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Vhite Rabbit WebXR Podcast

Vhite Rabbit WebXR Podcast

By Vhite Rabbit WebXR Podcast
Podcast about WebXR - VR and AR on the Web.

Hosted by Vhite Rabbit, the developers behind the VR browser games portal "Construct Arcade" and Wonderland Engine - a WebXR focused development platform.
We dicuss topics in the immersive web space with various guests who are important in the space.
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Episode 022: Why We Are Building A WebXR Graphics Engine

Vhite Rabbit WebXR Podcast

Episode 022: Why We Are Building A WebXR Graphics Engine

Vhite Rabbit WebXR Podcast

Episode 045 with Elia Ducceschi: Making WebXR games with Wonderland Engine & "mr Not - Enough is Enough"
We chat with Elia Ducceschi (aka. Pipo) about his latest WebXR game "mr NOT - Enough is Enough", a unique game about the idea of not being enough, and various other topics related to WebXR development with Wonderland Engine. Tune in to learn more about the unique ways Elia approaches game development. Links - "mr NOT - Enough is Enough" on Construct Arcade - Elia's page - Elia's twitter - Wonderland Engine - Writing Components in Typescript for Wonderland Engine
June 12, 2022
Episode 044 with Stephan Lohß and Kim Gripp: WebAR at Immblend, Solving Problems with WebAR
In this very WebAR focused chat with Stephan Lohß and Kim Gripp of Immblend, we dive into WebAR development platforms, the challenges working with non technical clients and also get a great comparison of various 3-dof VR headsets. Links - Immblend Website (German) - Stephan Lohß on LinkedIn - Kim's page
March 26, 2022
Episode 043 with Dave Hill: Oculus Browser, Challenges in WebXR Development and its Future
Dave Hill is the Engineering Manager for Oculus Browser at Meta. With his experience in the Games Industry and working at Microsoft on HoloLens, he shares a lot of very interesting thoughts about the current state of WebXR, where it's going, performance, current problems developers are facing. We also get a great overview of what Meta is working on solving with Oculus Browser. Links - Submit an experience to Oculus Browser "No Tab Page" - Dave Hill on twitter - Heavy Bag Trainer, WebXR Boxing Workout - Chillzone, WebXR Meditation Experience
February 22, 2022
Episode 042 with Alon Grinshpoon: Echo3D, AR & VR in the Cloud, Metaverse and Entrepreneurship
Alon Grinshpoon is a founder and the CEO of Echo3D, a 3D-ready cloud platform to manage and deliver 3D, AR and VR content. We chat about XR on the web and how it applies to even the seemingly most unrelated industries, cloud streaming of XR content and finally some tips for entrepreneurs in the WebXR space. We also touch on NFTs and the Metaverse. Links - Echo3D website - "Why Barbados' Metaverse Embassy Matters" - Echo3D on twitter - Echo3D on LinkedIn - Alon on twitter
December 16, 2021
Episode 041 with Yin-Chien Yeap: Ski Fit 365, Empathising with Mass Market Consumers and WebXR in Unity
In this episode, we speak to Yin-Chien Yeap, who is the CEO of playko software. With their recent release of the VR downhill ski racing game "Ski Fit 365" on Construct Arcade, they are working towards a "no excuses" approach to VR development on the web. We talk about playkos motivations and plans for using the web, when they chose web over native for client solutions and their experience with WebXR development. Yin-Chien also details their experience with hosting a virtual event on FrameVR and how WebXR can help improve meetings. Finally we talk about some observations of the WebXR developer space. **Links** - Ski Fit 365 - playko's website - playko on twitter - Yinch on twitter - Wonderland Engine
September 23, 2021
Episode 040 with Dries Croons: Plockle, react-three-fiber and WebXR development tips
Dries Croons (CROEWENS) is a full stack and WebXR developer from Belgium and the creator of the popular WebXR puzzle game "Plockle". In this episode, we talk about Plockle and his experience with react-three-fiber and react-xr. Then we dive into some general tips for WebXR development, make sure to give it a listen! You can follow the podcast on twitter via our new podcast account: Links: - Dries Croons on twitter - Plockle on twitter - Dries' Website - Play Plockle! - react-three-fiber on Github - react-xr on Github
