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The Mighty Dragon podcast

The Mighty Dragon podcast

By Victoria Thomas
The Mighty Dragon blog collection of podcasts with writers and filmmakers.
We review popular films and TV series to study characters, narrative and themes.
Interviews with actors from Star Wars and Mindhunter.

Mainly clean but some swearing throughout! ;)
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The Mighty Dragon podcast with David Hedges

The Mighty Dragon podcast

Podcast with David Espinosa and Craig Ahrens - Independent Film #thecrumbs #theevildownthestreet #lovenquarantine #demonfighter
When I last interviewed David and Craig back in 2020 I was left in awe at not only their creativity but their business sense too as Independent Filmmakers. I can certainly say this interview was no different. They still have this drive, passion, and integrity about their work which is admirable. Not to mention their superhuman planning skills which guarantee a slick operation on set. With their new releases Love N Quarantine and Demon Fighter out now, it was a great chance to catch up with these Mighty Dragon favourites. They offer solid advice for any Independent Filmmaker and share some of their process for making their unique, quirky, and unforgettable films. Best of luck to David and Craig for Love N Quarantine and Demon Fighter and beyond. The Mighty Dragon supports Independent Filmmakers, please get in touch if you'd like to share your story.
August 17, 2022
Podcast with Obi-Wan Kenobi actress Marise Alvarez #castinterview
Head on over to The Mighty Dragon blog for my interview with Marise Alvarez.
July 18, 2022
Podcast with actor Jess Liaudin #notimetodie #luther #thebatman
I last interviewed actor Jess Liaudin back in 2019, he’d been in Disney’s Maleficent: Mistress of Evil and we caught up on the other projects he had at the time. His route into the industry actually left me quite tearful as he described his underprivileged background, which truly served as a launchpad propelling him into success. I think back at that interview from time to time, I still find it very moving. If you haven’t read it I urge you to follow the link in Resources on the blog. For this podcast we catch-up on what he’s been working on in the past two years and his hopes and ambitions as an actor. From Luther, No Time to Die, LIFT and The Batman, Jess’s busy schedule won’t be changing anytime soon.
June 01, 2022
The Mighty Dragon podcast with Adrian Schiller (Æthelhelm)
I am delighted to announce that actor Adrian Schiller joined me on the podcast to discuss his time on the hugely phenomenal The Last Kingdom series. Followers of The Mighty Dragon Instagram account know that I have recently binge-watched the entire five series. So I am completely over the moon that my favourite bad guy from the series, Æthelhelm, is part of this interview collection. Adrian discusses Æthelhelm, his favourite parts of his character, his motivations, and how the character immersed itself into The Last Kingdom. But were Athelhelm’s motivations misjudged? Doting grandfather or evil mastermind? We discuss this and more, on The Mighty Dragon.
May 18, 2022
The Mighty Dragon podcast with Pierre Bourdaud
It was an absolute pleasure to chat with Beijing based actor Pierre Bourdaud today on The Mighty Dragon podcast. From France to Beijing With over twenty years of experience working in Beijing as an actor, stunt performer, and director Pierre is incredibly humble about his achievements. Multi-lingual, he has worked with Jackie Chan, Johnny Knoxville, Sebastian Vettel, and many others. It seems no one day is the same as another – he could be dubbing films in Mandarin or working with Mike Tyson. With the lockdown squeezing in China how is that impacting the booming Chinese film industry?
May 05, 2022
The Mighty Dragon podcast with Galen Howard #thebookofbobafett
Actor Galen Howard joined me on The Mighty Dragon podcast recently to talk about his work on The Book of Boba Fett. A lifelong Star Wars fan, Galen shared his thoughts on the Star Wars legacy and how it's endured for so many years. Star Wars is a family affair for Galen, he remarks how his father worked on Return of The Jedi, so it felt like it was meant to be when he secured the part on The Book of Boba Fett. We talk about the secret world of Star Wars casting and storyline, the highs & lows of an actor's life, his preferred genre to work in, plus what draws him to certain characters. I also took the opportunity to speak to Galen about his work in music videos, specifically the video for Justin Timberlake's "Can't Stop The Feeling!'.
