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Uwe Boll RAW U.S.A. ( Society & Culture, News, Film, Indie Cinema, Celebrity Stories ) Podcast

Uwe Boll RAW U.S.A. ( Society & Culture, News, Film, Indie Cinema, Celebrity Stories ) Podcast

By Uwe Boll RAW U.S.A.
Uwe Boll has directed over 35 motion pictures that have starred such acclaimed actors as Jason Statham, Ben Kingsley, Ron Perlman, Ray Liotta and more.. This show will take you down the rabbit hole of the most infamous Director in Motion Picture history. A genius of social commentary, Uwe Boll brings it to you straight here on the podcast version of the YouTube sensation, Uwe Boll: RAW starring Dr. Uwe Boll & co-host Gary Otto. Subscribe today for social commentary and news commentary from the TRUE dynamic duo for the modern era.
Bloodrayne brand new 4k transfer, Cobra Kai Netflix, Russia v Ukraine, Pipeline Terrorism, & More
In this episode we discuss current news and some entertainment news, as well as an insiders look on Uwe Bolls future film slate. Visit
September 28, 2022
Uwe Boll: RAW U.S.A. Russia Tactical Nukes, WWIII, Also Uwe Boll Films To Finally Go 4k?
Uwe Boll: RAW U.S.A. is Uwe Boll & Gary Otto. Visit
September 22, 2022
Sept 13, 2022 Boll / Otto - Ukraine Gains Ground? Marilyn Monroe “Blonde” Controversy, King Charles
In this episode we talk about the royal family, the latest developments in the Ukraine war as well as Trump being in D.C. and more. Visit
September 13, 2022
Uwe Boll RAW: U.S.A. Russian Oligarch Mysterious Deaths, Review of Jurassic World Park part 6
Uwe Boll and Gary Otto host the latest episode of the podcast Uwe Boll: RAW USA - visit
September 01, 2022
Uwe Boll new film HANAU available now, we talk about the film. Also - Trump: Will He Go To Prison?
Buy HANAU on Amazon here:
August 19, 2022
We talk Warner Discovery strategy, Salman Rushdie recovering after extremist attack, Trump’s Safe &+
Trump could be in a lot of trouble, finally - salman Rushdie attacked, and more. Visit
August 14, 2022
Trump Raided! The FBI catches up to 45. Also Germany’s Gas Crisis, Why POSTAL is required viewing
Welcome to Uwe Boll: RAW U.S.A. where we talk social activity, pop culture, and world news with Uwe Boll and Gary Otto. On this episode we talk why Batgirl was shelved by David Zaslav, Germany’s gas crisis, and more! Visit today!
August 09, 2022
Uwe Boll: Raw U.S.A. July 29, 2022 - Manchin, Global Environment, Russia v Ukraine continues
Uwe Boll and Gary Otto are back for another hard-hitting episode of Uwe Boll: RAW U.S.A. Visit
July 29, 2022
Uwe Boll RAW U.S.A. Sunday July 16, 2022 -we talk Covid vaccine side effects? Germany power shortage
Uwe Boll is back with co-host Gary Otto on the show that is redefining the podcast - no holds barred! Visit
July 17, 2022
Otto 43rd Birthday Special! Uwe Boll: RAW U.S.A. Profane Exhibit, Bloodrayne, Abe Assassin & More
Today we talk: Hollywood insider secrets, trade film buyer culture, Ukraine war, and much more! Visit
July 09, 2022
Uwe Boll: RAW U.S.A. 4th of July 2022 special
Happy Fourth of July! Visit
July 04, 2022
R Kelly Conviction, Shocking new Jan 6 Trump testimony, Ghislaine Maxwell Sentenced. all this & more
Recorded June 29, 2022. Visit
June 29, 2022
Uwe Boll RAW U.S.A. is Uwe Boll & Gary Otto. Today we discuss world politics, Roe vs Wade & more
You give us 46 minutes, we give you the world. Visit
June 25, 2022
Uwe Boll Birthday Bash! 2022 Lightyear Bombs, Robotic surgery a success, Boll reads fan mail & more
I am like RoboCop now, part man, part machine. Visit
June 22, 2022
We talk: Casting Elliott Ness, Ukraine, Kavanaugh Threat Arrested & more!
