own power and abilities. Why you should focus your energy forwards to what you could do, rather than backwards what you did already? Join in and find out…Show notes:Rachel Cooper on InstagramHomeward Bound Projects on InstagramThe Leadership MovieNew Zealand's Department of ConservationVisit: or juliagraeter on InstagramTwo homes podcast on InstagramCheck out more episodes here!Support the show ( )
September 23, 2020
#14 World Cleanup Day and a surfboard made of cigarettes
Happy World Cleanup Day 2020"One single cigarette butt contanimates 40 liter of ground water!"Last year, at the WCD 2019, we collected 11.000 cigarettes in Munich together with the community of #CleanUpMunich and rehab republic. Our friends from WAU Eco Surfboards shaped a surfboard out of those cigarette butts. In this episode I talk about the World Cleanup Day and the reason why I founded #CleanUpMunich. I tallk about the cleanup 2019 and the river surfboard made of cigarettes.What you can do personally on this World Cleanup Day 2020 and where and when you can surf the cigarette board!? Join in and find out...Rather go upcycling & surfing than ignoring & wasting.Show notes:WorldCleanupDayVideo World Cleanup Day#CleanUpMunichthe cigarette surfboardWAU Eco Surfboardsrehab repubicEvent World CleanUp Day 2020 in MunichGerman blog article about World CleanUp Day 2019 in MunichVisit: or juliagraeter on instagramSupport the show ( )
September 18, 2020
#13 Responsibility of teaching yoga - Interview with Felix Klimpel
We talk about yoga. Today I talk to Felix Klimpel, yoga teacher from Munich. He was my first teacher when I started with the practice of yoga. After a short breathing excercise led by him Felix tells us how his way as a yoga teacher began. I share a little bit about my first yoga class with him and my personal experiences. We discuss questions like:Which responsibilities does a yoga teacher has and how can you find the best yoga studio for yourself? Why does people start doing yoga, what is the difference and the connection between yoga in general and yoga asanas, what can we learn from the philosophy of yoga and which role does social media has...How does a meditation look like after years of practice and what is yoga therapy?Have you ever thought about the question 'what would you choose if you had to decide between yoga asanas, pranayama and meditation?' We did...Stay with us to the very end if you want to hear what Felix shares about me...Join in and find out!Show notes:www.urbanyogamunich.deUrban Yoga Munich InstagramUrban Yoga Munich FacebookVisit: or juliagraeter on instagramSupport the show ( )
September 10, 2020
#12 It's okay not to feel okay
"It's okay not to feel okay!"Today I share some personal thoughts I had after a pretty bad run on the mountains. I love snowboarding since the day I stood the first time on my snowboard, ten years ago. I love being in the mountains, I love being in nature and brething in the fresh air of the snowy mountains. But sometimes I screw myself up. My monkey mind drives me crazy and makes things up. I get into a bad circle of thoughts and body reactions. I talk about my personal experiences on that snowboarding day. About expectations. And why it is okay just to feel bad sometimes... Visit: or juliagraeter on instagramSupport the show ( )
August 26, 2020
#11 From ocean love to ocean care - Interview with Mantahari Oceancare founder Tim Noack
Today I have an interesting conversation with Tim Noack, the founder of Mantahari Oceancare. After he was diving between manta rays and plastic he decided to make a difference. He stared to produce and sell caps and other sustainably produced items to earn money that he can donate for the sake of good. The money goes to the Marine Megafauna Foundation in Indonesia and with that into research of manta rays and education of local indonesian people. Find out more about the beautiful marine mammals when Tim talks about his love of manta rays. How Tim and I met the first time and what we experienced at a local landfill in Nusa Penida, Indonesia? We talk about ocean love, plastic waste and small changes with a big impact.What it means to adopt a manta ray? Join in and find out. #yourimpactmattersShow notes: instagramMantahari facebookTim Noack instagramVisit: TwoHomes instagramTwoHomes or juliagraeter on instagramSupport the show ( )
August 19, 2020
#10 Self-sufficient traveling for self-love - Interview with Ivan Ujdur
