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We Do What We Want... And We Like That.

Two formerly Catholic witches take bite-sized looks into the paranormal, synchronicities, symbols and lore.
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Magical Jobcat Activation Sequence!

Two Witches Podcast

Episode 24: History of Brick Magic
SJ and Andrea don their best History Professor hats to nerd out on why bricks have been so important throughout time, and how they have been used for magical purposes! A lot of the symbolism related to the Gods and Goddesses linked to bricks translates over many cultures with several universal themes including Birth, Judgment and Death.  But Before we dive into "Egypt Madness," we're going to look at the history of Babylonian bricks and the story of a Nephilim from the "Book of Enoch" named Gilgamesh, and what that has to do with Magic Bricks! Also, SURPRISE! the amazing Maighdlin Kelly, also known as Weird Astrology, is back to school us on what makes the Astrology around John Keel's Mothman investigation so interesting (#HellierIntensifies)! Full show notes HERE. Thanks for listening - did you know that you can now hear these releases a week before the general public for just $1? Join the Cult of the Holy Donut on Patreon to hear bonus episodes and learn how to kick off your own Vintage Magic!
March 25, 2022
Episode 23: Clean Up Your Divination Game with Tidy Tarot!
Another person that Andrea and SJ met online because of our shared love for Hellier is Aleigh, AKA Tidy Tarot! Aleigh is witch, history enthusiast and author of a wonderful series of Tarot, Crystal, and Ritual Journals. Not only are Tidy Tarot's reasonably priced journals wonderful tools to help you dial in your divination skills, they are customizable with several cover options!  These wonderful little books are a perfect and affordable gift idea. In this episode, Aleigh, SJ and Andrea also discuss our shared love of history, the joys of a carefree childhood, forbidden libraries, how divination is a form of self care, and even discover a Season Two synchronicity about our mutual interest in Egypt. Aleigh also shares a fascinating story about her experiences babysitting in a wildly haunted house in Japan when she was a teenager. Be sure to look for Aleigh's appearances on Chaos and Shadow Podcast, too! Check out the full show notes with more information about Tidy Tarot HERE and check out Aleigh's LinkTree with all of her social media links to Tidy Tarot's work. Watch for Tidy Tarot's new covers to launch very soon!
January 28, 2022
Episode 22: Electric Boogaloo (The Remix)
TW: Language Catch up with the resurrected Two Witches Podcast 2.0 - Electric Boogaloo! It's a Holiday Miracle - praise the Almighty Holy Donut! We're back for Season 2, and we brought Magical Jobcat!   We'll tell you what we've been up to since our chat with Mortellus, the Bagans Slayer on Episode 21, and introduce you to Vintage Magic and what the hell that has to do with haunted bricks. Surprising no one, a certain bossy nun and her Hell's Angels reinforcements are involved, but SJ's maternal grandfather recently showed up to join the party too to try to make them cry on the podcast. AGAIN.    Also, a status report on the cover up, OOPS - we meant construction, at the Providence Academy, and an exciting update on the St. Ignatius Hospital in Colfax, WA.  Andrea also has great news for all of you plant nerds too that our Patrons will enjoy the spoils of! SHOW NOTES HERE! Sincere gratitude to our new Holy Donut Cult Members: Jennifer C., Theresa Z., Danny, Megan C., Garrett K., and last but not least, Aidan K.! JOIN THE CULT. We have donuts - and lots of bonus content!
January 01, 2022
Magical Jobcat 3: The Reptilian Agenda
JOBCAT BE PRAISED - It's a Holiday Miracle! Brick Management is proud to announce: COMING SOON: Two Witches 2: Electric Boogaloo! That's right, we're coming back, and we brought Magical Jobcat! Learn about the unknown dangers of the Annunaki from our mighty feline sage!  Head over for more information about what's new with us (you can join the Holy Donut Cult!), and learn more about what we call Vintage Magic! We'll be back soon around the first of the year for all listeners (a week or so early for Patrons). Patrons will also get access to Andrea's first Herbal Magic class! Thank you for all your love and support. We came back because of YOU.
December 18, 2021
Episode 21: Talking to the Dead with A Crow And The Dead!