April 27, 2022
The Mighty Dragon podcast with Deborah Richards #movemenomountain
Deborah discusses her career from flair bartending to Dark Lights, which was released last year.  A huge success, this horror short was awarded Best Cinematography, Best Special Effects and Best Horror Short at the Stranger Days Independent Film Festival.  Deborah wears multiple hats during the filmmaking process, something which she does again for Move Me No Mountain, her first feature, out this summer.  We spoke about the challenges and rewards of being in control of all these elements (writer, director, VFX, camera etc) and how this has impacted her script-writing.   After the interview I was left in complete admiration of Deborah's achievements and drive. A strong, vocal champion of women's filmmaking (not to mention picking up the NW Woman Filmmaker of the Year award), Deborah's star is rising.  Not only this, but she has done so with grace and respect for those she has worked with.  Thank you for this opportunity Deborah, may I wish you all the best with your future projects.  Podcasts and interviews with filmmakers the world over.    Check out my special "The Mandalorian" & Mindhunter interview series,  a unique behind-the-scenes experience of these hit shows.  Want to learn tips and tricks from those who have succeeded? My YouTube page hosts podcasts and supporting videos with filmmakers, actors, producers, directors, and more. It showcases my own research as an amateur screenwriter/animator in creating my own stories for release here.  This channel heavily supports the importance of Indie film not only in the UK but worldwide. See how Indie filmmakers are engaging with their audience to deliver unique content from shorts to features and what drives their process.  It may help you start your own?   SOCIAL MEDIA - Come and say hello :) Instagram:
April 14, 2022
Podcast with Carey Jones #BlackKrrsantan
The Book of Boba Fett lands on The Mighty Dragon blog and I am delighted to have actor Carey Jones as part of my The Book of Boba Fett interview collection. We know Carey as the bounty-hunting Wookiee, Black Krrsantan, in The Book of Boba Fett, and I must say this character, “Santy” was, for me, one of the outstanding performances of the series. If you look into the fascinating history of Santy, you can see this Wookiee was trained as a gladiator, bears a scar from Obi-Wan’s lightsaber, worked for the Hutt’s, Vader, and finally now, as part of Boba Fett’s legion. Carey chats to me about his time on The Book of Boba Fett set and how physically challenging and rewarding portraying Santy is. We also speak about how he got into the industry and his route into Twin Peaks, The Walking Dead, Mare of Easttown, Predators, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and so much more. After this interview, I was left with admiration for Carey’s work ethic, drive, and determination. He truly deserves all the success, but it wasn’t without grind and grit on his part. I truly hope we see more of Santy (please Disney, give him a spin-off series)!
March 11, 2022
Podcast with Kelly Schwarze #indiefilmfactory
Kelly Schwarze, film director, author, sumo wrestler! What more can I say? I was absolutely delighted that Kelly accepted my offer to jump on a call for The Mighty Dragon to share his success on his eight feature film. Catch up with all of Kelly’s news and all the fabulous work by the Indie Film Factory at Indie Film Factory Kelly Schwarze Amazon
February 08, 2022
Podcast with independent filmmaker Andrew Froening
Recently I caught up with Independent filmmaker and regular on The Mighty Dragon, Andrew Froening.   Based in the US, Andrew is currently working on two features. One being a mob film based in his home area (and Sopranos base) New Jersey. He talks about his projects this year and also reflects back on 2021 - how has the pandemic changed his work ethic.   It seems features are now the future for Andrew, and as ever, I wish him the very best of success.
January 28, 2022
The Mighty Dragon: Best of Christmas - what's your favourite Christmas movie?
Flicking through the huge amount of festive films on Netflix the other night, I wondered which one I could call my favourite, my absolute “gun at head” favourite. After all, Christmas films are such an integral part of the festive season, can you imagine if we didn’t have a fave? Is your favourite a tear-jerker, a rom-com, a classic or something entirely different. Something that stirred memories from childhood, possibly? While I pondered this myself, I decided to throw the question open to some of my previous interviewees. Their recommendations may inspire you to put on something that you may not seen before. What’s your favourite? Step inside… HUGE THANKS to the contributors: Andrew Froening Phillip E. Hardy David Silverman Bryan McClure Bernard Bullen Kelly Schwarze AV Turner Nicole Russin-McFarland Mike Leeder Arne Venema Alejandro De Hoyos Lee Anthony Smith Paul Zeidman Joe Fiorello Carla Roda Gareth Williams Yeniffer Behrens Hopefully you will find some festive film inspiration here. Thank you for supporting The Mighty Dragon throughout 2021. The Mighty Dragon will return
December 21, 2021
The Mighty Dragon podcast with Carla Roda
On the podcast today, award winning film editor and director, Carla Roda. In a male-dominated area of the industry Carla Roda has truly made her mark on Hollywood.   She is the first Spanish woman to edit projects for HBO. Her editing work for Fox Searchlight/ Fox Digital Studios’ docu-series Phenoms was an official selection and winner at Tribeca Film festival. The documentary Our Quinceañera was Winner of the Audience Award for Best Documentary at The Bentonville Film Festival and Audience Award for Best Documentary at the Panamanian International Film Festival in Los Angeles and Vote Neil Was an official selection at Tribeca Film Festival 2020, Official Selection in Documentary Shorts and was also licensed by NBC News and Meet The Press. Carla is working on a new film, Let Go , which she wrote and will direct. Let Go takes the love and sacrifice themes of Me Before You by Thea Sharrock and the recovery of trauma and identifies themes of The Rider by Chloé Zhao. Questions posed 1) From Spain to Hollywood, tell us about your journey to become an award-winning film editor? 2) Is film editing an “Invisible art” 3) Are women under-represented in this side of the industry? 4) Your family describes you as a fighter from day one, would you agree? 5) Whats has been your favourite project so far and why? 6) What do you think are the strengths of the Spanish film industry? 7) I have read with interest some of the charities you support. Could you tell me more about those, and will we see some projects based on those charities in the future? 8) What do you have planned project-wise for the near future? 9) Finally, what would be your advice to anyone wanting to explore film editing. Huge thanks to Carla for this opportunity and to Espada PR for co-ordinating. Follow Espada PR on Instagram here.
