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Vancouver Island Pinball (VIP) podcast

Vancouver Island Pinball (VIP) podcast

By vipinball podcast
Our podcast will emphasize pinball on our Island. As well we intend to highlight events, groups and individuals in Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest of the US. In addition we will be providing general news updates to our listeners and global interviews with pinball folks from all over
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Vancouver Island Pinball Podcast ... Episode 1

Vancouver Island Pinball (VIP) podcast

Ep 20 ... A Pinball Show .. Show
In Episode 20 we look at two shows in our Northwest region We open with an interview with Derek Thomson of the upcoming Edmonton based YEGPIN show  and we discuss the trip Neil and Dan took to the most excellent North West Pinball and Arcade show 
June 29, 2022
Ep 19 From sea to sea ... A new Champ and the soon to be open largest classic pinball arcade in Canada
We are back for Episode #19 We start off with a bit of general news and then straight into a chat with the New Vancouver Island Champion !! Darrell and Tyler return for a tech tip on a new product for help with updating lights on Classic and more modern pins  and we wrap up with an interview with Seven Graylands, youtuber and soon to be owner of Canada's largest classic Pinball arcade located just outside  Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island ... welcome to Seven's Pinballorama
May 27, 2022
EP 18 ... Northwest bound ... NW pinball Collective .. NW Pinball Show and first impressions of RUSH and RUSH LE
We return with Episode 18 of our podcast  Which local brought home hardware from the Texas Pinball Festival ?  Results from the playin for the Island Championships  an Interview with Chris Force of the newly opened Northwest Pinball Collective  First impressions of the new RUSH pinball machine (pro and LE) with Bryan and Ron Dan Halligan from the North West Pinball and Arcade show drops in to chat about the show coming up June 3rd to 5th in Tacoma  
April 20, 2022
EP 17 Independent Film maker Ben Wilms, TD Tyler Bates and a double shot of tech tips
In Episode 17 we interview Tyler Bates of Black Diamond antiques and the second Tournament Director on the Island Darrell is back with two tech tips this month, using forums as resources for pin repair and reviewing the new Art Blade protector product And being Oscar month we chat with Film maker Ben Wilms and Mike Loftus who is the focus on Ben's documentary 'Full Til' Link to Full Tilt on youtube Pinmedics can be found at
March 14, 2022
Ep 16 .. Valentine's Episode ... Jerry Power of Player One pinball .. memories of Lyman and more
We open with the current status of public pinball on the Island  A short tribute for Lyman Sheets .. world champion and pinball programmer Local engaged couple Lara and Rob discuss their entry into the hobby and ownership of machines Darrell's back with a tech tip on your three button panel and it's uses  Jerry Power Canadian sales manage of Player One pinball details his lifetime in the coin-op 
February 07, 2022
Ep 15 - A chat with Kevin from Classic Playfield Reproductions plus Darrell's tech tip and more updates
We are back with episode 15  Updates on the pinball scene on the Island  Ashleigh and Karrie drop in to talk about the Women's Bubblegum Frenzy tournament  Darrell's tech tip .. just happens to be playfield replacement  and Kevin from CPR talks the history and future of CPR in his first ever audio interview 
December 16, 2021
Ep14 The anniversary show .. with world #1 Raymond Davidson
In this episode we go over recent tournament results and also reflect on the first year of the podcast. We wrap up with an interview with the currently #1 globally ranked player Raymond Davidson 
November 16, 2021
Ep13 Unboxing of GNRLE, tech tip of the month and an interview with Julie Dorssers
In our bakers dozen episode we provide the results of the initial events since the return of competitive pinball, we have a round table discussion after unboxing a GNRLE, Darrell is back with his pinball tech tip and Julie Dorssers drops into the VIP studio for an interview 
September 15, 2021
Ep 12 - Return of VPL events, unboxing of a Mandalorian LE pinball, Part 2 of Flipper tech and Part 2 of our chat with Mike Hanley
In Episode 12  We discuss the return of sanctioned events to Victoria and the first events in Chemainus Darrell is back with the second part of Flipper tech maintenance  We unbox a LE version of the Mandalorian and give our first impressions  Mike Hanley returns and we talk about Brazilian pinball as well as European manufacturers 
August 21, 2021
Ep 11 .. News !!!! Arcade reopenings .. Island Champ Fuji Eng .. Tech tip - Flippers and Powerhouse's Steve Webb BIG NEWS!
In Episode 11 we update the current situation regarding the arcades on the Island, The reopening of leagues and tournaments, we sit down and chat with Fuji Eng current Island Champion, Darrell talk Flippers and we drop in on Steve to get the news on changes at Quazar's and Powerhouse 