August 19, 2021
Episode 039 with Ada Rose Cannon: Upcoming WebXR features, WebXR Privacy and PWAs for VR
Ada Rose Cannon is the link between web developers and the Samsung Internet Browser developers with a strong focus on WebXR and PWAs, as well as the Co-chair of W3C Immersive Web Groups. We go over a wide range of topics from upcoming WebXR spec features, the W3C standardization process, privacy risks that are being considered for new features and what PWAs would mean for VR. Links: - Ada Rose Cannon on twitter - Ada's Website - Samsung Internet Developer Advocacy on twitter. - XR Dinosaurs by Brandon Jones - Handy.js library for recognizing hand gestures - AR game development walkthrough - ICOSA Gallery - pmndrs market - Samsung Internet Browser
July 26, 2021
Episode 038 with Roland Dubois: From VRML to A-Frame, XR Accessiblity, Virtuleap and WebXR News
Roland Dubois is the curator of "WebXR News", organizer of the NYC A-Frame Meetup group and part of the W3C immersive web working group. He is further known for hosting the Virtuleap WebXR Hackathon back in 2018 and his latest efforts contribute to accessibility in XR through the and A11y initiatives in form of in-depth blog posts and talks about XR ethics and accessiblity. In this episode, we talk about Roland's professional journey in the immersive web and how accessibility matters for the immersive web, by example of projects and concepts he built over time. Links - Roland Dubois' Website - Roland Dubois on twitter - WebXR News (Newsletter and Website) - Accessible Locomotion and Interaction in WebXR - XR Access Initiative - A-Frame NYC Meetup group 
May 03, 2021
Episode 037 with Alban Denoyel: Founding Sketchfab, 3D scanning and much more!
Alban Denoyel is the co-founder and CEO of Sketchfab - the #1 platform to publish and explore 3D content online and in VR. Prior to Sketchfab, he launched a low cost web agency, and worked for 4 years  in the 2D world of photojournalists. He loves making things (usually  with wood or in 3D). He graduated from ESSEC Business School (Paris, France). We talk about many topics during the podcast including Sketchfab's story and 3D scanning. Listen in and don't forget to follow Alban on twitter or Sketchfab to keep up on his amazing 3D scans. **Links:** - Sketchfab - Alban Denoyel on Medium - Animated mini stories collection on Sketchfab - Alban Denoyel on Twitter - Alban Denoyel on Sketchfab
March 15, 2021
Episode 036 with Ben Erwin: The growth of the web, WebXR Awards and the possibities of the immersive web
Ben Erwin is a subject matter expert on the vanguard of the Immersive Web, WebXR (AR/VR/MR), Spatial Computing, and Volumetric Video ecosystem of hardware, software, content, and use cases. Ben has been a web innovation frontiersman since the 90s, now applying his deep expertise to advise on next generation web-based interfaces and experiences for volumetric displays and XR wearables.  He is also the creator of The Polys, which is a digital award show honoring advancements in the field of WebXR. The ceremony for was held on February 20th 2021.  **Links:** - Foresight 2021: Top 5 XR Opportunities in Immersive Marketing and Advertising - by Ben Erwin - The Polys 2020 WebXR Awards - The Polys event on Eventbrite - WebXR Awards - The Polys on twitter - Ben Erwin on LinkedIn
February 12, 2021
Episode 035 with Andrzej Mazur: Hosting js13kGames and Making Money as HTML5 GameDev
We talk to Andrzej about how he started js13kGames and about his career as HTML5 game developer. We learn about web monetization and how he makes a living as a gamedev, as well as his view on WebVR. **Links:** - Andrej's Game Studio - Website of the js13kGames competition - WebXR category of the js13kGames competition - Web monetization category of the js13kGames competition - Source of all js13kGames entries - GameDevJSWeekly newsletter - Andrzej's personal website - Andrej on twitter - Official website of the Web monetization API - Web monetization fund "Grant for the Web" - Official Website of Coil
December 31, 2020