Uwe Boll RAW U.S.A. June 6, 2022 with your hosts Uwe Boll and Gary Otto. Visit
June 09, 2022
We talk: working with Ray Liotta, Luke Perry & The Johnny Depp - Amber Heard verdict is here! & more
On today’s episode we talk the passing of Ray Liotta and the impact it has on Uwe Boll, as well as other actors lost in recent memory such as Luke Perry. We also talk politics, the Amber Heard Johnny Depp verdict and more! Visit
June 03, 2022
Uwe Boll / Gary Otto - Uwe Boll: RAW U. S. A. - Thursday May 26, 2022 - School Shooting /Gun Control
On today’s episode we discuss the tragic recent school shooting, and the need for a ban on Assault rifles logically. We also discuss other world events and current politics and The top ten Uwe Boll films. Visit
May 26, 2022
Monday May 22, 2022 Boll / Otto - Uwe Boll: RAW U.S.A. -We talk NESS motion picture, politics & more
Monday May 22, 2022 Boll / Otto - Uwe Boll: RAW U.S.A. - we talk pre-production on NESS Uwe Boll’s next motion picture, we talk current events & news. Great episode, share on your social media feed! Visit
May 23, 2022
Uwe Boll RAW U. S. A. -We talk Abortion Rights, Finland wants in to NATO. Review: No Time To Die 007
We talk Finland wanting into NATO, US abortion rights under siege, the Buffalo shooter, and some movie reviews! Visit
May 16, 2022
Otto goes to the movies! Dr Strange In The Multiverse of Madness 2022 review
This movie sucked a dong! My review by Gary Otto. Visit
May 08, 2022
Uwe Boll RAW U.S.A: The repercussions in modern warfare, Russia pulls out of Space Station, and more
Midway through Season 2 of Uwe Boll: RAW U.S.A. with your hosts Uwe Boll & Gary Otto. We talk Johnny Depp & Amber Heard trial, Rampage 4 when? Also Russia, wwiii and more. Visit
May 02, 2022
Live! From Universal Studios Volcano Bay! It’s Uwe Boll’s podcast Uwe Boll: Raw USA with Gary Otto
Today we broadcast live from inside the universal theme park! Oh boy! Visit - music used for this episode credits - Soulsavers: Dark end of the street. Leæther Strip: Mexican radio. Christopher Lee: judgment day. My Life with the thrill kill kult - prism (mata hari mix.)
May 01, 2022
We talk: Ukraine / Russia : Propaganda from both sides? Also the 500lb gorilla in the room: China !
Live from the Black Forest! Here is Uwe Boll: RAW U.S.A. where we talk real world news and happenings from around the globe in this striking episode. Visit
April 19, 2022
We talk The Internet Mob, Political Correctness Gone Awry, Putin, Ukraine & Transparency & More
Here we are with a brand new episode of Uwe Boll RAW U.S.A. where we reflect on current world events and give input for conversation on these topics. Go to
April 13, 2022
We talk In the Name of the King: behind the scenes memories, also Ukraine conflict, Putin, Covid
Episode 14: the phantom menace is here with the latest Uwe Boll RAW U.S.A. Today we talk more various news in world events, covid variants spreading, the sanctions against Russia, and Dungeon Siege! Visit
April 07, 2022
Boll / Otto Live! from ICON park in Orlando. Oscars, Ukraine update, Uwe Boll films & surgery!
Welcome to the Boll Zone with hosts Uwe Boll and Gary Otto here in a fantastic new episode of the show heard round the world, Uwe Boll RAW U.S.A. visit http://www
April 04, 2022
Uwe Boll BANDITOS Documentary, also hear a loose pitch as we develop Untitled Uwe Boll comedy &more
Uwe Boll & Gary Otto take you around the world with today's episode of Uwe Boll: RAW U.S.A. today we discuss future Uwe Boll film projects, and more! visit
March 25, 2022
Brett Kavanaugh vs UB40
The Brettman ain't take no UB40 lightly! In this gripping story of a young nerd and future politician during the Mtv generation. Visit
March 24, 2022
Uwe Boll: RAW U.S.A. Boll/Otto - Mar 22, 2022 - Life After Bauhaus, Future Boll Film Projects, &More
Welcome to another award winning episode of Uwe Boll: RAW U.S.A. with your hosts Uwe Boll & Gary Otto. We talk the Ukraine Invasion and other surrounding politics, as well as a first-person view on the next Uwe Boll film as it goes through development. Visit today. Share this episode on your social media or message board!
