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What's Next In ... with Phil & Liora

What's Next In ... with Phil & Liora

By Phil & Liora
A podcast about the changing world and how we can be ahead of it.

Join our hosts Phil De Luna and Liora Raitblat every week as they test new ideas such as carbon taxes, intrapreneurship, and happiness through the lens of science and behaviour.
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EP10: What's Next In Fitness Tech and Wearables

What's Next In ... with Phil & Liora

EP10: What's Next In Fitness Tech and Wearables

What's Next In ... with Phil & Liora

EP12: Season Finale & Reflections on starting the show
After taking the plunge into the world of podcasting, Phil & Liora reflect on why they decided to start the show, their learning along the way, the tools they use, and even a few surprises!
April 4, 2021
EP11: What's Next In Robo, Crypto, Human-o Investing
Despite an economy on lockdown, the markets are staying hot. Today there are so many ways to invest your money- robo-advisors, cryptocurrencies, and good old fashioned financial advisors at a brick and mortar bank.  In this episode,  Phil and Liora discuss how technologies have made it easier than ever to invest, how this will change behaviour, and whether this is a good thing for our society. Join them as they ask what's next in the future of investing your money? 
March 29, 2021
EP10: What's Next In Fitness Tech and Wearables
As the pandemic has brought us indoors, there's been a mad scramble to find ways to stay active while confined to our homes. Companies like Pelaton and Strava have seen massive growth to meet this demand. Will it last in our post-pandemic world? Join Phil and Liora as they explore the trends around fitness tech, data and wearables, and the virtual fitness communities growing in place of physical ones. 
March 22, 2021
EP9: What's Next In Fostering An Inclusive Future
Diversity and inclusion can, at times, feel like buzz words being thrown around. Despite an increasingly diverse population in Canada - leadership positions in society are still lagging behind.  In this episode, Phil and Liora discuss what their definition of diversity is, what it means to be a first-generation Canadian, and their personal stories on how diversity has positively impacted their lives.  Join them as they ask what's next in fostering an inclusive future? 
March 15, 2021
EP8: What's Next In Career Journeys and Advice
Success is relative and as they say, the grass is always greener on the other side. In this week's episode, Phil and Liora reflect on their career journeys, on the advice they've been given along the way, and on the advice they give others who increasingly reach out. Join them as they ask, what's next in the career advice you'll share in your next coffee chat?  
March 8, 2021
EP7: What's Next In Age Tech
No one can escape getting older, no matter how much we try, time comes for us all. Demographically, the number of people past retirement age (65 years old) will only increase as more baby boomers get older and advances in medicine lengthen our lives. There is a huge gap to address the unique needs and wants of this generation with technology that is tailor-made for our golden years. Why is that? And what can we do to fix it? Join Phil and Liora as they ask, "what's next in the technology you'll be using at 85". 
February 28, 2021
EP6: What's Next In Influencing Innovation
Everyone knows about entrepreneurship, but this episode is a discussion on entrepreneurship's less sexy cousin - intrapreneurship. Most people who work in established organizations have, at one point, questioned how things are done or have had a new idea on how to do things better. Intrapreneurship is the concept of starting new ideas and innovating from within.  In this episode, Phil and Liora share their own experiences influencing innovation from the bottom up.  Join them as they ask what's next in influencing innovation? 
February 22, 2021
EP5: What's Next In The Products You'll Find Exclusive
Diamonds and fancy cars were the status symbols of the past. Staple consumer goods would symbolize love, adventure, freedom, and exclusivity. But over time pesky Millenials have started valuing experiences more than physical goods. In this episode, Phil and Liora explore the shift from physical goods to experiences, from mass production to personalization, from being sold something to the feeling of discovering it for yourself. Tune in to learn about what's next in the staple status symbol that you'll be buying in the future. 
February 14, 2021
EP4: What's Next In Being Happy in the 21st Century
What makes you happy? A question as old as time itself. In this episode, we deep dive into the science and behavior of happiness, the relativeness of happiness,  and a reflection on what brings us joy in our own lives.  Join Phil and Liora as they question longheld assumptions on happiness and ponder the future of being happy.
February 7, 2021
EP3: What's Next In The Social Part of Social Media
Social media has evolved from the wild west early days of MySpace to the politically polarizing spheres of Facebook, from the awkward pubescent MSN Messenger to the influencers of Instagram.  In this episode, Phil and Liora talk about the intent behind connecting people and building virtual communities. They think about the crossroads we are faced with today and the different realities that social media could lead us towards. 
January 31, 2021
EP2: What's Next In Addressing Climate Change With Behaviour Change
Only accountants find taxes exciting (sorry not sorry, accountants). Well, that is until taxes can be used to fight climate change. Canada's "Price on Pollution" was announced to rise to $170/tonne by 2030, just 10 years away. Carbon taxes are many economists' favoured instrument to decarbonize our economies. Why is that and what does a higher carbon tax mean for you?  Join Phil and Liora as they ask what's next in fighting climate change with behaviour? 
January 24, 2021
EP1: What's Next In Introductions
We do this one thing almost daily, "Hello, my name is X and I do Y". We introduce ourselves to new colleagues, clients, strangers, acquaintances, future friends, and maybe lovers. After all, you can't redo a first impression. Why do we so often default to our job titles when there are so many other ways to introduce ourselves?  In this episode, the first-ever, Phil and Liora thought they were recording a 2-minute teaser trailer to get listeners hooked. But instead, they ended up diving deep into introductions, what makes a name and the cultural and historical significance in a name, and the importance of identifying ourselves by our values instead of our titles. Join them as they ask what's next in the future of introducing ourselves?  
January 17, 2021
TRAILER: What's Next In... With Phil & Liora
A podcast about a rapidly changing world and how we can get ahead of it.
January 12, 2021