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The Whole Point

The Whole Point

By Christy Bartelt
Christy and Cyrina dish on how they've learned to see the gifts in the mess and joy of life and how you can too. Because that's the Whole Point
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Love Activism With Tara Bianca

The Whole Point

A Formula For Love
What if dealing with emotions is easier than you think? What if the only thing making it hard is that you haven’t been taught the language of your emotions? Today we share a formula to get to love, joy and peace. The higher emotions on the scale. This is the level you’re meant to live at. Any lower emotions are just doing their best to get you there. Sound crazy? Listen in as we explain what that means. The Whole Point of this episode: -Learn the formula for love, joy and peace -Understand negative emotions and why they come up -Gain resilience to hold negative emotions and know what to do with them -Get a little behind-the-scenes of how we choose to publish an episode or delete it -See a real-life example of how anger is showing up to help Cyrina communicate better Books referenced - Power Vs Force by Dr. David Hawkins Learn more about Christy at Learn more about Cyrina at
November 9, 2020
What We're Up To Right Now
Curious about what Christy and I have been up to lately? We’re talking about work, kids, upleveling, Christy’s recent trip, how school’s going, and baseball. The Whole Point of this episode: Life prepares you for what’s coming next Moneyball is a great movie Life is like a video game Past episode referenced:
October 28, 2020
What Is Authenticity And How Do I Get Some?
Authenticity is a buzzword. Everyone’s trying to be it, or sell you products to reach it. But what is it really? How do you know if you’ve achieved it? Why do so many peoples’ “authentic selves” look identical? We’re moving up the emotional scale! This is where it gets fun. You don’t need to care what others think. Then what? The Whole Point of this episode: The difference between popular and authentic- freedom vs fear How to give just the right amount of “f’s” How to be empathetic instead of proud Learn the Authentic Acceptance Technique™ Podcast episodes referenced: Counter Will- “Who Are You and How do You Know?”  Books referenced: Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Joe Dispenza Youtube Videos referenced: Alan Watts on youtube
October 22, 2020
Letting Go To Get Unstuck
How to feel nothing so that you can feel better. This week we explore neutrality as a life view on your way to manifesting your goals, as well as a powerful tool to raise your vibration. You’ve heard us say 1,000 times you have to feel your feelings. Here’s how meditation ties in. Don’t forget Mondays at 4pm CST we’ll hang out on Facebook live. This week Christy will guide us in a meditation specifically to get unstuck. The Whole Point of today’s episode: Release resistance that holds you back Respond instead of react Why meditation works How to employ neutrality as a tool to raise your vibration Books referenced: Power Versus Force by David Hawkins Again we refer to the episode about the Emotion Scale  Check out Moni Barry on meditation More info about Christy at More info about Cyrina at
October 14, 2020
Who Are You and How Do You Know?
Who are you? How do you know? Why does it matter? You know what you’re against. You know what people want you to do and say. What you’re expected to do and say. But what about what you prefer? Is there room for that? Today we’re talking about counter will; what it is and why it’s important. And what happens when you don’t complete the process. The Whole Point of today’s episode: Break free from people pleasing Break free from the need to always be fighting against systems, people and ideas Learn a ridiculously simple technique to become more authentically you For parents: learn to help your child develop fully into their true identity so they don’t get stuck Christy references the book she’s reading by Gabor Mate called Scattered Minds Again we refer to the episode about the Emotion Scale  More info about Christy at More info about Cyrina at
October 7, 2020
What Is Your Anger Hiding?
You’ve been doing the work. Being present. Healing. Growing. What do you do if old anger, resentment and bitterness come up? Allow it- but what if it just feels overwhelming? This week we talk about how anger shows up in our lives and the different options we have as we release it. Anger is one of the most misunderstood emotions. It’s a powerful force for transforming shame into courage. In fact, on the emotional scale it’s really close to courage. Today we’re talking about how exactly anger works. Why does it show up and how can you process it instead of shutting it down? How can it motivate you instead of overwhelm? Christy references Cal Banyan's book- The Secret Language of Feelings Past podcast dealing with Shame/Guilt Past podcast explaining the Emotional Scale
September 30, 2020
Stop Feeling Guilty
We're back, season 3 starts now!  To kick things off we are letting go of guilt and shame, no big deal.  