TW: Language, Adult Themes including Death, Abuse, Transphobia SJ learned about Mortellus (they/them) and their work from our friend C. Voidberg at The Eternal Void, but with Jazz and was powerfully drawn to their life's story and work. Feeling a strong pull, SJ asked Mortellus to work on an talisman with help from whoever on the other side was watching out for them.  Neither SJ nor Mortellus had any idea what either of them were in for, but none other than Big John (Sara's dad, introduced way back to listeners in Episode 3) is who answered their call.  Some serious chaos ensued for poor Mortellus when this Badass showed up to try to boss them around for weeks.   While Mortellus humbly downplays their amazing gifts as a Witch, Coven Leader,  Necromancer, Mortician, Medium, 3° Gardnerian High Priestex and Author, their wild ride making what SJ calls their "Holy Vomit Magic Amulet" with Big John was a wonderful reminder that some of the most powerful magic is that which is deeply personal to your own healing.     Make sure you check out Mortellus' website where you can buy thoughtfully crafted and sustainably harvested magical supplies, including signed copies of their wonderful first book "Do I Have To Wear Black?" Watch for their second book on Necromancy for Llewellyn Worldwide, which they are currently working hard at completing. Join us at Witch With Me Book Club to talk with Mortellus (who made a "buttload" of bonus content for attendees!) about "Do I Have To Wear Black?" through the end of July!
July 06, 2021
Two Witches Podcast: Hot Loads of Nostalgia Since that Hell Year 2020.
TW: LANGUAGE, ADULT/SEXUAL THEMES Since author, High Priestex and Necromancer Mortellus is an actual professional™ and Two Witches Pod are serious about helping them changing all of our attitudes around death, we tried to minimize our BS while recording session. Episode 21 will be out July 6th - can check the show notes HERE for a preview until then! Despite that, this ridiculous conversation about how a painting of Andrea's looked to Mortellus over Zoom during our call was just too funny not to share.  We could say we're sorry Mr. Rivera for discussing his celebrated painting "The Flower Carrier" this way, but he was a major jerk to his wife Frida Kahlo so, we're actually not sorry in the least. #TeamFrida Enjoy some ridiculousness.
July 04, 2021
Episode 20: MORE Problems in the Paranormal with Stephanie McCown!
TW: Language, Adult Themes (including abuse and racism, Genocide of Indigenous people) Technical Goblins be Damned - (Mo’ Goblins, Mo Problems!) - Episode 20: Problems in the Paranormal (Part 2) with amazing author & vlogger Stephanie McCown is ready to slay some more Ghost Bros! In episode 19, we talked about how Stephanie is sick of the ableism & other problems that crappy paranormal “reality” shows perpetuate - or as we say, “Ghost Shows for Ghost Bros!”. We discuss some of the weirder parts of Michigan, and one of the most haunted locations SJ’s experienced in Las Vegas linked to a tragedy that changed the world. Another super haunted location In Washington State  that is built from Hidden Bricks and linked to Mother Joseph was visited by Ghost Adventures, which makes us beyond mad... but now there’s now a new Sheriff in town - who has their heart in the right place and still allows ghost tours for the rest of us that can be respectful! Follow Friends of St. Ignatius on Instagram and help them Restore Mother Joseph’s Hospital! We hope to talk to St. Ignatius more about how we can help them save this place! Check out the show notes for links to the rest of Stephanie’s work, including her awesome youtube show "Get Ready With Me And Talk About Stuff!" For more information on the Haunted Nun Dolls of Michigan see our page on Synchronicity and Nun Dolls. And, of course for a list of other Paranormal Content creators that aren’t racists, TERFs, Greyfaces or assholes, visit HERE.
June 29, 2021
Episodes 19: Problems in the Paranormal with Stephanie McCown!
TW: Language, Adult Themes including Abuse One of the biggest pet peeves we all have as paranormal investigators or consumers of paranormal media is the rampant ableism, gatekeeping, and dumb tricks a lot of these 'Ghost Bros' perform on camera for crappy generic ghost hunting shows.    We are sick of people getting famous for yelling at dust particles in locations where many people suffered. Brilliant feminist writer, poet, artist AND podcast vlogger (we told you - these people are ALL TALENT!) Stephanie McCown (she/her/they) is sick of it too.  Stephanie is going to help us break down some of the major problems with these shows, and talk with us about her ideas on how to interact with the weird in a way that is meaningful, respectful, and avoids exploitation.    Becoming a member of Team Brick and has had a real impact in her life since learning about Mother Joseph, and she'll share some of that with us too.  Make sure to connect with her on Twitter or Instagram! This is just part one of our Declaration of War on Ghost Bros! Part Two (Episode 20) will be out soon!