December 09, 2021
The Mighty Dragon podcast with Renee Lim
The multi-talented Renee Lim For anyone who follows The Mighty Dragon Instagram account you will see that I recently watched Clickbait on Netflix. IMDbWhen family man, Nick Brewer, is abducted in a crime with a sinister online twist, those closest to him race to uncover who is behind it and why. Shot in Australia, this series has a very modern feel, utilizing the power of social media within the story and on screen.  I was delighted that actress Renee Lim, who played Alice in Clickbait, agreed to join me on the podcast. As you will hear, Renee has many strings to her bow,  her drive and motivation are very inspiring to all. Looking through her impressive blog, Nay in the Life, I think this really underlies her work ethic, no matter what character she is portraying. The ability to look at  a subject at many different perspectives is an attribute for any creative. We spoke too about the multi-award winning Please Like Me where she plays Mae. IMDbTwenty something Josh is going through a number of big changes as he navigates his first decade of adulthood. After being dumped by his girlfriend, he comes to the realization that he is gay. I think this series is typical of the way that Australian productions expertly portray sensitive subjects. Listen to Renee discuss what is was like to be part of it. Questions posed I have just enjoyed the series Clickbait on Netflix where you play the role of Alice. What attracted you to this character?. How did you get into acting? Your IMDb describes you as an actress, dancer, presenter and medical doctor.  Is it possible to choose one as your real passion? What has been your favourite character to date, and why? You were Mae in the highly acclaimed Please Like Me, what was it like being part of this series? As an Australian actress, where do you feel the strength is in Australian tv & film? Can you tell me more about Nay in the Life? What projects do you have coming up? Huge thanks to Renee for this opportunity and to Kelly for co-ordinating us through various time zones and daylight savings
November 07, 2021
The Mighty Dragon podcast with David Hedges
was joined on my podcast with another of my early interviewees, David Alton Hedges. With a new book out now, Werewolf, I thought it was a great chance to see what this Nicholl-winning writer was up to now. The last time I checked in with David was when he was over in South Africa watching his film, Scorpion King: Book of Souls being made. Here’s a link to the previous interview, it still remains one of the most-read interviews in my collection here on The Mighty Dragon. Points for discussion if Scorpion King changed him as a writer what opportunities lockdown gave him to explore other projects, such as the K9 tv series if California is still the destination for writers and filmmakers how writers can adapt to the change in the way audience consume content finally, we talk about his new book, Werewolf, a moving account of his time in the K9 unit with his partner, Brag. What a wonderful tribute to a heroic dog! Huge thanks to David for sharing his time and wisdom! Where to find Werewolf Amazon – Buy Werewolf now on Kindle & Paperback Instagram – Werewolf’s Instagram page. Other links Thin Blue Paw – a UK charity for retired police dogs. IMDb – The Scorpion King: Book of Souls IMDb – K9 (1989)
October 08, 2021
Joe Fiorello chats China, Hong Kong and US music & film projects and more
The Mighty Dragon kicks off interview season with filmmaker and music producer @joeblackshadow. Joe talks about  life in NYC, HK memories, CFK Radio and thoughts on the Chinese and Hong Kong film industries. I even got a legendary Joe Fiorello HK story  The Mighty Dragon back in busineSS  #podcast #chinesefilm #hongkongfilm #musicproducer #themightydragon #musicproducerlife #nycproducer
October 01, 2021
TIME and LEVEL 16 - tv catch-up with Allie & Vikki
#seanbeanTIME #stephengraham #tvrecommendations #whatsonNetflix  Here we discuss our thoughts on BBC's TIME and Netflix's LEVEL 16. We will be back next month discussing Ted Bundy.
July 14, 2021
The genius of Jim Carrey
Joining me on the podcast today is author AV Turner for one of our regular "Allie & Vikki" catch-ups.  Here we discuss Jim Carrey, Dumb & Dumber and the side of Jim we have seen on YouTube giving phenomenal speeches about life creativity and the Universe.   Jim famously said on Oprah that he wrote himself a cheque for $10million and attracted this to happen to him. An example of the law of attraction some would say - this was his paycheck for Dumb & Dumber.  
June 09, 2021
The Mighty Dragon Mindhunter Special: Interview with Happy Anderson (Jerry Brudos)
My Mindhunter Special continues with my first crook and I am over the moon to get Happy Anderson on the podcast to discuss his role as Jerry Brudos. Otherwise known as the shoe fetish killer. Actually, Happy is right. Calling serial killer Jerry Brudos a crook is a complete injustice. But nonetheless, the performances of all the actors who portrayed the serial killers, to me, are the genius of this series. So I was delighted that Happy is part of the Mindhunter Special interview collection. Happy Tappy Happy discusses his career, his beginnings as a tap dancer and performer, to the roles which he is most proud of. I asked Happy how it felt to play such a dark character as Brudos for Mindhunter. It was interesting to hear the emotional impact portraying this character had on him. You can tell from his performance as Brudos that he fully envelops his characters – certainly stepping into the shoes of a serial killer is no mean feat. Sympathy with the Devil As a writer, my conversation with Happy reminded me that there are many sides to serial killers that need to be considered in a script, certainly some elements where we feel empathy for the character. These characters will always have identifiable human traits, the devoted family man and good friend. Inside the monster, you will often find a sad childhood, neglect, bad parents, and exclusion. Is the monster borne out of these circumstances or where they always there? Resources: Happy Anderson – IMDb Happy Anderson – website Mindhunter Wiki – Happy Anderson Hit Men – Amazon Prime More from The Mighty Dragon Mindhunter Special: Darrin Giossi Mindhunter Special: Cotter Smith Mindhunter Special: Gareth Williams Mindhunter Special: Michael Cerveris The Mighty Dragon celebrates