September 23, 2020
F*ck It! with Cyrina and Christy
Ok friends! Most of the time Christy and I don’t swear. But when we do, we go all out! So if that’s not your cup of tea, you’re going to want to skip right over this episode. Just note that we’re taking August off, to work on bringing you even more great content in the fall- because that’s the whole point. This episode is for anyone who needs to say ‘F*ck It’ to some things in your life that need to go- mainly other peoples’ opinions. To learn more about Christy go to To learn more about Cyrina go to The resource we list from Cristina Roman is: The episode on Human Design is here: The book Christy mentions is “The 4 Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz
July 29, 2020
HeartMath - Releasing the Past and Inviting A Brighter Future with Verad Kogan
Did you know your heart has a brain? And once you know how to connect with it in a more powerful way- life starts to get fun!! Today we’re talking about the science behind our hearts with Vered Kogan, trainer at the Institute of Heartmath. She explains how heart brain coherence lowers stress hormones in our bodies- a game changer for stress related health issues. You know we love talking about intuition!  Vered shares the three different kinds. She also leads us through a heart brain coherence exercise that you can repeat anytime you like. Vered Kogan is the Founder and CEO of the Momentum Institute™, a training and coaching organization specializing in helping leaders and teams successfully adapt to change. Vered is an executive coach, speaker, and author with a unique ability for helping people release the mental and emotional obstacles that prevent them from achieving their full potential in life and business. As a leading behavioral and mindset expert, her personal vision is to help millions of people adapt more effectively to change by leveraging the power of their subconscious mind. As a Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy®, and Hypnosis, she is an expert on shifting subconscious patterns. Vered is also certified in other leading mind technologies such as Rapid Transformational Therapy®, Psych-K®, HeartMath®, and Yoga Nidra. She’s helped hundreds of executives and entrepreneurs adapt to personal and professional change. Her firm offers a variety of live and virtual training and coaching programs, as well as keynotes on topics such as Mindset, Resilience, and Change Management to help individuals thrive in our increasingly complex world. As a volunteer at the Fresh Start Women’s Foundation since 2005, she has helped support women through personal and career transitions. She currently lives in Arizona with her husband Paul and their three daughters. Learn more: @veredkogan Book mentioned: ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill Video mentioned: ‘The Strangest Secret’ by Earl Nightengale More info about HearthMath- and
July 22, 2020
Re-introducing Ourselves with Cyrina and Christy
Are you new here? Want to learn a little more about how Christy and Cyrina grew up, how we got into the healing profession, and what we love most about working with clients? We all have stories, today we share ours. Today’s a mix of hard and good. Some of what we share is painful. Which is why we thought it was important to share. What we’ve been through enriches our work and gives us both unique angles on the healing process. If you have any follow up questions, let us know. If you relate to either of our stories or want to learn more about our work, let us know! What’s your story? We’d love to hear from you on Instagram or Facebook. Learn more about Christy at @christy_bartelt Learn more about Cyrina at @cyrinatalbott
July 15, 2020
Learning Things - Practice Trumps Perfection
Is the voice in your head a kind coach or a crap coach? The answer to that question determines the trajectory of your life. So if it’s a crap coach- fire him/her asap!! We’ll show you how to get a kind coach that helps you reach your goals in today’s episode. We’re all downloaded with a pretty crappy coach from childhood- no need to blame the parents- they got a raw deal too! Part of growing up and maturing is installing a new coach that even moonlights as a cheerleader. To encourage you everyday. Learn more about Cyrina at Learn more about Christy at
July 13, 2020
I Am Enough with Cyrina and Christy
Is saying “I am enough” too simple? In this episode, we make the case for these three powerful words. What these words represent is kind of a big deal. Simple yet profound- like everything life-changing. We do what we always do, and bring the concepts into your daily life. What’s it really going to do for you to say “I am enough” - and how is it different from the piles of affirmation cards you have in the back of that desk drawer. Please share feedback on the “units” metaphor…. Keep it? Lose it? We’d love your input. And guys! Don’t forget to review our podcast and get a chance to win a free intuition session- where we find answers to your big questions and learn to tap into that inner wisdom that’s inside of you. Find Christy at @christy_bartelt Find Cyrina at @cyrinatalbott
July 1, 2020
Toxic Christianity with Jo Luehmann
This week we keep it light- dismantling White supremacy and toxic Christianity... Why? Because in order to truly heal, these subjects must be addressed. There’s a legacy of abuse and trauma inside the Christian church. Nobody wants to admit it- but saying it out loud is the first step to freedom. Saying it out loud is what dismantles it. Our guest today says it out loud. Everyday. And helps many people finally be able to have permission to feel what they have been feeling. She validates the experience of so many who feel left out, cast aside, ignored and “other” within the church. As well as those who leave and lose their community. “You heal. That’s the work. You heal because healed people encourage others and become safe spaces. And if we’re safe spaces that mean that we are healing agents.” Jo Luehmann There is so much goodness here! Enjoy and let us know what you think. Jo Luehmann: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Christy references Resmaa Menakem:
June 24, 2020
Slaying The Monster Under Your Bed with Christy and Cyrina
What do you do with feelings? As humans who have a lot of feelings each day, you’d think we know. That somewhere along the line we’d learn how to deal with whatever emotions come up. But we don’t. So today we discuss how to FEEL your feelings. Not try to escape, or drown, or stuff. Just feel them. Do you have a way that you do this? Is it a struggle? There’s certainly no shortage of things happening in the world today to give us some big emotions. Listen in to get a simple but effective process that we use with clients. This is such an important thing to practice. How we deal with our emotions determines our level or relationships, success and peace. After you listen let us know what you think! Christy mentions Resmaa Maneken. You can find his courses and work at Christy’s @christy_bartelt Cyrina’s Website: @cyrinatalbott
June 17, 2020
Do The Hard Thing First With Cyrina and Christy
We all know that we need to create the habit of doing the hard things first. But how does that work in real life? It might surprise you to find out! Do you struggle with motivation? Are you really good when you have outside accountability but not so good on your own? Are you motivated on your own, but struggle with other’s ideas of what’s best? See why on today’s episode. Learn how you operate, so you can learn how to reach your goals and get the support you need to do the hard things first. The Four Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin Eat That Frog by  Brian Tracy Cyrina Christy Insta: @wholepointpod @cyrinatalbott @christy_bartelt
