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Excellence in Software Protection, Licensing, and Cybersecurity

Excellence in Software Protection, Licensing, and Cybersecurity

By Wibu-Systems
Today, software is the power that moves society. To stay in control over their intellectual property and remain competitive on the market software publishers and intelligent device manufacturers need to integrate top-notch protections against counterfeiting, reverse engineering, and tampering and implement an orchestration of license models that fully respond to the customer’s needs on a global scale. CodeMeter by Wibu-Systems is a comprehensive and award-winning suite of hardware-, software-, and cloud-based solutions that safeguards the technical know-how and enables new business models.
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Safety secures the man from the machine, Security the reverse

Excellence in Software Protection, Licensing, and Cybersecurity

What is the first step in implementing a digital warehouse?
Original source: Additive Talks by 3D Adept Media Host: Kety Sindze, 3D Adept Media Guests:  Brede Loerum, Head of the AM Centre of Excellence at Equinor Klas Solberg, Engineer at the Department of Technology and Testing at DNV Alvaro Forero, Security Expert and Team Leader of the Product Security Incident Response Team at Wibu-Systems Additive manufacturing has arrived with a bang. Technological advances have turned 3D printing from a niche pursuit and vague commercial vision for a far-off future into a genuinely disruptive force for modern industry today. The technology’s ability to liberate manufacturers from the constraints of restrictive machine designs, with fixed functionalities and reliance on expensive tools for long production runs, has made the idea of manufacturing-as-a-service a realistic business option for aspiring and established manufacturers alike. Additive Talks is a novel format for sharing expertise in the field: Individual sessions, each dedicated to a specific aspect or challenge for additive manufacturing as a technology  and business, promise to bring thought-provoking insights to a wider audience. Listen to the experts to find out how smart protection and licensing solutions like Wibu-Systems’ CodeMeter technology can overcome the IP security concerns inherent in a business where the people making the products are not necessarily the people owning the IP to them. In a truly free market for manufacturing services, digital data and designs are an invaluable currency, and it will be the providers that can guarantee its  security that will benefit most from the creative monetization potential of this new way of doing business: Greater trust equals more  customers equals greater success.
October 13, 2021
Oliver Winzenried spricht beim InnovationFestival 2021 in Karlsruhe - German only
Am 08.10.2021 findet ab 13 Uhr das InnovationFestival 2021, veranstaltet von, im Medientheater des ZKM in Karlsruhe und als Livestream statt. Die Besucher und Teilnehmer werden von Peter Weibel, Vorstand des ZKM, und Dr. Frank Mentrup, Oberbürgermeister von Karlsruhe, begrüßt. Neben der Keynote von Volocopter gibt es verschiedene 10-minütigen Impulsvorträge, in denen die besten digitalen Innovationen aus Karlsruhe und der TechnologieRegion Karlsruhe vorgestellt werden. Der Abend klingt danach für die Teilnehmer vor Ort mit einem Afterwork-Event aus, das in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Karlsruher Institut für Technologie KIT zeitgleich im Rahmen der KIT Science Week durchgeführt wird. Wibu-Systems beteiligt sich als Innovationsführer im Bereich IT-Sicherheit an den Impulsvorträgen. Vorstand und Gründer Oliver Winzenried spricht um 16:15 Uhr zusammen mit Bastian Wieland, Geschäftsführer bei archis Architekten, über Innovationen bei IT-Security, die aufgrund von Kooperationen entwickelt wurden. Beispielsweise geht es um die neuen Co-Working-Spaces und den IT Security Club, aber auch um Schutz und Lizenzierung von Software über die Cloud-Lösung CmCloud und die Verschlüsselungstechnologie Blurry Box. Lassen Sie sich die Chance nicht entgehen und nehmen Sie am gesamten InnovationFestival teil! Oder hören Sie sich selektiv den Vortrag mit Oliver Winzenried an und erfahren Sie, wie Sie vom Innovationsmanagement des IT Security Club profitieren könnten. Am 8. Oktober beginnt der Livestream. Ganz einfach können Sie über die Play-Taste die Veranstaltung im Büro oder zu Hause erleben.
October 04, 2021
Enabling New Business Models with Industrial Grade CmCards and CodeMeter Security
Excerpt from the talk of Guenther Fischer, Wibu-Systems' Sr. Consultant, Licensing and Protection, at SD Association Global Workshop Europe 2021 This live event was designed to educate leading European technology vendors about SD frameworks and specifications, market trends in a very competitive ecosystem, and memory card security best practices. The SD Association featured presentations from some of its members - Smile Electronics, Tuxera, Western Digital, and Wibu-Systems. In our segment, we illustrated how hardware containers for software licenses include not just the traditional USB dongles, but also ASIC chips and memory cards in different form factors, including SD cards, microSD cards, and CFast cards. We covered their design and the security components that were added for this specific scope and showed a number of success stories; companies like Rockwell Automation / Allen Bradley, Rohde & Schwarz, Maroxx, Fritz Stephan, and Metrohm are using them in all sorts of application fields, ranging from industrial contexts, to gambling, medicine and life science.
September 22, 2021
Ensuring Trustworthy Industrial Systems
original source: Industry IoT Consortium's Brighttalk channel At Wibu-Systems, we are committed to staying at the forefront of developments in the IT security field. This is why we are particularly proud that one of our company’s founders, Marcellus Buchheit, was chosen to be a co-chair of the Industry IoT Consortium’s Trustworthiness Task  Group. The task group was set up to take charge of one of the most pressing issues in modern connected industry: the trustworthiness of digital systems. On 15 July, the efforts of the group members were rewarded with the publication of a foundational new document, the IIoT Trustworthiness Framework Foundations, in which they outline the five essential qualities of trustworthiness − safety, security, privacy, reliability, and resilience − and what they mean in practice. To accompany their publication, the Trustworthiness Task Group has reassembled its co-authors for a special panel discussion. Hear directly from Fredrick Hirsch, Bob Martin, Mitch Tseng, and Marcellus Buchheit why trustworthiness matters, what systems need to be considered safe, secure, private, reliable, and resilient, and what this can mean for the future of the industry.