“I’d rather be an animal than a human.”Raw, honest and with love. Today I talk to Ivan Ujdur – my travel companion and partner. We travel New Zealand together in a self-contained and self-sufficient 4x4 truck for three weeks already. What does traveling and this whole journey mean for him? What does home mean for him? We talk about self-love, personal growth and minimalism. We recapture the time we’ve been into lockdown together and share the reason why we’re traveling with a solar panel next to our roof tent through New Zealand. Listen to the beautiful words of Ivan, when he speaks about respect, love and reconnection to nature. Why he'd rather be an animal than a human? Join in and find out…Visit: TwoHomes instagramTwoHomes or juliagraeter on instagramSupport the show ( )
August 13, 2020
#09 Three generations of a sustainable lifestyle - Interview with Susanne and Jane (founders of the Eko Hub)
Today I talk to Susanne and Jane, a mother/daughter team who have a passion for making a change. Susanne was born in Germany, sailed around the world before making New Zealand her new home. She talkes about her personal experiences with moving to another country and shares how traveling influenced her way to see the earth. With a sustainable lifestyle she found her passion in making natural products that are beneficial for health and well-being. What started as a hobby, lead to her products being sold all around New Zealand. Jane - her daughter grew up in the backyard of New Zealand while building little huts and climbing trees. She is dedicated to reducing plastic and waste consumption and looks for alternatives to single use plastics. She is also a certified Health coach. Her focus is around helping others to manage their anxiety. With the desire to open a zero waste store where people could learn about natural products and about reducing waste the Eko Hub opened its doors and offers since then a variety of sustainable items.We talk about traveling, heart decisions, zero-waste living and sustainable parenting. About mental health and society. Join in, if you want to learn more about that and what the third generation is doing to make a change...Show notes: Hub instagramEko Hub facebookVisit: TwoHomes instagramTwoHomes or juliagraeter on instagramSupport the show ( )
August 05, 2020
#08 Sustainable Co-Working - Interview Treston Kederer
My interview guest is Treston Kederer. He grew up in the US and about two years ago he moved to Munich. A few months ago he texted me on instagram. This is what he wrote:“Hello Julia, my name is Treston. I have been following you and your journey for the last year since I moved to Munich. I am very moved by how courageous you are, and the energy you bring to all situations of your life. You really opened up my mind and changed my perspective… With moving to Germany I was thinking about finding a corporate job to get experience, but then I realized how much waste big companies produce… in so many different aspects. I really took my time to make sure I ended up somewhere I like, that aligns with my values. I am now with Twostay Coworking that is a start-up founded in Munich.”I invited him to my podcast to hear more about his personal story and the sustainable concept of Twostay Co-working.Show notes: instagramTwostay facebookTreston on instagramVisit: or juliagraeter on instagramSupport the show ( )
July 29, 2020
#07 Birthday Edition - The world through a childs eyes - Interview with Mattika
Special Birthday EditionI am 30 years old now. How do I feel about that and what is my personal way to celebrate that? I still try to see the world through the eyes of a child ... For me that was reason enough to talk to the beautiful Mattika, a nine year old girl.We talk about nature, love and the importance of breathing. She tells us how breathing helps her to manage her daily life. We ponder why adults don't like to have fun – how it is to be grown up and how it is to be a child.  We get to know why she likes hugging trees and how unsustainable living makes her feel. What does a child think about the fact that, if we don't change our behaviour, in 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean? Let's find out!Nine years old - and so honest, brave & wise. It's time to listen to the younger generation. Visit: or juliagraeter on instagramSupport the show ( )
July 22, 2020
#06 Pleasure is natural medicine - Interview with Cuddle Expert Whakarongotai Nikora
