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501 Hustle

501 Hustle

By Vivek Pandit
It’s the 501 Hustle, the only podcast that brings you in-depth interviews with GenZ’ers who work or study till 5p…but at 5:01, they are hustling. We interview mission-driven Gen Z hustlers who are designing groundbreaking solutions, forging new paths, and redefining our future. Tune in to these inspiring young adults, and join in their initiatives and be a part of the GenZ transformation!

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Project Matriarchs: Pilar McDonald & Lola McAllister

501 Hustle

Project Matriarchs: Pilar McDonald & Lola McAllister

501 Hustle

Republic & Z List: Zehra Naqvi
Meet Zehra, a prominent Gen Z'er in the Venture Capital space. Zehra has met hundreds of Gen Z founders and has hosted several founder events throughout the country. Working on the investment team at Republic, Zehra has committed herself to democratizing access to information for underrepresented founders and young investors. She is also the founder of the Z List, a community of founders and investors, in which she's facilitated 4 investments thus far. Don't forget to like, subscribe, rate, follow, or review! Zehra's Twitter: Zehra's LN:
May 13, 2022
Flahmingo: Taran Kainth
Meet Taran, co-founder and CEO of Flahmingo, an investing platform that allows individuals to buy fractional shares, or slices, into 2000+ companies. Flahmingo's mission is to create literacy through accessible, free educational content and provide Canadians with a platform to make better, empowered financial decisions. Since launching in February 2020, Taran and his team have raised a $1.9M pre-seed round, and have over 5K people on their waitlist.  Don't forget to like, subscribe, rate, follow, or review! Company Profile: Company Website:
April 28, 2022
POSH: Avante Price & Eli Taylor-Lemire
Meet Avante and Eli, co-founders of POSH, a futuristic ticketing platform built around an arsenal of powerful event marketing tools. Since launching in October 2020, Avante and Eli have raised $1M+ and done $500K+ in revenue. They have been featured in Forbes, are well-known all around NY, and will be the ticketing platform used at several SXSW events.  Website: Company Profile:
March 09, 2022
YouTuber & Creable: Daniel Koss
Meet Daniel, the Founder and CEO of Creable, the digital workspace for creators and managers. Before founding Creable, Daniel was a highly successful YouTuber with 400K+ subscribers, and released two creator products that earned him 7 digit revenues. Daniel has managed over 100 Creators, and founded Creable with the mission to enable individuals to create. Creable is building the software infrastructure for Creators & Managers that helps them to grow their audience, monetize their passion and manage their entire business in one place.
January 23, 2022
Corecircle: Nastassia Ponomarenko
Meet Nastassia, a college dropout and the 21 year old founder of Corecircle, a free social fitness app where people can create and find workouts, document progress and build friendships centered around fitness. She is also the founder of Nasty Fit, a 7 figure fitness apparel brand she started at 18 years old. Nastassia has amassed over 500K followers on her IG, 100K followers of Nasty Fit's IG, 130K followers on her Tik Tok, and 700K subscribers on YouTube.  Check out her company profile:
January 22, 2022
STG Visions: Agustin O'Connell
Meet Auggie, founder of STG Visions, the 1st universally accessible and applicable athlete management system, all through computer vision. By assessing movement metrics like speeds, accelerations, etc., STG Visions allows coaches to optimize their decisions regarding sports performance, sports medicine, talent, and evaluation.  Check out their company profile:
January 21, 2022
Politician: Evan Bonsall
Meet Evan, a Harvard grad and former Marquette City Commissioner. In November 2019, Evan knocked on over 10K doors while campaigning, and was elected the youngest-ever Marquette City Commissioner two weeks after his twenty-third birthday, earning the support of 68% of the voters in the city-wide election. On the City Commission, he has championed affordable housing, government transparency, and environmental preservation, while also confronting the economic and fiscal challenges facing the City of Marquette. 
January 20, 2022
Code Your Chances: Gabrielle Roberts & Dominique Roberts
Meet Gabrielle & Dominique, co-founders of Code Your Chances, a nonprofit that introduces young girls to the creative uses of computer science and how they can apply their unique creativity to tech. Their mission is to inspire a new generation of diverse leaders in computer science and to address the gender imbalance in STEM fields. They focus on how computer science is used in creative industries (film production, game development, AR, VR, creative uses of AI) and work with communities that have limited access to tech education. Check out their company profile:
January 19, 2022
Electric Potential: Anoushka Gupta
Meet Anoushka, the Director of Content at Electric Potential, Gen Z's digital community and information hub for creating social change. Electric Potential's mission is to catalyze Gen Z to become agents of social change — in form of advocacy leaders, policymakers, and policy funders. If you are interested in signing up as a Beta user, visit:, and if you are interested in interning with EP, fill out this form: Check out their company profile in our database:
January 18, 2022
Open Classroom Experience: Lena Xiang
Meet Lena, the founder of Open Classroom Experience, a virtual global innovations program, where GenZ leaders co-create with world class social entrepreneurs and learn from top industry leaders. Open Classroom Experience is a 10-week virtual global innovation program AND continuous community that lies at the intersection of business, technology and social entrepreneurship. Join their community of future leaders and changemakers! Check out their company profile at:
January 13, 2022
Seven: Colleen O'Malley
Meet Colleen, a graduate of UPenn, and founder of Seven. Seven is an event coordinating and party planning platform that alleviates the stresses of hosting, and helps party goers grow their social graphs. After realizing the hassles of ticketing, distributing invites, communicating between host and attendees, etc., Colleen created Seven ~6 months ago and has several thousand users. By reducing the friction of throwing events, Seven has become the go-to platform for thousands of party hosts. 
