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Welcome to the Vanguard Podcast, where innovators assemble! We speak to people who are innovating within their industry or at the forefront of reshaping themselves or their companies in this ever changing world.
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S2 E10 - Matt Solomon "When hard work really pays off"

Vanguard Podcast

S3 Ep3 - Rob Sprackling explains why "Giving something up may be the bravest and smartest thing you can do"
Today’s guest is someone who you might not have seen before, but you will have definitely watched his movies! Rob is an experienced screen writer and award-winning director, best known for the Disney animated movie 'Gnomeo & Juliet' starring James McAvoy and Emily Blunt, with music by Elton John. More recently, he co-wrote the screenplay for ‘The Queens Corgi’ which starred Jack Whitehall. In total these two movies alone took a whopping $250 million at the worldwide box office. Rob has an extremely impressive resume working for the top US film studios, being a member the BAFTA’s and having wrote the children’s book ‘Born Again Ben’ which he sold to Paramount Pictures. It seems Rob does it all and there are no signs of him slowing down any time soon! Currently he has several new movies in development, two of which are in pre-production.
June 29, 2022
S3 E2: Dr. Phill Bell explains “Why the well-being of your workforce is a return on investment”
Our guest today is Dr. Phill Bell who is Chief Operations Officer of ART Health Solutions which is an organisation utilizing scientific methods, tools, and processes to support organisational and employee health well-being and performance. ART Health’s mission is to ‘Empower people to take the best care of their wellbeing by creating cutting-edge technologies that deliver data-driven actionable insights. Phill has a Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology from Northumbria University and before Art Health held the role of Principal Scientist at the GSK Human Performance Lab. Employee well-being has been a top priority for organisations and especially since the pandemic has only gained more attention. It is essential for the efficient functioning of a company and a great challenge in the last years. Phill explains how data analytics can improve someone’s well-being and that it needs time to get through and have a return on investment.
June 01, 2022
S3 Ep1 - Lachlan Reid " Work will, when wishing won't"
Today’s guest is Lachlan Reid. He has been commentating on cricket, basketball and Aussie Rules football and some of them were even recorded and I think he still has a few on tape somewhere. Lachy’s media career began in 1995 in radio when he took a leap of faith and moved across Australia to Perth to study Broadcasting at Edith Cowan University. Since then, he has completed over 20 years at Channel Ten in Perth as Senior AFL Football Reporter and Presenter and he has won several awards for best news and feature stories. In February 2014, he was only a handful of Australian presenters to be chosen to commentate on the Winter Olympics in Sochi and he has also called the swimming in the Glasgow Commonwealth Games and Pan Pacific games.
May 18, 2022
S2 E11 - Mikhil Raja shares his life philosophy "Living life as I want to lead"
Our guest today is Mikhil Raja. CEO & Co-founder of SonicJobs (, an award-winning job platform revolutionising the way candidates search and apply for jobs. One of the fastest growing business apps in the UK, receiving a job application through this app every 9 seconds. His mission as a CEO is to help millions of people find a job and enhance their lives. Mikhil shares his life mantra "The inevitability of death is the framework I use to live my life". Walking us through his incredible journey from moving all the way from Mumbai, India to glorious Somerset, and going to the exclusive Millfield School, graduating from the University of Edinburgh. Moving forward from an investment banker to co-founding SonicJobs is certainly an interesting story of serious work ethic, belief, and vision. Mikhil's consistent comment about living life as I want to lead is certainly inspiring. Another motivating story, an insightful lesson for all of us proves that all the best professionals in this life perceive failures as "steppingstones" instead of obstacles. And this is the only way to personal development and success. Want to find out more? Listen now!
February 23, 2022
S2 E10 - Matt Solomon "When hard work really pays off"
Matt Solomon has worked in sales & business development for 16+ years. He had the unique experience of working with a start-up company (ID Agent) and helped it grow from 0 to 2,000 partners in a two-year period through acquisition, then later to 4,000+ partners, making it one of the fastest-growing companies in decades within the channel. Matt has spoken at more than 150 industry events in six countries and received 40 awards in recognition. Post-acquisition, he took on the role of Channel Chief at Kaseya. After 2.5 years, Matt started a consulting company, Channel Halo, working with vendors and MSPs on their go-to-market strategies. After having many of the same conversations, Matt and his former CEO Kevin Lancaster decided to team up again and launch Channel Program. Channel Program is a platform designed to bring together the most innovative technologies in front of Channel Partners (MSPs, MSSPs, VARs, IT Services Providers) and give them a voice in how companies present, enter, and succeed in the channel.