May 27, 2020
The Truth About Upper Limits - With Cyrina and Christy
Are old beliefs showing up that you thought you already dealt with? Do you feel like maybe you’ve made zero progress even though you’ve done tons of work on yourself? Does some part of you want to give up? It could be an upper limit. If you’re going somewhere you haven’t been before- you’re going to bump up against some things. Old patterns, beliefs and just plain old fear might rear their ugly heads. What then? Then you’re right where you’re supposed to be to grow!! Christy and I are going to share some examples and some powerful questions that help bust those limiting beliefs when they show up- because if you’re moving in the right direction, they will show up! We reference the emotional scale. You can find that HERE The Limiting Belief Busting Questions are HERE The amazing video I reference from Marie Forleo is HERE
May 20, 2020
Fear to Joy - Understanding the Emotion Scale with Christy and Cyrina
So you’ve started to heal. You used to be more anxious, now you’re angry. Is that good or bad? Are you making progress? How can you feel better more often? What’s your set point? Today we want to share a powerful tool with you that allows you to see where you’re at. It’s not good or bad, but when you know where you are- you can see the progress you’ve made! Christy shares about her experience with fear and Cyrina shares the time she took a quiz on optimism and failed! The resource for this episode is HERE. It’s taken from the book ‘Power vs Force’ by David R Hawkins Cyrina references ‘Learned Optimism’ by Martin Seligman, Ph.D. and her friend Viktor Frankl’s book ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’ Christy’s website- Cyrina’s website-
May 13, 2020
Review of "Untamed" by Glennon Doyle - With Christy and Cyrina
It's one of the most buzzed about books of the year and it was released right as we settled into 'safe at home'  mode.   It's a book about blowing up a good enough life, and bravely following your inner widsom.  As many of us are considering what our own lives will look like as we emerge from this wild time in history, it's time we consider what wild untamed part of ourselves is asking to be set free.   Join us as we give our 2 cents on what we found particularly compelling as we read "Untamed".   Remember to leave us a review on itunes for your chance to win an intuition session- $222 value.  Just screenshot your review and send it to us on instagram to enter. These sessions have been powerful! People have gotten so much clarity about how to navigate this time, how to pivot their business, and even how to arrange an office! If you’re looking for profound peace and clarity, enter to win. Book referenced: Untamed by Glennon Doyle  Cyrina’s website: Insta: @cyrinatalbott Christy’s website: Insta: @christy_bartelt
May 6, 2020
It's Time To Start Thinking About The Future
Are you feeling a shift? Are you needing some encouragement? A fresh start? That’s what we’re feeling! So this week we have a tool for you. You’ve probably already heard of the concept of connecting with your future self, but we put a pandemic spin on it. We also add some insights from Viktor Frankl, marinating, and having New Years this week. Don’t forget, leave us a review for your chance to win an intuition session- $222 value. Just screenshot your review and send it to us on instagram to enter. These sessions have been powerful! People have gotten so much clarity about how to navigate this time, how to pivot their business, and even how to arrange an office! If you’re looking for profound peace and clarity, enter to win. Book referenced: Viktor Frankl ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’ Cyrina’s website: Insta: @cyrinatalbott Christy’s website: Insta: @christy_bartelt
April 29, 2020
Have You Run Out Of Things To Say? - With Cyrina and Christy
We are enjoying all this extra time with family, for the most part.  But on day (what day is it?) of isolation what do we talk about now?  How to make this time count?  The majority of us have no clue!  But we WANT to. We WANT to feel close to our spouse and kids. We WANT to feel seen and heard in our relationships. So we’re going to give you a game plan- and be the guinea pigs! This week we answer 5 questions to foster closeness out of a list of 36 that we’re sharing with you.  These questions run the gamut from funny to deep and we know they will add a little something to the conversations in your social distancing.  Try them with your family, try them with your friends on Zoom and let us know how it goes.  Christy’s website- Cyrina’s website- You Can Find All 36 Questions at
April 22, 2020
Are You Triggered By Social Media? - A Conversation With Cyrina and Christy
How are you doing with social media? We’re finding it harder to navigate lately! If you notice that you’re getting angry or fearful or overwhelmed while scrolling, you’re not alone. It’s not really possible to get offline 100%, so what do we do? Today we talk about how to handle staying connected without being constantly triggered. We’d love to hear about how you’re doing. Have you made some rules to protect yourself from overwhelm on social media? Also, we’re curious- What have you been hearing from your inner voice lately? Christy mentions Ekhart Tolle’s book ‘The Power of Now’ Cyrina mentions Matt Kahn’s book ‘The Universe Always has a Plan, the 10 Golden Rules of Letting Go’
April 15, 2020
Nip Procrastination In The Bud - A Conversation with Cristina Roman
This week we got coached!  Live, on the podcast. Cristina Roman is amazing as she brings both of us clarity, wisdom, and actionable steps. She shares so many ideas for how to process and reframe how we’re dealing with life right now. We get some powerful insight about why Cyrina is making videos and then deleting them…. And how Christy can be less ADD… You’re going to love Cristina, be ready to take notes! Cristina Roman is a Washington, DC-based Certified Life Coach who specializes in helping clients overcome procrastination. She works with distracted, rushed, overwhelmed professionals to free up their time and energy, so that they can finally refocus on that thing they've put on the back burner. (If that's you, you can download the quick-start guide for getting into a deep work state in 15 minutes at She half-jokes that she’s the Cross Legged Coach; her goal is always to keep things casual but wildly impactful for her clients. Favorite Book: The Big Leap by Gay Hedricks Website: Instagram: Facebook:
April 8, 2020
Time Out To Check In - A Conversation With Cyrina and Christy
We are taking a quick time out to talk about what we've been experiencing as our lives have shifted due to Covid-19.   We are highlighting our very different experiences as we both listen to directions from our intuition right now. This episode is all about permission to be where you are right now.  To trust the inner guidance you're getting, even if no one else seems to be getting it.  And we talk about permission to quit doing things that add stress! We are here. We are still talking and hoping that it resonates. We are doing our best and trusting that that is enough.  And Christy is taking care not to hurt her "bathroom muscles" any more!
