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What the Wealth? Recreate your Money Story!

What the Wealth? Recreate your Money Story!

By The Wilson Team
Hi, this is Kelly Wilson one of Canada's top Mortgages Brokers for over a decade and Top Choice Awards in Ottawa. Knowledge + Wealth = Freedom
Our mission is to make a massive impact on the quality of people's lives, Impact that allows you to build a lifestyle by design. We want to show you the tools you need for all-around financial literacy. We want to show you how to build wealth, strategize for planning, how to build the proper support teams around you for Real Estate, taxes, retirement and more. All of this to enjoy the freedom and lifestyle that you want
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How to buy a student rental and multi-unit?

What the Wealth? Recreate your Money Story!

How to buy a student rental and multi-unit?

What the Wealth? Recreate your Money Story!

How to buy a student rental and multi-unit?
The Wilson Team Ottawa Mortgages
February 17, 2020
How I can help you avoid my $70,000 insurance claim mistake? feat Larry Hoover 🏘 In this presentation, we want to show you how to properly protect your investment, your family and your finances. 📈  As a result of watching this video you will learn:   ✅ What insurance companies may not protect you against  ✅ Properly shop insurance  ✅ Protect yourself from liability ✅ Take advantage of all your potential missing DISCOUNTS  ✅Protect rental property income  ✅he importance of annual reviews AND    💰 If you stay till the end of the video You could win 1 of a 5 insurance audits worth $199. 🥇   🎉 To win, find the insurance post on our Instagram: @thewilsonteamottawamortgages Like and comment by letting us know what’s you like best about the video. We will be picking the winner before December 18th.    🥇 Start the new year and beyond your way to making 2020 the start of your financial Blueprint.
December 05, 2019
Why do the Rich get Richer ? A financial planner who sees real estate as an asset in creating wealth! feat Colin Keddy
New Podcast episode  A collaboration of the top experts in wealth building is key to your structure. You can adopt the Family Offices platform which is a private wealth management advisory firms that serve high net worth clients, they differ from traditional wealth management firms because they offer a total outsourced solution to managing finances and investments for affluent individuals and families.   It’s about creating a strong advisory board that all works together to formulate your blueprint. This board consists of your planner, accountant, lawyer and broker. They need to be on the same page and working together to create your customized financial affairs.   So many financial plans are solely focused on the accumulation and not the exit strategy of the money. This leaves you exposed to unnecessary losses and recapture opportunity which  can cost you up anywhere from 10% to 50% of your savings. In some cases tax free opportunities.  Structuring your taxes is the biggest liability we have as Canadians.   Check out the PODCAST where Colin speaks about his philosophy on what most Canadians are missing when focused on just the accumulation.
December 05, 2019
Should you manage your rental properties? with Anne Burgoon
One of the most significant decisions you will make when you decide to become a landlord is whether you should hire a property management company. Many landlords will choose to manage your properties on their own and hire out specifics jobs; however, depending on what type of properties you are buying and your current lifestyle, you may decide to hire a professional. If you are purchasing a brand new home or condo, it is typically very little work to self manage.  The biggest key to any manager or self-manage is to properly screen your tenants and be very patient in waiting for the right one. The Wilson Team can assist you in this process.  When should you hire a property manager? You have multiple units and properties You don't live near your property You are not interested in hands-on-management  Your time is limited You can afford the cost There are many property management companies to choose from, and we believe its extremely important to do your due diligence when deciding to start this relationship. We truly feel it can be a massive asset to your business plan, but it comes with a cost. At the Wilson Team family, as real estate investors, we typically manage most of our single-family homes. However, anything over four units is managed by a property management company.  Here is a quick list of items that your company management will handle on the day to day, besides the obvious of saving you time and money they will: Market your rentals Collect rent Handle maintenance and repair Respond to tenants complains Handle turnover Manage the leases Show the property Maintain excellent relationships with sub-trades Anne Burgoon BSc, RCM and Dean Burgoon P. Eng, RCM They are now managing  30 Condominiums Projects with just under 2000 Doors. They have grown their team to 17 staff. Their Head office is based out of Brockville and manages properties from Aurora to Cornwall and up to Ottawa. With their strong leadership, dedication, and management, all of their hard work in their business they have become experts in their field. Their track record is very impressive. They have worked with many Corporations that were not previously properly managed to tune around their prospects.  They have professional networks and systems in place to continue to ensure success with all projects. If you are thinking of investing in condominiums, own one currently as an owner-occupier or looking at condominium conversions, you do not want to miss this episode. It is a great breakdown and understanding of the condo lifestyle and ownership structure.
November 15, 2019
How to Build Real Estate even in a Hot Market- with Ken Dekker
Learn the Top 10 Tips on how to build wealth in Real estate even in a red hot market.   Kelly Wilson from Wilson Team shares some inside details on how to find ways to make your mortgage tax-deductible, leverage, use other people's money to buy and invest in real estate, with special guest Ken Dekker sharing his knowledge and experience for best practices in investment properties and strategies
November 08, 2019
Growing your net worth by $1.5 million overnight!!!
No money down! Without touching your savings Through real estate. For full information visit: Or follow us on instagram: @thewilsonteamottawamortgages
November 07, 2019
4 ways to use Reverse Mortgages as a retirement plan
On this episode, Kelly has an incredible conversation about reverse mortgages with Dayne Moyer from Home Equity Bank Created by Wilson Team 2019 All rights reserved
October 30, 2019