February 02, 2022
S2 E9 – Deborah Leary “From stepping plates to Forensic Pathways Ltd”
My guest on the podcast today is Deborah Leary who is CEO and Founder of Forensic Pathways and the company's new brand “Clarifyi”, which is aimed at bringing together the Company’s threat intelligence consultancy and technology offerings. Deborah takes us through her journey in the launch of Forensic Pathways and explains how she was inspired and motivated to create these two innovative companies. In this episode we also discuss adaptability and resilience, and how important it is to maintain them throughout your career. Press play to find out.
January 12, 2022
#8 – Sean Lee “How cryptocurrencies can change international business”
My guest today is Sean Lee who is an active member of the World Economic Forums Global Innovators community and the CEO of Algorand Foundation having previously held leadership roles within Dell Technologies, Pivotal and EMC, working with clients and partners across 20+ countries. In this episode we talk about cryptocurrency and the transformational role it has into business industry along with an in-depth conversation about how cryptocurrencies could possibly change everyday life in the future. Press play to find out.
December 08, 2021
#7 - Luke Swann explains “Why failure is the key to success”
In this episode, our guest is Luke Swann - a professional cricket coach currently working for Northamptonshire CCC and Cricket East. Luke explains how cricket led him through his career as a coach, what sort of skills can someone get from being a coach and how these skills are transferable to the business world. The main topic though is how important is failure in order to succeed and how realising this simple task, can turn around your attitude and career and set you up on the road to success.
December 08, 2021
#6 - Sight-Unseen: Using the Power of Genetics to Diagnose Corneal Disease and Protect Vision
Episode #6 is being produced in honour of World Keratoconus Day, celebrated around the world on November 10th. This episode is jam-packed with crucial insight from company Avellino - a leader in precision medicine, is making a global impact in genetics and bringing innovative diagnostics, therapies, and AI-driven data processing to patient care. A special thank you goes out to our 2 guests this week:  Joe Boyd: Mr. Boyd is the Global Head of Sales and Marketing for Avellino, a global leader in gene therapy and molecular diagnostics at the forefront of precision medicine for eye care. He has more than 20 years of experience in life sciences and medical devices and is a sought-after speaker in the science and medical industry.  Brandon Ayres, MD: Brandon Ayres, MD is a board certified ophthalmologist at Wills Eye Hospital who specializes in all forms of corneal transplantation and all types of refractive and cataract surgery, including LASIK. Dr. Ayres also treats infectious diseases of the eye and ocular surface disease (dry eye).  He has an interest in the diagnosis and treatment of keratoconus and has been involved in several FDA trials investigating new treatments for the condition. Avellino has launched its first genetic test, AvaGen™.  AvaGen™ is an eye test that confidently empowers eyecare professionals to protect and preserve vision by providing personalized genetic data that accurately quantifies the risk or presence of sight-threatening conditions.
November 10, 2021
#5 - Ken Bagnall Lives by the Mantra "the More I Know, the More I Realise I Know Nothing"
For episode 5, we're joined by well-respected industry veteran, Ken Bagnall - CEO of Silent Push Inc. a US based, detection focused Threat Intelligence Platform that reveals adversary assets and infrastructure and integrates with your network defences, whether on-prem or in the cloud. Ken was also VP of FireEye product management for the prior couple of years after FireEye acquired his Email Security business The Email Laundry. Ken plays a lot of sport but never seriously. The key factors of Ken's story are vision, determination and levelling up, wrapped in a focus on the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape. People within all industries will find the business tips and advice extremely useful and insightful. Tune in today! 
October 27, 2021
#4 - Diana Paredes Believes “the Difficulty Lies, Not in Developing New Ideas, But in Escaping the Old Ones”
In this episode, our guest is Diana Paredes - CEO and Co-Founder of Suade, a software platform that enables financial institutions to understand and deliver their regulatory requirements. Diana's approach to making a happy workplace is inspirational and infectious. Her drive to create future leaders, lobby governments for supported parental leave and helping the banking and regulated sector to streamline processes after her experiences in that industry is a wonderful story of vision and determination. Prior to founding Suade, Diana had a successful career in investment banking, covering all asset classes at Barclays and Merrill Lynch, across sales, trading & structuring. Whilst working in the industry, she saw an opportunity to innovate and launch her current Fintech/Regtech start-up. She believes that a data-driven approach to regulation is the key to preventing the next financial crisis. 