April 1, 2020
Bouncebackability with Caitlin Donovan
We trust that the right guests come to us at the right time. In light of everything going on in the world, we are especially aware of this timing. As Cyrina was editing this episode last night- way too late because she watched way too much news- against her own advice!- She was amazed at how much Caitlin’s message resonates. Right now. With all that’s going on in the world. Let us know if it resonates with you! We all need ‘Bouncebackability’ to get through this time. Listen to hear practical steps and encouragement that each one of us needs today. Caitlin Donovan is an expert in Chinese Medicine, a Burnout Coach, and the host of FRIED - The Burnout Podcast. All of her projects are ruled by one thing: End Burnout Culture as soon as possible. She truly believes that stress management is the true medicine of the future and is relentless in her goal to teach as many female entrepreneurs as possible to be more resilient, have more energy, and more fun. The Bouncebackability Factor is a book written to fill a gap in the burnout discussion - burnout among women entrepreneurs. “I truly believe that women are saving the world by creating soul-based businesses that nourish our communities and this book is my way of ensuring that we can continue to do that without killing ourselves in the process. The Bouncebackability Factor is part autobiography, part manifesto, part self-help, and 100% designed to help you break down your personal burnout culture so that you can create and sustain the life and businesses that will save the world AND contribute to ending burnout culture for all of us.” ~ Caitlin Donovan Get your copy of ‘The Bouncebackability Factor’ HERE Follow Caitlin: Instagram: Facebook: Website:
March 25, 2020
The Practical Magic Of Habits with Sarah Von Bargen
When life feels crazy or uncertain, there is no better time to adopt new productive habits.  Join us and let Sarah Von Bargen encourage you today.  The full truth is that we can all use a little more intentional structure as our world seems to be tilting into uncharted water.  Sarah has practical, smart and effective tips to create the habits that will absolutely benefit your life.    Sarah is the friend and mentor we all need- she doesn’t pull any punches. She says what needs to be said at the same time bringing hope. Hope that you can really actually and truly create a habit and start to change your life. This Virgo, Enneagram 1, INTJ, and first born child is the perfect person to help us all get where we want to go in life by cultivating habits that serve us. Sarah is a writer, educator and coach who helps people spend their time, money, and energy on purpose. Her favorite book right now: All the books by Author Kaui Hart Hemings  Another favorite book: Life After Life by Kate Atkinson Find Sarah online Facebook:
March 18, 2020
Intuition Sessions: Work With Us
Today we’re talking about how to connect with your intuition. You can gather all the info- learn all the things, take all the courses. But at the end of the day you need to learn how to listen to that still small voice that leads us to the life we really want. Christy and Cyrina are offering sessions and right now you have a chance to win one! Leave us a review at, then send us a screenshot. You’ll be entered to win. Your intuition brings wisdom, knowledge, practical steps, and reassurance in your life that no one else can. Bring your big scary questions and let us hold space while you practice receiving the answers. What clients say: “I was going forward but not where I wanted to be. Cyrina and I had an intuition session and all of the sudden things broke wide open. Within a day, I was able to resolve something that’s been going on at three years at work.” “This has brought so much peace and clarity.” To schedule a session DM us at @wholepointpod Or PM us on Facebook at
March 11, 2020
Creating A Beautiful Life - A Conversation With Jen Rottmann
What does it look like to have a beautiful life? Jen Rottmann talks about leaving the 6 figure business she started to find out what it means for her. Dancing, teaching, speaking and modeling are included on the path she now follows. She shares the idea of surrendering into your destiny instead of making it happen, as well as ego vs. grace and the messy middle. Jen Rottmann has a simple mission: To share with you the tools and secrets she’s discovered in living a beYOUtiful life on your terms! From her own journey she learnt that the key to a beautiful life is building a strong foundation in connecting with your INNER BEAUTY & POWER. Once she started connecting with this inner guidance, the doubts, perfectionism and other fears lost more and more of its hold on her and she can’t wait to share with you how you too can find unlimited beauty and power within you! Favorite Book: ‘A Return to Love’ by Marrianne Williamson Other book mention: ‘The Universe Has Your Back’ by Gabby Bernstien Website: Instagram: Facebook:
March 4, 2020
Human Design (Part 2) - A Conversation With Stacy Rowan
Human Design gives you permission to be yourself! This week Stacy explains to us how our charts compare to each other, why we work well together and how we complete each other! If you grabbed your chart with us last week, it’s time to compare notes with a friend, spouse or child today! It’s crazy how accurately Stacy tells us how we’re behaving and then WHY, which is the most important part. We talk about how it relates to us doing the podcast together, how it can be hard to brand yourself, how some people actually aren’t designed to work alone, while others are, and how to be more comfortable with being uncomfortable. Stacy is a wealth of knowledge. Stacy Rowan is a Bethlehem, PA life coach serving clients across the global community. She works with people who are experiencing or wishing for change in their life, helping them navigate a current change or initiate a desired one. She started her own journey of personal development while working as a chemical engineer. Looking to balance her analytical skills, she studied ways to improve her intuition and both worked and studied with several different coaches. The time invested to better know herself has been life changing. As a coach, one of Stacy’s favorite tools for bringing clarity to your life is Human Design. Human Design is a system that explains how you are designed to interact with the world.  It supports self-awareness, self-acceptance and ultimately the self-love needed to live as the true, fullest expression of yourself. Stacy is certified in the use of Emergent Human Design as a coaching tool. She describes her role as being like a best friend only better! Like a best friend she will laugh with you, love on you, and marvel at your awesomeness! But unlike your friends, when you get stuck in life, she will listen deeply, guide you through the rough patches, offer new perspectives on old stories, and hold space for the extraordinary potential you are preparing to step into! Coaching sessions with Stacy provide you with the time, space, & permission to learn about yourself and make your growth a priority. Book she’s reading right now: The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav Instagram account: @custombuiltlife