January 12, 2022
GenZ Designs: Andrew Roth
Meet Andrew, founder of GenZ Designs, a research and innovation consultancy helping brands tap into the frequency of culture. By engaging with thousands of Gen Z'ers, creating industry reports, and formulating a GenZ score tracking a brand's cultural relevance, GenZ Designs helps brands unlock and amplify Gen Z behaviors. Listen to Andrew share their case study with working with Chipotle to help shape their rewards program, and how GenZ Designs has compiled a top 25 list of the most influential Gen Z brands. Check out their company profile:
January 11, 2022
Think and Speak Academy: Przemysław Stolarski
Meet Przemysław, a highly accomplished debater, and founder of Think and Speak Academy. Think and Speak Academy provides world-class online debate coaching breaking down the barrier of geography, cost, and access. The Academy believes that every person can skyrocket their talent and potential with debate training. The secret lies in the best coaches, individual measurement of success and stimulating environment of like-minded ambitious pupils. Check out their profile at:
January 10, 2022
Fleur: Reilly Clark
Meet Reilly, an art history Stanford grad and co-founder of Fleur, a startup working to make art accessible for everyone. Reilly and the Fleur team want art to be more inclusive and discoverable, so they use curation algorithms and AI to match individuals with the right artists. You can connect with artists, support their work, or just learn about art from the comfort of your couch. Ask anyone. They have their favorite music and favorite apps to find new musicians. They have their favorite content and favorite platforms to watch it. Why not art?  Company Profile:  Website:
December 23, 2021
Project ANT: Areeb Mianoor
Meet Areeb, a graduate from the University of Toronto and founder of Project ANT. Areeb and the Project ANT team are building an equitable and inclusive future of work where anyone can build new skills and start earning and working towards their dream career/job from anywhere across the globe. Project ANT connects students to curated project based gigs that help  increase their chances of landing their dream job by 90%! 
December 17, 2021
Utopia Labs: Kaito Cunningham & Alexander Wu
Meet Kaito and Alex, co-founders of Utopia Labs, the modern system for managing contributor payments, expenses, and more for your DAO. Since founding their company about three months ago, they have raised $1.5M and are one of the hottest startups to come out of On Deck Catalyst. Tune in to this episode to learn all about crypto, DAOs, NFTs, and more!  Utopia Labs Company Profile:
December 09, 2021
Leda Health: Madison Campbell
Meet Madison, a trailblazer, sexual assault advocate, and founder of Leda Health. Madison has become a well-seasoned entrepreneur and just made the Forbes 30 Under 30 List, and has dedicated her life to promoting the autonomy and self-actualization of sexual assault survivors through Leda Health by developing and providing resources to help them overcome their difficult trauma.  Check out Leda Health's profile in the database: Leda Health: Madison's Twitter (she's hilarious):
December 02, 2021
Anja: Kathryn Cross
Meet Kathryn, the founder and CEO of Anja, a healthcare startup helping parents freeze their umbilical cords for its stem cells. Kathryn was inspired by her late mixed-race brother with cerebral palsy, Andrew (hence, the name, Anja), who could not find an umbilical cord blood match when it was his last chance at treatment. Kathryn has experience rapid growth since founding Anja in June, has amassed millions of views on Tik Tok and IG, and will be closing her first round of funding.  Check out Anja's profile in the database:
November 04, 2021
GenZScouts: Jonathan Chang
Meet Jonathan, a venture associate at GSV, and the founder of GenZScouts, a venture capital fellowship program for students interested in venture capital from non-target universities. Jonathan was most recently named the Top 29 GenZ VCs to watch out for by Business Insider. He also runs a Tik Tok account on venture capital @venturecapitalguy where he has amassed over 1M views and 60k likes across all videos.  GenZScouts leverages student networks to identify and vet startup founders for accelerators, angels, and venture capital firms and teaches. The fellowship program lets students from non-target universities gain firsthand experience in scouting and doing due diligence along with access to talks with industry professionals and venture capital education.