October 13, 2021
#3 - Paul Tomlinson Exemplifies "Do what you love, and you'll Never Work Another Day in your Life"
Our next guest is a entrepreneur Paul Tomlinson, who recently found himself making an major pivot in his career from the IT industry to the fitness industry. During this episode, Paul exemplifies the importance of having a strong work ethic and taking risks, whilst reminding us to maintain a healthy work/life balance. Tune in to hear all about Paul's journey!   Paul began his career in IT nearly 30 years ago and has been responsible for running successful companies. A large proportion of that time was spent focussing on Mirus - an IT services business, providing support to the SMEs. Paul exited Mirus in 2019 following an acquisition by a PE backed player– at this time it had more than 100 employees and was on course to achieve a turnover of £15m per annum. 
September 29, 2021
#2- Luis Giraldo: "See Failures as Learning Opportunities"
Our first guest of the series is Luis Giraldo, who made a life-changing pivot from Music to Tech! Luis started his career as a professional musician, playing at international shows for Pop Star Shakira; more recently, Luis’s stage-time consists of delivering speaking as an executive and industry leader to thousands of IT Providers across the globe. Luis is well-known in the technology and MSP space, having worked for IT Glue and N-Able. He now runs his own successful MSP and has recently been appointed as Chief Experience Officer of ScalePad - an application that automates asset lifecycle management for hardware, software, and warranty services for MSPs.
September 15, 2021
#1 - Key Takeaways - Series 1 Recap
Welcome back to the Vanguard Podcast - Series 2 is finally here! This first episode is a compilation of interesting and insightful moments from the first series, that we consider to be the 'key takeaways'. If you like the new branding, feel free to share in on social media or give us a rating on your favourite streaming platform. Stay tuned for more innovative stories, with episodes being released every 2 weeks! 
September 01, 2021
#12 - Ian Moore: "From Fire Arms to Fire Alarms"
The latest innovator to join Scott is Ian Moore, also known as the "Most Influential Person in Fire Safety". With a versatile career behind him - including 13 years in the Royal Navy - Ian is currently putting his many years of experience working in security and fire safety to good use, as the CEO of the Fire Industry Association (FIA). The not-for-profit FIA now represents over 800 UK companies (the largest in Europe) and promotes professionalism of the Fire Safety industry to a number of Government departments. Ian is well decorated with awards for contributions to the fire and security industry, including a DTI Millennium Award for Innovation for one of his solutions and the Queen’s Award for Innovation in 2013 for Video Smoke Detection (VSD). VSD technology is now World renowned and manufactured by many companies around the World.
May 26, 2021
#11 - Robert Baugh Inspires us to "Let go of Safety and Swim!"
For lucky number 11 Scott is joined by Vanguard, Robert Baugh, Founder and CEO of Keepabl. This May marks the 3rd anniversary of the GDPR legislation coming into effect, so it's only right we bring in an expert! Rob has a magical way of making compliance and governance seem less daunting and more approachable for SME businesses. With entrepreneurship running in the family, Robert inspires us to explore what makes us happy, take opportunities to travel and to evolve through taking risks and pivoting, whilst reminding us that self-evaluation and reflection is important in order to stay on track.
May 12, 2021
#10 - Andra Hedden Incites you to "Be the Author of your Own Journey!"
This episode Scott is joined by Andra Hedden, a natural innovator who eats, sleeps and breathes entrepreneurship. Andra is Chief Marketing Officer at Marketopia - the premier B2B marketing and lead generation agency for technology companies.  With over 20 years experience in marketing and business development and 12 years of experience focused specifically on the IT channel, Andra's expertise and deep passion enables technology service providers to realize their growth potential. Over the past six years, Marketopia has evolved from a team of two to over 120 staff and recently expanded into Europe and APAC. Her passion has created an organisation recognized as a three-time Inc. 5000 award winner and ranked among the Tampa Bay Best Places to Work. 
April 28, 2021
#9 - Andrew Grill the 'Pragmatic Futurist' Discusses "the workplace of the future" & much more!
We're excited to be joined by digital advocate, Andrew Grill - the 'Pragmatic Futurist'! Andrew has a broad career spanning over 30 years in large corporates such as IBM, British Aerospace and Telstra, as well as 12 years running technology start-ups.  Andrew is a highly experienced keynote speaker and opens up a wide range of discussion points related to 'the workplace of the future', technology trends and the digital world. Unlike traditional Futurists who paint a picture of the future in 10, 20 or even 50 years’ time, Andrew can deliver practical and immediately actionable insights. Episode #9 is not one to miss!
April 14, 2021
#8 - George Grant Reminds Us "You Don't Learn Anything from being Perfect - Make Mistakes!"
The latest innovator to join the guest line-up is George Grant - CEO, Co-Founder and Publisher at Housing Technology - the leading technology information service and publisher of tech news and insights for the UK housing sector and local governments with over 20,000 readers. During the podcast, George makes us aware that there are 300,000+ people homeless in the UK. He believes the housing crisis could be solved using the right mix of technology and social action and it’s his mission to do that by bringing together diverse housing experts globally to collaborate and help solve these problems.
