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The Wild Times Podcast

The Wild Times Podcast

By Forrest Galante
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TWTUG #49 - Is Forrest Moving To Mexico?
This week we discuss if Forrest plans on moving to Mexico. PLUS Forrest goes on Tucker Carlson's show again AND #blobfishing winners!
September 30, 2022
TWTUG #48 - Wild Times Road Trip
This week we talk about the possibility of an upcoming Wild Times road trip. PLUS the mystery of the Overtoune Bridge in Scotland AND the fascination with Big Ed.
September 23, 2022
TWT #102 - The Origin of Extinct or Alive
Forrest, Patrick & Peter keep up the wild, classic podcast vibes in this episode with some good animal news, what inspired Extinct or Alive and the beloved Extinct or Alive game!   Leave a review on iTunes Apple Podcast:   Instagram:   Official Website:  Info:   Merch:   Patreon:  Enjoy, brosteners!  The Wild Times #102 - The Breakdown   00:00 - Intro   00:23 - Nap Talk   03:40 - Hippo Mode   13:55 - Famous Snake & Lizard Scene   16:30 - Extinct or Alive Game   31:40 - Lorde Howe Insect   35:30 - Forrest Finds New Species   41:27 - More Extinct or Alive Game   46:24 - TikTok is Crazy   49:00 - Wrapping Up  #podcast
September 19, 2022
TWTUG 47 - Why Did Crocodiles Survive Extinction?
This week Forrest & Patrick talk about the swarm of mini sharks flooding California beaches. PLUS why crocodiles survived extinction AND a Rafetus swinhoei update.
September 16, 2022
TWTUG #46 - Forrest Trolls A Catfisher at Animalcon
This week we talk about Forrest's experience at Animalcon. PLUS is Forrest looking into TRT AND Patrick goes on a walk in his neighborhood.
September 12, 2022
TWT #101 - Orcas vs White Sharks, Monkey Gangs & Animal Eating Behavior
Forrest, Patrick & Peter discuss Orca and White Shark behavior in South Africa, talk about What's In The News and we get a wild story about Forrest's cousin in South Africa. Plus an update from Forrest about his bear problem at home. Leave a review on iTunes Apple Podcast:  Instagram:  Official Website:  Info:  Merch:  Patreon: Enjoy, brosteners! TWT #101 - The Breakdown 00:00 - Intro 02:45 - Core Brostners 03:42 - Orcas & White Sharks in South Africa 08:40 - Do Sharks Communicate? 11:25 - Animal Eating Behavior 17:56 - What's In The News? 31:05 - Forrest Bear Update 33:39 - More Monkey Talk 38:20 - Forrest's Cousin in South Africa 45:20 - Patrick Goes Phoneless 49:03 - Bizarre Animal of the Week 54:45 - Wrapping Up
September 05, 2022
TWTUG #45 - The Wild Times Resort
This week Forrest and Patrick talk about the Thong Song. PLUS we discuss the guys' plans if they gave up the entertainment industry AND some of the weirdest animals you've ever seen.
August 26, 2022
TWTUG #44 - Kill These Ants If You See Them
This week we talk about the Top 3 & DFL streaming platforms. PLUS we share our thoughts on Freya The Walrus AND why you should kill these ants if you see them.
August 24, 2022
TWTUG #43 - Thylacine Is Back!
This week, we dive straight into the big news of cloning Thylacine to bring them back! AND Forrest shares a little bit about his upcoming trip to India AND NFT talk.
August 19, 2022
TWT #100 - LIVE Celebration!
Join the wild times crew LIVE for their 100th episode!! Head over to The Wild Times Podcast Youtube channel for the full experience!
August 15, 2022
TWTUG #42 - Bad Math, Top 3 & DFL Habitats, & Mini Aliens!
This week we talk about Pat's (Bad) Math. PLUS the absolute best and worst habitats to be in AND if mini aliens are on Earth.
August 12, 2022
TWT #99 - Old School Wild Times is Back!
Forrest, Patrick & Peter are back with an old-school Wild Times episode! We’re bringing back all the old segments you know and love with all new exciting stories and fantastic animals!
August 09, 2022
TWTUG #41 - Avatar 2 Creatures, Tigers Rebounding, & Flying Rays
This week we talk about the inspiration behind the new Avatar 2 aquatic creatures. PLUS tigers numbers are rebounding AND the dangers of flying rays.
July 29, 2022
TWT #98 - Shark Week 2022 with Dave Ebert & Andrew Lewin!