October 18, 2021
EMTomorrow: Nina & Ceylan
Meet Nina & Ceylan, seniors at Georgetown University and co-founders of EMTomorrow. EMTomorrow is making the emergency medical service field accessible for low-income young adults in Washington, DC by providing a free, National Registry EMT-B training course. For underserved communities, the EMTomorrow program addresses the issues of financial, social, and geographical inaccessibility in EMT training and provides an entry-level job and career pathway into medicine for those without advanced education.
October 07, 2021
PACare: Regina & Akash
Meet Regina, a recent grad from Mercer University and COO of PACare, and Akash, a student at Harvard and CTO of PACare. PACare is creating a digital health experience to bring patients closer to doctors. By helping clients with peri-operative tasks through the use of reminders, educational videos, and seamless lines of communication, PACare is reducing post-operative complications and hospital readmissions. Check them out in our database at: and reach out via their website to join the team! 
September 30, 2021
FullCircle: Ananya Jain
Meet Jain, a materials engineer at Georgia Tech, TEDx speaker, and founder of FullCircle. Jain and her team created Full Circle with the mission to tackle mental health concerns, stigma and lack of resources amongst students. Jain has been awarded by the Swiss Government, the President of India, the Royal family of the UK, and other organizations for her work in entrepreneurship and research. This year, Jain was the recipient of The Diana Award, one of the most prestigious international accolades a young person can receive for humanitarian work. The Full Circle team has created a mental health video game with more than seven countries including the USA, UK, India, Canada and others to build new technologies and tackle government related legislation. Join the FullCircle community:  Follow them on IG @fullcircle_genz And if you ever want to call Jain if you're feeling lonely or need someone to talk to... here's her phone number: +1 404 285 0138
September 02, 2021
Omena: Francesca
Meet Francesca, rising senior at Brown, and founder of Omena, a non-profit organization committed to increasing emotional abuse awareness in Madagascar’s educational system by providing tools for students to combat and stand up to abuse. Omena currently has over a hundred volunteers scattered around the world - in 13 countries and counting - and their work has been featured by MTV, The Boston Globe, supported by the Clinton Foundation and Forbes Under 30.  Check out their website:  Follow Omena on social media @omenamovement
August 26, 2021
Mandla: Boluwaji & Wenitte
Meet BJ & Wenitte, co-founders of Mandla, innovative, black owned e-learning language app created for those who seek to strengthen their unbreakable connection with their African roots. Mandla strives to preserve and promote African cultures through language, empowering our community of thinkers, dreamers and doers everywhere. Mandla will launch in Fall 2021, and combine education with gamification and socialization. Join their hundreds of users as a beta tester, and help contribute to their mission! Connect with BJ & Wenitte via email:, and follow them on IG & Twitter @mandlaapp
August 19, 2021
Pareto: Phoebe Yao
Meet Phoebe, a Chinese-American immigrant, Stanford dropout, 2020 Thiel Fellow, and founder of Pareto. Pareto is building the human API for business operations with a women-led and operated task force that combines human quality assurance with machine automation, enabling seamless SMB business automation at scale. As featured in Forbes, Pareto is committed to helping women in developing economies master the foundations of company building, connect with world-class entrepreneurs, and earn meaningful work opportunities. Connect with Phoebe via email:, and follow them on IG & Twitter: @hellopareto 
August 12, 2021
Simply Neuroscience: Chinmayi Balusu
Meet Chinmayi, an undergrad at Columbia and founder of Simply Neuroscience. Simply Neuroscience is an international, student-led organization that focuses on neuroscience and psychology education, outreach, and awareness. Initially started as a personal blog, Simply Neuroscience - over the past two years - has grown into a team of over 300 volunteers running 25 initiatives, and a community of over 50,000 Gen Z’ers spanning more than 120 countries. Listen to Chinmayi discuss her passion for neuroscience, psychology, and their multifaceted application in other fields within STEM and humanities.  She shares her story of how she grew from a personal blog to an international community, and the unique ways she harnesses the power of her community for content creation. As a 3x TEDx speaker, and founder of Simply Neuroscience, Chinmayi explains that everything she does boils down to her core mission: pursuing the brain, unlocking the future... one neuron at a time. Make sure to connect with Chinmayi on IG @simplyneuroscience and join their incredible organization as a volunteer or engaged community member! 
