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Growth Impact Podcast

Growth Impact Podcast

By Ugoo Chinwuba
Growth Impact is a podcast where we educate on business, entrepreneurship, life, career and how to grow exponentially and become a successful millennial.

Welcome to the high performance zone!

Growth impact : Leaving An Impact for Eternity
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The Come Back

Growth Impact Podcast

The Come Back
This conversation deepens into a few clarity I received while I was away trying to find myself and escape Rock bottom but then the truth is these things are inevitable it is how you deal with these challenges that matter. Kindly Follow Growth Impact podcast : Instagram:  Connect with Ugoo Chinwuba Instagram: Twitter:  Linkedln:  WhatsApp: +2348107103788
August 09, 2022
Deep thoughts On Creativity
This episode was inspired by a book ( MASTERY ) written by one of my favorite authors Robert Greene. I was reading in the earlier hours of this day 17th January 2022, 5:50 Am, when I came across a passage that led me into some deep thoughts about creativity and mastery which then led to me recording a voice note which I shared with my community ! I felt this shouldn’t be for the community alone, The whole world has to listen to this. Now Here We are. If you’ll like to Reach me via my social media : IG & Twitter : Ugoo_Chinwuba. WhatsApp : +2348107103788 . please follow This amazing podcast on Instagram @Growthimpactpodcast.
January 17, 2022
INDOCTRINATIONS - false gods over our life
Do you feel like a certain Belief is hindering you from pushing yourself to grow. This Episode talks about False Beliefs that serves as gods in our lives and controls us which we must eliminate. QUOTE : Be Careful What You believe Follow Growth Impact podcast : Instagram: Connect with Ugoo Chinwuba Instagram: Twitter: Linkedln: WhatsApp: +2348107103788
January 24, 2021
Why Are You Not Patient !
In this episode I shared a Few thoughts we Needed to ponder on. I had this disturbing thought for a couple hours so I shared it with my friend and I'm Also sharing it with you too.
August 14, 2020
Let's Talk About August
I had an epiphany Few days Before August first So I decided To Lunch a webinar with My Community! On there we talked about Our plans Goals and Life In General.
August 05, 2020
Life On the farm with Joe McCarthy.
A 17 year old kid shares his story of being just an ordinary kid on the farm to becoming an entrepreneur, marketer,farmer, leader and generating over one thousand dollars monthly from his High Income skills. Welcome to Growth Impact Podcast : Living An Impact for Eternity. 
May 26, 2020
Do you want to know why Discipline is very important listen to this wonderful episode as i share with you ways you can discipline yourself to become a successful millennial.  Please subscribe to my Podcast for more impact content that will change your life and challenge you to grow.
May 12, 2020
This is a brief Review of what we Will be educating you on, on this platform.
April 20, 2020