February 26, 2020
Human Design (Part 1) - A Conversation With Stacy Rowan
Want to get more clarity about why you do what you do? Human Design is a powerful tool to understand yourself better, so that you can operate optimally in the world. The biggest lesson here is that we are NOT supposed to be making decisions in our minds. But rather listening to our bodies. How? Listen in to learn more, and make sure to stay to the end it's so good. Stacy Rowan is a wealth of information. You’re going to want to go over to and check out your chart as we listen. Stacy Rowan is a Bethlehem, PA life coach serving clients across the global community. She works with people who are experiencing or wishing for change in their life, helping them either navigate a current change or initiate a desired one. She started her own journey of personal development while working as a chemical engineer. Looking to balance her analytical skills, she studied ways to improve her intuition and both worked and studied with several different coaches. The time invested to better know herself has been life changing. As a coach, one of Stacy’s favorite tools for bringing clarity to your life is Human Design. Human Design is a system that explains how you are designed to interact with the world.  It supports self-awareness, self-acceptance and ultimately the self-love needed to live as the true, fullest expression of yourself. Stacy is certified in the use of Emergent Human Design as a coaching tool. She describes her role as being like a best friend only better! Like a best friend she will laugh with you, love on you, and marvel at your awesomeness! But unlike your friends, when you get stuck in life, she will listen deeply, guide you through the rough patches, offer new perspectives on old stories, and hold space for the extraordinary potential you are preparing to step into! Coaching sessions with Stacy provide you with the time, space, & permission to learn about yourself and make your growth a priority. Instagram account: @custombuiltlife Website:
February 19, 2020
Love Activism With Tara Bianca
This week we’re learning about love activism. How do you put love into action? In parenting, in friendship and in the world? Tara Bianca joins us to share how she connects with the divine on a daily basis and how powerfully that has impacted her life. Listen to hear how she received the inspiration for her new book, ‘The Flower of Heaven.’ This book is a blueprint for putting love into action. The focus is friendship- with ourselves, the divine, and others. Tara is a love activist, spiritual mentor, speaker, and leader in transformation. Her mission is to inspire humanity to awaken and ascend to the power of Love, Joy, Peace and Equality, and to come home to the deepest, most Divine Truth of their being-ness. As a mystic and evolutionary leader, Tara reveals the tantra of life and illuminates a path to Love. Tara is known for her compassionate, unconditionally loving heart. She knows the Divinity of each person she encounters. Tara frees them to explore life as they choose for themselves, while she invites them to choose to experience their own Divine beauty. She combines over 20 years of research, teaching, speaking, and private coaching experience with expertise in healing the soul, mind, and body to help people revolutionize their life for success. Her multidisciplinary approach guides people through quantum shifts to access their ability to create a life from an entirely different level of consciousness. She inspires them to be a source of inspiration for others in the world and to awaken their Divine Heart to embody presence and unconditional love. Tara’s clients have included pro-athletes, professionals, entrepreneurs, creatives, couples, expecting parents, children and Academy Award-nominated actors. She writes and teaches about love, transformation, spirituality, consciousness, tantra, stress management, health & wellness, bio-hacking, neuro-hacking, nutrition, relationships, parenting, and pregnancy. Tara lives between ocean and rain forest in beautiful Vancouver, BC, Canada. Her favorite TV show: The Leftovers Website: Instagram: Facebook:
February 12, 2020
How To Be Fabulous With Dorris Burch
Get ready to step into your power today people! If you’ve ever in your life felt like you were “too much,” this episode’s for you! We think it’s going to make you want to rise up, dig deep and go buy some underwear! You gotta listen to the end to find out about the undies…. We’re talking to the Fabulous Dorris Burch and yes, of course we ask why and how she got that name! Dorris is truly an ‘expander’- as Lacy Phillips talks about- someone who makes you know that more is possible for you. The Fabulous Dorris Burch is the founder of Fab Factor, a destination for women who want to inject more elegance, style, and Fabulosity (a state of everything that is fabulous!) into their daily lives. This has everything to do with your state, your presence, your vibe, your energy and what its simply about is... The power of the feminine! Her mission is to inspire women to Don’t Be Invisible, style their minds, bodies, lives, and success – from the inside out which in turn radiates into everything we do, not the other way around. She encourages women to embrace their femininity, cultivate their confidence and completely enjoy their lives — one bold fabulous thought, feeling, and action at a time to become the woman you want to be. As you master the Art of Being Fabulous — one bold unapologetic thought, action and outfit at a time, you’ll bring new possibilities, inspiration, and energy to everything you touch. And, the world will respond to your radiance. Our mission is simple: To live fabulously & well. As a lifestyle brand and global movement, we offer practical advice, inspiring conversations, a vibrant community, and transformational experiences to elevate the everyday lives of women. We are women living without regrets because we know that you only get one life. So... Don’t Be Invisible. Be Fabulous! Faith. You have to have faith that moves mountains Awareness of your inherent creative abilities Believe that all things are possible- for me Unapologetic permission to be the “too much” you. Own it everyday Love yourself Opulence is your birthright Unity with your voice and message Spiritually connecting with the divine- trusting in that power Favorite Books: I Am Discourses by St. Germain Your Invisible Power by Genevieve Behrend Facebook Instagram