July 15, 2021
Pointz: Maggie Bachenberg & Trisha Ballakur
Meet Maggie & Trisha, rising seniors at Brown, and co-founders of Pointz. Pointz is a mobile mapping app that acts like a safety focused "Waze," designed for bike and scooter riders. Maggie & Trisha have completed Brown's B-Lab, were featured in Bloomberg radio, and named a top 10 startup to watch in 2021 in RI. Listen to Trisha explain the tech and process behind mapping the US, creating proprietary "quiet networks," and crowdsourcing data from micro mobility riders. Maggie delves into the insights gained from customer discovery interviews, and the beta test conducted in Providence. Maggie & Trisha share their personal stories of how they decided to pursue Pointz, formed relationships with biking communities nation wide, and are making micro-mobility transportation safer and more accessible for everyday people. Reach out to Maggie & Trisha on IG @bikepointz to join their beta test, and be sure to download the app when it launches in August!
July 08, 2021
Fulphil: Tiffany Yau
Meet Tiffany, a dedicated social entrepreneur and the Founder & CEO of Fulphil, a social venture that teaches marginalized youth social entrepreneurship to solve the real-world problems of their local communities. As recognized in Forbes and her TED talk, Fulphil as inspired ~ 3,000 youths to start their own companies, helping them get into college and even provide for their families. Listen to Tiffany share how her core motivator in life - to save lives and make a difference - led her to discover the power of social entrepreneurship, and bring entrepreneurship education to students in underserved communities. Tiffany discusses how she's created and distributed successful curriculums in social entrepreneurship, 21st century soft skills, fundraising, DEI, and sustainability, and how she's equipping youth with the resources and authority to create new and innovative solutions to tackle the most pressing societal problems through business.  Reach out to Tiffany on IG @fulphil_  to join her inspiring initiative and help her empower, as she says, "the people closest to the problems," as they are "closest to the solutions."
July 01, 2021
ResusciTech: Abbie Kohler
Meet Abbie, co-founder and CEO of ResusciTech, a startup that is commercializing a smart-phone based CPR training app with the mission of giving people the power to save someone’s life, enabling them to take action in emergency situations with training and real time feedback. ResusciTech has developed patent-pending, smartphone CPR feedback technology with the goal of improving outcomes with cardiac arrests occurring outside of hospitals. ResusiTech was named one of the top ten startups to watch in 2021 in Rhode Island, and recently received a $40K grant. Listen to Abbie describe the process of creating the first ever CPR training app, navigating the patent process, and gamifying the certification process. Abbie explains the advancements in technology that has made this app possible, and how she navigates the stress of creating a product that can be the difference between life and death.  The app - SMART Certification - is out in the app store. Download the app, and get CPR certified for free! Reach out to Abbie via IG
June 24, 2021
Honey House: Anita Todorovic
Meet Anita, graduate from Carthage College and founder of the Honey House, a local Chicago honey store that sells honey, organic tea, canned goods, and more. Her property has ten beehives, hundreds of thousands of bees, and she takes the honey straight from the hive to her jars in her store.  Listen to Anita share the source of her inspiration - her Uncle Alex - and how she developed an incredible hustler mentality at such a young age. Anita highlights the specific jobs of various bees in a colony, the therapeutic effects of beekeeping, and the health wonders of honey. Anita retells the incredible story of the grind to build a physical store, construct all the shelves, label the jars, build her website, and oversee hundreds of thousands of bees. She discusses how honey helps her with her broader goal: spreading awareness of health and well being, both for individuals and the environment. As Anita continues to grow, she always comes back to her core value: maximizing impact in her local community.  If you are ever in Chicago, you need to visit her store! It is an incredible piece of land and she'll give you a private tour. Also, if you are interested in beekeeping, maximizing local impact, or wanting to befriend a true hustler (but incredibly sweet person), reach out to Anita on IG @honeyhouse_ab
June 17, 2021
IncluDesign: Diana Perkins
Meet Diana, co-founder and CEO of IncluDesign, a design firm creating adaptive products that empower individuals with disabilities. IncluDesign is releasing their first product, the LapSnap, after reaching their $10K Kickstarter goal in one week! The founders of IncluDesign began by participating in Brown’s 2020 Breakthrough Lab Accelerator, and since then the company has been featured in Providence Business News and been named one of RI Inno’s top 10 startups to watch in 2021. Listen to Diana share how she created a major in Industrial Design, taught herself how to sew and develop a prototype, figured out how to partner with a manufacturer, and used the Human Centered Design Process. Diana highlights the differences between the terms "differently abled" vs. "people with disabilities," and discusses how she conducted dozens of virtual interviews, analyzed user feedback through online check-ins and surveys, and distributed prototypes to wheelchair users across the United States for a four month trial.  If you are passionate about creating products for people with disabilities, reach out to Diana on IG, and be sure to donate to their kickstarter campaign!