May 28, 2021
The Mighty Dragon Mindhunter Special: Interview with Michael Cerveris (Tedd Gunn)
I was delighted to be joined by actor Michael Cerveris in this third installment of my Mindhunter Special. Michael has extensive experience on stage (Broadway, West End) and screen (Fringe, The Queen of the South, The Plot Against America). He plays Ted Gunn in Mindhunter, Season 2. This character, Michael explains, is a combination of characters rather. It was interesting to hear the meticulous preparation and rehearsals before each shoot. The genius of David Fincher certainly comes across in every interview in this series. We talk too about how he started in the business, his favourite roles, Mindhunter prep, behind-the-scenes and more. Resources: Michael Cerveris – IMDb Hottest Hell Presents Loose Cattle Band Mindhunter WIKI – Michael Cerveris More from The Mighty Dragon Mindhunter Special: Cotter Smith Mindhunter Special: Gareth Williams Michael Merino A Q with Michael Palin Michael Wong
May 12, 2021
The Mighty Dragon Mindhunter Special: Interview with Gareth Williams (Chief Redding)
Thank you for checking back into my Mindhunter Special.Pinch MeHere I am joined by actor Gareth Williams who played Chief Redding in Mindhunter, Season 2.Gareth recalls his epiphanic moment that pointed him towards his acting journey. The people he met along the way; Matt Dillon, Marisa Tomei, Laurence Fishburne, they all were part of Gareth’s successful career in theatre, TV and film. We hear about his friendship with the late, great Jim (that’s James Gandolfini to the rest of us), and how they met.He shares his favourite memories from Mindhunter too (and some behind-the-scenes funny stories too from the S2 wrap party).A humble actor, he has many credits to his name, Into the Dark, NCIS, S.W.A.T., Dawson’s Creek, Mindhunter… I could go on.  Some of his favourite moments have been his “pinch me” moments, this could be from being on set with Tom Hanks in From the Earth to the Moon or working with David Fincher on Mindhunter.Big thanks to Gareth for this interview!Resources:Gareth Williams – IMDbDetroit Street FilmsDetroit Street Films is a collection of filmmakers, artists, poets, writers, who come together to create their own content in the form of short, micro-budget films….For more information on Detroit Street Films check out:
May 11, 2021
The Mighty Dragon Mindhunter Special: Interview with Cotter Smith (Unit Chief Shepard)
Welcome to the first part of my Mindhunter Special. Join me in this new series where I interview cast members about Mindhunter, but also their backgrounds and prep for their characters.From Washington to PittsburghFirst up is Cotter Smith, he played one of my favourite characters, Unit Chief Shepard, in Seasons 1 and 2. It was interesting to hear how Cotter’s acting career started in theatre in Washington. He talks to me about his journey of moving to New York to pursue his dream before moving onto screen.We also discuss his favourite roles throughout his career, which include X-Men and You Don’t Know Jack, where he played opposite Al Pacino, an unforgettable experience he states.We of course talk about his time on the Mindhunter series. How he prepared as Unit Chief Shepard and what it was like to work with David Fincher and his special behind-the-scenes memories from this phenomenal series.
May 04, 2021
Mindhunter or Ratched? what would you choose?
Tune InIn this podcast author AV Turner (Allie) and I discuss our April favourites. For me, its Mindhunter and Allie, Ratched.
April 27, 2021
The Mighty Dragon reviews McDonald & Dodds and Escape from Pretoria with AV Turner.
The Mighty Dragon podcast with author A.V. Turner.  Allie reviews McDonald & Dodds and I review Escape from Pretoria. Join us once a month as we discuss what's captured our imaginations on the box. You'll find McDonald & Dodds on ITV1 and Escape from Pretoria on Amazon Prime.Amateur filmmakers - want to learn tips and tricks from those who have succeeded? My YouTube page hosts podcasts and supporting videos with film-makers, actors, producers, directors and more. It showcases my own research as an amateur screenwriter/animator in creating my own stories for release here.Check out my special "The Mandalorian" interview series,  a unique behind-the-scenes experience of this incredible part of the Star Wars Universe. Stuck with what to watch? Podcasts also examine what to watch on Netflix and other streaming platforms. This channel heavily supports the importance of Indie film not only in the UK but worldwide. See how Indie filmmakers are engaging with their audience to deliver unique content from shorts to features and what drives their process.  It may help you start your own?LETS CONNECT:INSTAGRAM:​TWITTER:​THE MIGHTY DRAGON BLOG:​SHOW LESS
April 01, 2021
The Mighty Dragon meets Jona Xiao - Disney's Raya and the Last Dragon
I'm super lucky to have actress Jona Xiao on The Mighty Dragon podcast. In this episode we talk about her latest movie, Raya and the Last Dragon. Starring a stellar cast including Kelly Marie Tran, Awkwafina, Daniel Dae Kim, Benedict Wong, Sandra Oh and, of course, Jona Xiao. This delightful tale is the latest animated Disney Princess film and sees Jona as the Young Namaari. After speaking with Jona, I can see how perfect she is for this role. A real-life heroine, determined and resilient against adversity. Personally I found her a very empowering and totally not surprised that her company, Career ACTivate, has helped thousands of actors book more work and land great reps. Way to go!We are taken to the fantasy world of Kumandra where humans live peacefully with dragons. Nevertheless, whenever anything is going that well, you know something will turn up to disturb the harmony. This time it's in the form of sinister monsters called Druun. We see the friendly Dragons sacrifice themselves to save their human allies. However, years later, the old monsters return and Namaari seeks to find help from the Last Dragon.