Episode 034 with Jacob Rossi: Oculus Browser, Infinite Office, PWAs, ... the Immersive Web at Oculus
Jacob Rossi is the product manager of Oculus Browser. After his talk at Oculus Connect, we had many questions about WebXR at Oculus. We talk about Infinite Office, PWAs and the Oculus Browser's involvement with the WebXR Device API spec development, e.g. on WebXR Hand Tracking and WebXR Layers. We also discuss how the New Tab Page tries to help with exposure for great WebXR content and about the future of WebXR. A great deep dive into WebXR at Oculus as well as current and future efforts at Oculus Browser to evolve the immersive web. Links - Submit a WebXR App to Oculus - "Infinite Office" - "The Future of Web in VR for Work & Play" -  Jacob Rossi's Oculus Connect talk - Oculus WebXR Development Documentation - Jocob Rossi on Twitter - Jacob Rossi on LinkedIn - Jacob Rossi on GitHub
November 17, 2020
Episode 033 celebrating 2 years Construct Arcade, The Journey and The Games
Florian and Jonathan talk about the beginnings of Construct Arcade, our personal journeys with it and its history of game releases. Ferry compiled a couple of impressive numbers and we discuss the new Construct Arcade Leaderboards. Links - Construct Arcade - 2 Years Construct Arcade Blog Post - Wonderleap Discord - Construct Arcade Discord
October 15, 2020
Episode 032 with Ferry Abt: New Construct Arcade VR Hub and the Vision for the Hub
Ferry Abt recently took over Construct Arcade. Ever since many things have improved on the WebXR browser games platform, especially the VR Hub, which released a few weeks ago, based on new technology and rocking enhanced visuals. We chat about where the VR Hub is going and how we achieved the new look, aswell as our backing technology. Links: - the Construct Arcade VR Hub - Construct Arcade - Hello WebXR blog post
September 17, 2020
Episode 031 with Brandon Jones: Origins of WebVR/WebXR, the Spec, Performance, Input Profiles and more!
Brandon Jones is a developer at Google and one of the two people who originally brought WebVR into life. As one of the main WebXR Device API spec editors, developer on Chrome's WebGL implementation and contributor on the webxr-input-profiles, he has some interesting insights to share on web graphics performance, spec contribution process and the history of WebXR. During our wide-ranging conversation, we touch on WebGPU, Brandon's recent blog post "WebXR Scene Optimization", motivations for the webxr-input-profiles project, how WebGL extensions find adoption and much more. It was a great honor to speak with one of the founding fathers of VR on the web and we wish you a great time listening to this episode. Links: - Where work on the layers feature of the WebXR spec is happening - The "WebXR Device API" specification - The "Immersive Web" group on github. Find all WebXR Device API spec related repositories here - The "WebXR Input Profiles" project - Brandon Jones on twitter
April 13, 2020
Episode 030 with Anselm Hook & Joshua Marinacci: Creating the WebXR ecosystem at Mozilla Mixed Reality
Anselm Hook works on Research and Development at Mozilla, where he focuses on problem solving in many different areas. He initially joined Mozilla to solve problems in AR and VR, but has since pivoted his work's primary focus to monetization on the web. Joshua Marinacci is the senior developer evangelist at Mozilla Mixed Reality. His passion is building great user experiences. He focuses on rapid prototyping to get proof of concepts up and running as fast as possible. He is responsible for developer relations and teaches developers how to work with the tools of the immersive web on the Mozilla Mixed Reality Blog. In this episode, we focus on the future possibilities of monetization on the web, specifically on the immersive web space and how growth happens in the WebXR ecosystem. Links: - Mozilla Mixed Reality Blog - Jumpy Balls on Mozilla Mixed Reality Blog - WebVR Content Submissions for Firefox Reality - Coil - Anselm Hook on Twitter - Anselm Hook on LinkedIn - Joshua Marinacci on Twitter - Joshua Marinacci on LinkedIn - E-mail address of the Mozilla Mixed Reality Team
March 19, 2020
Episode 029 with Timmy Kokke: Potential of WebAR, JS13K Game Development, WebXR NL Meetup
