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Unhackable FM

Unhackable FM

By UnhackableFM
5 friends, experienced Growth, Product and Digital chaps, shoot the sh*t about the industry.

We take aim at the nonsense and also try to add value, give advice and generally have some fun whilst we are at it.

We called it Unhackable FM, to start moving the conversation away from "Hacking Growth". Which we believe is a misconception in our industry.
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Episode 2: Outsourcing, managing your marketing spend during Corona and learning in lockdown.

Unhackable FM

Episode 2: Outsourcing, managing your marketing spend during Corona and learning in lockdown.
Hello! We are back with a new name and 3 hot topics.  Outsourcing the good, the bad, and the ugly. (How we use freelancers and should you use an agency or a consultancy?) Managing advertising and marketing spend during Corona (Your ad-spend has gone up and leads have gone down, what should you do?) Learning and up-skilling during lockdown - we address the "You have to come out of lockdown with a new skill" For those of you that want to learn on a budget, Luke shared his learning and development tips on how to use freelancers to create personalised courses.  We also rebranded and launched a website :) 
May 24, 2020
The Pilot: It's rough, it's ready and it's a bit unsteady. We call it the Growth Gab (for now).
A fun, pun-filled podcast where we try to move the conversation about growth, product and marketing forward to 2020 and beyond.*   With fellow hosts Ferdinand Goetzen,  Ignacio Gallegos, Gino Arendsz, Patrick Layer and special guest Skip van der Lande, (who brought along his podcast kit so we could actually record this thing) we discuss the growing demand for Podcasts and how you can run them too!**  *It has some swearing. Please be warned :)  **It has some discussions about alcohol and drugs.  
April 6, 2020