March 22, 2022
March 13 2022 Boll & Otto talk Pronouns & woke culture, Journalism selling out, Message To Zelinsky
Welcome to another episode of season 2 of the podcast project "Uwe Boll: RAW U.S.A." your hosts are Uwe Boll & Gary Otto. Today's episode is packed with commentary, don't fold your arms and have a temper tantrum. Open your horizons and listen! Real people, real talk, here on Uwe Boll: RAW U.S.A. - please share the episode on your social media if you support this content. Visit
March 13, 2022
Otto reviews The Batman (2022) Spoiler content warning
Otto reviews The latest Batman film. Be warned there are minor spoilers in this audio recording. Visit
March 12, 2022
Mar 8, 2022 - Ukraine / Russia, also Mental Health : CBD, HBO's Euphoria, + Uwe Boll Master Class
Uwe Boll and Gary Otto host this latest episode of Uwe Boll: RAW U.S.A. where we continue to discuss the Russia / Ukraine events as they unfold, we also talk mental health topic, HBO's top rated show Euphoria starring Zendaya and Uwe Boll preparing his version of a Master Filmmaking class. All this and more, post this show on your social media!
March 08, 2022
Uwe Boll RAW U.S.A. Boll / Otto - Mar 07, 2022 - Ukraine - A Nation Under Siege, A World In Crisis
Uwe Boll is back with co-host Gary Otto to talk how dangerous the situation in Ukraine is in regard to societal norms, world peace, economics, infrastructure and the domino effect of negative effect felt through the world in the wake of the invasion. Tune in and share this episode on your social media!
March 07, 2022
Uwe Boll: Raw U.S.A. w/ co-host Gary Otto (best show!) March 03, 2022 - Ukraine, Internet Sociopaths
The best show with the best hosts is here again! Share it on your feed and help the BEST SHOW EVER grow amidst the competitive online podcast market.
March 03, 2022
Uwe Boll: RAW U.S.A. - UKRAINE ATTACKED - w/ Uwe Boll & Gary Otto (Feb 27, 2022)
Hanging with the Boll man! Today on Uwe Boll: RAW U.S.A. we discuss the Russian invasion of the Ukraine and what could come from here in various possible scenarios. Visit
February 27, 2022
Real Talk with Gary Otto - This Fucked Up world - NYC gentrification, SLC timewarp - Feb 22, 2022
Gary Otto talks in a bonus episode, dated Feb 22, 2022. Uwe Boll Returns tomorrow. Visit
February 27, 2022
Feb 21, 2022 - Bonus episode - with Gary Otto - HANAU now available for purchase digitally
Hanau is available for purchase digitally
February 21, 2022
UWE BOLL: RAW U.S.A. (February 15, 2022) UWE BOLL RETURNS, UWE BOLL FOREVER. Brand New episode!
The geist with die meisten is back... Uwe Boll has returned to his own show after a much needed break. We talk mental health, Ukraine / Russia escalation, Golden Globes, Oscars, and more. BONUS: here is the link to the WIM HOF guided breathing exercise as talked about on this episode:
February 15, 2022
THE NEWS - Feb 13th - Gary Otto talks context of YouTube video "FUCK YOU ALL" & more
Gary talks how violations of the Hatch Act we're seen as badges of honor within his camp. Also talk the West Side Story remake and the context surrounding the creation of infamous Uwe Boll YouTube video "fuck you all" visit
February 13, 2022
THE NEWS - February 02, 2022 - w/ Gary Otto - Bob Saget details, Freedom Convoy
Gary talks about Bob Saget's death and the trends of our hypocrisy as a culture, the Freedom Convoy and those who abuse their status online to feed their own ego. Visit http://www
February 12, 2022
Uwe Boll RAW minus Uwe Boll - THE NEWS - with Gary Otto - February 11, 2022 - Zendaya, Kanye, Eilish
Gary talks the news for this Feb 11, 2022: Kanye West vs Billie Eilish - Trump destroyed Jan 6 Presidential records - Zendaya wax figure controversy. Visit
February 11, 2022
Gary talks about the film "The Matrix: Resurrections" and the confused or chilly response from the general public (the film was too smart) ...sad state that people can't "get it" visit
February 10, 2022
Razzies 2022 Noms! with Gary Otto - Dear Evan Hansen laugh riot of the year
It's that time of year again, The 2022 Razzies have been announced! Let's run through the nominees with Gary Otto right here on Uwe Boll: RAW U.S.A. visit
February 08, 2022
Real Talk w/ Gary Otto - Internet centralized living causing damage to people
A must-hear bonus episode of Uwe Boll: RAW U.S.A. "Real Talk with Gary Otto" todays topic is - the internet, our perception, our cruxes and our judgmental nature. Visit http://www
February 06, 2022
Tales From Hollywood w/ Gary Otto - topic: Johnny Lewis (Sons of Anarchy) May You Burn In Hell
Uwe Boll told me to keep going with content while he recovers, so here's a tale of fucked up, wannabe (dead) actor Johnny Lewis towards the end of his miserable life. Http://www
February 05, 2022
Where's Uwe Boll? The mystery is solved.