Timmy Kokke is known for live streaming development of his WebXR game "Back To Space" for the WebXR category of the JS13kGames Jam. He is a senior C#/JS/Web developer, technical lead with a lot of knowledge about architecture. He has been building software, primarily for the web, for over 2 decades ranging from large web portals and mobile apps to creating 3D artist impressions and virtual reality. In his free time, you can find Timmy live streaming programming on his Twitch channel and developing all kinds of different projects in WebXR. If you are in the Netherlands on the 14th of April, you can join the WebXR NL meetup. Links: - Spacewrecked by Sorskoot on JS13kGames - Back to Space by Skorskoot on Construct Arcade - Timmy Kokke's Website - Timmy Kokke's YouTube channel - Timmy Kokke on Twitter - Timmy Kokke on LinkedIn - WebXR NL meetup April 14th 2020
March 12, 2020
Episode 028 with Lars Bergstrom: Directing WebXR Efforts at Mozilla Mixed Reality, Hello WebXR & Mozilla Hubs
Lars Bergstrom is the technical director of the Mixed Reality team at Mozilla. He manages the virtual and augmented reality browser efforts, the Mozilla Hubs team, their mixed reality content creation and discovery teams and the ops work it all relies on. If it touches virtual or augmented reality at Mozilla, somebody in his team is involved. Lars gives insights into his work at Mozilla, specifically on Hello WebXR, Firefox Reality and Mozilla Hubs, and explains the direction they took with the projects. We chat about the future of the immersive web and the big leaps Mozilla is taking in the immersive web space. Furthermore we discuss diffent ways of structuring monetization and about the different lessons learnt from the growth of the web, that we need to watch out for when creating the immersive web. Tune into this very interesting discussion on where the immersive web is going. Links: - Hello WebXR on Mozilla Mixed Reality Blog - Mozilla Mixed Reality Blog - WebVR Content Submissions for Firefox Reality - Lars Bergstrom on Twitter - Lars Bergstrom on LinkedIn - E-mail address of the Mozilla Mixed Reality Team
March 05, 2020
Episode 027 with Fabien Bénétou: Consulting for the EU Parliament & UNICEF, Managing Information in VR, WebXR Meetups And More
Fabien Bénétou currently works as a WebXR consultant and developer for the European Parliament, where he works on immersive projects for the department of innovation. He also works with UNICEF as a technical advisor, where he mentors and advises innovative startups in developing nations on technical topics. Otherwise, he works as a Freelance WebXR developer. Fabien is also the organizer of many different WebXR and other immersive technology meetups near Brussels and Paris. We talk about many different topics, including Fabien's previous and current projects, his views on the possibilities of immersive technology and much more! Listen to find more about his interesting thoughts on organizing and managing information, especially in VR. As mentioned in the episode, Fabien quite often hosts meetups in Brussels. The next one will be on the 11th of March 2020 from 17:00 to 19:00, more information can be found on : Links: - Fabien's website - Fabien on Twitter -Fabien's email - Relax Plus Think Space on GitHub
February 11, 2020
Episode 026 with Sven Meyenberg: WebXR In Fitness And Education, SROMLINE Portfolio And Using Hubs For Client Meetings
Sven Meyenberg is WebXR developer for SROMLINE and creator of "Towermax Fitness", "Cross the Street" and "Gridlz" and a WebVR learning platform. He details the process for his projects, explains why he went into the Fitness sector with WebXR and what the biggest problems in WebXR fitness are to date. Listen to find out about his very progressive approach to meetings with clients and learn about the vision behind each of his experiences. Links: - Towermax Fitness - SROMLINE's WebXR Learning Platform - SROMLINE's WebXR Portfolio in VR - SROMLINE's Website - Sven on Twitter - "Cross the Street" WebVR game - "Gridlz" WebVR game
February 03, 2020
Meta: Switch to Weekly Episodes
Quick info on our switch to releasing weekly episodes every monday.
