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60 Seconds in the Fintech Microwave

60 Seconds in the Fintech Microwave

By Will Buckley
With emerging trends in technology disrupting industries quicker than ever before, Will joins forces with some of the most forward-thinking accounting professionals. Will goes behind the scenes on what has made their firms successful, and how they've helped their teams and clients stay at the front of the innovation curve. Each episode gets wrapped with the best 60 seconds of advice, giving listeners access to the good, the bad, and the beautiful.
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From the Basement to the RV w/ Chad Davis

60 Seconds in the Fintech Microwave

Selling out (in the nicest possible way) w/ Ryan Lazanis
Ryan Lazanis joins us from his home in Montreal to discuss how he ended up selling his 100% cloud-based firm 'Xen Accounting' within five years of starting it from scratch.  He now acts as an advisor to other firm owners that are looking to modernize through his new venture Future Firm.   Advisory is another hot topic discussed in today's episode - can you have advisory without compliance?  There is mounting pressure in the industry for compliance firms to move into the advisory space even though statistically speaking these firms are currently experiencing the most growth - Will and Ryan pick this apart and debate where they see the future of the industry going.   To check out more on Ryan visit and sign up for his weekly newsletter at  Follow Will on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @wbckley and on Linkedin @ Will Buckley
February 19, 2020
Some Girls Like Shoes, I like Fintech w/ Jennie Moore
This week, the queen of Apps joins Will to discuss the moments in her life which lead her to drop tax and get into App advisory.  She's known in the tech community as an influencer and uses her company Moore Details as a platform to unite a community of tech savvy entrepreneurs.  Moore Details has been around for 14 years and was once a typical bookkeeping and tax practice, however, Jennie reveals that after becoming a mother and dealing with postpartum depression she needed a change and was able to stay connected to the world via social media.  She now gets to spend her time learning about new apps and continuing to provide awesome innovations to her clients.  She also tells us her top 3 apps that any entrepreneur or small business owner should  employ from the get go!  Follow Jennie on Twitter @mooredetails and on Facebook @MooreDetailsInc Follow Will on all social platforms @wbckley and Linkedin @WillBuckley         
January 6, 2020
Navigating Apps and Taking on the Tech Industry w/ Twyla Verhelst
Twyla joins Will to talk about how she fell into the App creation game with her business partner Kelvin after encountering a cash flow prediction pain point in her Accounting Firm 2080 Financial.   Twyla also touches on the gender disparity in the tech-world and how to foster an inclusive and supportive environment to empower other women in this space.  To find out more about her and Kelvin's new Cash-Flow App follow @helmcashflow on all social media.  To keep up to date with Twyla's passion projects like her video per day experiment #vpdexperiment follow her at @thattwylagirl on Instagram and Twitter. Follow Will Buckley on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @wbckley and Linkedin @Will Buckley.   
November 19, 2019
You can be an Accountant AND an Entrepreneur??? w/ Allison Hawkins
On this episode we speak with Allison Hawkins, co-founder of Hawkins and Co. Allison shares where her entrepreneurial mindset comes from, having supplied her local boutique with seasonal jewellery and bracelets, at just ten years old. After spending time away from her hometown to grow in her accounting career, Allison returns home with her family to launch her new firm with her husband and co-founding partner, Jules. Follow Will Buckley on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and on Linkedin     
November 12, 2019
The Great Burger Migration w/ Jay Souilliere
Our host Will Buckley talks to Jay Souilliere, one half of Windsor's favourite burger joint: Motor Burger. They discuss the great expansion across the Detroit river - a move that was 20 years in the making, how a Wholefoods built in mid-town Detroit in 2013 was the first supermarket the city had seen in 40 years, why Jay and his business partner opened a burger joint in Little Italy AND how Motorburger crafted what was voted Canada's tastiest burger and how they subsequently had to deal with customers lining up out the door and around the block to get in on the action. Follow Will Buckley on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and on Linkedin Go and try Motorburger in Windsor, ON at 888 Erie St AND NOW in Detroit, MI at the Detroit Shipping Co at 474 Peterboro St
October 24, 2019
From the Basement to the RV w/ Chad Davis
Chad Davis, Co-Founder of LiveCA LLP joins us this week on 60 Seconds in the Microwave and gets personal. At a low point of 275 pounds and working long hours in his basement to then living a healthier lifestyle while working/living on the road in his RV he chats about what it's like to be part of a growing CPA firm, adding new partners and hiking along the Syrian border with his co-founder Josh. Follow Chad's RV travels on Instagram at @chaddaviscdn and LiveCA on Twitter at @liveca & Follow Will Buckley on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @wbckley and Linkedin @ Will Buckley
September 26, 2019