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We Work Weekends With Warren

We Work Weekends With Warren

By Warren Johnson
I interview people, living in or around Saskatoon, who mainly work on the weekend. Most of these people will be entertainers.
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My last episode?
Today I interview myself. I was not able to find anyone that wanted to be on the show. I discuss how I started in Balloons and one of the people that helped me get started. I also talk about how Covid has effected my business and what I think the future of balloons are in Saskatoon. Thanks Warren
July 12, 2020
Tyler Golding
   Today we talk with Tyler Golding about his Magic career and how it fits in with his job and a teacher and family life.  Website Email: Facebook: Phone 306-280-6950 Instagram We Work Weekends With Warren Podcast links Google Facebook: Email:
July 7, 2020
Andrew Kinakin
What a great talk with Andrew Kinakin. We talked about his expanding business and how he intends to deliver more entertainment options in and around Saskatoon.  Below is all his contact information.  Phone 1 306-222-3877 Website Facebook LinkedIn Instagram We Work Weekends With Warren Podcast links Facebook: Email:
June 26, 2020
Danny Kazam
Today I am very happy to have a full time performer who specializes in children entertainment, comedy, magic and puppets. This fellow is from Lumsden Saskatchewan.   We have Danny Kazam! Here is how you can contact Danny Kazam.  Facebook Website: Email Google Telephone +1 306-731-3041 We Work Weekends With Warren Podcast links Facebook: Email: Phone 306-341-3866
June 19, 2020
Hypnotist Corrie J
Thanks to Corrie J for having some time for me. Today we talked about his upcoming Covid Comedy Tour and Drive In Movies. Telephone 1 306-220-6588 Website Facebook Corrie J. Want to contact the show? Facebook: Email:
June 11, 2020
Magican Matt Gore, "The Ginger Ninja"
This episode we talk with Magican Matt Gore, also known as "The Ginger Ninja". Matt is originally from South Africa but made Saskatoon home in 2017.  Email:  LinkedIn:  telephone +1 306-361-8612  We Work Weekends With Warren Podcast links Facebook: Email:
June 5, 2020
Entertainer Richy Roy
   Here is the interview with Entertainer Richy Roy. We discussed Bid Time Game Show and other ways he is working during the Covid 19 outbreak.  Contact for entertainer Richy Roy Phone:     1-306-861-2201 E-mail: We Work Weekends With Warren Podcast links Facebook: Email:
May 29, 2020
Thrillin' Dylan the Wrestler!
Thanks to Jesse Robson (AKA Thrillin' Dylan) for being my guest on this episode. We discussed his life in wrestling. Contact Thrillin Dylan Take a look at Thryllin' Dylan (@ThryllinDylan): How to contact the show Facebook: Email:
May 22, 2020
Shaye Ruecker talks about video games new and old.
A BIG thanks to Shaye Ruecker for being my guest. He has lots of knowledge about video games. It was lots of fun being reminded of some of games I played in my younger years. Shaye also owns Marsh Digital Marketing is his companies website social handles are @shayeruecker Want to contact the show? Facebook: Email:
May 16, 2020
Saskatoon Juggling Club
   Come and learn about the Saskatoon Juggling Club. This group meets most Wednesdays and can be seen in and around Saskatoon.  Contact information for The Saskatoon Juggling club Email: Website:   YouTube:   Want to contact the show? Facebook: Email:
May 8, 2020
Sylvia Chave with Singing With Sylvia
   A big thank you to Sylvia Chave with Singing With Sylvia for being able to come on the podcast today.  If you are looking for family friendly entertainment please contact Sylvia.  Here is all the ways to contact Sylvia. Website Facebook Email: LinkedIn Phone 1-306-493-2955   Want to contact the show? Facebook: Email: Anchor:
May 1, 2020
Crispi Lord with Wide Open Children's Theatre
Our guest today is is Crispi Lord the Co-founder and Artistic director of Wide Open Children's Theatre. Wide Open Children's Theatre has been travelling around Saskatchewan and Alberta for 20 years. Contact information for Wide Open, and this podcast can be found below. Facebook Website Telephone (306)683-9460 Instagram LinkedIn Google Pintrest Podcast Facebook: Email: Instagram: Twitter: @wwwwwpod
April 27, 2020
Gil Campbell with Danceland DJs
  In this episode we talk with Gil Campbell about his 30+ years of owning a DJ business and how he has expanded his business.     Below is all the content information for Gil. Below that is how you can contact me (Warren) or the show.  Gil Campbell  Saskatoon Saskatchewan Call : 306-652-5213 Toll Free : 1-800-578-3262 326 Forsyth Crescent Saskatoon SK S7N 4H2 Website Email:  Instagram: Facebook: LinkedIn Regina Saskatchewan Call : 306-359-6698 Toll Free : 1-800-578-3262 #111 – 918 Albert Street Regina SK S4R 2P7 Calgary Alberta Call : 403-278-3262 Toll Free : 1-800-578-3262 Suite 124 – 1500, 14th Street S.W. Calgary AB T3C 1C9 Edmonton Alberta Call : 1-800-578-3262 We Work Weekends With Warren Podcast can be found through the links below, or on your favourite podcast App.  Facebook: Email: Instagram: Check out We Work Weekends With Warren Podcast Google page! Twitter: @wwwwwpod
April 17, 2020
Kenni the Clown
Thanks to Kenni the Clown for spending some time with us today. Below is all of his contact information. Do you know anyone that should be on this podcast? Website Telephone 306-230-5812 Email Facebook Podcast Facebook: Email: Instagram: Twitter: @wwwwwpod
April 7, 2020
Poi with Spinja
   In this episode we talk with Tara Stratton, better known as Spinja. Spinja has been entertaining people since 2016 with her visually stunning flow art of poi. Below is all the ways you can contact Spinja.  Email: Facebook: Instagram: Website: LinkedIn:  There are several ways to follow this podcast, links are below.  Would you like to be a guest of know someone that should be a guest, please let me know. Facebook: Email: Instagram: Twitter: @wwwwwpod
April 4, 2020
Trystan Meyers with Armed with Harmony
Armed with Harmony Website: Facebook: Email: Telephone: 1 306-881-9603 Twitter: Contact We Work Weekends With Warren  Facebook: Email: Anchor: 
March 26, 2020
Wrangler Elisa
Wrangler Elisa Facebook: Telephone 3062410041 Email: saskatchewan shows! Canadian and US bookings Instagram @wranglerelisa twitter @wranglerelisa Would you like to be on this podcast? Contact me, information is below  Facebook: Email: Anchor:
March 21, 2020
Roger Boucher
It was great talking with Roger Boucher today. Roger is a great guy and a fabulous entertainer. Roger Boucher 13069612430 Email is Facebook Website Would you like to be on this podcast? Contact me here or at also Facebook thanks Warren 
March 10, 2020
Comedian Matthew Murray
Today we had a talk with Comedian Matthew Murray. Matthew has inspired me to do podcasts. Matthew talks about his career as a comic and how to become a better entertainer. Below is all of Comedian Matthew Murray contact information. Facebook: Website Legal Sheild Would you like to be on this podcast. Please contact email me at or Facebook thanks Warren
March 6, 2020