March 21, 2021
What motivates this bounty hunter? The Mighty Dragon meets Jake Cannavale.
Securing this interview I felt that I had hit the Star Wars Universe jackpot!I am so honoured to feature actor Jake Cannavale in this special The Mandalorian series. We know him as bounty hunter Toro Calican, but I wanted to dig a little deeper into what makes this actor unique.Jake comes from a large acting family, so it was pretty much imprinted in his DNA from day one. His parents, actors Bobby Cannavale and Jenny Lumet, encouraged him as he carved out his unique presence centre screen. His step mother, Rose Byrne, being a guiding, positive influence too.Of course, this conversation was focussed on all things The Mandalorian.  Jake recalls his special behind-the-scenes moments, specifically a moment with Obi-Wan, Ewan McGregor. He also touches upon his role in Nurse Jackie too, and how he felt working alongside his father.  I tried to guess his favourite Star Wars characters but failed miserably, his answer was a total shock! Jake, you were right. I would never have guessed it. I am honoured to have him here as part of The Mandalorian interview collection.Thanks to Jake and the folks at Framework Entertainment for this opportunity.This is the fifth interview for The Mighty Dragon in its special The Mandalorian series. Tune in for more interviews from this epic, fan favourite series made for all Star Wars fans.Starring in The Mandalorian was certainly one of his career high points, but I feel this is only the start for him.  To sum it up, there's more to this actor than we have seen already, I just hope he is back on The Mandalorian soon. After all, no character dies really.....
March 13, 2021
What's it like being two characters in The Mandalorian? The Mighty Dragon meets Tait Fletcher.
The Mandalorian Special continues...When I interviewed Tait Fletcher I felt like I'd known him for years, that's probably because he's been in everything I have seen! From Breaking Bad to The Mandalorian, Jumanji and John Wick to name just a few. Tait has been in some of the most memorable films and TV series in recent years.We know Tait as Alpha Trawler and Paz Visla in The Mandalorian. He shares with me how he prepared for these characters, his experience with George Lucas's linguist and some behind-the-scenes memories with Carl Weathers. His favourite Star Wars character surprised me at the time, but now reflecting back on our conversation can see how that all fits in.Breaking BadOf course, Tait joined me to talk about The Mandalorian, but we touched upon his time as Lester in Breaking Bad too. Also how he broke into the industry from his MMA fighting days. Tait's journey doesn't end anywhere as we find out, he is constantly progressing.The Mandalorian goes from strength to strength and so does Tait. He is a truly introspective, inspiring actor. His phrase "Never let your memories become bigger than your dreams" struck a chord with me. In conclusion, there is no way this actor is resting on his laurels any time soon. I am honoured to have him here as part of The Mandalorian interview collection.Thanks to Tait Fletcher and the folks at KMR Talent for this opportunity.This is the fourth interview for The Mighty Dragon in its special The Mandalorian series. Tune in for more interviews from this epic, fan favourite series made for all Star Wars fans.
March 04, 2021
What's it like being The Mandalorians father? The Mighty Dragon meets Bernard Bullen
My journey on The Mighty Dragon has lead me to meet some truly special and gifted folk, Bernard Bullen is most definitely one of them. I'm so honoured to have this fine actor here as part of The Mandalorian interview collection on The Mighty Dragon. We know Bernard as Din Djarin's father in The Mandalorian. His introduction in the Star Wars Universe being an explosive scene where the young Din is hidden by his parents.  Certainly, it remains one of the most memorable scenes in Season 1 for me. This role, Bernard tell us, is his favourite of all his roles and recalls some fun behind-the-scenes memories of his time on Season One.A fun point to note, Bernard is fluent in many languages (even Scouse ;), which has opened doors for him the world over. Giving him a truly rich and varied experience across many genres. His full list of acting credits can be found here.Furthermore, we talk about how he landed the role, his favourite Star Wars character (I guess right!) and how he left one career path to pursue acting.Will Bernard be back in The Mandalorian? Tune in...ShowreelBernard Bullen - WebsiteSumming up, I have no doubts that Bernard will be gracing that cape again for another trip into the galaxy, or certainly deserves to be. As the world opens up again this year, this actor will be soaring high.Gracias Señor Bullen, deseándoles lo mejor para 2021.Bernard is represented by MARK JERMIN MANAGEMENT This is the third interview for The Mighty Dragon in its special The Mandalorian series. Tune in for more interviews from this epic, fan favourite series made for all Star Wars fans.
March 03, 2021
What's it like being a Tusken Raider? The Mighty Dragon meets The Mandalorian's Miguel A. Lopez.
I had the pleasure this week of catching up with The Mandalorian actor Miguel A. Lopez to discuss his role as a Tusken Raider on The Mandalorian series (Disney+).  As a matter of fact, Tusken Raiders are my second favourite being from Tattooine, Undoubtedly menacing, they first appeared in A New Hope where they encounter a young Luke Skywalker.Miguel shares with me his behind-the-scenes memories of being part of the Star Wars Universe as one of the Galaxy's sinister Tusken Raiders. Particularly interesting to note that Miguel was one of the first to learn on set The Child's, Baby Yoda's... wait...Grogu's name. You can hear his passion for Star Wars as he recalls his experiences.  In fact, as a lifelong Star Wars fan himself Miguel's favourite Start Wars character is.... well, you'll just have to tune-in to get that titbit ;)Furthermore, Miguel also speaks about his time working on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D too and what inspired him to become an actor. Lastly, he also teaches me some Spanish (apologies to all Spanish speakers for my pronunciation) and tells me what opportunities being a bilingual speaker has brought to his career.This is the second interview for The Mighty Dragon in its special The Mandalorian series. Tune in for more interviews from this epic, fan favourite series made for all Star Wars fans.