June 26, 2021
Magical Jobcat Pineal Gland Activation Sequence
TW: Language SJ and our friend A.P. Strange both got a hilarious random Twitter follow and subsequent messages from a person saying they had a B.A. in Demonology. It was so bizarre that we had to turn to none other than Magical Jobcat to decipher any truth (bad grammar kept intact) to be found in this Important Message. BTW, Magical Jobcat is actually SJ’s “nephew” that lived with them for a while (their sister’s cat) - they were just too incredulous reading this absolute nonsense we were sent and stumbled over their words at the end to get it right, ha ha (LOVE YOU ROSE!)
June 25, 2021
This Means War, "Ghost Bros". PREVIEW of Episodes 19 & 20 with Stephanie McCown
TW - All the swears SJ learned today while giving a tour as a Docent at the Providence Academy (one of the two remaining buildings left that Mother Joseph herself built) that their sworn bad hair enemy Zak Bagans and the Ghost Adventures were *THISCLOSE* to recording their crappy show there but fortunately due to their own asinine behavior were DENIED - then and now.. PERMANENTLY! Oh and by the way, Zak? The people at the Colfax hospital can't stand you either - you're not getting back in there either. There's some new Sheriffs in town - and we work for Mother Joseph. So does Stephanie McCown - a single mom, a YouTube creator, a podcaster, and an author based out of Michigan. Shortly after inviting SJ on to her youtube show Get Ready With Me and Talk about Stuff to discuss Mother Joseph (Part One) and Hidden Bricks (Part Two), Stephanie became particularly interested in the life of Sharon Tate, doing a YouTube episode about her. Stephanie's pretty upset about what Zak Bagans is doing to the memory of Sharon Tate.  We have so much to say we have TWO episodes coming. You'll probably love them unless you're a "Ghost Bro." Full show notes HERE! See you soon to burn it DOWN. Hopefully the days of shows like Ghost Adventures are numbered - we can all do better, and it's beyond time to. 
June 17, 2021
Episode 18: Archetypal Synchronistic Resonance with Stephanie Quick!
TW: Language, Discussion of Sexual Situations When the nun stuff started to get really weird for SJ/Sara, one of the first people that reached out to them was our friend Stephanie Quick, who has been described as "William S. Burroughs meets Mary Poppins," which we think is just perfect. I mean, she worked rituals with Allen Fucking Greenfield - she doesn't play around when it comes to magic... or fashion.    Just as brilliant on her knowledge of the weird as her fellow Master of Cool and Dr. of Kookonomy AP Strange, she turned SJ onto a newer paranormal theory called Archetypal Synchronistic Resonance that really got our attention. We will talk about this and anything else we feel like - because we do what we want, remember?   Check out Stephanie's wonderful blog "Ghost Dog is a Mystery Box" or connect with her on Twitter - she's an absolute delight to have in your life. We know we would absolutely be lost without her! Full Show notes HERE! Thanks for listening!
June 09, 2021
Episode 17: Weird Astrology with Maighdlin Kelly!
TW: Language The first Astrology reader Sara ever hired was their friend Maighdlin Kelly. From a single hour spent with them, Sara realized they were the best damn astrologer they know, and was thrilled when they agreed to come on the podcast.   From the very beginning their friendship seemed to be tinged with some serious synchronicities, starting around Hellier, of course. Sara screamed at the TV when Maighdlin showed up in the second season of Hellier to work on some Weird Astrology for the Newkirks and their crew. We knew when we wanted to look at some nun charts that Maighdlin was again the only person to hire!  Also, find out why they call us "The Hellier of Podcasts," and how they ended up on the show!  Besides being an Astrology Wizard, they also make amazing jewelry and post other quality content on their instagram.  We also get into Maighdlin's love and use of Tarot and Lenormand cards. Their unique insight will help take your astrology game to a whole new level. Full show notes HERE! Betelgeuse Betelgeuse Betelgeuse, 2024!