June 10, 2021
Debate Spaces: Tessa Holtzman & Sagie Tvizer
Meet Tessa and Sagie, Executive Director and Program Director of Debate Spaces, an education non-profit that uses debate to foster civic engagement and connect middle school students from around the world. Currently run by Harvard graduate students and a team of pro-debaters, Debate Spaces operates under the mission of crafting and developing strategies to make the world a better place, through debate. Since its founding in 2017, Debate Spaces has impacted over 400 students from urban and suburban middle schools around the world. Listen to Tessa and Sagie discuss Debate Spaces' pedagogical approach, and their ultimate vision to foster community building where people from around the world can engage in empowering dialogue. Tessa highlights the power of debate with regards to self-empowerment and advocacy, and shares stories of students using debate to enact change in their local communities. Sagie discusses "the superpower" of your voice, and illustrates how debate is the bridge between knowledge and action.  If you are a middle schooler - join this program! For everyone else - get involved with Debate Spaces by volunteering as a judge or recruiting students. Be sure to follow and DM Debates Spaces on IG @debatespaces 
June 03, 2021
Pawsible: Vanessa Barker
Meet Vanessa, co-founder and CEO of Pawsible, a young non profit providing financial and community support to volunteers raising future assistance dogs. Pawsible operates financial support programs such as Rasier Relief, Puppy Starter Kits, and Raiser Sponsorships to help offset the intense and challenging costs associated with volunteer puppy raising. Through a growing chapter network, Pawsible offers financial support to over 500 volunteer puppy raisers across five assistance dog organizations. Listen to Vanessa highlight her experience raising guide dogs, building an all female and non-binary identifying team, and creating Pawsible's most popular blog series: Racism in the Dog Community. Pawsible’s ultimate goal is to make puppy raising a more inclusive, equitable, and accessible experience. Whether you’re interested in joining their team or becoming a volunteer puppy raiser, you can check out ways to get involved on or DM them on IG Also keep an eye out for their Fall Internship application, Puppy Raiser Scholarship, and more, launching this summer.
May 27, 2021
Intern From Home: Chuck Isgar & Megan Kasselberg
Meet Chuck and Megan, co-founders of Intern From Home, a digital platform that helps students find and apply to internships. They have been featured in Forbes, NYT, The Boston Globe, U.S. News & World Report, Business Insider, and more! Listen to Chuck and Megan break down how they became a “crisis innovator,” launched their product in less than 48 hours, and within a year connected thousands of students with hundreds of companies. Chuck and Megan delve into what the future of work will look like, and discuss the rapidly growing opportunities to work at mission driven startups. Listen to how they developed a culture around the mentality that “any idea worth doing, we do immediately.” If you are looking for internships or full-time roles at high-growth startups, visit their website: In addition, if you are a Gen Z founder looking for some guidance, be sure to DM Chuck or Megan on IG, as they love promoting mission driven initiatives! @internfromhome
May 20, 2021
Intimately: Emma Butler
Meet Emma, recent graduate of Brown University and the founder & CEO of Intimately, a startup that is igniting an inclusive revolution by selling functional and fashionable lingerie for women with disabilities. Emma has been featured in Forbes, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Entrepreneur, The Boston Globe, and was named one of Forbes next 1000!  Listen to Emma share how her 501 hustle developed into a full-time job, as she went from frantically shipping boxes from her college dorm room to raising money from investors, and moving to Station F in Paris. With the help of Brown’s Nelson Centre for Entrepreneurship, and a $20,000 Kickstarter campaign, Emma has created a beautiful, branded, one-stop shop for adaptive lingerie that is both functional and fashionable. Intimately serves the dual function of being an e-commerce site specifically targeted towards women with disabilities, and providing a community for them to engage in discussions about intimacy, sex and all things womanhood. The Gen-Z spirit of inclusivity runs through the entire shopping experience-- from easy-to-open shipping boxes, to an all-women team, over half of whom are disabled themselves. Emma would love to meet other Gen Z entrepreneurs, and will soon be hiring, so DM her on IG! 