Listen to this short episode to crack the case! Order HANAU on Blu ray on DVD for release Feb 17, 2022 HERE:
February 04, 2022
Real Talk w/Gary Otto -So You Want To Be A Filmmaker? Candid Advice (Feb 02, 2022)
Uwe Boll is recovering from the flu so Gary Otto gets to host with his "Real Talk" segments here on Uwe Boll: RAW U.S.A. Today's episode: "So you want to be a filmmaker?" Candid story and advice to get your foot in the door for aspiring filmmakers. Visit
February 02, 2022
Real Talk w/ Gary Otto - topic: Kim Kardashian & Kanye Ye Yeezy West (January 28, 2022)
In this bonus episode, Gary talks Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and the aftermath of creating relationships built on lies and distractions. Visit http://www
January 28, 2022
Boll / Otto - We talk: Depression, Filmmaking, Perception, Trends, Ukraine. Unfiltered conversation
Uwe Boll & Gary Otto have a conversation without barriers as we get candid about public perception vs reality, the unforgiving nature of the modern genre film fan, filmmaking pressures: expectation vs reality, coping mechanisms after disappoinment, the Ukraine Invasion and more in this all-new episode of Uwe Boll: RAW U.S.A. Visit http://www.uwebollrawusamcom
January 21, 2022
Real Talk w/ Gary Otto - topic: SPAULDING GRAY (Jan 18, 2022)
In this bonus episode Gary Otto talks about Spaulding Gray. Visit
January 19, 2022
Boll/Otto on Julia Fox: "Look I'm famous & important now!" dialogue w/Russia, Covid vaccine fears
Welcome to another episode of the internet's absolute most authentic programme, where an American and a German come to riff off one another to bridge the gap between cultures in social attitudes, politics ... and more! Director Uwe Boll and his development Producer Gary Otto are here whether you listen or not! So if you enjoy this show, share it and help us grow. Stop caring so much what OTHERs think and live your life ethically with sincerity, stand up against division right here on Uwe Boll: RAW U.S.A.
January 18, 2022
Give Peace A Chance episode - Ukraine, Russia, NATO, Power & Pride, Trump, Biden, Saudis, News
Today we talk about various World effects like Russia and Biden finally having their meeting to talk about the feared invasion of the Ukraine. We talk about how we can come together for World Peace and more. Visit
January 13, 2022
Real Talk: with Gary Otto (An Uwe Boll: RAW story) January, 2022
Gary Otto speaks in his own segment! THE HOT EVENT THIS JANUARY! Visit
January 09, 2022
Fart Jar Girl: poster child for generation "uuh"? Hollywood's Biggest Bombs, We Do Obituaries+ more
Welcome to a brand new episode in a brand new season of Uwe Boll: RAW U.S.A. Today's episode we talk Obituaries for Peter Bogdanovich and Sidney Poitier. Also talk the woman jailed for bringing her teen son to the Jan 6 riots. We talk Hollywood's biggest losses like Heaven's gate, Battlefield Earth and PAN, where Hugh Jackman covers Nirvana songs. All this and more! Visit
January 08, 2022
Season 2 First Episode of 2022, We Talk The Divide Growing, Extremist Attitudes and their Half-life
Today your hosts Uwe and Gary talk about the extremist attitudes that are growing ever-present in ever more toxic in our social climate, infecting inappropriate places due to people's totalitarian attitudes and dysfunctional thought process. We talk about the continuing problem of people putting their heads in the sand while losing their humanity and focus. We talk a little bit of world Politics as well, but share this very important episode my friends. Visit http://www
January 05, 2022
New Year's Special 2022 - Uwe Boll: RAW U.S.A. - A Year In Review, What's Important?