June 01, 2021
Episode 16: Tarot Symbolism with Kiki Dombrowski!
TW: Language  We are going to dive into some serious Tarot Awesomeness with fellow Liminal.Earth Ambassador Kiki Dombrowski! She has a lot to teach us about the different symbolism in Tarot and what secrets it might reveal about our nun and  Hidden brick story! We know there is a lot of crossover between the Catholic rituals and occult symbols, and Kiki's going to break down some of that for our lucky listeners.  We'll also talk a lot about Pamela Colman Smith. Andrea recently took a Tarot class from Kiki and her Savannah Tarot Meetup Circle co-teacher Joy Horn (See Kiki's online teaching schedule HERE) and both she and Sara have begun to look at Tarot cards in a different way as a result. We'll get into some of the things Kiki's passionate about. Additionally, MoJo again proves that she is the one in charge of this podcast, as Sara has to share with listeners the importance of a long hike through the Portland woods they took the day before we recorded.   Kiki's a wonderful writer who loves to write and talk about witchcraft, spirit of place, divination, and especially tarot. Follow her on Twitter @KikiD333, check out her excellent blog and look for her book release 'A Curious Future' (preorder now!) in July 2021! Complete show notes HERE! "Find eyes within, look for the door into the unknown country.” - Pamela Colman Smith Thanks for listening!
May 23, 2021
Episode 15: Psychometry With Psychic Empath Janet Borkowski!
TW: Language Portland-area Psychic Empath Janet Borkowski shares with us her experiences using her investigative and psychic skills at the Providence Academy and other sites she's visited! Listeners will learn a bit about the history of psychometry as Janet shares how she is able to use these mysterious talents to help us investigate several Hidden brick linked sites we have talked about in this podcast.   Janet has been at the Providence Academy with Sara more than anyone else has since this Brick Madness began. Sara herself has seen the accuracy of Janet's psychometry skills, when events she predicted around the Providence Academy's pending partial demolition later came to pass.  Reach out to Janet on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook to find out how to book a reading! Full show notes HERE!
May 15, 2021
Episode 14: Hail Eris! Creating Synchronicities With The Perfect Haired Oracle of the East!
TW: Language We battled some serious technical goblins bringing you this episode (and Andrea was still pretty loopy on pain pills after surgery but was a real trooper!) - even after weeks of editing, there's some rough spots we can't avoid, and hope they don't detract from the episode's content. We blame Alien Interference - tell us on Twitter what you think it could be! We're thrilled to finally bring you a conversation with one of our favorite humans: writer, investigator, musician, lead of the Bird Army and all around Master of Cool,  A. P. Strange - better known around these parts as just "Matt," or the Perfect Haired Oracle of the East. He and Sara work some forms of Chaos Magic together, and it works...although, sometimes it's paired with unintended consequences.  We discuss with Andrea how having effective magic isn't as complicated as you might think, and how not taking yourself too seriously is a big part of that.   Sara and Matt aren't done creating chaos in this particular simulation. If you want in on the madness, you can help us try to bring back The King... as in Elvis.  We expect him to re-appear around Christmas time, maybe even in a UFO - HAIL ERIS!  We also are proud to bring you an important and timely message from our first Sponsor, Magical Jobcat! Complete show notes HERE.  Thanks for listening!
April 25, 2021
Episode 13.5: Mother Joseph's Birthday Party!
Mother Joseph was born on April 16, 1823 - so this month marks what would be her 198th Birthday!   We're having a party. You're totally invited. Recently, when recording Episode 15 with Psychic Empath Janet Borkowski, MoJo interacted with us to make herself known as she is prone to do (stay tuned for that).   As per usual, after Sara spent time with Andrea, immediately after signing off the call she connected some dots that didn't quite connect before, ending up back in the Mother Joseph Catholic Cemetery for the second time in 72 hours.  Taking this turn of events as a sign from both Mother Joseph and Sister Rita, Sara felt that it was time to do an episode that is entirely about Mother Joseph to honor her for her birthday... because she deserves it.  After recently purchasing a pair of 1975 books that Sister Rita was sourced for, Sara stayed up far too late for nights in a row reading about her favorite nun. Unlike many of the "old ass nun books" that she begun hoarding about 18 months ago, this newer book detailing the founding of the first hospital in Portland is based on both interviews of Sisters of Providence that actually knew MoJo and Sister Rita's life's work as the primary administrator and historian for St. Vincent's Hospital in Portland, Oregon. We will be back to your regularly scheduled Two Witches (with TWO witches...) soon! Thanks for listening, and Happy Birthday Mother Joseph, we love you. 
