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By We Are the Voice international Organization

The WATV Podcast's mission is to represent humanity in leadership. We will serve as an observer for all generations; specifically, the future generation. We have acknowledged the need to prepare ourselves for the position of leadership we will fill in the next decade or less. The goal of WATV Podcast is to set ourselves as an example for people in this generation. In our podcast, we will present solutions to a lot of leadership inadequacies/problems that we are victims of today. We want the future generational leaders to be well prepared in humanity and boldness to lead righteously.
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Introducing The WATV Podcast


Mental Health Matters: Depression Amongst Youth of Sub-Saharan Africa
Ogyam (Host) with Naisubi Joanitah Mbayo (Guest) speaks on the challenges of mental health (Continuation of previous episode from season 1) but this time around, he engages a professional on the subject and they go even deeper to talk about depression within Sub-Saharan Africa. Special attention is given to Uganda (that should clue you in on his guest right?), and the youth. How is depression any different from passing grief/sadness? When is depression mild or severe? They discuss the symptoms, and how to get through it or possibly how to help a friend.
September 22, 2021
The Rise in Millennial & Gen Z involvement in Politics
Anna Agbotse (Host) and Faustina Owoh (Guest) discusses how Millennials & Gen Z voices have been instrumental in drawing attention to social injustice and affecting policy-making processes. Electorates are listening to African American voices now more than ever. The rhetorical question is how can the black community make good use of this? Is their plan able to withstand another wave of change in the political and social system? Is it sustainable? How can Africans living in the diaspora effect change in their home countries?
September 22, 2021
#FixtheCountry Introduction Part 1
Hosted by Head Director Michelle Ampofo of We Are the Voice International; #Fixthecountry is an ongoing movement in Ghana whereas the Ghanaian youth demands the ability to hold the government accountable and the progress of the Nation. This podcast is raw and real as the speakers Akorfa, Anna, Nii (Philp) and Angel discuss the present challenging affairs of Ghana. Through this podcast; ideas, solutions, and challenging topics will be present. We will conversate as united youth for Ghana. Join us & share your thoughts with us via social media using the hashtag #watvpodcast. 
June 04, 2021
Mental Health in Relation to the Ghanaian Society
We don't talk enough about mental health. The conversation doesn't end. In this episode, we discuss some causes of mental health illnesses. Seek help. Take care of your mind. Host: Kwabena Ogyam
April 05, 2021
Black America and Politics
An episode on the contributions of African Americans to American politics The under-represented and unrecognized are the backbone of the progress of Democracy in America Host: Anna Agbotse
April 05, 2021
Introducing The WATV Podcast
Our core mission at WATV Podcast is to represent humanity in leadership. We hope to use our voice through this channel to both discuss and suggest possible solutions to help curb the many leadership inadequacies, as well as rising societal issues, in our present generation!
April 03, 2021