February 26, 2021
Whats the best Netflix series? Lilyhammer and Hannibal
I tell you what's so special, is they're both INCREDIBLE Netflix series and should not be missed AT ALL On a recent podcast we discussed the topic of Nostalgia. In particular, how this affects the ratings of new series which have branched out from the originals. In this podcast episode, author AV Turner and I discuss Hannibal and Lilyhammer. Firstly, we explore if there are any relatable elements to Silence of the Lambs and The Soprano's. Secondly, why Steven Van Zandt is the best mobster on screen and how Mads Mikkelsen may have portrayed Hannibal Lector closer the books. Finally, we air our frustration at there only being three seasons of each series, come on Netflix, lets have more. Tune in each month as we continue on our journey exploring new series on streaming platforms. Checking out Netflix TV series Amazon Prime and more.In conclusion, Lilyhammer and Hannibal are rated 10/10 on The Mighty Dragon, here's why...
February 19, 2021
Will they kill baby Yoda? Mike Leeder, Michael Chan and Arne Venema - part TWO
Here we are joined by Michael Chan, who gives his opinion on Stranger Things, Cobra Kai and The Mandalorian.We discuss Star Wars fan theories on the splitting of dimensions at the end of The Mandalorian and if Ben Solo will kill Baby Yoda?Thanks to these gents for their time and wishing you all a wonderful New Year - Year of the Ox - kung hei fat choi :)
February 12, 2021
Does NOSTALGIA skew our objectivity? with Mike Leeder, Michael Chan and Arne Venema - part ONE
In this podcast we look at the ups and downs of NOSTALGIA in current TV - this covers Stranger Things, Cobra Kai and The Mandalorian. We discuss how Star Wars regained its fanbase with The Mandalorian,  if Cobra Kai would stand up without its Karate Kid association and how many series of Stranger Things were too many.... As always, opinions are our own.Part One features Mike Leeder and Arne Venema. Michael joins us for Part 2.Big thanks to Mike Leeder, Arne Venema and Michael Chan for sharing their thoughts and expertise on Nostalgia TV. Until next time!
February 10, 2021
What's the deal with Cobra Kai?
The Mighty Dragon podcast with author A.V. Turner.  Allie watched Queen's Gambit and I watched Cobra Kai and we discuss here what we liked/didn't like about each series. You'll find Queen's Gambit and Cobra Kai on Netflix.
January 28, 2021
The Mighty Dragon podcast with Clint Carney
I was so grateful to catch up with filmmaker Clint Carney - a true all-round master at multiple forms of creativity. Clint started in props and art, working on the hugely popular Scream 4 which lead into acting and writing his own scripts - check out his dark horror Dry Blood which you can see now on Prime. Clint is not only an actor and musician too - check out his music website: plus his own website to find out more.
January 14, 2021
Is it a Wonderful Life? Movie chat with AV Turner and TM Dragon #itsawonderfullife #bestchristmasmovie #christmasclassics
Christmas Eve sees the launch of my new podcast series with my friend Allie, (author AV Turner), where we discuss a movie, its characters and how we can relate to the movie in the world around us now.As its Christmas here’s our first festive offering “Movie chat with AV Turner and TM Dragon” where we discuss “It’s a Wonderful Life”.Big thanks to Allie for taking part in this podcast. Looking forward to where 2021 takes us!ResourcesYou can find AV Turner's books here!Harris the Hedgehog: And His Running AdventureSnow’s Angels (Mike Snow Trilogy Book 2)AV Turner – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
December 24, 2020
The Mighty Dragon podcast with Kelton Jones #filmmaker
This interview I will call my “amazing” interview as I must’ve said that word about 200 times during the podcast. But truly, this podcast was AMAZING.The multi-talented Kelton Jones transitions seamlessly between acting, directing, producing, screenwriting, and cinematography – but that's not all as you listen to this podcast.Starting in Texas, Kelton’s career path excelled in many areas of filmmaking. He has worked with Chuck Norris, Mel Gibson (The Passion of Christ), Robert Zemeckis, Ice-T and Foo fighters to name only but a few!Kelton talks about all these experiences (listen out for the GOD truck in Passion of Christ), plus his own directing work from his short films to his feature, Dry Blood, in 2019. He was the lead role of Michael Ryan in The Evil Down the Street, we discuss what attracted him to this character.
December 21, 2020
The Mighty Dragon podcast with Jeff Hatch (part two)
Join me in the second part of my chit-chat with actor Jeff Hatch. We continue to talk The Crumbs and Indie films, Jeff’s choices for Christmas viewing and what his plans are for 2021.Big thanks to Jeff for this interview!
December 17, 2020
The Mighty Dragon podcast with Jeff Hatch (part one)
I recently chatted with actor Jeff Hatch on the podcast, in fact we spoke so long that I had to split this poddie in two! We spoke about Jeff's acting beginnings on stage and his transition to screen and what challenges that brought. We also talk about his favourite role he has played where he was up against acting giants Peter Fonda and Bruce Dern. Jeff, a multi-talented actor, discusses how his audition for The Crumbs was a turning point for the story itself, his English accent is certainly better than mine! Part two of the interview will be up next week!