April 16, 2021
Episode 13: All About the God Pan - in the Pacific NW and Beyond!
TW: Language Episode 11 of Two Witches Podcast discussed Vancouver, Washington's Hidden brick constructed St. James Cathedral, which Mother Joseph helped build. Some of the symbols on this church for St. James are also linked to the god Pan - and of course now whenever we think about Pan, we think of Hellier.  Io-Pan! Many symbols for Pan also are found in the Catholic faith and are reflected in many famous historical building projects, both locally and internationally. One of these that we are going to discuss at length is the St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City, Rome.  This episode we're going across the river to Portland, Oregon for a history lesson about the amazing Dekum building, and other locations linked to the God Pan in the Pacific Northwest!  In case it isn't clear, Two Witches believe that Trans Lives Fucking Matter, and if you don't think so you're a fucking asshole. Extra love to both our friend Elias, who allowed us to share his story about a wild evening when he invoked Pan, and stepped into his authentic self in public for the first time, and another dear friend of the Podcast that came out to us as Trans this week. We love you both, and are so proud of you both.
April 14, 2021
Magical Jobcat Activation Sequence!
TW: Language Two Witches Podcast is proud to announce our first Official Sponsor, Magical Jobcat! To activate the Magical Jobcat, visit our Twitter @TwoWitchesPod and comment “HIRE ME JOBCAT!” to activate the powers of Jack’s mysterious wisdom. MAGICAL JOBCAT: Just because Nothing is Real doesn’t mean that you can’t get measurable results from imaginary Heroes. (™)
April 14, 2021
Episode 12: Andrea's a Water Witch!
TW: Language One of the most fascinating things Sara learned about Andrea's family since they became friends is that she and her father are part of a long line of "Water Witches," people who are skilled at locating water sources using a special and mysterious technique called dowsing. We don't just call ourselves witches, we really are witches... and lucky you - dowsing class is now in session! Sara begged Andrea to teach her how to do it, and you guys get to learn about it too! Andrea is going to explain what dowsing and water witching are.  Andrea even interviewed her dad Jim about how he taught her the ancestral practice as a child. Andrea's ancestral line has the proven skills to teach us the right way to water witch, and learning to do it comes with a hilarious and surprising bonus. When Andrea was researching the history of water witching for this episode, she was surprised to learn that the first recorded supernaturally tinged water dowsing back leads back to another nun who later became a Saint - Saint Teresa of Avila.  We'll tell you all about the controversial "miracle" Saint Teresa witnessed! For part two of this conversation, we'll give you an update about Andrea's time in the hospital after surgery, and the high strangeness involved. If you found episode 11.5 interesting, you'll want to stick around for this episode too. While we both obviously knew that all of the strange things happening around Mother Joseph, Emilie Gamelin and Hidden bricks were authentic events as we were living them every day, this one really had us both questioning the very nature of... well, everything. We have no idea what any of this actually means, but we're all in and going to tell you about it and all about our MEGA ROSARIES anyway. Full show notes here! Thanks for listening!
April 04, 2021
Episode 11.5: Turning Left.
