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The English Suite podcast

The English Suite podcast

By Widener English Suite
The voice of Widener University's English and Creative Writing department.
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An interview with comic artist and writer Jon-Michael Frank

The English Suite podcast

Talking baseball with Dr. Mark Graybill
Widener University English professor Mark Graybill discusses the literary allure of baseball, reads baseball-themed literature by Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Gary Soto, and Don DeLillo, and shares his prognostications about the upcoming 2021 MLB season. 
April 6, 2021
Discovering the path: a conversation with Emma Irving (class of 2018) about publishing and creative writing
Host Jim Esch talks with Widener English major Emma Irving. In three short years since graduating, Emma is already blazing a trail in publishing, creative writing, and literary community-building. A coordinator of workshops for the Widener Writers group on Facebook, Emma's creative writing (featured on this podcast) appears in the inaugural issue of Millennial Pulp Literary Magazine. For more information, see 
March 23, 2021
Stephanie Schechner on translating Camille in October, a novel by Mireille Best
Undergraduate students Cloë di Flumeri and Christina Giska talk with Dr. Stephanie Schechner, Professor of French at Widener University, about her translation of Camille in October by Mireille Best, published by Seagull Books & distributed by University of Chicago Press. For more information, see 
March 15, 2021
New Books Spotlight: Jane Rosenberg LaForge
We talk with author Jane Rosenberg LaForge about her novel Sisterhood of the Infamous (New Meridian Arts) and poetry collection Medusa's Daughter (Animal Heart Press) -- both of which launched in February 2021. Learn more about Jane's work at
March 9, 2021
Writer spotlight: Ruben Quesada
Poet Ruben Quesada was Widener's visiting writer in February 2021. In this episode, you'll hear student Matt Lomas' interview with Ruben about his writing life. Widener professor Jessica Guzman introduces us to Ruben's work and reports on his classroom visits. You'll also hear a couple of Ruben's poems, delivered at the public reading he gave over Zoom in mid February. For more information about Ruben Quesada, visit his website at
February 26, 2021
Black History Month Celebration of African-American Writers
A celebration of African-American literature, presented by Widener students, alumni, and faculty. Thanks so much to readers Ciana Bowers, Rohan Suriyage, Jayne Thompson, Emma Irving, Shpresa Ymeraj, Kim Roberts, Mark Graybill, Josh Schneider, Christina Giska, Ken Pobo, and Gabby Norris. 
February 23, 2021
An interview with comic artist and writer Jon-Michael Frank
Jon-Michael Frank has carved a niche in the comics world by merging primitive, childlike line drawings with dark humor, self-awareness, and caustic irony. In this freewheeling interview, we talk about his creative path and practice. Widener alumnus Victoria Giansante offers additional commentary on Jon-Michael's work. For more information about Jon-Michael Frank, check out his website or follow him on instagram @jonmichaelfrank.  
February 10, 2021
Saying more with less: discovering the world of flash fiction
What is flash? What is the creative potential of the genre? Jim talks with Dr. Michael Cocchiarale and student Shrpresa Ymeraj about flash fiction and creative nonfiction. Both Michael and Shpresa read some of their creative work, giving you a sense of what makes this such a hot commodity in the publishing world. To learn more about Michael Cocchiarale's publications, see
February 1, 2021
Exploding the imaginary grid: Dr. Janine Utell on teaching James Joyce's Ulysses
In our inaugural podcast, the chair of Widener University's English and Creative Writing department Janine Utell talks about her experiences reading, studying, writing about, and teaching James Joyce's 20th century modernist novel Ulysses.  
January 5, 2021