December 11, 2020
Talking The Crumbs with Craig Ahrens & David Espinosa
As you know we have been joined a few times on The Mighty Dragon by actress Chelsea Jurkiewicz . Chelsea messaged me the other day letting me know The Crumbs, which she had mentioned on our last interview, was available on Amazon Prime UK. I popped it on pretty much immediately to review here, but felt a podcast with the director and writer would be far more exciting. After all, this horror to me, felt unique and the characters a depth about them that was quite refreshing after a few weeks of constant horror films leading up to Halloween. The interspersed highbrow English accents when the Crumbs family spoke when they were alone to their American "country" accent wth strangers was fascinating. I could only imagine an upper class background and advancing "Victorian" education (or even earlier) which lead them to settle in the States way back.  What was their family profession? In early surgery? How did Doctor Benjamin end up in his current position in the workroom.It was an absolute honour to be joined by David Espinosa and Craig Ahrens for an in-depth look into The Crumbs and moving making in general. We discuss how important lighting and music are to a film and where, perhaps, silence could be more powerful. We explored how Indie films may have more creative license particulary with darker sides of a story and what inspired this tale of this bizarre family who in all their weirdness, reflect most modern family struggles and dynamics.
November 10, 2020
More horror film chat with Arne Venema - fourth part (and final recommendations)
Arne jumped back on the podcast to update me on further horror recommendations he didn't want to miss out. This is the fourth and final part of our horror film podcast and therefore ends the Halloween season on The Mighty Dragon. Thank you to Arne and all the contributors who have added a touch of terror to The Mighty Dragon.
November 04, 2020
More horror films chat with Arne Venema - part three (00s and 10s)
In this podcast we discuss the best horror films of the 2000s and 2010s and Arne adds more recommendations to this list. Including one for 2020!
November 03, 2020
More horror film chat with Arne Venema - part two 80s & 90s horror films
Yesterday we spoke about 60's and 70's horror film classics - today we discuss 80s and 90s horror films. Arne has his own recommendations from anime, Italian, Australian and Hong Kong horror movies. Please check it out. if you like it, please SHARE! Thank you!
November 02, 2020
Halloween podcast with Philippe Joly
I was joined by actor Philippe Joly on The Mighty Dragon podcast, as one of my early interviews on the blog I was keen to find out what Philippe had been up to since then. As Philippe is based in Hong Kong I was keen to hear how this year has impacted projects and how he has moved other projects forward during the pandemic. Of course we discuss horror films and also his picks from the list of horror flicks through the decades.
November 01, 2020
Talking horror films with Arne Venema
When I started the Halloween series on here, I asked my interviewee’s what their favourite horror film is – but with Arne, he knew SO MUCH about horror that we discussed all of them! Hence these podcasts being in four parts! In this first podcast we go through the 60’s and 70’s. Arne also educated me on other horror films, Italian and Australian ones, that have been added to my need to watch list.Big thanks to Arne for sharing his extensive knowledge.
November 01, 2020
The Mighty Dragon Halloween podcast with Sylas Dall
Check out my podcast with writer and director Sylas Dall, we talk horror films plus his top picks from the decades of horror.  Sylas has his movie They Reach coming out Nov 3 – don’t miss it!
October 31, 2020
The Mighty Dragon Halloween podcast with Bryan McClure
I caught up with actor Bryan MClure the other day to see what he has been up to since 'In Other Words' which I reviewed a while back on The Mighty Dragon. We spoke about how he, as an actor, prepares for horror and comedy genres, his favourite horror films, his Halloween plans and what he's got planned for the rest of the year
October 31, 2020
The Mighty Dragon Halloween podcast with Chelsea Jurkiewicz
I caught up with actress Chelsea Jerkiewicz on her latest projects and what her top horror film picks  are over Halloween. Chelsea also discusses her work-life balance and how taking time out allows her to return fresh and ready to go! 
October 28, 2020
What's the best horror film through the decades? (1960's-2010's)
The Mighty Dragon kicks off Halloween!Here I chat with filmmaker Andrew Froening on what his selection is from the greatest Horror films throughout the decades (60’s-10’s).Big thanks to Fro for kicking off the Halloween season on The Mighty Dragon.
October 21, 2020
The Mighty Dragon vs Jeff Torres
Actor Jeff Torres joined me on The Mighty Dragon podcast to discuss his latest project, Once, a short film created during the lockdown. We spoke about filmmakers and actors reaching audiences via new methods this year and how the lockdown has impacted creativity. Jeff also spoke about his passion for writing and directing in theatre and the unique connection with the audience. As Halloween season is nearly upon us we also spoke about horror films plus Jeff’s film, House of Demons, and what drew him to the character of Matthew. Don’t forget to check out House of Demons on Amazon Prime.
October 14, 2020
The Mighty Dragon vs Celeste Sully
I was delighted to be joined by actress Celeste Sully on The Mighty Dragon podcast. Celeste discusses what drew her to the role of Lisa in Netflix favourite, 1BR, her inspirations, aspirations and much much more. From all my interviews this is one of my favourites, not only is Celeste a hard-working, determined actress, she has managed to keep her feet on the ground with a solid support network of friends and family. Thank you, Celeste.