Uwe Boll & Gary Otto look back at 2021 on New Year's Eve. The most important episode of the year. Everyone needs to hear this. Please help us grow by sharing the link on social media. Truth will out! Visit http://www
December 31, 2021
Hip-Hop gang culture street cred, Mafia & Underground Crime, Post-infection Covid recovery pill
Today Uwe Boll & Gary Otto talk about what will come now that the post-covid infection pill has been approved in the U.S. We also talk the effects of gang culture and street life worship in hip hop culture in the U.S. and Germany. All this and more! Visit http://www
December 27, 2021
Video game film Development insider conversation, Covid hurting film industry, Hand of God Netflix
Get an insiders view, right here on the latest episode of Uwe Boll: RAW U.S.A. where we openly discuss some development details of our Bloodrayne Reboot concept, we talk how the film industry is growing increasingly narrower productions that cost a lot more post-covid and Omicron is only making it harder for the independents, all this and more here on Uwe Boll: RAW U.S.A.
December 22, 2021
Trump on Tour with Bill O'Reilly, Pandemic, Kevin Hart, Wesley Snipes Netflix show is a banger &more
Today on an all-new Uwe Boll:RAW U.S.A. Uwe & Gary talk about the new Kevin Hart show on Netflix, we also talk Donald Trump and Bill O'Reilly's national tour in the United States, Rampage 4 ideas and more. Post this episode on your social media pages to support this program moving fwd. Visit http://www
December 12, 2021
Adele: A Bitch? Also, The TRUTH On Uwe Boll & German Tax Credit "Producer's Scheme" Truth Explained
In our most exciting episode yet, hosts Uwe Boll & Gary Otto talk about Adele being full of herself (ironic), the truth on the commonly repeated internet assumption if Uwe Boll and his "German Tax Credit scheme" - and much more. A fascinating insiders view behind the curtain on the Uwe Boll universe. Uwe Boll's social bar-b-que. Visit http://www
December 09, 2021
Further POSTAL 2 discussion, film industry talk, Preparing For Belsnickel, Russia Invading Ukraine
In this episode of Uwe Boll: RAW U.S.A we I have a discussion about the entertainment industry and the current climate for a possible Postal 2 feature film. We also discuss how product has taken control of people's self perception and devotion over any tempered reaction, political and consumerist brainwashing discussion. Also, we discussed Russia placing troops at the border of the Ukraine and Uwe Boll prepares for Belsnickel to come over for the Holidays. All this and more, share this podcast on your feed and go to http://www
December 05, 2021
POSTAL 2: Uwe Boll (wants) to shoot trailer to help crowdfund new motion picture December 3, 2021
We talk a few things at first but eventually get into Postal 2 and our new strategy to get the long awaited film made. With Uwe Boll and Gary Otto. Recorded December 3, 2021. Visit
December 03, 2021
The Secret of Bo Burnham's Success (Bonus)
Take it from me, it's no secret why the sexy millionaire is worldwide cool and hip.
December 02, 2021
Boll/ Otto - Dear Game Devs: Give Uwe Boll Film Rights & Enrich your Video Game Sales & More
A unique discussion you don't normally hear as Uwe Boll thinks Majesco should give him the film rights back to Bloodrayne, we talk developed but unfilmed Bloodrayne 4&5. Also we talk the dissolution of the quality of the film industry - studio quality vs Netflix quality, and more! Visit
December 01, 2021
R Kelly Convicted, Covid 19 vaccine conspiraists & misinformation crisis, Squid Game on Netflix,
On today's episode we talk about the recent Court verdict for the Space Jam crooner, Regactinol Kelly, also known as R. Kelly. Also discussed are the popular Netflix program, Squid Game. Visit
November 28, 2021
Covid Omicron variant discussion, Resident Evil Movie Reboot An Homage To Alone In The Dark? & More
Welcome to Uwe Boll RAW U.S.A. - in this episode we talk about the new covid variant that is worse than Delta variant, Omicron. We also discuss the new Resident Evil film, "Welcome To Raccoon City* and talk that it has multiple style and story choices lifted from Uwe Boll's film, Alone In The Dark. All this, and more on the best of politics, society and culture on Uwe Boll RAW U.S.A.
November 28, 2021
Strange films & shows on Netflix, Social Commentary, opinion & Current World Politics, Film Projects
Uwe Boll and Gary Otto talk about fucked up shows on Netflix, also we talk Postal 2, the long talked about, still unproduced film concept. Please share this podcast and subscribe so that it can grow like the seedling of a great oak. Hark!