TW: Domestic Violence, Language.  PART ONE: Long before we ever hit record on Episode One Sara knew she needed to talk about what happened back in October 2004... and desperately did not want to talk about it. Leaning into the chaos, she now says, "Fuck it." Please note, this is not an easy listen, particularly the first 11 minutes or so. Continual Synchronistic events in her life leading directly back to the worst night of her life can no longer be ignored - and Sara's finally ready to put this all behind her, and try to figure out what might have actually happened that strange and awful night.   We told you a long time ago we didn't want to be the trauma podcast, but it's unavoidable with this episode.  Trusted friends promised me its a conversation I need to share.  We promise if you stick it out, you'll laugh by the time we're done with part two. And if you're a fan of Hellier? You'll want to listen. PART TWO: As is known to happen, as soon as Sara and Andrea got back in the same room again it became clear how to move forward with Two Witches Podcast. We thought having a delicious lunch at our beloved (and haunted!) Hidden House Market and Deli would give us some extra inspiration...and we weren't wrong!   Andrea will tell you all about her experiences inside for the first time, and the rest of her visit, & we'll discuss what is next for Two Witches! Also, Tuesday March 9th (day after our grand Resurrection) Andrea goes in for her foot rebuild! Send her some good thoughts, will you? Andrea will also tell you a little bit about the synchronicities surrounding the antique rosary she received from Sara (and MoJo!) for her birthday. We will introduce you to St. Andre (ANDRE - A?) of Montreal, Canada, the latest member of Brick Management.  Thanks for joining us! Is Synchronicity a recurring theme in your life?  Like old ass bricks? Just want to yell at us on Twitter?
March 08, 2021
Episode 11: Saint James and Synchronicities
This episode, we are going to tell you about another wonderful Hidden brick building built with the assistance of Mother Joseph, the Saint James the Greater Proto-Cathedral in downtown Vancouver, Washington. When you examine the building's history, even back to how the land was acquired, this cathedral has been a site of synchronicity since the very day it was planned.   The original church was established by Father Blanchet at Fort Vancouver and had strong ties to the Army and the Hudson's Bay Company. Within minutes of being in Vancouver to see Hidden bricks in person for the first time, Andrea found herself dumbfounded by a string of synchronicities surrounding this Cathedral that continues to unfold, most of them surrounding her brother James. For a deeper look at the history of the church and Saint James, head over to the St. James Cathedral page on our site. We'll review a bit of that history on this episode, and dig deeper into the building's connections to the God Pan later on Episode 13 of Two Witches Podcast. It's starting to get really weird, now!
February 19, 2021
Episode 10: Part Two: Cursed By Shrek! Let's Talk about Dybbuk Boxes!
TW: Language, Discussion of Sexual Situations, Clown Abortion, Demons, Massive amounts of SARCASM.  Part Two of our discussion with Missouri artist about the massive amount of fakery in the Paranormal! Make sure you check the show notes to get your fill of weird horror! Make sure to comment "F*CK YOU DAVID HEAD!" on our pinned post on out Twitter at @TwoWitchesPod - to win one of Janice.Click's cursed prizes! See you again soon to talk about what dowsing has to do with Nuns and Hidden Bricks!
February 12, 2021
Previously on Two Witches (Trailer)
Janice.Click Promotional Clip! Learn what the madness is all about. 
February 05, 2021
Episode 9: Cursed By Shrek! Let's Talk about Dybbuk Boxes!
TW: Language, Discussion of Sexual Situations, Clown Abortion, Demons, Massive amounts of SARCASM.  Some of this "brick shit" we dive into comes paired with heavy emotional work, whether we like it of not. Sometimes it can be exhausting, but being too stubborn to quit when things are hard is something that Andrea and Sara both have in common with the pioneer nuns at the center of this weird story. Fortunately, not all of our research into bricks leads us to the existential questioning we are now both familiar with. We LOVE when our questing leads to the FUN kind of high strangeness we live for instead. When Sara bought a random antique fire brick from Fulton, Missouri on ebay for some weird reason, it actually ended up being a hint to look into the area. Soon she discovered an artist from Fulton who was making cursed objects similar to her own "cursed repaints,"  and we just knew we had to talk to them!  Get ready to learn more about's Dybbuk boxes, curses,  renegade filmmaking of demon catching, and of course... All about the horrifying PIGMAN that terrorizes the midwest! While Sara was ranting about the huge amount of fakery in the paranormal with our friend Chris from The Eternal Void, but with Jazz, they started searching for Dybbuk boxes on ebay to make fun of and use as examples of this bullshit.    Suddenly stumbling upon a listing for a terrifying "SHREK  DYBBUK BOX",  Sara was SOMEHOW ABSOLUTELY AND MYSTERIOUSLY COMPELLED to buy it! Also, if you like Zak Bagans or Ghost Adventures, you might want to sit this episode out. Sara gets really spicy about Bagans and his (literally) crappy murder museum in Las Vegas that she was suckered into going to in April 2018. Make sure you visit us on Twitter @TwoWitchesPod the week we drop the episode for instructions on how to win some of's items!