October 09, 2020
The Mighty Dragon vs Maria Tran
I recently caught up with this busy lady on her latest project My Mother The Action Star. Here we discuss how her mother’s treacherous journey and bravery provided inspiration for Maria for this story. It appears that Maria’s mothers strength and courage laid the foundation for Maria to pursue her dreams and charge through any challenges she faced on her own journey.Action star, director, producer and actor, Maria’s achievements are pioneering for all women in filmmaking. She continues to support Outreach programmes and give back to the community too, keep up with her latest news on her action girl Facebook page.This conversation reminded me that some of the most inspiring stories can be found closer to home.Catch up with My Mother The Action Star here: Sydney Morning Herald
October 09, 2020
The Mighty Dragon vs Ralph Rivera
Hollywood trailblazer Ralph Rivera chats to The Mighty Dragon about his memories captured in his latest book, Dream Chaser – The Business of Showbiz. Ralph’s midas touch has turned around the fortunes of many companies all over the world as he worked his miracles on movies such as Sophie’s Choice, On Golden Pond, JAWS, Spiderman, Fantastic Four and Ironman. From drinking Bollinger with Lew Grade, stepping away from the numbers game with Stan Lee at Marvel and to buying a car with Steve McQueen, I was left in no doubt that Ralph Rivera was the true King of the Hills.
September 30, 2020
The Mighty Dragon vs Patrick Perez Vidauri and Cristina Nava
With their new romantic comedy ‘In Other Words‘ released on September 8 , I am delighted that the director, Patrick Perez Vidauri and writer Cristina Nava have joined me on a podcast for The Mighty Dragon.In Other Words has been released on all digital platforms and VOD NOW.The movie stars Bryan McClure (Mindhunter), Edy Ganem (Devious Maids), Natasha Esca (Narcos: México) and Chris Kattan (Saturday Night Live).
September 22, 2020
The Mighty Dragon vs Phillip Noyce part 2
Phillip Noyce talks to The Mighty Dragon about the challenges of filming at sea for the film Dead Calm, where Mother Nature was calling the shots. Dead Calm is a 1989 Australian psychological thriller-horror film directed by Phillip Noyce and starring Sam Neill, Nicole Kidman and Billy Zane. The screenplay by Terry Hayes was based on the 1963 novel of the same name by Charles Williams; the film represents the first successful film adaptation of the novel after Orson Welles struggled for years to complete his own film, The Deep. Filmed around the Great Barrier Reef, the plot focuses on a married couple, who, after the tragic loss of their son, are spending some time isolated at sea, when they come across a stranger who has abandoned a sinking ship.Ref: Wikipedia.
April 23, 2020
The Mighty Dragon vs A.V. Turner
My final interview of the year is with author, actress and friend A.V Turner. Otherwise known to me as Allie. I met Allie in the Twitterland running community quite some years ago and we hit it off immediately.Allie is a very successful self-published author, her Mike Snow and Harris the Hedgehog series boasts 5 stars on Amazon. She is probably one of the few, if not only, writer who crosses genres (adults to children's books) with the same theme, running. I wanted to speak to Allie about her background in acting and how this helped as she became a writer. We discuss the early struggles with the perception of becoming self-published as well as her cross over from Mike Snow to Harris the Hedgehog.Allie very kindly used her acting skills to sound out a very early script of mine, and I am so glad that we got to meet in person after such a long time chatting online. 
December 04, 2019
The Mighty Dragon vs Andrew Froening #TheConnection
Post his 3 award wins for his web series, The Connection, Andrew Froening chats to The Mighty Dragon about his plans with the series, horror films and opinion on Martin Scorcese's claims that Marvel films are "not real cinema". It was great catching up with Andrew again and congratulating him on his well-deserved success.The Connection web series: on YouTube:'s projects:
November 06, 2019
The Mighty Dragon vs Phillip Noyce
Last year I interviewed director Phillip Noyce for this blog – we discussed Echoes of Paradise, Dead Calm and also his writing style. You can see the transcribed interview here.Phillip has kindly agreed to me uploading a sound bite of our call where he talks about the challenges of filming Echoes of Paradise. A last-minute embargo on Australian media entering Indonesia resulted in a location change to Thailand. That meant a script change, a total rewrite in two weeks!When I first watched the movie I felt instinctively that it should have been Raka’s story (John Lone’s character) and glad I was proved right. it just shows with the best-laid plans things can change.Hear Phillip talk about how this affected the filming and also John, who had been in an Indonesian Palace for a month with the real Raka.
September 20, 2019
The Mighty Dragon vs Owen Hunt
The Mighty Dragon celebrates its second podcast with comedy writer and performer Owen Hunt. I first met Owen on his YouTube channel, Bootsy Greenwood, where he talks mostly about the principles behind Reality Transurfing (an alternative reality book written by Quantum Physicist Vadim Zeland). Reality Transurfing is a very deep, thought provoking and exciting concept and Owen delivers it on YouTube in his own unique style where you can see shades of his comedy persona come through. We touch upon some of the Reality Transurfing principles in this discussion - if you're interested hop on over to to find out more.I couldn't wait to talk to Owen on his thoughts on what makes great comedy writing and performances, something I didn't appreciate the complexities of!
July 25, 2019
The Mighty Dragon vs Andrew Froening
A chit chat with writer, director and producer Andrew Froening.  The mastermind behind the YouTube web-series, The Connection.
July 17, 2019