Joining The Wild Times Pod this week is Dave Ebert & Andrew Lewin, co-hosts of Beyond Jaws Podcast. Beyond Jaws is the official podcast of the Save Our Seas Foundation and aims to engage and inform shark enthusiasts, the general public and more! Dave Ebert AKA ”The Lost Shark Guy” is known for finding unknown or little-known sharks. Beyond Jaws Podcast: Enjoy, brosteners! TWT #98 - The Breakdown 00:00 - Intro 02:09 - Beyond Jaws Podcast 03:10 - Dave’s Thoughts on Shark Weed 10:30 - Are There Sharks Everywhere In The Ocean? 11:30 - The Effect ”Jaws” Had on Society & Research 19:20 - Early Days of Shark Behavioral Research 23:40 - Academic vs. Observational Scientists 32:55 - Is The Younger Generation Willing to Do The Dirty Work of Shark Research? 36:25 - California’s Ocean is Fantastic 38:20 - Forrest Encounter With A Mako Shark 42:15 - What Makes A Shark, A Shark? 44:10 - The Most Underrated Sharks 58:14 - Battle Royale 1:09:20 - Forrest’s Shark Week Show Teaser - The Island of The Walking Shark 1:14:20 - Wrapping Up Leave a review on iTunes Apple Podcast: Instagram: Official Website: Info: Merch: Patreon:
July 25, 2022
TWTUG #40 - BTG Returns!, BTG Almost Dies at LA Zoo & BTG's Bucket List Experiences
This week Patrick & BTG discuss Bison in Yellowstone. PLUS how BTG almost died at the LA Zoo AND BTG's bucket list animal experiences.
July 16, 2022
TWTUG #39 - Peter is a dad!, Primates in PNW, & Bennu Asteroid
This week we talk about the return of Peter and he is a dad! PLUS if there is any chance of there being primates in the PNW of North America AND terrifying Bennu Asteroid.
July 08, 2022
TWTUG #38 - Bluefin Tuna Numbers, Pirates vs. Outlaws, & Escaped Zebras
This week we talk about Forrest's fishing adventures. PLUS  whether we would rather be pirates or outlaws, AND escaped Zebras in America's Northeast.  P.S. Peter is a dad!
July 02, 2022
TWT #97 - The Casual Geographic King, @mndiaye_97 Joins!
Joining The Wild Times Pod this week is the popular social media star Mamadou Ndiaye AKA @mndiaye_97 AKA  @Casual Geographic   AKA Hood Nature. Mamadou talks to Forrest, Patrick and Retep about how Mamadou got started on his social media journey, what it's like to be "the TikTok animal guy", Mamadou's bucket list animal experiences, and his new book coming out July 5th!   Preorder @mndiaye_97 new book now:   Enjoy, brosteners! TWT #97 - The Breakdown 00:00 - Introducing iNat Chat, a new segment with Drew Kanes and Dom Allianelli 00:32 - Intro 1:02 - Introducing TWT & Mamadou (Casual Geographic, @mnyiaye_97, hood nature) 2:36 - How Mamadou and Forrest first met 3:00 - Who is Mamadou Ndiaye? 3:40 - How did Mamadou get started on TikTok? 6:00 - What was Mamadou's first animal video? 7:47 - How young people consume new media 9:00 - Forrest breaks down Mamadou's content 10:22 - Is Mamadou excited to be "the animal TikTok guy"? 11:27 - What it was like going to school for Mamadou 13:22 - National Geographic's The Last Tepui  14:45 - Mamadou's bucket list animal experiences 15:40 - Africa vs. Australia  17:38 - Will Mamadou be going into the field? 18:30 - Forrest's jaguar video in the Pantanal  20:44 - How Mamadou makes his videos 21:13 - The guys pitch Mamadou their TV show ideas 26:57 - Killing off Mitch the camera guy on Extinct or Alive 28:10 - Karen the Alligator  32:18 - Mamadou's most-watched videos 33:16 - Whales Spy Hopping 35:50 - Free Willy 5 37:48 - How Mamadou deals with haters 43:00 - Forrest's son is an animal 44:50 - Mamadou's new book! 48:05 - Forrest has a death wish  49:35 - Battle Royale!!! 1:03:54 - Battle Royale Recap 1:05:19 - Mamdou's socials 1:06:13 - iNat Chat teaser 1:07:05 - Outro iNat Chat #1  1:07:37 - Intro to iNat Chat 1:08:46 - Caecilians 1:12:47 - Jumping Spider 1:18:42 - Snowy Owl 1:24:00 - Outro Leave a review on iTunes Apple Podcast:  Instagram:  Official Website:  Info:  Merch:  Patreon:  
June 27, 2022
TWTUG #37 - Movie Pitch Game, Dad Advice & Useless Human Babies
This week we talk about what our dream movies would be. PLUS Forrest and Patrick give advice on how to be a dad AND why human babies need their parents.
June 23, 2022
TWTUG #36 - Mysterious Amarillo Zoo Creature, New Dinosaur Discovered & Doomsday Asteroids
This week we talk about the mysterious creature caught on camera at the Amarillo Zoo. PLUS a new dinosaur that was recently discovered AND the potential doomsday scenario of an asteroid hurling towards Earth.
June 16, 2022
TWTUG #35 - Forrest in Europe, World's Ugliest Shark & Lab Created Meat
This week we talk about Forrest's adventures in Europe. PLUS some cool shark facts and the worlds ugliest shark AND talk about the pros and cons of lab created meat.
