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Video Artisan

Video Artisan

By Kevin Cook

Tips, tricks and marketing advice on everything pro-video.
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02 - Podcasting for Business

Video Artisan

03 - Square Video
03 - Square Video
The inspiration behind this podcast is the growing number of requests we are getting to create clients videos in a square, 1:1, picture ratio. It’s easy to understand why we’re seeing this increase because our clients see Square Video everywhere on social media. It’s hard not to notice it.  This podcast will explain some of the science behind this trend, and how creating your videos square can make your marketing spend much more effective - especially on social media platforms. 
January 15, 2020
02 - Podcasting for Business
02 - Podcasting for Business
Is your business tapping into the power of podcasting as a marketing tool?  In this episode Kevin Cook will cover the benefits of sharing your business stories through podcasts.  Learn how to create, publish, distribute and promote your podcasts to help your business grow.
January 13, 2020
01 - Introducing the Video Artisan Podcast
01 - Introducing the Video Artisan Podcast
A very quick introduction by Kevin Cook to Video Artisan's new podstream channel - giving listeners an insight into the many video production services offered by this Loughton-based mixed-media production company.  By following this series you will get an understanding of the various services we offer, why our clients chose us and general tips and advice on the power of video as a business marketing tool.
January 10, 2020