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By Joyfullyawake
Joyfullyawake is a place where we Unite and remember the truth of who we really are. The messages that I share will spark that remembarnce, help to raise our vibration to inspire, dream, create and motivate.
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Celebrate You!


Past lives, Akashic Records, Energy Healing & More
In this podcast I share an experience of how I received an activation to the Akashic Records from myself as a Shaman in a previous lifetime, how my now doctor removed in a previous lifetime what was blocking me from seeing with my 3rd eye and how that catapulted me into many other mystical experiences. As we all awaken, so do our psychic senses and perhaps hearing my experiences will help those that may be feeling fear around that and begin to see it as is our "normal" way of being.
October 17, 2020
Nothing is wrong with you!
It's okay to feel!! Along the way within the Spiritual Community there has been a narrative that has created guilt and shame around having an angry or sad feeling. That unless we are in a high vibrational state of being there is something wrong with us. I too have been guilty of this narrative but in the rememberance process I am reminded that I volunteered to have the full Human Experience with all it's ups and downs. There is nothing wrong with you. And yes although my content for the most part is positive, I too have moments, days, weeks, even long periods of time in which I feel negativity.
October 9, 2020
The Courage to do the thing that scares you!
Do you trust yourself? Do you trust that the Universe has a plan for you? Do you have the courage to do the thing that scares you but you feel it with every cell in your body? If so, let's take the leap together. From my last podcast if not now, When? Now is the time!
October 6, 2020
If not now, When?
I'm learning that it's the Ego mind that will tell me to wait, hold off, the time isn't right, be careful, it's not perfect yet. It's afraid of success and failure. Understanding that if I never try or do the thing than I automatically fail because I never even gave it a chance. We are all put on this Earth with unique gifts and talents and our Souls are not playing around anymore, it's time to get to doing what we came here to do and ultimately who we came here to be. Things are getting really uncomfortable because when we are moved into so much discomfort we have no choice but to make changes in our lives. If not now then when will we do the special thing we were brought here to do. The thing that may not always make sense to everyone else but feels freeing and easy to our soul, to our true Self.
September 28, 2020
Ask Why?
Why do you do what you do? Through the breakdown of old systems, patterns, habits, etc this question of why has been popping up a lot for me. Has it for you too?
September 25, 2020
Celebrate You!
Let's celebrate ourselves, journal and or create a daily practice out of writing down at least 3 things that you have done that has positively shifted your life. Find the moments in which you can be in the frequency of gratitude. And recognize you are abundance and be more in your abundance.
September 20, 2020
Heart & Soul Healing Transmissions
In this podcast I'm offering a heart healing transmission to help raise your vibration while allowing your Higher Self to give you exactly what you need at this time. I realize I hold space for others to be the witness of others healing, something I've done my whole life but just never had the words or vocabulary to know how to explain it. It was when the Universe through several experiences showed me how this works and now more than ever I'm being asked to share these gifts. Sat Nam!
September 16, 2020
Emotions, Psychic Abilities & Discernment
How are your emotions guiding you? In this polarized planet we live in, can you practice being in a state of neutrality or through your daily practices is there a natural state that we can create for ourselves. Rather than being ran ragged, reactive, and getting triggered by the multitude of fearful emotions in the world right now, use them as a guide and what does not belong to you ask the Universe to take it away.
August 26, 2020
New Moon
I was guided to this audio today that I recorded about 1 or 2 years ago and thought how perfect with yesterday's New Moon...the message is still so relevant. Enjoy!
August 19, 2020
What is normal?
In this time that is ripe for change that is craving New to create the New Earth ask yourself what is your normal? You get to define that. No longer do you need to look to someone else of so called "authority " to create that for you or tell you who you are or who you should be. All labeled weirdos, strange, unique, different, freaks, you are being called forth to help in the creation of the New Earth. Now is the time to be extraordinary. "You can't blend in when you were to stand out." Quote from the movie Wonder.
August 12, 2020
What does it mean to be present?
Many say be present, stay present in the moment but what does that truly mean to you? The words that channel through me have become more than just words, or higher wisdom but a true embodiment of the energy within and between the words themselves...the true meaning. I get it now, that the more present I am, the more I am open to allowing love to flow and move through me which keeps me in alignment and I actually take action when inspiration presents itself. I believe Wayne Dyer once said to Inspire means to be In Spirit. When I am in Spirit, I am present in presence and that is a beautiful place to live from and be. Sat Nam🙏
August 9, 2020
Call your energy back & Get Grounded!
STAY GROUNDED: I realize expanding my awareness through meditation, connecting to source, to Spirit is great but we have to stay grounded. Grounded in our truth and connected to nature, to the world we live in. It’s fun to travel to different places, like a fun dream, by using our imaginations, through memories and other fun tools that can take us to places within consciousness but if we do not stay grounded and connected to our physical bodies, by calling back our focus and awareness back into the center of our brains pulling our energy into our physical bodies and dropping down into our heart space, we will be taught a difficult lesson by being yanked back in. That is what happened to me I was literally yanked back into my body, in my root chakra and flipped upside down like a chrysalis in a cocoon before it is ready to emerge and transform into a beautiful butterfly. Now with a simple intention, my simple 6 minute all in one clearing, cleansing, grounding meditation it allows me to stay connected within my zero light line, my ascension tube of light that connects us to the light from above, from pure source and connect to the light at the core of the whole new earth facing true north. There are times I will feel off balanced, scattered, anxious and then do this practice and feel so much better. We can ascend while staying grounded, in fact it is a must. (Out of all my tools Staying Grounding could be #1). When we are grounded we are clear, focused, and joyful, as well as motivated, confident and really able to come from an authentic loving place.
August 4, 2020