July 08, 2021
Ep10 .. The Makers episode ... Meteor 2021 with developer Dick Hammill and Neil from 4ever Flip
Status of the arcades including another new location opening soon .. results from the Island Remote Challenge as well as the Global ICR We chat with Neil Hodge from VPL and 4ever flip regarding his experiences in pinball as well as his hoody line 4ever Flip  Darrell and Dan discuss the process of upgrading Meteor to Meteor 2021  Dick Hammill the developer of Meteor 2021 drops in to discuss the game development as well as other games he has been working on 
May 30, 2021
Ep 9 Head tech at Powerhouse ... Pin2DMD review and Mike Hanley from CotSB
A new location on the Island .. we chat with Chris the head tech at Powerhouse Pinball .. Pin2DMD is reviewed with Dino and Mike Hanley shares his story and that of the only pinball manufacturer in Canadian History Northstar Pinball ..  Link to PIn2DMD Montreal Pinball Full interview with Jaques Tremblay cofounder of Northstar Pinball
April 05, 2021
Ep8 Hands on with Led Zep LE ... interviews with Mike Dymus of LOPL and Chemainus' own Shawn Orza
Thanks for dropping in  In today's episode we update the status of the arcades on the Island .. we also discuss the remote ICR tournament that 3 VPL'ers are competing in and announce the Island ICR tournament that will take place in April.  We drop in on Shawn Orza from Wiffle Games and Wizard's Arcade and get to take a Led Zep LE for a spin courtesy of friend of the podcast Lisa finally we wrap up with Mike Dymus co-founder of London's Pinball League discussing his unique pinball finds and his current obsession with Gottlieb Black Hole pinball machines ..
March 11, 2021
Ep7 Back to BC with John's Jukes Ltd/
In Episode 7  We update current status of the arcades on the Island Tournament Results .. The IFPA ICR semi-final results An Interview with VPL's own Bryan Couch .. we discuss some of his travels ... pinball in Japan and on the east coast of Canada. Starting a collection and his introduction to pinball  In his tech tip Darrell puts together the must have items for a pinball toolbox  We interview John Robertson (aka John Jukes) .. how it all started ... the time travel warehouse ... John;s connection with restoring the PAPA HQ after the once in a century flood plus much more 
February 09, 2021
Ep6 We venture to the Southern Hempishere World's Womens #1 Danni Peck
Episode 6 of the Vancouver Island Pinball podcast We give a status update on the arcades on the Island as well as a special location in the state of Minnesota  The winner of last months contest is announced We interview local player and entrepreneur Karrie Hill  Darrell is back with his tech tip on the does and don'ts of LEDs and we wrap up with an interview from the top ranked female player in the world Danni Peck from New Zealand  Below are a few links to items mentioned in the interview with Danni The Peck family's first epic Route 66 pinside thread Stuntwomen Danni vs the Flintstone Slide
January 26, 2021
Episode 5 .. Alberta bound and First look at JJP GNR LE
Episode 5 of the VIP podcast  Included in the episode are  Arcade Status on the Island Catching up with VPL'er Brennon Patterson in Calgary Darrell's Tech Tip .. discussing buying pins with pinball Dave A first look at JJP's GNR LE with BAMOH Bob An interview with Derek Thomson of YEGPIN and Arkadium Retro Arcade (Edmonton)  A new contest for locals to win some VPL swag 
January 04, 2021
VIP Ep4 - Pinball Profile ... Profile with Jeff Teolis
In Episode 4 we return with an interview with Jeff Teolis from the Pinball Profile and Final Round podcasts. We also interview VPL director of officiating Brent Hayashi ... Darrell takes a trip back in time for the what's in the shop Darrel segment .. we update the arcade status on the Island and we also introduce the first ever VIP podcast contest.  
December 13, 2020
VIP Podcast Episode #3
In this episode we provide updates on the status of the arcades on the Island. We interview VPL Vice-President Hayley Williams, Darrell is back with a tech tip and we wrap up with an Interview of Walt Morose who discusses the Pinball for Change charitable tournaments as well as the history of the Bluffs Pinball League(s) and his entry into the madness of the pinball hobby
December 01, 2020
Vancouver Island Pinball (VIP) Podcast Episode 2
In Episode #2 we update the status of the arcades on the Island. In our interview with Ashleigh we find out about the little known connection between asparagus and pinball. Darrell returns with "What's in the shop Darrell" providing insight into hardtop replacements for playfields and we wrap up the episode with an interview with Steve from Powerhouse Pinball 
November 14, 2020
Vancouver Island Pinball Podcast ... Episode 1
In our first ever episode we interview IFPA ROY (2019) Axel Blonde and local player "Pinball Dave'. We also have current arcade status on the Island as well as Tech Tip segment with Darrell. 
October 29, 2020