September 02, 2021
Industry IoT Consortium's Trustworthiness Framework Foundations
original source: Brilliance Security Magazine Podcast The panel for this episode is made up of Karen Quatromoni, the  Director of PR at Object Management Group, and three co-chairs of the Trustworthiness Task Group for the Industry IoT Consortium; they are Marcellus Buchheit - Co-founder of WIBU-SYSTEMS AG, President and CEO of WIBU-SYSTEMS USA Frederick Hirsch - An independent consultant in the area of trustworthiness and security Bob Martin - Leads the supply chain and security efforts within MITRE, a non-profit organization that runs federally funded research and  development centers. We discuss the business need and context for trustworthiness and how it relates to safety and security, what a trustworthy supply chain means  and how companies can gain assurance of trustworthiness from their downstream partners, IICs Trustworthiness Framework, and more. Please join us for this informative and relevant conversation around trustworthiness, safety, and security.
August 23, 2021
Cyber Threats in Industrial Networks - German only
Excerpt from an interview by the Allianz Industrie 4.0 Baden-Württemberg Host: Lukas Schleicher, Allianz Industrie 4.0 Guest: Oliver Winzenried, CEO and Founder, WIBU-SYSTEMS AG Intellectual property is increasing with the exponential growth of digital transformation. The IP relates not just to finished products, but also to all the technical know-how that is created in beforehand and often protected by legal means. In the mechanical industry, it used to be that hardware played the biggest role; with the advent of software though, new business models have emerged where after-sale on-demand features can be activated or disabled real-time. Encryption against copy and reverse engineering and versatile licensing become key elements of the new digital economy.
April 15, 2021
Safety secures the man from the machine, Security the reverse
original source: The Industrial Security Podcast, Waterfall Security Solutions Marco Blume, Product Manager for Embedded Technologies at Wibu-Systems introduces discrete manufacturing and explores how intellectual property protection, safety, and cybersecurity work in that vertical and others.
April 20, 2020
The Future of Robot Programming with Software from ArtiMinds – Enabled by CodeMeter!
ArtiMinds Robotics specializes in the development and sales of software used to standardize workflows for industrial automation using advanced robotics. Already in their spinoff phase, they developed groundbreaking algorithmic technology and are now embracing Artificial Intelligence more and more to program remarkably complex robotic systems. The considerable value of their digital assets is not, however, just a source of significant revenue, but also an invitation to reverse engineering and piracy attacks. To safeguard against these threats even before going to market, ArtiMinds initially selected hardware-based protections, but soon moved on to apply the full license management and IPR protection features that only CodeMeter can deliver.
January 30, 2020
CodeMeter Cloud – the ultimate software licensing solution living entirely in the cloud
An interview with David Paine, Wibu-Systems' Product Manager CodeMeter Cloud Ready to bring your software to market? It used to be a choice between a hardware- or a software-based licensing solution. CodeMeter Cloud offers the ultimate technology for extremely flexible licensing in the cloud. If you need uncompromising security and portability to empower your customers to access and use licenses at different sites, then CodeMeter Cloud is the way to go. The only thing you need is an Internet connection. High performance hosting, load balancing, high availability, redundancy and easy scalability of the infrastructure are all included in the Wibu-Systems service level agreement. With CmCloud, you can check the validity of your licenses even on a second-by-second basis, and revoke them immediately if the supply conditions are no longer met.
October 15, 2019
Blurry Box Cryptography: Collaborative Research Produces Revolutionary Encryption Method
A collaborative research effort between the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), the FZI Research Center, and Wibu-Systems resulted in the invention of the revolutionary Blurry Box encryption technology and the first prize for the 5th high profile German IT Security Award. Since then, the strength of Blurry Box encryption method was validated when more than 300 hackers were unable to crack the encryption scheme in a global hacking contest. We are now pleased that Blurry Box has been integrated into our standard CodeMeter Protection Suite, providing our customers with the ultimate in software protection. In this interview, Joern Mueller-Quade, Director FZI and Professor KIT, provides a brief explanation of the theory behind Blurry Box technology and how the research and corporate partners worked together to develop a high-value software protection solution for the benefit of the global software industry. Oliver Winzenried, CEO and founder of Wibu-Systems, follows with a glimpse into Wibu-Systems’ future collaborative research efforts.
August 22, 2018
PTV Group: Monetizing mobility software on a global scale
An interview with Frank Felten, Vice President PTV Group and Oliver Winzenried, CEO and Founder, Wibu-Systems on the value of software protection and software licensing to protect digital assets, consolidate and grow markets worldwide, and in essence monetize years of research and development. PTV Group, who owns the world’s leading technology to plan and optimize the movement of people and goods, is leveraging the full flexibility of CodeMeter - Wibu-Systems core technology for software protection, licensing, and security - from the use of different license containers all leading to the same standardized backend process, to versatile licensing to cope with a complex pricing system, and its robust IP anti-hacking protection.
August 20, 2018
CodeMeter Manifesto Explained – Shaping Software Monetization
Oliver Winzenried, CEO and founder of Wibu-Systems, explains CodeMeter's unique traits.  We believe in six core values that are shaping the business of independent software vendors and intelligent device manufacturers and that are fully embodied by CodeMeter, our technology for protecting, licensing, and securing the know-how of our digital age, embodies all of our values:  uniformity comprehensiveness robustness simplicity uniqueness continuity
November 07, 2017