February 5, 2020
Financial Safety And Divorce With Rhonda Noordyk
Statistics show that in the US 40-50% of marriages fail.  Divorce happens, but HOW does the actual divorce process work.   Its not exactly something we create Pinterest boards about.   Whether you are married, going through a divorce or know someone going through a divorce, today's episode is for you.  We are talking to Rhonda Noordyk, about financial safety for woman as they navigate the murky waters of divorce.   After years in finance, Rhonda saw so many woman frustrated by the divorce process and knew there had to be a better way.  She created The Woman's Financial Wellness Center and a safe place for woman to face the vulnerability of divorce with confidence and the resources they need.   Instead of telling woman "it will be OK', she resources and supports them throughout the divorce process.   This episode covers -Why Rhonda decided woman needed help with divorce  -The divorce paradigms that require shifting.  -How Rhonda resources woman through divorce  -Personal stories about Rhonda's client experiences in certain aspect of the divorce process.  Resources mentioned -Necessary Endings by Henry Cloud  How to connect with Rhonda  Her website is:       and Facebook: Instagram:
January 29, 2020
Susan Piver - Buddhist Wisdom For Modern Relationships
Love and being in relationship takes courage.  But no one tells us how to actually make them work!  Today we are visiting with Susan Piver discussing her newest book, The Four Noble Truths of Love - Buddhist Wisdom For Modern Relationships. Christy and I decided it should be required reading for everyone. There’s Enneagram wisdom at the end of the episode, you'll want to listen to every minute .  You'll definitely want to grab a notebook for this one! So much truth about relationships and love. We know you’re going to enjoy this episode so much and hope that it makes you rethink how you’re operating- the way it did for Christy and I. Susan Piver is the New York Times bestselling author of nine books, including the award-winning How Not to Be Afraid of Your Own Life, The Wisdom of a Broken Heart, and Start Here Now: An Open-Hearted Guide to the Path and Practice of Meditation. Piver has been a practicing Buddhist since 1995 and graduated from a Buddhist seminary in 2004. She is an internationally acclaimed meditation teacher, known for her ability to translate ancient practices into modern life. Her work has been featured on the Oprah show, TODAY, CNN, and in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, MONEY, and others. In 2011, Piver launched the Open Heart Project, the largest virtual mindfulness community in the world. "The Four Noble Truths of Love is like the book baby of the Buddha and Oprah Winfrey. It pulls no punches in the best of ways. Chock-full of relationship a-ha moments, it made me reflect not just on my marriage and how to keep deepening into it, but also on every loving relationship in my life. This wisdom may be thousands of years old, but Piver’s ability to convey it with grace, humor, humility, and profound relevance to modern life is a true gift." —Jonathan Fields, founder of Good Life Project "Susan Piver consistently offers what so many of us seek: A generous, caring, loving teacher, someone with an open heart and a clear mind, eager to help us find our own way forward." —Seth Godin, author of Linchpin Instagram: Website: Facebook: Her latest Book: The Four Noble Truths of Love
January 22, 2020
Holly Higgins - The Food Mood Connection
In this episode we’re talking about food, and how your gut health can absolutely be affecting your mental health. Holly talks about her journey from being suicidally depressed and having major anxiety and how she stumbled across the food mood connection inadvertently and accidentally. She shares how eating differently as well as Rapid Transformational Therapy, dramatically changed her life. And why it’s her passion to share this knowledge far and wide. Holly Higgins is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and RTT Hypnotherapist whose work focuses on holistic mental health and the mind-body connection. She enjoys helping her clients and followers understand the link between food and mood while harnessing the power of intentional thought and belief. In addition to 1-1 and group coaching, Holly enjoys sharing knowledge via Instagram and her podcast, Mindspeak. In 2018, she was named the #2 influential health coach by Mark Sisson's Primal Health Coach Institute. She regularly contributes to leading health blogs and podcasts, and lives in Asheville, North Carolina with her husband, Sean. Her course Whole Mind Redesign can be found at Her website is Instagram: @hollyfisherhiggins Facebook: Holly Higgins Her Podcast- MindSpeak Her favorite book: Own Your Self   Dr. Kelly Brogan
January 15, 2020
GOD - What's in a word
G.O.D. - Join us as we unpack some of the baggage we carry around this powerful word.  Whatever you call God, seems to be at the center of healing for many people - that's why we're braving this episode. Taking a long look at the word G.O.D., and more importantly the reality the mere three letters represents- and many other words that represent the same reality- is crucial. It gives everyone the opportunity to step into more compassion, more freedom and more peace.   Some might say God is 'The Whole Point', but that word can carry so much trauma and pain that you've found a better word.  Listen in and let us know what God means to you.    Books:   The Universal Chris: How A Forgotten Reality Can Change Everything We See, Hope For and Believe by Richard Rohr Nonviolent Communication: A Language Of Life by Marshall Rosenberg
January 8, 2020
Junk Words You're Feeding Yourself
This week Christy and Cyrina are discussing the junk words we all feed ourselves. Just like empty calorie food that does nothing but zap your energy, there are words and phrases we unconsciously use every day that stop progress and keep us stuck. The Whole Point is to put you in the driver seat of your own mind. This episode is for everyone that wants to communicate better with themselves and move the needle in any area of their life. Join in as we break the junk word habit.