February 03, 2020
Episode 025: WebXR Optimization - Part 3
In this multi part conversation, we share some of our knowledge on optimization techniques for WebXR applications. Today we talk about resizing textures, post processing effects, object pooling and animation size optimization. Links: - Wonderland Engine Discord Server - Feedback poll
January 31, 2020
Episode 024: WebXR Optimization - Part 2
In this multi part conversation, we share some of our knowledge on optimization techniques for WebXR applications. Today we talk about LODs, Instancing, using phong lighting instead of PBR, baking lights and using normal maps in VR. Links: - Wonderland Engine Discord Server - Feedback poll
January 29, 2020
Episode 023: WebXR Optimization - Part 1
In this multi part conversation, we share some of our knowledge on optimization techniques for WebXR applications. Today we talk about textures, foveated rendering and mip mapping. Links: - Mip Mapping DGL Wiki - Wonderland Engine Discord Server - Feedback poll
January 28, 2020
Episode 022: Why We Are Building A WebXR Graphics Engine
Vhite Rabbit is developing a WebXR focussed graphics engine. We discuss the reasons behind why we decided to take this risk and why it is important for WebXR. Links: - Wonderland Engine Discord Server - Feedback poll
January 27, 2020
Episode 021: WebGPU
WebGPU exposes an API for websites to interact with the GPU to perform rendering or machine learning. Jonathan explains the many advantages of this upcoming standard and how it can benefit your future projects. Links: - WebGPU spec - WebXR library for Emscripten on Github - Feedback poll
January 26, 2020
Episode 020: Hello WebXR! by Mozilla Reality
Mozilla Reality created an introductory experience to celebrate the release of the WebXR spec, called Hello WebXR. We checked out the experience and talk about the technology behind it. Links: - Hello WebXR! - Hello WebXR! repository on Github - Feedback poll
January 25, 2020
Episode 019: Speech to Text as Input in WebXR
Speech to Text has been around for a while now, but what about using it in your WebXR application? We talk about two different ways of using voice as an input method and share our insights. As the podcast goes on, we want to make it better! So, we would like to ask our listeners to take a look at our feedback poll down in the links and give us your honest opinion. Links: - annyang! - pocketsphinx.js - Feedback poll
January 24, 2020
Episode 018: WebXR Input Profiles
Visualization of motion controllers has been improved and simplified for developers by the WebXR input profiles. We also reflect on our experiences working with motion controllers in our past projects. Links: - input profiles repository - WebXR input profiles viewer
January 23, 2020
Episode 017 with Elijah Tai: Future of WebXR and Audio AR
Elijah Tai is the CEO and co-founder of Wonderleap, a company dedicated to helping WebXR developers monetize their experiences. In this part of our multi-part conversation, we think about where WebXR could be heading, how WenVR and WebAR apps could be more tightly integrated with headset OSs, and finally audio AR. Follow Elijah Tai on twitter (@elijah_tai) or reach out to him per email ( Links: - Wonderleap Website - Wonderleap Discord Server
January 22, 2020
Episode 016 with Elijah Tai: User Expectations Towards WebXR, Discoverability and Input
Elijah Tai is the CEO and co-founder of Wonderleap, a company dedicated to helping WebXR developers monetize their experiences. In this part of our multi-part conversation, Elijah speaks about what he imagines users currently expect from a Browser in VR, we discuss discover-ability of WebXR content, touching on Desktop-to-VR link sharing and finally compare innovation of input in the smartphone space to the BR browsing experience. Follow Elijah Tai on twitter (@elijah_tai) or reach out to him per email ( Links: - Wonderleap Website - Wonderleap Discord Server
January 22, 2020
Episode 015 with Elijah Tai: Why WebXR, What it's Missing And Diversity