November 28, 2021
'Banditos' Uwe Boll Documentary discussion, Biden Is Not Fighting Back, New Uwe Boll Movie "HANAU"
Let Uwe Boll & Gary Otto come into your home in this brand new podcast unlike other podcasts! Hear nuggets of truth and an honest perspective as we discuss the fact that Biden needs a new strategy to fight back, how folks are being brainwashed through manipulation, and we talk the new Uwe Boll film, "Hanau" and it's release update. Visit
November 28, 2021
Chris Chan Letter From Prison, CIA & Julian Assange, German Chancellor Elections, World Politics
Uwe Boll is back with co-host Gary Otto in the second episode of the new podcast, Uwe Boll RAW U.S.A. On this episode we discuss how Technicolor is closing development labs across the globe to fade out traditional celluloid film stock to a niche (expensive) market. Uwe talks about the 4k transfers of older Uwe Boll movies. We also talk the CIA attempt leak news on Julian Assange. We also talk internet personality Chris Chan's arrest and recent leak of his letter from prison. All this and more! Visit
November 28, 2021
Rampage 4, Postal 2, Hollywood, Indie Cinema Coronavirus, World Politics, News, B-Movies, Video Game
Finally Uwe Boll is here in podcast land to bring his popular YouTube series Uwe Boll: Raw to the masses here on Uwe Boll: Raw U.S.A. This is the commemorative first episode with Uwe Boll and Gary Otto talking into the void! On this episode we discuss: Rampage 4, Fan Mail, Coronavirus, Hollywood, and much more Please like, subscribe and share this new show. Visit
November 28, 2021
An Open Letter / Message For Tyler Perry, From Uwe Boll (Weds. Nov 24, 2021)
Uwe Boll with co-host Gary Otto have a message for Mr. Tyler Perry From Dr. Uwe Boll re: Breakdown of new Uwe Boll Al Capone project. Also commentary on internet impostors and hijackers and fraudsters pretending to be people they are not (this the need for an open letter message) dated Weds. Nov. 24, 2021.
November 24, 2021
The Case To Get Vaccinated, Re-edited Boll flicks discussion, Theatrical Exhibitor s have it hard
Uwe Boll is back with co-host Gary Otto. Today we discuss the modern state of the theatrical exhibition industry as well as Uwe Boll films alternate versions. We also give a very grounded talk on the case of why you should all just get vaccinated. Visit
November 20, 2021
U.S. Healthcare discussion, Kamala/ Biden Not In Sync Rumors, Elimination of Middle Class Must End
In this episode we talked about the elimination of the middle class by the eager GOP, also Steve Bannon has been indicted and we talked about that a little bit. Visit
November 15, 2021
AstroWorld Horror, Drake, Hip-Hop Culture, 007 No Time To Die (spoilers), Austria Covid Lockdown
Today we talk the AstroWorld tragedy and the effect on Travis Scott, his response, and the reaction to this tragedy. We also discuss Covid, Austria's lockdown, James Bond 007 "No Time To Die" & more! Visit
November 12, 2021
Lowtax dead, Kyle Rittenhouse, Destabilization of Democracy, Lines Between Patriotism & Propaganda
It's our most interesting episode yet here on Uwe Boll: RAW U.S.A. as Dr. Uwe Boll and one Mr. Gary Otto discuss the Kyle Rittenhouse trial & it's biased judge, the lines of decency blurring as patriotism gets toxified by propaganda, how Republican representatives prey on the weak or poor to get gains and alter the political playfield, and more! Visit
November 11, 2021
Hot (But Crazy) Trump Women, Hanau Film U.S. Release, Corona Crisis with guest Brad Pitt & Kanye
Today we discuss the physically hot but sadly mentally crazy Trump Women in Florida. We also talk Uwe Boll's long awaited return to film with his new movie, "Hanau" which is getting a U.S. release as well as a German one. Visit
November 05, 2021
Blackface Toronto Teacher Stupidi, Tyler Perry, Thanksgiving Preparation, world politics & film
It's that time of year again when everybody gets ready to hang out with their families for a weekend drinking heavily and eating turkey. Roast your chestnuts around the fire while listening to the best podcast starring Dr. Uwe Boll and Mr. Gary Otto. Visit
November 02, 2021
Modern Dating Is Bizarre, Alec Baldwin Rust Situation update, World Politics, Entertainment News,
Gary is on dating sites and talks with Uwe Boll about dating in the modern era and how bizarre it can be. Also the latest on the Alec Baldwin scandal. Visit
October 29, 2021
Alec Baldwin Rampage
We talk Alec Baldwin's current situation, and more interesting things with hosts Uwe Boll & Gary Otto. Visit
October 24, 2021