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By Igor Orlicki
📣 the meaning of life,

💙 how to lead a happy life,

🌄 dealing with a crisis,

👫 connecting with other people,

🛤 what it means to be enlightened,

🎩 what it means to be your “real” self,

☯ the nature of acceptance in life being one of the most life-altering concepts,

📢 issues with current society models,

🎛 how ego operates in us,

⚖ mind beliefs and their impact,

⏰ what being in the moment really is

and finally, the Universe Laws, which have their own significant part in the book, as they describe the fundamental nature and principles of how our life works.
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Is happiness a choice? - Let's talk Spirituality with Igor Orlicki

Self-discipline - the power to change old habits
To take back control over your life self-discipline as an ability to make good repetitive choices over time is superhuman power. It is one of the most critical skills no matter the path or philosophy you adopt. 
July 20, 2022
Walking the spiritual path
What does it mean to consciously walk the spiritual path of life? To make choices that consider our internal growth and their power. #happiness #depression #satisfaction #mindfulness #moment #relax #empowerment #mind #ego #acceptance
July 05, 2022
Happiness is not a race
Life makes us think that only being number one counts for anything. Anything else should make only feel hunger to be number one. The reality is that majority never reach this level and struggle thinking they are not enough. I am here to tell you are enough and explore more on the topic of how it is not about a race as they try telling us, but more about enjoying the way and process. The paradox is that when you learn to enjoy the way often it makes you become better at whatever destination is aim for. #happiness #depression #satisfaction #mindfulness #moment #relax #empowerment #mind #ego #acceptance
June 27, 2022
Prioritize own happiness and remove victim mentality
Taking our power back from ego is a difficult play, but once done it gives you the necessary power to create your own life, own beliefs, and choices. Necessary components of a happier existence.  #happiness #depression #satisfaction #mindfulness #moment #relax #empowerment #mind #ego #acceptance
June 21, 2022
Release grudges to lead happier life
Grudges are holding us back, learning how to work with them, and releasing them is key to achieving happier states of being.  It is not an easy topic, as grudge often comes from someone hurting us, but at the same time it is equal for us being friends with these people but more releasing negative impact they have on our internal self. #happiness #depression #satisfaction #mindfulness #moment #relax #empowerment #mind #ego #acceptance
June 14, 2022
Happiness and our mental/emotional game
Different things influence how we feel, some are connected with our mind and how we think, but also emotional wounds from the past can make a difference. In this episode, I explore these ideas. #happiness #depression #satisfaction #mindfulness #moment #relax #empowerment #mind #ego #acceptance
June 07, 2022
Is happiness a choice?
Is happiness a choice? Very important question. In this episode, I dive into topics of how to understand happiness. What sort of essential elements influence it. By the end of the episode you will know how to think about happiness better and by this get more happy states of being. tackles topics like: finding happiness influencing depression in a positive way way of how the Universe operates laws of the Universe - manifestation, karma working with your mind overcoming ego ways and many more important life concepts 🔔✔️Book is available on Amazon 🔔✔️Subscribe to the newsletter to receive updates and unique content 🔔✔️Subscribe to the Youtube Channel to be informed about new videos 🔔✔️Follow me on Twitter 🔔✔️Join the closed group on Facebook to connect with likeminded people
May 31, 2022
It took 12 years to write a book, a story on channeling and life-changing concepts
In the first episode, you will hear the origin story of the project. How it all began, what channeling is, and how the concepts came to be. It is an excellent intro to further episodes to come.  🔔✔️Book is available on Amazon  🔔✔️Subscribe to the newsletter to receive updates and unique content  🔔✔️Subscribe to the Youtube Channel to be informed about new videos 🔔✔️Follow me on Twitter  🔔✔️Join the closed group on Facebook to connect with likeminded people 
May 24, 2022