May 13, 2021
MediCircle: Jack Shaeffer
Meet Jack, a student at Brown University and life-long entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of MediCircle, a startup that repurposes leftover cancer prescriptions to create equitable cancer care by leveraging financial waste in the healthcare system to address disparities. Recently, after twelve hours rehearsing a 4min pitch, Jack and his co-founder won first place ($25K) and fan favorite in the Brown Venture Prize.  Listen to Jack share the intense research process of cold calling 150 long term care facilities, conducting 250 market research interviews with stakeholders, and becoming an expert in pharmaceutical redistribution in the oncology space. Jack highlights the importance of advisors, the pros and cons of for-profit and non-profit, and emotional anecdotes from his interviews.  As a 20 year old trying to disrupt the medical industry, Jack has been called "a little bit insane," but after visiting a long term care facility and "seeing boxes of biomedical waste filled to the brim" with valuable medication, Jack "felt something in my heart" and committed to addressing this unmet need. If you want to join MediCircle and their mission, Jack shares multiple collaboration opportunities towards the end. Reach out to Jack on IG @jack_schaeffer29, and visit their website:
May 06, 2021
Farmlink Project: Jordan Hartzell
Meet Jordan, a student at Brown University currently on a gap year. She serves as the Project Manager of Farmlink’s Product Team. The Farmlink Project connects farmers to food banks, delivering millions of pounds of farm fresh produce that would otherwise be wasted to feed families in need. The Farmlink Project has been featured on the Washington Post, Fox News, CNBC, NYT, ABC News, and several others, and now has a team of over 250 college students! Listen to Jordan paint a vivid picture of the agricultural industry and the produce supply chain. She goes into detail on how the pandemic drastically increased food waste and the logistical nightmare of dealing with the three points of waste: in-field, “post-harvest, pre-retail,” and rejected loads. Jordan shares stories of discussions with growers, the operating hassle of directing massive trucks, and the strict product specifications of retailers. Listen to her delve into what makes a "Snow White Apple," how “pretty” strawberries can hurt truck drivers, and how farmers deal with the economic pressure of food waste. Towards the end, I read an email from another member of the Farmlink Project who credits Jordan with "joining a very male-dominated team early on" and being "vocal/formative enough to make Farmlink the welcoming, supportive, communicative place it is now." The Farmlink Project is looking for people to join their initiative! Visit their website:, and reach out directly to Jordan on Instagram: @jordyhartzell
April 29, 2021
Intus Care: Robbie Felton & Evan Jackson
Meet Robbie and Evan, CEO and COO of Intus Care, a health analytics platform synthesizing clinical, financial, and operational data to help long-term care facilities make data-driven management decisions for their elderly patients. Intus Care launched in 2020, and is in partnership with seven provider-sponsored health plans, five state long-term care associations and is financially backed by institutional investors. Listen to Robbie share how his mom inspired him to enter the geriatrics industry, and how he became a young expert in digital health for elderly care. Listen to Evan share how he leverages predictive analytics to proactively prevent patient hospitalizations. Robbie & Evan discuss their decision to drop out of school, grind in a basement, and build their company from the ground up. Robbie explains the strenuous process of fundraising, and Evan highlights the importance of networking.  Towards the end, Robbie & Evan share collaborative and hiring opportunities, so if you are interested in joining a high growth startup in the medical industry, reach out to them! Emails: &
April 22, 2021
CandiVote: Arvind Sridhar & Shivesh Mehrotra
Meet Arvind & Shivesh, rising sophomores at Brown and Yale. Together they co-founded CandiVote, a comprehensive engagement platform for local politics that is modernizing current voting and campaign information systems for the next generation of voters. Listen to Arvind & Shivesh share the history of local politics, and how a lack of resources and attention at the local level is leading to confusion, low engagement, and inadequate change in communities. Listen to how they iterated CandiVote to implement a dashboard that curates information on local candidates, a messaging system to contact candidates, a way to donate directly to campaigns, and quizzes that "match" you with a candidate with similar ideals. CandiVote has garnered nation-wide recognition, and will officially launch for the Rhode Island elections in 2022. Right now, they have had thousands of people visit the website, and are looking for beta users to join the platform and offer feedback. If you are interested in joining their initiative, reach out to them on Instagram @candivote, and visit their website: 
April 15, 2021
Digital Philly: Justin Russell
Meet Justin, a recent college graduate from St. Joseph's and the founder of his 501 Hustle, Digital Philly, a marketing agency that helps grow businesses by leveraging SEO. Listen to Justin's story of how he believed he wasn't a good employee, and failed to start a business multiple times. But, as Justin shares, he figured out how to build a proper team by complementing skillsets, and eventually succeeded in his third attempt at growing his business. Justin explains the nuances of SEO, and the power of leveraging this form of marketing to become the top result on Google. Listen to Justin share how he builds relationships with his clients that transcend business (Thanksgiving Pumpkin Muffin Party?!), and what he learned from his mentors with regards to how to deal with conflict resolution. In addition, he shares the power of a network and how it's important to realize that "it's not about who you know... it's about who knows you."  Be sure to reach out to Justin on LinkedIn: if your business could use some SEO advice, or if you just want to befriend a fellow Gen Z hustler who started in a basement financing his dreams with his savings, and now rolling with his venture! 
