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By UNDO Ordinary
UNDO RADIO - Tune in to our podcast show where we unpack our world of street athlete culture, wellness, and how we undo ordinary.
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UNDO RADIO: Ep 3 - Creating your Moments w/ Nick Onken

UNDO Radio

Ep 14 - Getting To Know Aire Libre
The UNDO Podcast joins you this week from Mexico, where we sit down with Mauricio Díaz and Daniel Almazán Klinckwort for Episode 14. We talk about Aire Libre, their creative agency focused on wellness and running, and we delve into how running helps one connect with nature and culture, through interactions with people, communities and new surroundings. Origins of Aire Libre [04:30] Growing a Network through Community [10:50] Learning from the Outside [22:42] What do they always have packed? [33:18] What about Virtual Reality? [42:12] Aire Libre UNDO Ordinary Producer: Wasiq Al Mamun
April 2, 2020
Ep 13 - Pursuing Your Passion Across Multiple Platforms w/ Sahra Nguyen
Sahra Nguyen joins us on Episode 13, where we talk about pursuing passions across multiple platforms, discuss race and segregation in society, and also delve into the story of Vietnamese coffee. Origins of Listening Party [00:29] Multiplatform Pursuits fuelled by Activism [02:12] Focus and Productivity at Work [08:55] The "We Gon' be Alright" Docuseries and Race [16:28] Nguyen Coffee Supply and Vietnamese Coffee [23:56] Sahra Nguyen Nguyen Coffee Supply UNDO Ordinary S/O to our partners @ListeningPartyPresents and @CanalStreetMarket Producer: Wasiq Al Mamun
March 12, 2020
UNDO RADIO: Ep 12 - Knowing When To Say "No" w/ Shawna X
We're joined by Shawna X on the podcast, as we delve into her experiences in the creative industry, involving managing her social media presence, dealing with the problems of lowballing, and working through her pregnancy. Who is Shawna X? [00:28]  Balancing Social Media Presence and Creating Quality [02:50]  The problems of lowballing in creative industries [11:13]  Work and Pregnancy [23:23]  Lightning Round Questions [28:10] Shawna X UNDO Ordinary S/O to our partners @ListeningPartyPresents and @CanalStreetMarket Links Pricing Design Work & Creativity - Producer: Wasiq Al Mamun
March 5, 2020
UNDO RADIO: Ep 11 - Getting Results From Intensity w/ Rich Tu
Check out Episode 11 with Rich Tu as we talk about getting results from intensity and focusing on your next move, body dysmorphia in men, and Rich's podcast First Gen Burden.  I listen to Travis Scott when I run, and I watch Brooklyn 99 while I eat Adobo [3:35] I’ve been quitting my way to the top for over a decade [8:29] Know that you can have a bad game [18:44] I didn’t want people thinking there’s Rich Tu 'he's big as hell [26:30] Sanity walks [30:11] Rich Tu UNDO Ordinary S/O to our partners @ListeningPartyPresents and @CanalStreetMarket Links First Gen Burden Podcast - Producer: Jamie McCracken
February 27, 2020
UNDO RADIO: Ep 10 - Learning the Language of Hip Hop w/ Jaeki Cho
Check out Episode 10 with Jaeki Cho as we talk about the impact of our upbringing, dissect the usefulness of focus, and muse on how our priorities change with age. The 7 Train is like the Nile [3:30]  When Hip Hop became a business [9:19]  Celebrating differences in work styles, ADD [13:00]  $6.99 Per Pound podcast, Jaeki is righteous, hot food delis [17:26]  Creating a cultural hub in Flushing [23:20]  There's a formula to everything [27:36]  The most rewarding projects are never the biggest [31:59] Jaeki Cho - UNDO Ordinary S/O to our partners @ListeningPartyPresents and @CanalStreetMarket Links Roy Choi in Broken Bread - $6.99 Per Pound - Bad Rap Trailer - Alumni - Producer: Jamie McCracken
February 20, 2020
UNDO RADIO: Ep 9 - Being There for This Generation and the Next w/ Josh Mock
Check out Episode 9 with Josh Mock as we talk about Uptown New York's pace setting spirit, what's missing from a 21st century upbringing, and handball. For me it was the freedom [7:37]  Nobody's giving out real advice [10:16]  The internet doesn't dictate anybody's hustle [16:46]  Give the kids an outlet where they can do shit on their own [20:34]  A lot of the people behind the scenes are from Uptown [25:00] Uptown keeps it between us [26:59]  We either do it the way we want, or we don't do it at all [28:28] Josh Mok - Wru Crew - UNDO Ordinary S/O to our partners @ListeningPartyPresents and @CanalStreetMarket Producer: Jamie McCracken
February 14, 2020
UNDO x Nion Life Interviews - Kassia Meador
Nick Onken and pro surfer Kassia Meador talk about our understanding of age, the physical manifestations of aging, and how her personal aging process takes different forms with different people around her.