December 25, 2019
Connecting With The Divine With Annie Francoeur
Annie Francouer joins us to discuss her surprise work channeling The Collective, a group of non-physical entities.   We get a behind the scenes look at how this all came about, what it’s like holding space to channel non-physical energy and how it has impacted her life.  Annie offers incredible insight into how she holds space for herself and her own growth amidst working with clients and being present to the loving energy of The Divine.    This episode is for the spiritually curious who are open to new ways to consider what lies beyond this physical world.   We also discuss the difference between The Divine and our human intuition.  We address fears and misconceptions about channeling and how our own belief systems play a vital role.   Seeking to improve her personal life, Annie studied Consciousness with a variety of great teachers, reading books, travelling to work with mentors and teachers she believed in.  At first, learning hands-on healing technique and the Breath of Compassion showed her this journey wasn’t a learning but a recollection of a wisdom that had been dormant in her. Her life improved tremendously simply by being more present in it, and trusting her own guidance and body. Although not once in those first years of her quest did she think she would become a therapist, gradually she found herself guiding people in their own integration and awakening to more Consciousness and Presence. Witnessing the needs around her, knowing more of what she truly wanted her life to be, Annie went on to gather the techniques she felt relevant to her own personal way of offering therapy. Annie lives in Chicoutimi, Canada, and is a certified advanced RTT therapist, a registered Biodynamic Craniosacral therapist, a coach of Presence, a channeler for The Collective, an author, and when the muse is playful, an illustrator. Books:   The Biology Of Belief by Dr. Bruce Lipton Waking The Tiger by Dr. Peter Levine Human Heart, Cosmic Heart by Dr. Thomas Cowan Dodging Energy Vampires by Dr. Christiane Northrup The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle Website:     Facebook:   Instagram:           @zafrancoeur Twitter:                 @zafrancoeur
December 18, 2019
What's Soul Got To Do With Business? With Celia Faye Meisel
Celia Faye Meisel joins us this week to discuss how to put soul into your business.  She explains what that looks like and why it’s a million times better for you and your business and how she helps entrepreneurs thrive. If you ever feel like you’re just ‘going through the motions’, you’ll love this episode! We discuss the Akashic Records and how this ancient tool can help your business in powerful ways. Celia is an Online Business Strategist and Sales Trainer for heart-centered Coaches, Consultants, and Practitioners. She blends her experience of working as a 1-1 mentor in the music industry for 20 years with her lifelong passion for entrepreneurship & sales. A 4th Generation Entrepreneur & Businesswoman, she brings a fresh perspective to the online coaching space, blending wisdom with strategy, visioning and high-performance mindset tactics. Celia has developed an entire curriculum that trains on building transformational high-ticket coaching offers, strategies for making consistent high-ticket sales, along with efficient “Congruency Coaching” strategies that save time and multiply business growth. The mantra Celia shares: “I am choosing to be happy for all that I have in this given moment.” Favorite show: Outlander Website: Instagram: Linked In
December 11, 2019
End Burnout Culture With Caitlin Donovan
Caitlin Donovan is on a mission to ‘End Burnout Culture’. And we’re here for it! Join us as we talk about feeling like we have to do it all and the fear that comes up if we stop doing ‘all the things’. You’ll get to here Caitlin’s fabulous description of boundaries. Cyrina shares a little of her own burnout story as well. Caitlin is an expert in Chinese Medicine, a Burnout Coach, and the host of FRIED - The Burnout Podcast. All of her projects are ruled by one thing: End Burnout Culture as soon as possible. She truly believes that stress management is the true medicine of the future and is relentless in her goal to teach as many female entrepreneurs as possible to be more resilient, have more energy, and more fun. Caitlin’s favorite book right now: “How to Get Run Over by a Truck”  by Katie Mckenna Her Website: Instagram:
December 4, 2019
A Chat With Cyrina's Intuition
This week we run through a quick intuition demo.   Cyrina asks simple questions about her daily routine and receives clarity and peace.   It's powerful to work with your intuition and we wanted to show you how easy it can be.   
November 28, 2019
Intuitive Relationships With Whitney Oppenhuizen
This episode is so good!   More must knows about intuition and how you can use it to support your relationships.   Weather you are calling in a partner or looking to support the relationships you are already in, this episode is for you.      Whitney is an Intuitive Relationship Coach focused on supporting clients to develop a deeper connection to their intuition as they navigate relationships of all kinds. She focuses on supporting individuals who want to strengthen their relationship with themselves and their intuition. From here she works to assist in breaking negative patterns around relationships. Her work is based in transparency and deep connection to intuition. She loves supporting her clients as they grow both deeper in connection to themselves and in developing strong and meaningful relationships in their lives. She works with those who are looking for clarity around their relationship to self and others in their lives. She helps her clients get clear on their needs and how to connect to their intuition while in relationships to live a more fulfilled and empowered life. Her clients are ready to break negative patterns around relationships and start living authentically in all aspects of life.
November 20, 2019
Healing After Heartbreak With Hayley Kirchoff
We are chatting with Hayley Kirchoff all about healing after a breakup.   We talked social media after effects and EMDR.  Lots of wisdom in this episode for anyone navigating their own break up, or a break up with a loved one.   Hayley has a passion for helping women embrace love again after a painful break up by completely letting go of “the one that got away.”  Her own journey through therapy helped her learn that true healing comes from within, and when we feel whole and happy, we positively impact those around us. Hayley is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) in the state of Florida and a Board Certified Counselor.   She is EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) Trained, which helps get the route of trauma and shift those negative beliefs and thoughts we hold about ourselves to more positive ones.