April 08, 2021
NBA Content Creator & Run IO: Destin George Bell
Meet George, a college graduate and Venture For America fellow, who lost all his money, got rejected from over 100 jobs, and packed his bags and headed to Austin. Learning from his mom's hustling attitude and coveting the Mamba Mentality, George never let adversity slow him down and is now an EA Sports Brand Personality sponsored by the NBA, and founder of a cardio fitness app, Run IO. Listen to George talk about how he took his love for the video game NBA 2K and created a 501 Hustle around it, by realizing that when you follow what you love instead of getting stuck in "what you should be doing," things fall into place and the right connections will come into your life. During quarantine, George learned the valuable lesson of how to alter his mindset and see opportunities in times of struggle. Listen to George share how he turned the worst moments in his life into opportunities that allowed him to gain strength, seize power, and grow into the individual he aspired to be. His app, Run.IO, has won several pitch competitions, has official advisory from the founder of Map My Run, currently has two engineers on the project, and is looking to grow his team! Reach out to George on Instagram: @gfortune_500
April 01, 2021
Student Musicians: Gus Benson & Jack Riley
Meet Gus & Jack, two Brown University students and incredible musicians. Together, they have collaborated on several tracks, released a single, Write My Ticket (available on all platforms!), and play in two bands on campus: Falling Walrus and The Clementines.  Listen to their 501 Hustle - learning how to adapt to the pandemic and continue collaborating on music - and how they've leveraged unique opportunities to continue releasing tracks and putting on performances. Gus & Jack discuss the nuances of tone and rhythm and how they - when effectively used - convey deeper meaning and stylistic "funk." Relive how Jack and his band got kicked out of Andrews Dining Hall, and Gus and his band came up with the name Falling Walrus. Listen to how together they use various sources of inspiration to write and produce a song.  Make sure to follow these guys on Instagram, @gus_bnsn and @jackrileymusic, and connect with them if you want two, fun, energetic, musicians as new friends! 
March 25, 2021
Project Matriarchs: Pilar McDonald & Lola McAllister
Meet Pilar & Lola, two university students at Brown and Stanford. They came together and founded Project Matriarchs, an organization working to provide meaningful virtual childcare support to working mothers during the COVID-19 pandemic. As stated on their website: "The way we look at it, the pandemic threatens a reversion to the norm that a 'woman's place is in the home.' Having children and a career should not be mutually exclusive." Learn about their incredible journey building such a rapidly growing initiative in less than a year. Listen to Pilar and Lola share their experiences interviewing overwhelmed moms and discovering the lack of resources for caregivers. In addition, Pilar and Lola share the amazing network of college students they have cultivated, and hint at an upcoming movement that harnesses the power of university students to change corporate culture and create a more just future. Reach out to Pilar and Lola via Instagram @projectmatriarchs, and be sure to visit their website: They are looking to grow the Project Matriarchs community, so be sure to connect with them and join their inspirational initiative! 
March 18, 2021
Slingshot: Akshat Prakash
Meet Akshat, a college graduate from Ghaziabad India who currently works at Apple in the Siri division. Even with a full time job, he founded Slingshot, a global startup incubator that pairs smart, motivated, technically sound high school students with current university or recently graduated startup founders. Listen to Akshat share how growing up in India made him into an enthusiastic observer and creative problem solver, and led him into the world of entrepreneurship in high school, when he represented India at the Taiwan International Science Fair. Akshat explains how Slingshot was born from the realization that there is tremendous untapped potential amongst high school students. Listen to the incredibly unique internship opportunities Slingshot provides, and their success incubating companies from the ideation phase to raising money in seed rounds. If you are an intrinsically motivated high school student with aspirations to experience real world engineering, or a startup founder who is ready to build a prototype and mentor students, Slingshot is made for you! Visit the website:, and reach out to Akshat directly via LinkedIn:
March 11, 2021
She Talks Ball: Radha Gupta
Meet Radha, a 20 year old sports enthusiast from India. Listen to her personal story of wanting to grow up to be a professional athlete, but realizing there was no system put in place to help young female athletes succeed. Radha explains how this fueled her to create a platform called She Talks Ball, a place where stories of women in the sports industry are highlighted and celebrated. She shares her insights as a female entrepreneur, stories of interviews she's done with professional athletes, and her ambitious plans for the future.  Reach out to Radha on Instagram @shetalksball and join her inspiring initiative! 
March 03, 2021
Co-Author of Regulating AI: Shreyas Parab
Selling ties to Joe Biden? Doing $75K in annual sales? Competing twice in the National Spelling Bee? Starting a company that was acquired? All in high school?!? Meet Shreyas, now a junior at Stanford who just co-authored and published a book on the subject of regulating artificial intelligence.  In the first half, listen to Shreyas discuss the revolutionary aspects of AI, illustrate the differences between machine learning, deep learning, and AI, and delve into his book by posing important questions with regards to regulating these technologies. In the second half, Shreyas shares how he cleverly infiltrated his way to selling ties to President Biden, and highlights the significant impact his parents had on fostering his entrepreneurial ambitions. At the end, Shreyas and I discuss how we first met and the life changing car ride we endured in Detroit with billionaire Dan Gilbert. Make sure to reach out to Shreyas on Instagram, @sparab22, and add this incredible Gen Z'er to your network!
