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What Scotland Thinks

What Scotland Thinks

By What Scotland Thinks team
Welcome to the What Scotland Thinks podcast with Sir John Curtice, a series looking at public attitudes towards the key political and constitutional issues in Scotland today.
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The SNP and shifting political strategies

What Scotland Thinks

Alba, Alex Salmond, and the 2021 Holyrood election
Sir John Curtice, Ian Montagu, and Claire Elliott review a hectic few weeks in Scottish politics, take a look at where the parties stand going into the 2021 Scottish Parliament election campaign, and discuss the potential impact of Alex Salmond's new pro-independence Alba party upon the makeup of Holyrood in May.
March 30, 2021
Sir John Curtice and Ian Montagu are joined by Professors Ailsa Henderson and Richard Wyn Jones, authors of 'Englishness: The Political Force Transforming Britain', who take us through their research on the nature and character of Englishness, its relationship with other UK national identities, and its role in shaping recent political events that have transformed Britain.
March 12, 2021
The SNP and shifting political strategies
Sir John Curtice, Ian Montagu, and Alex Scholes look at what the polls can tell us about where the parties stand ahead of the 2021 Scottish Parliament elections in May, discuss Richard Leonard’s departure as leader of the Scottish Labour party, and examine the strategic decisions facing the SNP over the coming months in the party's pursuit of independence. They also look at the latest polling on UK-wide attitudes towards Scottish independence, and ask whether the views of people elsewhere in Britain affect the potential for a second referendum in Scotland.
February 2, 2021
Is Brexit fuelling support for independence?
Sir John Curtice, Ian Montagu, and Claire Elliott explore data from the latest Scottish Social Attitudes survey, and take a look at what it can tell us about the links between attitudes towards Brexit and views on Scottish independence. They also discuss the latest independence polling, and examine the potential drivers behind another increase in support for Yes.
November 6, 2020
The Scottish Conservatives and the makeup of Holyrood in 2021
Sir John Curtice, Ian Montagu, and Alex Scholes look at whether three polls that have emerged over the past fortnight confirm the picture of a further rise in support for independence that has been seen over the last few months. They also discuss what we know about the likely composition of Holyrood following the 2021 Scottish Parliament election, and examine how voters feel about the new Scottish Conservative leader, Douglas Ross.
August 26, 2020
Independence polling during COVID-19
Sir John Curtice, Ian Montagu, and Alex Scholes look at three recent polls of indyref2 vote intention that seem to point to a further increase in support for Scottish independence, discuss the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on constitutional preference both north and south of the border, and ask whether there is any substance behind stories of the creation of a new pro-independence party in Scotland.
July 17, 2020
Has support for independence hit 50%?
Sir John Curtice, Ian Montagu, and Alex Scholes look at a series of three recent polls of indyref2 vote intention and ask whether support for Scottish independence has passed the 50% mark, whether any shift in public opinion is likely to last, and what this might mean for the next few months of constitutional politics in Scotland.
February 20, 2020
Does Scotland want indyref2 this year?
Sir John Curtice, Ian Montagu, and Alex Scholes discuss public attitudes towards whether a second independence referendum should be held in Scotland during the next year, what conditions would need to be in place to hold indyref2, and what the polls are telling us about the current balance of opinion on Scottish independence.
January 22, 2020