November 13, 2019
Life Changing Meditation With Moni Barry
In this episode we are talking with the amazing Moni Barry all about life changing meditation and making it a life style choice.    Monique Barry is a business and leadership coach who works with small and solo business owners to launch or evolve their business, align their business and life  and develop a conscious strategy plan that merges purpose driven work with personal transformation.  She is a sought after expert for helping entrepreneurs create a framework for freedom and flow between life and work, valuing profits and purpose equally. She has a masters in business finance and marketing with over 12 years experience in management and strategy and is a mother of one.  She is a mindfulness meditation teacher and has been practicing Vedic meditation for the past 2 years which she credits to the transformation she has experienced in life and her work.  Vedic meditation has been the singular tool that helps her release the emotional and physical stress built up her in her body over her life while also developing a finer level of trust and feeling through the journey of life.
November 6, 2019
Quantum Coaching With Amy Meehan
Kicking off our first guest episode we are chatting with Amy Meehan.   Amy is a thriving wife, mother of five, and intuitive with a passion for people and contagious laugh that will lift your spirit and ignite your soul. Amy has an insatiable desire to grow and expand through her own focus on personal growth and self-awareness. Amy has found that her success with navigating the deep challenges of her life through sexual abuse, addiction, eating disorders and clinical depression has been her loftiest credential thus far. As a coach, Amy walks in partnership with her clients in restoring hope and bringing dreams back to life. She invites you to rekindle your own spark of joy and ease and create the freedom you desire by releasing limiting beliefs, false obligation to self and others, and the fear of failure. Amy knows there is buried treasure in each of us and is excited to help you discover yours!
October 30, 2019
Let's Talk About Season Two Of The Whole Point Pod
Guess what, it's season two.   We have some fun new things coming up  as we launch season two and we are taking this week to introduce you to what's next.   
October 23, 2019
Life Update From Christy
Closing out season 1, Christy is sharing a fun manifestation that is helping her closing out 2019 in a magical way.   
October 17, 2019
Life update from Cyrina
Cyrina has experienced some big shifts and changes recently and in this episode she is letting us all in on how it unfolded.   Spoiler alert, it was unexpectedly and magically perfect. 
October 11, 2019
Riffing On Honesty
Have you ever put any attention and awareness on how honest you are?  It's more transformational than you think.   Join us while we riff on honesty.  
October 2, 2019
The Dark Side Of Positive Thinking
You are doing all the mantras and all the positive thinking but it's not working?   In this episode we are highlighting the dark side of positive thinking, and what what to do instead.  
September 24, 2019
Ego vs. Intuition and how to tell the difference
We are taking a closer look at how to distinguish your intuition from your ego.   
September 13, 2019
Using Your Intuition To Guide You
Pure and simple, your inner guidance system is available and waiting to nudge your every move.   There are a variety of ways our intuition communicates with us, we are discussing the 8 Clair Senses and why you want to start tapping in now.   
August 29, 2019
How to make more friends - part 2
A follow up episode taking us further into the HOW of making new friends.  
August 23, 2019
How do I make more friends?
Research shows that women live longer when they have close friendships with other women.   We chat about how we've learned to find and grow supportive and healthy friendships in our own lives.   Hint, takes courage, self awareness and vulnerability.   
August 9, 2019
Your Issue Is Your Friend
Oh boy!  We are talking about how our illness, thought process, or belief structure the we might resent is actually our friend.   It might seem crazy, but it actually makes perfect sense when you dig a little.   
August 1, 2019
Letting Go
Wonder what both Christy and Cyrina are practicing non-stop lately and loving?   It's Letting Go and it feels so good once you get the hang of it.   
July 25, 2019
Expectations, should we expect more or just allow?
Today we are taking you inside a real time discussion we had about expectations for ourselves and our children.   As we dive into the balance between growth and letting people be themselves we find, as with everything else, releasing judgement on ourselves may just be the answer.  
July 18, 2019
Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy, what is that anyway?
If you've every wondered what it's like to have a Rapid Transformational HypnoTherapy (RTT) session, this episodes is for you.   We are breaking down RTT, what you can expect during a session and what hypnosis really is.   
July 11, 2019
What The Heck Are Boundaries
A brief introduction to what boundaries are, why we need them and what to expect when you set them.  
July 4, 2019
Can you feel the love.....for yourself?
What if all you needed was to love yourself.   That's what we are chatting about today.  
June 28, 2019
Fast and Slow, Finding Your Own Speed
Some people like to hustle and some people like to wait and see.   How working together showed us it's important to find your own speed and celebrate everyone else's.  
June 21, 2019
Permission To Be Angry
Guess what?   Anger isn't actually Bad!  Today we are talking about what anger really is and how to make it to the other side and without guilt and shame.  
June 15, 2019
Permission To Be Afraid
Fear is natural, normal and you have permission to be afraid.   Christy and Cyrina chat about what fear is and how to allow it so you can overcome it.   
June 15, 2019
The Stories We Tell
Wayne Dyer said "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." Today we're talking about the stories we tell about ourselves and how they are just that, stories.   
June 15, 2019
Hi, I'm Cyrina
In this episode Cyrina shares her journey from needing to prove her self worth through her business and from other people, to loving herself. She shares what lead her to Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) and how this process changed her life.  
May 2, 2019
Hi, I'm Christy
In this episode Christy shares her journey out of depression through meditation and what lead her to become a Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT).  She shares why she's teamed up with Cyrina to create The Whole Point
May 2, 2019