February 05, 2021
Episode 8: The Haunted Bricks of Salem Oregon
TW: Language, Death/Murder (historical, some involving  women).  Last episode we talked about how this "Brick Shit" seems to be contagious. We’re going to share some more of that unfolding madness with you as it seems to be spreading! We are also going to talk about an amazing historic site that we recently visited together, the Willamette Heritage Center, and tell you about the hauntings experienced there due to its high liminality. Check the Pinned Post on our Twitter on the first week the episode is dropped to enter win a potentially haunted brick piece from here! We will also include some postcards of the Haunted Mill so you can brag to all of your weird friends why you have a chunk of old  red brick. GOOD LUCK! Contest will close the day that Episode 9 Drops! Way back in Episode One we told you this "Brick Shit" was contagious. Sara send out a batch of Hiddens to new members of #TeamBrick and immediately strange things began happening... to at least 6 people.   Even our friends Sam and Sage from Your Brain On Weird Podcast have been sucked in with a wild brick synchronicity of their own, 5 years in the making!
January 31, 2021
Episode 7: Witches Making Friends With A Saint - Blessed Emilie Gamelin
TW: Language, Death/Murder (historical - involving children, women).  You've learned about MoJo, but before there was MoJo there was Emilie, a humble and kind French Canadian nun that is well on her way to Sainthood, who happened to be Mother Joseph's closest friend and confidante.    Much like Sara discovering similarities between Mother Joseph and herself, soon Andrea became dumbfounded when she started lining up the number of synchronicities between Blessed Emilie Gamelin and herself.  We'll talk about who Emilie was, what she was like, and why she's important to this Haunted Brick story.  Her message of faith and resilience is one we all could benefit from in the current trying times.     For a deeper dive into Emilie Gamelin, head over to her page on Brick Mojo. We told you it was contagious. Way back in Episode One we told you this "Brick Shit" was contagious. Sara recently sent out a batch of Hiddens to new members of #TeamBrick and immediately strange things began happening... to at least 6 people in one week!   We'll wrap this episode up by sharing one of stories about the brick synchronicities that are starting to creep into the lives of the listeners of this podcast. We'll tell you about more of them on the next episode.  Are the bricks talking to you too? Tell us all about it on Twitter @TwoWitchesPod!
January 23, 2021
Episode 6 - Part Two: A Man's Experience Inside the Academy
Sara's husband Dave joins us for part two of the virtual tour on episode 6 to discuss why men might have a bad time on the haunted top floor of the old school, convent, and orphanage that is considered Mother Joseph's finest work.   This amazing historic site is also in grave danger of partial demolition by the City of Vancouver for a dirty development deal under shady circumstances.   We really want you to be able and visit the whole site yourselves sometime in the future, and you can help us make that happen. MoJo needs our help.   Action items to help us fight to save it are at the bottom of the Academy Tour Page. SHOW NOTES HERE.  We are absolutely humbled by the response to the launch of our Spreadshirt Site - and the Big John shirt certainly seems like a hit. Thank you to all that have ordered, and all those that continue to listen and support our work! WE LOVE YOU!
January 15, 2021
Episode 5 - A Visit To MoJo's House - The Providence Academy
On this special two part episode, we take you on a tour of The Providence Academy in Vancouver, Washington, the last remaining building Mother Joseph herself built, where she lived and died.  The best way to experience these two episodes is to head over to the Providence Academy page to follow along with the photos as we walk through and describe the building's details.  (We will link the episode audio there too.)  You also can go to the bottom of the page to find out how to help us save this place - we've made the easy action links clickable for you.  It appears that this building is ground zero for Hidden Brick magick and we'll tell you why. Why might hauntings experienced there over the years continue to happen?  Rumors of reasons for the activity here include CURSED BRICKS and a HAUNTED BELL.  We'll separate the fact from the fiction when it comes to the local rumors here. SHOW NOTES HERE.
January 15, 2021
Ode to Pepe
Fuck Pepe the Frog! A dramatic reading for our friend Chris.