Elijah Tai is the CEO and co-founder of Wonderleap, a company dedicated to helping WebXR developers monetize their experiences. In this part of our multi-part conversation, we ask Elijah why he believes WebXR is going to be a thing, discuss what WebXR is missing to get there and touch on content diversity on the immersive web. Follow Elijah Tai on twitter (@elijah_tai) or reach out to him per email ( Links: - Wonderleap Website - Wonderleap Discord Server
January 20, 2020
Episode 014 with Elijah Tai: Advertisement on the Immersive Web
Elijah Tai is the CEO and co-founder of Wonderleap, a company dedicated to helping WebXR developers monetize their experiences. In this part of our multi-part conversation, we discuss different forms of advertisement in WebVR and who currently benefits most from advertising on the immersive web. Follow Elijah Tai on twitter (@elijah_tai) or reach out to him per email ( Links: - Wonderleap Website
January 19, 2020
Episode 013 with Elijah Tai: How Wonderleap Started
Elijah Tai is the CEO and co-founder of Wonderleap, a company dedicated to helping WebXR developers monetize their experiences. In this part of our multi-part conversation, he talks about how he started his work on making WebVR development sustainable.  He talks about his beginnings in tech and how he was inspired by the possibilities on the immersive web.  Follow Elijah Tai on twitter (@elijah_tai) or reach out to him per email ( Links: - Wonderleap Website
January 18, 2020
Episode 012: Which Headset to use for WebXR development
We discuss different Virtual- and Augmented Reality headsets and try to compare which are best for WebXR development.
January 17, 2020
Episode 011: WebXR Support in Browsers and Upcoming WebXR Spec Features
Which browsers support WebXR and which browsers we each prefer for development. We also touch on some features that are currently being worked on for the WebXR Device API specification. Links: - browser support for Web API features
January 16, 2020
Episode 010: Exploring applications for WebXR
A creative brainstorming session for uses cases of WebXR. Links: - SROMLINE's website - WebXR learning experience (select "english" top right)
January 15, 2020
Episode 009: WebAssembly and the Scope of XR on the Web vs Native
We talk about how scopes of native projects compare to web and discuss what web standards are.
January 14, 2020
Episode 008: Unity 3D and Unreal Engine for WebXR
We discuss whether building a WebXR project in Unity 3D or Unreal Engine 4 is possible and compare them to A-Frame inspector and 8thwall's Cloud IDE. Finally we briefly hint at the Wonderland Engine. Links: - Wonderland Engine Website
January 13, 2020
Episode 007: Augmented Reality on the Web, Hololense and WebXR on AR Headsets
We discuss some WebAR projects, especially our digital event booth and briefly talk about the state of WebXR on AR headsets.
January 12, 2020
Episode 006: Mozilla Hubs and WebXR Meetups
If you want to meet people in VR and on the Web, Mozilla Hubs is the way to go. We've been to the "M3 Meetup" (we got the meaning of M3 wrong, it's actually: Metaverse Makers Mastermind) and to the Wonderleap WebXR Meetup and discuss our experience in this episode. Links: - - Wonderleap Discord (join to attend the Meetup on the 20th of January 2020!)
January 12, 2020
Episode 005: Monetization of WebXR Experiences
About the poster we placed in Barista Express together with Wonderleap and other monetization options. Links: - Wonderleap Website
January 11, 2020
Episode 004: Barista Express
We discuss some challenges on our to-date most ambitious WebXR game project "Barista Express".
January 10, 2020
Episode 003: How to Get WebXR Experiences Featured in Browsers
How to get a WebXR experience or game featured on various VR browsers. Links: - Mozilla Reality browser, - Oculus Browser WebXR submission form, - Publish your WebXR game onto Construct Arcade
January 09, 2020
Episode 002: Construct Arcade, A-Frame and the VR Hub
Florian's journey with Construct Arcade, building games with the A-Frame framework, how developing VR with web technologies compares to native development and the Construct Arcade VR Hub.
January 08, 2020
Episode 001: WebXR
A brief overview of WebXR in general and WebAR and WebVR projects that we have worked on in the past.
January 07, 2020