“Pleasure is natural medicine!”Today I talk to a real “Cuddle Expert” – Whakarongotai Nikora. She runs a “Cuddle Connection” business and leads Ecstatic Dance Classes. Learn more about what we should understand by it and what the magic behind the concept is. We talk about human connection, love and intimacy. About the connection to Papatūānuku, mother earth and why she ended her 22 year marriage with a celebration post on Facebook. She shares with us what she experienced and learn when she was on her “Goodness Hunt”. And by the way - what is a Goodness Hunt? Let’s find out…Show notes:Cuddle ConnectionEcstatic Dance WhangareiVisit: or juliagraeter on instagramSupport the show ( )
July 16, 2020
#05 Your colour of sustainability
What does sustainability mean for me? How did it all start? How did I become interested in sustainability? How does a sustainable way of living look? And what the heck does my passion for snowboarding have to do with it? I talk about eco perfectionism and the all or nothing mentality. I share my personal experiences with living a sustainable lifestyle and raising awareness for sustainability on instagram. And maybe I can inspire you to find your personal colour of sustainability…Show notes:Protect our WintersVisit: or juliagraeter on instagramSupport the show ( )
July 08, 2020
#04 The life of a wild woman in harmony with nature - Interview with Malaika Darville
"Stay connected!"Today we are in two different countries at the same time. New Zealand and Bali. I talk to Malaika Darville - one of the most beautiful souls, wild spirits and powerful women I’ve ever met. She is the founder of the 5 Elements Dance Activation, she leads and teaches yoga and dance retreats, women circles, cacao ceremonies, ecstatic dance events and way more. We talk about her personal journey and her connection to mother earth and about which sustainability problems we´re facing nowadays and how modern science is supporting what the indigenous people of the earth have known for a long time already. She grew up in Canada, studied Marine Biology in Australia, danced with the tribes in Africa - and right now she is my interview guest in this podcast. Join us when Malaika shares her amazing experiences and knowledge with us! Show Malaika on instagram5 Elements dance on instagramVisit: or juliagraeter on instagramSupport the show ( )
July 01, 2020
#03 Pranayama - the power of breathing
In this episode I talk about the power of breathing. What makes deep breathing so energetic and healthy? I talk about my very personal experiences I made with breathing in an anxious and depressed state of mind and I share with you how the conscious exercise of breathing changed my life long lasting. I go deeper into the powerful tool of pranayama - the control of the breath in yoga. We practice the three part yogic breathing and I talk about the positive effects breathing has to our body, mind and soul.Show notes: or juliagraeter on instagram Support the show ( )
June 24, 2020
#02 Living dreams - How I ended up in New Zealand
In this episode I talk about how I started living my dreams, which challenges I had and how I ended up in New Zealand, the place where I feel at home. I go deeper into which big decisions that I made in regards to my old life in Munich and which role yoga, minimalism and climate change played on this path. I reveal who makes me happy and what helped me to find my own true happiness. Spoiler alert: it´s myself. Show notes: or juliagraeter on instagram Support the show ( )
June 17, 2020
#01 Respect for Papatūānuku (mother earth) - Interview with Lance Bryers
Today we’re right in the middle of the Waipoua rainforest in the far north of New Zealand. I talk to Lance Bryers - my first interview guest of this podcast - the owner of the camping ground where I stayed and worked the last months before covid-19 lockdown and my partner in crime when it comes to our almost two hour barefoot night walk. Join our recaption of amazing moments we’ve experienced together here in the rainforest - far from modern daily life. Listen when we talk about the connection to Papatūānuku mother earth and the ancient wisdom of his Maori roots. When we discuss problems caused by humans according to the nature of New Zealand. He taught me a lot and today we want to share some of this knowledge with you!Show notes:- or juliagraeter on instagramSupport the show ( )
June 10, 2020
Intro - Two Homes
Welcome to Two Homes – in this intro I share with you who I am and what I am going to talk about in this podcast. Find out what my personal motivation is and what you can expect by listening to Two Homes. | | instagram |Support the show ( )
June 10, 2020