February 8, 2020
UNDO x Nion Life Interviews - Tero Isokauppila
Joining Nick Onken is Tero Isokauppila, founder of Four Sigmatic, who chats with Nick about the our definitions of age, and how we can physically and physiologically affect our own aging process.
February 8, 2020
UNDO x Nion Life Interviews - Latham Thomas
Nick Onken talks to Latham Thomas, who talks about her different perspectives on the concept of aging, and how she ties it in with youthfulness and community.
February 8, 2020
UNDO x Nion Life Interviews - Emily Fletcher
Nick Onken talks to Emily Fletcher from Ziva Mediation, about her mission to eradicate unnecessary suffering, her perspectives on meditation and the different types and effects of aging.
February 8, 2020
UNDO x Nion Life Interviews - Andrew Sealey
Yoga movement extraordinaire Andrew Sealy joins Nick Onken on the Nion Life Interviews, and they talk about their perspectives on aging, and staying young and happy.
January 29, 2020
UNDO RADIO: Ep 8 - Designing a Fresh Lifestyle & Committing to Consistency w/ Bunmi Fagbenro
Check out Episode 8 with Bunmi Fagbenro as we talk about working beyond the myth of deleting social, and the time it takes to start saying 'no' along the way to self-discovery.  Calling in sick, NYC vs London [4:00] I've learned to make planning sexy [6:29] I just don't want people to have so much access to me [12:05] If I really want to mean what I say I have to write things down [23:10] It took me 10 years to figure out who I want to be in the world of design [29:19] Bunmi Fagbenro UNDO Ordinary S/O to our partners: Listening Party and Canal Street Market. Producer: William Chang
October 24, 2019
UNDO RADIO: Ep 7 - Developing Intimacy w/ Aviva Klein
Check out Episode 7 with Aviva Klein as we ask what quirks bring emotions to our surface. Through Aviva's long career as a photographer, we learn about relationships, taking care of energies, and the benefit of solitude. Hip Hop Photographer Inspiration - Mike Schriber & Jonathan Mannion [1:48] Capturing Intimacy and Honesty through Photography [2:30] Claiming Identity in a world of Copycats [11:06] Tackling Social and Political ideas through Art [14:25] Aviva’s 10 year work gallery show [16:47] Balancing energies to create your best work [18:27] Clearing your thoughts through Meditation [21:05] Aviva Klein UNDO Ordinary S/O to our partners: Listening Party and Canal Street Market. Producer: William Chang
October 19, 2019
UNDO RADIO: Ep 6 - Creating Your Why & Building Community @ Sessions w/ Thea Hughes
Check out Episode 6 with Thea Hughes - Creative Marketing Director and fitness coach for Session NYC. What is Session? [1:20] Exercise vs Training - Planning Fitness Systematically [3:35] Growing up as a Dancer and Having Scoliosis [7:00] Craving Community in the Locker Room [10:50] Building Community-Focused Classes at Session [14:00] Getting caught up in the Trend of Fitness; Staying accountable and Creating Your Why [20:25] Sharing Energy and Sweating Collectively to Build Community [26:00] Thea Maxine UNDO Ordinary S/O to our partners: Listening Party and Canal Street Market. Producer: William Chang
October 14, 2019
UNDO RADIO: Ep 5 - Living A Peaceful Life through Design w/ Naomi Otsu