February 25, 2021
Student Researcher & Science Communicator: Aanya Bahl
Meet Aanya, an undergraduate at the University of Toronto passionate about researching the brain - specifically with regards to women's health - and invasive species in the Galápagos. Listen to Aanya share the interesting connections between human health and ecosystem health, and how she's taken the lessons she's learned in research and applied them more broadly to conflict resolution skills. Aanya discusses how research for women's health is underfunded, illustrates how unique tactics by governments have been used to curb the spread of invasive species, and highlights the similarities between running a research lab and a startup company. She also delves into the biases in science, and emphasizes that "all knowledge is within a context."  Make sure you reach out to Aanya on Instagram, @aanbahl, and join her effort to spread awareness on how we can fix publication biases, adequately fund female research, and work together to save our planet. 
February 18, 2021
MatchOpp: Yash Bhansali
Meet Yash, an undergrad at Yale passionate about finance and business, who co-founded MatchOpp, a platform enabling students to personalize, organize, and realize their extracurricular experience. Listen to Yash share his insights on Gen Z'ers forcing corporate America to become socially conscious, his experience starting a micro-finance fund from scratch, and his journey leading the charge to better connect students with campus opportunities. Yash emphasizes the importance of working under the guidance of experienced mentors, and collaborating with people who have different perspectives but like-minded visions.  If you are trying to start a company, this is the episode for you. Yash shares valuable, timeless lessons applicable to all entrepreneurs, and even references Swami Vivekananda and the Bhagavad Gita to highlight the importance of embracing failure and working hard. Make sure to connect with Yash on IG: @yashpbhansali, and check out his article on our website: I hope you all are as inspired as I am after listening to Yash speak! 
February 11, 2021
Existentialism & Feminism Poetry: Shanai Tanwar
Meet Shanai, a 19 year old college student at Vancouver, passionate about poetry, existentialism, and feminism. She has fused her knowledge with her love of literature and has created a successful poetry blog on Instagram: @inkbyshanai. In this episode, Shanai discusses how commodification culture and capitalism has led to placing unnecessary meaning and importance on materialistic things, and how this has developed into an extractive relationship with our environment. She illustrates how accepting the inherent meaninglessness of the world will inevitably lead to spreading love, and bring us one step closer to personal enlightenment.  Listen to Shanai share her story growing up being bullied, and how she used that as a motivating force to amplify BIPOC voices and convey feminist themes that are palatable for everyone. Shanai discusses how ridding judgement and meaning will lead to a leveled out playing field: "Screw your gender, sexual orientation, we are all equal here..." 
February 04, 2021
Bridge To Literacy: Elizabeth Shvarts & Gary Shteyman
Meet Gary and Elizabeth, two high school book-worms in New York who co-founded Bridge To Literacy (BTL). BTL is an international, student-led nonprofit that fosters a love of language through literacy in children from underserved communities around the world in Kenya, Honduras, Ukraine, Mexico, Gaza, and more. A PVSA (Presidential Volunteer Service Award)- certified organization, BTL provides students with access to greater opportunities while fostering meaningful relationships that transcend borders. Listen to Gary and Elizabeth share their journey of how they broke cultural barriers, developed creative lesson plans, and initiated a global movement spreading the love of language. Be sure to visit their Linktree,, and check out their website, donate to their GoFundMe, and watch their new TikTok! 
January 28, 2021
The Homeroom Project: Alice Khayami
Meet Alice, a high school senior in New York who founded The Homeroom Project. With over 100 tutors woking with kids around the world, The Homeroom Project is a peer-to-peer tutoring community that pledges to stand strong together and continue learning through this pandemic. Listen to Alice share her insights as a young entrepreneur, and visit her website at: Be sure to connect with Alice via Instagram, @thehomeroomproject, and see how you can get involved!
January 21, 2021
TURN Platform: Alex Béliard & Zoe Silverman
Meet Alex and Zoe, two high school seniors who partnered together to create the TURN Platform (Together Unite Resources Now). TURN is an internationally reaching platform designed to facilitate access to all the current student initiatives to create a united community. Listen to Alex and Zoe share their experiences embarking on an entrepreneurial journey at such a young age. Visit their website,, and collaborate with some of the most driven Gen Z'ers from around the world. Be sure to connect with Alex and Zoe via Instagram and see how you can get involved!
January 14, 2021
Freelance Journalist & Actor: Jake Bolster
Meet Jake Bolster, a 23yr old Gen Z'er born in New York City. He is a creative and analytical thinker who wields a keen interest in writing as a means of effecting change in the world. His passion and persistence has led to incredible publications highlighting injustices in organizations such as the NBA and Hollywood. He has become a regular contributor to our website,, and continues to publish eye-opening pieces on our platform.  Listen and learn from his journey and insights, and connect with him to join his inspiring initiatives! 
January 07, 2021