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Walasaha: A Podcast by Dominique Noralez

Walasaha: A Podcast by Dominique Noralez

By Dominique Noralez
Welcome to Walasaha! A podcast by an afro-indigenous Belizean of Garinagu descent, a story -teller, who loves the politics of art, history and humanity. This podcast is designed to be a safe space for constructive dissent and laughter. A home for the good troublemakers, the world changers, the dream chasers.

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Ep. 2- The 2020 Revolution: Just What the 'Dock' Ordered.

Walasaha: A Podcast by Dominique Noralez

S2 Ep.4- What's this 'Climate Justice'?
The Caribbean Youth Environment Network and I link up for a special reflective episode on What Climate Justice means to young people across the region! This is a special episode done as an activity within CYEN's climate justice awareness week across the region. Tune in to hear what's happening in your country and of course to see how you can join in our call of #JusticeDelayedisJusticeDenied For more information go to the CYEN website: 'CYEN's work on climate justice in the Caribbean is made possible through the generous support of the Clara Lionel Foundation.' Background Music: Ganjaliese Find me: Facebook: @dnoralez.bze IG and Twitter: @domnorbze_x
June 07, 2022
S2 Ep. 3- Christmas' Jesus was an Immigrant
Welcome to episode 3, where I talk a bit about the amnesty program that the Government of Belize is going to launch in April 2022. It’s a pretty hot button  topic but it’s not new, in fact, it is Belize’s 3rd Amnesty Program granting permanent residency like in 1999 and/or citizenship like in 1984. I wanted to discuss the potential economic benefits since in this world development policy usually is guided by economic benefits. Let’s engage! Resources: Government of Belize Announcement of Amnesty 2022 UNFPA Belize Country Implementation Profile: Population Dynamics and Household Structure Population Policies In The Caribbean: Present Status And Emerging Issues by Michael Micklin The Economic Benefits from Immigration by George J. Borjas OECD Migration Policy Debates May 2014 The Economics of Immigration: Crash Course Econ #33 Kamala Harris to announce new private investments aimed at slowing Central American migration LA Times by Noah Bierman Credits: News Story Snippet: Immigration Ministry Breaks Down Amnesty 2022 by Duane Moody Channel 5 Belize News Background Music: Ganjaliese Find me: Facebook: @dnoralez.bze IG and Twitter: @domnorbze_x
December 25, 2021
S2 Ep. 2- Fren and Compni'
Wah lee shula about friendships and how awkward I am with it. It's a learn and grow rambling! Credits: Background Music: Ganjaliese Find me: Facebook: @dnoralez.bze IG and Twitter: @domnorbze_x
November 22, 2021
S2 Ep. 1- What It Do?
What it do! It’s Season 2! Welcome to Season Two! Happy Independence Day to my sweet home Belize! In this inaugural episode, I chat a bit about leadership and put you on to some great spaces and a piece of poetry that speaks to the goodly and Godly duty of being Belizean. Thanks for lending an ear at the space for the good trouble makers! The National Perspective: Wanna be a part of the Bridging the Gap Conversation? Email Ana and Ari expressing interest @ Credits: Poem: The Child is a Builder by Nigel Encalada Background Music: Ganjaliese Find me: Facebook: @dnoralez.bze IG and Twitter: @domnorbze_x
September 21, 2021
Ep. 9-What's In the Name?|Tun Up Di Ting ft. Daryn Casanova
This is the third episode of Tun Up Di Ting and I got to speak to Daryn Casanova straight outta Harlem Dangriga, Belize! The man is an absolute gem, a diamond if you will, who is not only a musician but a businessman building his empire under the brand of Rockstone! We focus on a lot of things during this chat [this da the only time unu could call me a groupie] but we definitely spent a lot of time on his artistry and exploring his newest track Heart Clean. You can find Daryn Casanova on Instagram @daryn_casanova! Listen to my curated Daryn Casanova playlist here: Daryn Casanova on YouTube Credits: Background Music by Ganjaliese listen to her here: Insta: @ganjaliese_3.0 Find me: Facebook: @dnoralez.bze Instagram and Twitter: @domnorbze_x
March 30, 2021
Ep. 8- Only Crickets for Our Boys
This is Only Crickets for Our Boys. Read the story here: Bounty Killer Clip from Episode 3 of Spice It Up| Beyond It All by Magnum Tonic Wine hosted by Spice. Listen to the full episode here:
March 18, 2021
Episode 7: Belizean Politics and A Dory?
The Sun has set on Belize’s Election Cycle and the dawn of the People’s United Party persists as they manage the mandate Belizean people have given them at both the general and municipal elections. In Episode 7 I share with you some truncated thoughts on what all this means as we traverse the turbulent waters of economic seas. It’s kinda like the waves you see beyond the reef or in countries that don’t have a reef. Rough Waters that pet! Enjoy this short one before we get back on track! Background Music by Ganjaliese listen to her here: Insta: @ganjaliese_3.0 Find me: Facebook: @dnoralez.bze Instagram and Twitter: @domnorbze_x References: Unusual economic times: The context of the Government of Belize’s pre-budget consultations, Dyon Elliot: Elections BELIZE: the Naked Truth, Myrtle Palacio: Elections and Boundaries Statistics:
March 07, 2021
Ep. 6- The Music and the Man|Tun Up Di Ting ft. Nello Player
In the second episode of Tun Up the Ting, I talk to Nello Player who has been on the music scene professionally since 2002! He is definitely an all-time favourite and you'll get to hear how we met and well a bit more about the man behind the music. I close the podcast with some words from the one and only, Bob Marley! You can find him everywhere @nelloplayer! Listen to his latest Music Video on Chimney Record's Style A Style Riddim, Crystal Ball: Credits: Background Music by Ganjaliese listen to her here: Insta: @ganjaliese_3.0 Find me: Facebook: @dnoralez.bze Instagram and Twitter: @domnorbze_x
February 25, 2021
Ep. 5- Gene Pool Over Talent Pool?
Quick Ep. Intentional Ep. Emotional Ep. We gotta do better mein.  Really and truly we just wah equal opportunity fu go da school, fu get the access to jobs we studied for and to give back to the land of our birth that more often than not celebrates a win it played little part in achieving. We all win...when we all get equal access to opportunities. See ya'll soon.
February 11, 2021
Ep. 4- Belize's Music Industry |Tun Up Di Ting ft HipHopBze
We're launching a new series, one dedicated to one of my favourite collectives, our artists! It's called 'Tun Up Di Ting' and its where we get to find out a bit more about the people behind the written, audio and visual art we love so much! To open this series, I invited Constantine Enriquez from Hip Hop Bze to chat a bit about the Music Industry in Belize. Do we even have one? Where are we and what do we need to do to advance this sector of the creative industry? Waggy and I tackle it head-on and we're 100% sure that this won't be our final talk about the space. Find out what up and coming artist I am currently binging on!  I close the podcast with a snippet one of my favourite interviews by Chronixx. The interview was done by Colors alongside Maverick Sabre when they were releasing their collab on the song 'Her Grace.' Find that song here: Done in honour of Et Dan and Mr. Program. Fly High! Credits: Background Music by Ganjaliese listen to her here: Insta: @ganjaliese_3.0 Find HipHopBze here: Insta: @hiphopbelize Find me:  Facebook: @dnoralez.bze Instagram and Twitter: @domnorbze_x
February 09, 2021
Ep. 3- Melting Pot of Racism
Belize is touted as a tranquil nation but quite often raging under that flourishing shade is deep-seated racism, residual of colonialism. I wanted to talk about it just as a little introduction as this will be a recurring theme throughout the life of this podcast. I brought some friends along too! Rolando Caballero, an International Relations Student at University of the West Indies Mona; Musa Ash Abdul Shaeed, cultural activist and youth artist ambassador to CARIFESTA and Bryton Codd, athlete and co-founder of BK Sports; they all join on to share comments about their experience of living in a country that largely rejects its racist thread as a figment of the imagination and navigating a world a cross-road with imperialism. I also included a clip of a Belizean mind that is I think one of our treasures in the decolonization project. I listen to this clip quite often as a reminder of the bigger picture, a reinforcement of my 'why.' Make sure you listen to the end to be inspired and called to action! Referenced book is by Aondofe Iyo, Free Yuh Mind.  You can find it here: Follow me: Facebook: @dnoralez.bze Instagram and Twitter: @domnorbze_x
January 28, 2021
Ep. 2- The 2020 Revolution: Just What the 'Dock' Ordered.
Prosperous 2020+1! In this episode, I wanted to do a review of 2020 but with the focus of organic people movements, protests! I explored the massive movements internationally and domestically explaining why advocacy and activism are important. Yes organizing and participating in them but more so making sure it's apart of our constructed and lived narrative of resistance. I spoke about what I believe was one of the most important showings of people power in Belize's modern history: The 2020 Protest of the Stevedores. Read more about it here: In Belize, A Win for Black Dockworkers by Alindy Marisol Amaya and Julia Thomas: Day of Outrage by Dominique Noralez: Follow me: Facebook: @dnoralez.bze Instagram and Twitter: domnorbze_x
January 12, 2021
Ep. 1- Walasaha- A Podcast by Dominique Noralez
Thanks for passing through mein!  Welcome to Walasaha- A Podcast dedicated to the good troublemakers, the world-changers, the dream chasers. A space for storytelling and listening to stories whether it be Anansi, Jekyll and Mr. Hyde or the stories we hear at the boledo shop about politics. It's also space for us to learn more about art, history and their vessels; conduits who have dedicated their lives to the GIANT task of preservation of "humaness."  So grateful to have this opportunity to share this space with you all so come,come- we have wah lot fu taak 'bout! Stay Curious. Find me on the interwebs: Facebook: Twitter and Instagram: @domnorbze_x
December 31, 2020
Episode 0- The Intro of the Intro
Yow! the Podcast professionals tell me that it takes a couple of days for podcasts to organically get across platforms so subscribe follow and tune it for the official launch on December 31st 2020! Stay Curious. Twitter and Instagram: @domorbze_x Facebook: 
December 29, 2020