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Vibha Connection

Vibha Connection

By Vibha Connection
Vibha derives strength from all its stakeholders including projects, volunteers, patrons and donors. Vibha Connection, a Podcast Series, is a forum that will serve as a source of information, sharing and community for all these stakeholders.

Vibha Connection is an extension of the Vibha mission to educate, empower and enable every individual who wishes to make a positive difference in the life of the underprivileged child. Topics covered will include project spotlights, social issue deep-dives, action center updates, call to action, anything that would benefit the Vibha family.
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Following the Funding Trail
As volunteers, your top priority often is raising funds. You work hard for it. We believe it is important to match that passion with information on how the funds are used. Who decides what to fund, how much to fund, how do we monitor the funds. Come join us as we lead you through the Funding Trail. If you would like to submit projects for potential funding by Vibha, please click here (
March 09, 2022
Solving for Inequity in Education
The first step to making a difference is to say “I care”. A school may have all the resources it needs, but if the students, teachers and community are not engaged, learning outcomes are bound to be affected. Motivation is at the crux of the issue of inequity in education and this is the problem Sikshana, a pioneering NGO started to solve, one school at a time. Partnering with the government to reach the remotest school, they have scaled to multiple states and are now building solutions for the next gen problems. Prasanna Vadayar, CEO of Sikshana and Scotlin Maryma, Vibha volunteer and Project Manager of Sikshana will take us through their journey of Sikshana and its growth across India. Also, sign up for an in-person Dream Mile Marathon, hosted by Vibha Bay Area at Sources:
September 29, 2021
Stories of Change
Can you imagine an adventurous boat ride in the jungles of Sunderban just by being part of an NGO like Vibha? This episode is about stories. Join us as two Vibha veterans take us down their memory lanes and share their journey. We volunteer for various reasons - to make an impact, solve a problem, learn new skills, build a community, guided subconsciously by the question “What’s in it for me?”. As we continue on our journeys to change something, we often find that it is us who really change. We invite you all to join Vibha, volunteer for any cause that speaks to you, find your own adventure, and write your own stories. Volunteering in the United States America's Health Rankings - Volunteerism The Relationship Between Happiness, Volunteering, and Donating
July 02, 2021
The future of giving
Episode 4 of Vibha Connection brings a conversation with a team of dynamic youth leaders. Our very own Vibha Youth volunteers Jiya Singh (Bay Area), Shreya Ravi (Dallas), Dishi Shah (New Jersey) and Siya Singh (Atlanta) share their insights and experiences with volunteering and beyond. With a giving heart and can-do attitude, they remind you to practice gratitude, prioritize giving and do more with whatever you have. In “From around the Globe”, we talk to another youth role-model - Krisha Thakker, a high school student from San Diego, who with the initiative she took to generate support for India’s Covid relief efforts, reminds us that even small actions can have a big impact. In "A Good Word”, you will listen to a story of human determination and how one person can bring about meaningful change. Vibha’s board member Keyur Shah also shares an update on Vibha’s Save Lives, Save India campaign that raises funds and provides much needed relief efforts on the ground. Visit the campaign website for the details and please do contribute however you can! Listen to Vibha Connection - A Podcast series at or any of your favorite podcast app.
May 31, 2021
A Spotlight on Vibha's Mission
Vibha Bay Area is proud to bring Episode 3 of Vibha Connection, a podcast for the Vibha family. Understand the Vibha 3.0 focus on public education and listen to some of our leadership team’s insights. “A Good Word” will inspire you with a story of human determination and the hope literacy brings. In ”From around the Globe”, we call prospective participants to Dream Voice, organized by Shankar Mahadevan Academy & Ramachary’s Little Musicians Academy in conjunction with Vibha Atlanta. Link HERE. And a call for help to support Vibha’s Fundraiser to reach and assist COVID impacted communities in India. Link HERE. Sources used in this episode include Stay engaged with the Vibha Community.
April 29, 2021
Project LeapForWord
Vibha Bay Area is proud to bring Episode 2 of Vibha Connection, a podcast for the Vibha family. Learn about project LeapForWord, understand it in-depth with an interview with Pranil Naik, Founder of LeapForWord, Jyothi Wadmare, Program Manager for Vibha and Kshitij, Project Lead and Vibha volunteer. Be inspired with "A Good Word" and in "From around the Globe" this time learn from a youth volunteer at Dallas Action Center about ‘Study Buddy’ a unique program to help Bhutanese refugee children, and so much more. Stay engaged with the Vibha Community. 
April 02, 2021
New Beginnings
Episode 1 of Vibha Connection is produced by the Vibha Bay Area team. We introduce the Podcast series to the audience explaining its mission and goals. We interview Durgesh Das, CEO of Vibha and look back at 2020 and its highlights, challenges and achievements. Durgesh also talks to the vision of Vibha and reaches out to its volunteers. An excerpt from Amanda Gorman’s poem “The Hill We climb” will appeal to volunteers to take that first step, commit themselves to issues they want to impact and “be the light”. We talk to Monika Erande, Executive Director of Vibha Bay Area next. We learn more about Monika, her vision for what she wants to achieve for 2021 and what she needs from us. We end with a sneak peak into the next episode which will spotlight Leapforward, a project supported by Vibha.
February 12, 2021