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A Wheely Good Listen

A Wheely Good Listen

By Wheely Tots

Behind the scenes, chat,and Q&A. A must listen for anyone trying to do something good .

Join North London charity Wheely Tots as they launch their first podcast.

Wheely Tots believe all children, families and communities should be healthy, confident and resilient. We approach all this social integration and community development stuff through four themes;

planning (eg routes)

comfort (physical/mental health & wellbeing)

mending (keeping the kit working)

doing (the cycling or walking)

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Season 2 - Episode 1 Walking & Talking Finsbury Park to Green Park
After the “failure podcasts” we figured you needed a break. So after those cliff hangers we’re up for some autumn & winter activities! Lydia , Rhiannon and David go for a walk....Wheely Tots have a number of walking initiatuves eg and the idea to walk from our homes near Finsbury Park or Tottenham to Town past so many other people’s homes....including the Queen...was slightly challenging , only took 2 hours and fits in well with our beliefs around health, confidence and resilience and themes around planning , being comfortable and doing stuff all core to and the foodbank we help out with. If you’d like the route map email us and we’ll send it out to you otherwise the Links below give good enough clues! Finsbury Park Gillespie Park Paradise Park La Taverna Roman London Green Cycles Hammerton Brewery Granary Square Pearly Kings & Queens Indian YMCA ( open for take away! ) & Green Park Victoria Pendleton Prince Louis ? / The Royal Family YourBikeProject Thinking Space , Frank Lowe, Tavistock Centre
September 26, 2020
Episode 8 - failure... again, although we all know it’s called “learning”
This episode contains Magical Turkish tea from Armagan & Esme’s bike ride , a cameo appearance by Wilson and the teams second attempt at an advert where a jingle randomly appears. Lydia asks David about failure and to prove we’re “failure experts” this was our third attempt at a failure podcast ( the first was a genuine unbroadcastable failiure ! ) and so was recorded before we found out about calling failure “learning” in the last podcast. So basically this should be episode 7 and we suggest listening to that one again if you need a sense of order before the next one :)
September 4, 2020
Episode 7: Family cycling adventures and the merits of failure
In episode 7, Rhiannon and Lydia talk to Bjoern , loyal supporter of Wheely Tots and great friend of David, about his family's epic trip from London to Cologne by bike last spring. We give an update on the Space Race mileage and funds raised, and discuss the benefits of giving yourself space to fail - and ultimately learn. Links mentioned in the podcast: Family Session Space Race Sponsor the Space Race
August 25, 2020
Episode 6: Space Race update week 1
In episode 6, David is away on a well deserved holiday.  Rhiannon talks to Angela and Esme about all things Wheely Tots and updates on the Space Race mileage for week 1 of the challenge. Angela uses her editing skills to cover an awkward pause.  Links mentioned in the podcast:  Your Bike Project Foodbank  Family Session Space Race Sponsor the Space Race  Send us a voice message
August 11, 2020
Episode 5: What the Space Race really means for us
Lydia talks to Zemichael and they  - for reasons only known to themselves  - have decided we're going to the moon and back....The shortest one way trip is 240,000 quite honestly we're all up for a challenge and all that.....but maybe next year.....! Find out more about Zemichael and Tottenham Cycling Club here and here.   David talks to Merna about the Space Race and end up having a chat about unconscious bias and we hope that the chat gives you pause for thought. And thank you to you, our listener, reporting that your bike shop was out of Spoons premium grease but fortunately a nearby cafe had loads so all was good.  We will attempt another you asked about how best to clean a bike......  If you need a song then try this....
August 5, 2020
Episode 4: Preparing for launch
In episode 4 David chats with Rhiannon and Armagan.  After listener feedback the team try writing an advert. Rhiannon updates on the Space Race and Armagan thinks she might sign up.    There are some long pauses in the playback and we apologise in advance. To join the Space Race please click here to sign up or to support the team click here.  As a message to you, our listener  - thank you so much for listening and please keep sending your feedback via the message function at 
July 30, 2020
Pre session information has all the information and you can also  listen to David and Armagan talk you through what you need to do :) Letting us know you have listened to this podcast means that you can come along to an in person outdoor session.  It also means that you know the answers to  the following questions; 1. Do I need to bring a bike and helmet? 2. If I don't have a bike and helmet , what should I do?
July 23, 2020
Episode 3: Volunteering....again....this time join the Space Race to the ISS...and back!
Rhiannon introduces the fabulous Laura from Sage, our Sage Foundation Ambassador who had an idea that is totally brilliant that we politely asked if we could also share with our families..... David then introduces Lydia and they both reflect on the Space Race......We'd love to know what you think and  to join the Space Race  please visit to sign up.   Then we'll get straight back in touch with your fundraising pack and, more importantly, help and support you with your walking, running and cycling....cake baking or lemonade stalls We'd love to have you on the podcast so send us your audio via the message function at
July 21, 2020
Episode 2: Insight into volunteering (part 2.....the view from the other side)
In Episode 2 we talk with David and Rhiannon who both felt the need to respond to Episode 1.   Our new words are "learning agility" and "value exchange" which, with hindsight and as I type, sound very corporate....probably because they are..... That said it was a lot of fun making the podcast and I think we need to borrow some microphones as the sound quality is a bit ropey but we hope you enjoy the listen! Keep your topics coming in as we've had some brilliant suggestions for future content and your feedback will help get these podcasts more polished!
July 17, 2020
Episode 1: Insight into volunteering (part 1)
In Episode 1 we talk to Stephanie and Angela, who both decided to use their new found free 'furlough' time to volunteer with Wheely Tots.  Volunteering from home without meeting anyone face to face is a unique and interesting situation which has turned out to be pretty good fun too. Both Stephanie and Angela found their volunteering opportunities on Do It. Current volunteer roles at Wheely Tots can be found here. 
July 14, 2020