March 31, 2021
#7 - Tony Dalwood Encourages us to "Aspire to Make a Difference"
In lucky number #7, Scott is joined by Tony Dalwood, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Gresham House plc - the second business he has built. Tony shares his incredible industry insight, tips for investment and the innovation that he has seen in the finance industry over the years.  Tony has over 25 years of experience in investing and advising numerous public and private equity businesses. He holds a Master of Arts in Management Studies from the University of Cambridge where he was also a junior rugby international and Blue. Tony is also a children's coach at rugby and cricket.
March 17, 2021
#6 - Don Randall MBE Paints a Picture of his Pioneering Career Pivots
In episode #6, we are joined by well-seasoned security expert, Don Randall MBE who has dedicated his career to protecting people from crime, specialising in fraud, counter-terrorism and cybersecurity. Don has earned himself some pioneering and industry-defining roles throughout his career... serving with the City of London Police from 1969-1995, he spent four years as Deputy Head of the Fraud Squad and three years in Operational Support Department. Don was also Managing Director at JPMorgan Chase from 1995. In August 2008, Don assumed the role of Head of Security at the Bank of England and in November 2013, he was appointed as the Bank’s first Chief Information Security Officer. In February 2015, Don moved to a consultative position with the Bank as their Cyber Ambassador.  Don is Chairman of the ‘Sister Banks’, City of London Crime Prevention Association and ‘Project Griffin’ and a member of the City of London Crime Disorder Reduction Panel. Don also sits on the METCloud advisory board.
March 03, 2021
#5 - Rob Scott Teaches us... "the Quality of the Team Determines the Speed of the Dream".
For episode #5, we are joined by the incredible Rob Scott - an established business leader with a wealth of experience and a reputation among industry insiders as a "competitive turnaround agent" who is willing to share his knowledge to help entrepreneurs (even competitors!) thrive to success.  Rob is a true Vanguard, demonstrated by his versatile and opportunistic career pivots; from football to Formula 1 race car driving to technology executive. Tune in to hear how Rob stayed focussed and motivated throughout the twist and turns in the road.  
February 17, 2021
#4 - Colin Knox Shares his Journey - "There's no straight path to success; stay committed and passionate!"
If you're looking for some motivation, this could be it! In our fourth episode, Scott invites industry veteran, Colin Knox - Founder & CEO of Gradient MSP. Colin is a technology innovator, passionate leader, and professional speaker focused on advising entrepreneurs how to grow, expand, and mature their businesses. 
February 03, 2021
#3 - Jamaican bobsled Olympic speaker Devon Harris says "Keep on Pushing!"
We have an extra-special guest for Episode #3! Tune in as Host, Scott Tyson, speaks on everything this podcast stands for - innovation, pivoting, perseverance and more - with an original member of the 1988 Jamaican Bobsled Team and captain of the 1992 and 1998 teams and a 3- time Olympian - Devon Harris! In his current career as a Keynote Speaker, Author and Motivator, Devon goes about inspiring students, businesspeople and leaders to achieve their goals using his real-life story of perseverance and persistence through his motto ‘Keep on Pushing’. Hear more about his story in this episode!
January 20, 2021
#2 - Gene Reich and his Pivot from NYC Model to Multi-Tech Entrepreneur
In our second episode, our host Scott Tyson chats with Gene Reich, model turned co-founder of multiple successful tech businesses, as he resides in "the big apple".   Gene Reich is a 15 year veteran in the MSP space.  Before co-founding Traceless, he founded POINT, a managed service provider serving small and medium sized business in New York and San Francisco.  Gene also founded Orchard, a national consulting firm focused on deployment and managing Apple devices. He sits on the Apple Consultants Network Advisory council, as well as the ConnectWise Cyber Security Advisory Council.
January 07, 2021
#1 - “If God had wanted us to play football in the clouds, he'd have put grass up there." (Ian Vickers)
In this bonus episode, Scott Tyson talks with METCloud CEO, Ian Vickers, about his journey from Football to Cloud and Cyber Security.  Ian Vickers, a serial technology entrepreneur, launched the METCloud brand in 2017. The cybersecurity company has gone on to win dozens of internationally recognised awards for innovation. Ian is fascinated with how technology can improve business and lifestyles and continually looks to identify emerging technologies, services and markets.
December 16, 2020
Welcome to the Vanguard Podcast (Intro)
Keep your eyes peeled on our Twitter @metcloud_com for the announcement of our first official episode!
December 02, 2020