Check out Episode 5 with Naomi Otsu. She's a Parsons alum and former senior designer at Opening Ceremony. Tune in as we chatted about the relations of design and a peaceful life. Also check out her project with New York Nico - NYC Train Tips & Tidbits. How does design correlate with a peaceful life? [1:30] Misinformation is like a Virus [8:32] “NYC Train Tips & Tidbits” with New York Nico [12:00] Inspiring and Fueling your Creative Muscles [16:05] Speaking Up in the Workplace [19:10] Transitioning from Running to Yoga/Lifting Weights [22:23] Listening to Your Body [24:29] Unlocking Emotions through Stretches [28:29] Naomi Otsu UNDO Ordinary S/O to our partners: Listening Party and Canal Street Market. Producer: William Chang
October 12, 2019
UNDO RADIO: Ep 4 - Saying What You Mean & Meaning What You Say w/ Seher
Check out Episode 4 with Seher as we talk about booty chakras, saying what you mean and meaning what you say, and balancing the internet with our hustle. Seher UNDO Ordinary S/O to our partners: Listening Party and Canal Street Market. Producer: William Chang
October 12, 2019
Almost 30 x UNDO on Defying Stereotypes, Pushing Limits + Cultivating Community
At this year's Propel Co:Labs Fitness Festival, the founders of UNDO magazine, Nai Vasha & Sophia Chang sat down with Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik of Almost 30 to share about UNDO and its mission to shed light on issues, stories, people and brands in wellness, fashion, and fitness. As two dedicated entrepreneurs who are always pushing the envelope, Sophia and Vasha share how they came together and founded UNDO Mag. They explain ways the fitness and wellness industry has changed, like with influencers and athletes. Both ladies are passionate about breaking stereotypes, and making wellness information accessible to all ages and races. They empower individuals to dive into self-discovery and push beyond fear.  They also discuss about:  What health and wellness means to Nai & Sophia  Sharing stories around mental health  Why they print their magazine vs. digital  Ways they break barriers and push their limits  Building a platform & community for people to use their voices  How they manage their workflow & “business hygiene”  S/O to Almost 30 for inviting us to share UNDO's journey. UNDO Ordinary
October 7, 2019
UNDO RADIO: Ep 3 - Creating your Moments w/ Nick Onken
Check out Episode 3 with Nick Onken - lifestyle photographer and philanthropist as we discuss what it means to create your moments, building schools in Ghana with Justin Bieber, and meditative practices for a creative spirit. Nick Onken UNDO Ordinary S/O to our partners: Listening Party and Canal Street Market. Producer: William Chang
March 6, 2019
UNDO RADIO: Ep 2 - Staying Respected and Paid w/ Jasmine Takanikos & Claire Fountain
Undo Radio Ep. 2 with Jasmine Takanikos and Claire Fountain. Check out our second episode of our podcast series. Join us on our conversation as we talked about building your voice and brand entity as well as the obstacles as women in industry. Jasmine Takanikos Claire Fountain UNDO Ordinary S/O to our partners: Listening Party and Canal Street Market.
February 26, 2019
UNDO RADIO: Ep 1 - Beating the Boys w/ Leigh Gerson
Undo Radio Ep. 1 with badass runner Leigh Gerson. Check out our very first episode of our podcast series. Join us on our conversation as we talked about women in running, negative space, and flip phones! Leigh Gerson UNDO Ordinary S/O to our partners: Listening Party and Canal Street Market.
February 15, 2019