January 08, 2021
Episode Four: A Transmission From 1871
TW: Language  Last episode we told you about when Sara found that first Hidden brick from 1871 that kicked off this whole Brick Madness for us both. This time we give you brief history lesson on the English Hudson's Bay Company and how bricks first arrived in Clark County to build Fort Vancouver, where the first Catholic Settlement to the area was located. John McLoughlin, a French Canadian employee in charge of the Hudson's Bay Company at Fort Vancouver, wrote his friend Father Blanchet in Montreal, Canada asking for help for the new settlement. Turns out McLoughlin himself is also connected to both Andrea AND Sara's family... and still seen haunting Oregon City.  McLoughlin's letter to Canada brought an order of nuns to the area, led by new Superior Mother Joseph of the Sacred Heart.  MoJo herself was the catalyst for the creation of the Hidden Brick Company,  and she won't let us forget it.  The Synchronicity web making up this story begins to weave itself together as we start lining out the long line of connections surrounding the Hudson's Bay Company.
January 06, 2021
Episode Three: Fathers and Daughters...
TW: Death, Dark Themes, Language   There was a different subject planned for Episode 3 (which is now going to be Episode 4), but as our listeners will soon learn, Mother Joseph continually makes her presence known as we continue this project and steers it accordingly.    One of the patterns that keeps happening is finding unexpected familial connections to the players in this Hidden brick story, again and again.  Sara learned through discussions with her husband Dave that his grandfather Billy worked in WWII at a Vancouver site that is related to the Hidden family called the Kaiser Shipyard.    A string of local tragedies linked to the industrial area began in the 1940s, and as we told you in Episode Two, Sara herself has a history with the marine industry and some connected local hauntings in particular.  Seeing the latest family link as a sign to take a deeper look into the area, Sara went to take photos of the supposedly haunted Kaiser boatyard for the Hidden Brick page of our website.    It turned out that Dave's grandfather working there as a young man wasn't the biggest Synchronicity whopper that day, which unexpectedly led to Sara sobbing in a random neighborhood park on a Saturday afternoon.    We promise never to leave you bummed out at the end of an episode - we will end with a discussion about how the very first live tweeting of Episode 1 by our friend and MothPit Network founder Sage left us crying with laughter and led to a funny T-shirt.   Do you roll with Big John too?  Tell us all about it on Twitter @TwoWitchesPod!
December 27, 2020
Two Two Minutes or Less (Trailer)
Two Witches Podcast. A shadowy flight into the dangerous world of two women who do not exist.
December 17, 2020
Episode Two: ...And We Like That.
The second of a two part introductory discussion with Brick Management, on this episode we focus on Andrea's early experiences with the weird, and how growing up Catholic helped shape that lens. In order to understand why Hellier spoke to us so strongly, we have to look back at the trajectory of Sara and Andrea's lives long before we met, and why it seemed to be fated we would be friends. We'll also discuss why we call the wonderful weirdo known as John E.L. Tenney "Michigan Gandalf," and how the haunted Hayden Island, Oregon seems to be the starting place of what we now affectionally call "The Brick Shit." And we'll tell a couple of local ghost stories as we start to lay out what's happening around these mysterious Hidden bricks. For More Information on Jantzen Beach Amusement Park, here's a great website with some history and photos. Complete show notes HERE! Thanks for joining us! Find out first when we release new episodes! Follow us on Twitter at @TwoWitchesPod. TW: Suicide, Death, Dark Themes, Language
December 17, 2020
Episode One: We Do What We Want...
The first of a two party introductory discussion laying the foundation with your Brick Management Team about why we created a podcast, and why we are so interested in bricks.  We also introduce the paranormal Phenomenon known as Synchronicity,  and why we became interested in it after watching Hellier.  We promise this is not a "Trauma Podcast," but we have to briefly discuss some darker subjects like generations of abuse, suicide, addiction and mental illness, and how Sara's choosing a different path than her ancestors primed the way for a life of magick and high strangeness.   Part one focuses on Sara's introduction to the weird, and how growing up in what she calls "The House of Smoke and Mirrors" primed her to notice signs, symbols, patterns and anything unusual.   Also minor blasphemy will occur, because we do what we want. We hope you'll stick around for part two, after we are warmed up and where we get into some spooky local hauntings! Complete show notes HERE! TW: Suicide, Death, Dark Themes, Language
December 17, 2020