May 30, 2022
TWT #96 - Return of the Kings of Pain: Gnarliest Bites, Stings & Strikes Yet
Forrest Galante and Retep chat once again with the Kings of Pain, just in time for Season 2! Wildlife nuts Adam Thorn and Rob Alleva reveal some of the most hilarious and horrifying experiences during the filming of KOP Season 2, including scorpion stings, moray eel bites, and “scorpion squirts”. This episode is full of crazy stories and gnarly creatures - get excited for Season 2, airing on May 26th on History Channel. We love you, brosteners! TWT #96 - The Breakdown 00:00 - INTRO: Where is the jingle?! 2:01 - Introducing KINGS OF PAIN SEASON 2 (with a trailer and everything) 3:48 - Adam Thorn & Rob Alleva, S&M fiends? 5:13 - Sting 1, Season 2 KOP: “scorpion squirts” story 9:30 - Rob Alleva describes giant desert hairy scorpion sting experience 12:56 - Talking Kings of Pain behind the scenes footage of Rob’s scorpion squirts 17:37 - How not to get stung, from the experts 20:25 - What happened after sting 1?  22:09 - Rob’s unfortunate lasting effects from toxic stings 22:27 - Bristle worms  23:25 - Are the Kings of Pain still scared of pain? 24:46 - How Kings of Pain season 2 hits harder than season 1 26:06 - The one bite Rob and Adam turned down 26:15 - Forrest Galante’s GNARLY as f***k moray eel story 29:37 - Venomous Moray eels?! 33:00 - Kings of Pain most feared animals 33:57 - Adam’s Orange Baboon Tarantula experience 38:05 - Rob’s Giant Desert Centipede sting  40:03 - What Kings of Pain and the pain index does for education and conservation 42:56 - Rob Alleva’s favourite show (besides Extinct or Alive, obviously) 44:45 - Kings of Pain do STINGING SHARKS?! 47:25 - The Wild Times crew causes problems for Kings of Pain producers 50:26 - Unboxing the KOP Pain Idex poster! 53:05 - Kings of Pain SEASON 2 launch info - May 26th 2022  54:06 - BATTLE ROYAAAAAAALE, Animal Superpower Edition Rules: Choose 3 animal abilities to take on - a sting, a bite, and a special ability (strike, punch, electrocution etc) - to battle each other in a stadium *Snake draft 56:06 - Retep’s first pick: bite of a paper-shredder mouth of a Moray eel  56:42 - Adam’s first pick: bite of a beaded lizard 57:27 - Robs first pick: electric abilities of an electric eel 57:52 - Forrest’s first & second pick: acid shooting abilities of a bombardier beetle, and sting of a scorpion fish 59:01 - Rob’s second pick: bite of the reticulated python 59:28 - Adam’s second pick: punching abilities of a mantis shrimp 1:00:24 - Retep’s second & third pick: malaria-infecting abilities of a mosquito and “sting” (pinch) of a desert hairy scorpion 1:02:16 - Adam’s third pick: sting of an irukandji jellyfish 1:03:05 - Rob’s third pick: sting of a Portuguese man-of-war 1:03:42 - Forrest’s third pick: bite of a komodo dragon 1:04:38 - BR Creature Recap 1:05:32 - OUTTRO & where to find MORE Kings of Pain @adam_thorn @cavemanrob Kings of Pain Season 2, airing 26th May on History Channel Brosteners, make sure you comment and vote who you think made the gnarliest creature - good luck with this mess, Dave Sunshine… Leave a review on iTunes Apple Podcast:  Instagram:  Official Website:  Info:  Merch:  Patreon: 
May 23, 2022
TWT #95 - Anneka Svenska, The Wolf Girl, Joins!
The Wild Times Podcast is back! This time Anneka Svenska, the wolf girl joins the show to discuss all things canines with the guys. Anneka Svenska is a UK Wildlife Presenter that hosts the popular Youtube Channel "Animal Watch"   Leave a review on iTunes Apple Podcast: Instagram: Official Website: Info: Merch: Patreon:
May 23, 2022
TWTUG #34 - Bee Behavior, Filming With Polar Bears, & Owning Venomous Snakes
This week we're talking about bee behavior. PLUS Forrest's strategy to how he would go about filming with Polar Bears AND why owning venomous snakes is a bad idea.
May 20, 2022
TWTUG #33 - Papua New Guinea, Johnny & Amber & Fainting Chickens
This week we're talking about Forrest's wild trip to Papua New Guinea. PLUS the latest Johnny Depp & Amber Heard drama AND how to make chickens faint on command.
May 13, 2022
TWTUG #32 - Sturgeon Eggs, Invasive Ants & Animal Lifetimes
This week we're talking about how ridiculously large Sturgeon are. PLUS how some invasive ants are being destroyed by fungus, AND Patrick quizzes the guys to see if they know their animal lifespan facts. 
April 28, 2022
TWTUG #30 - Bobcat vs. Python, SoCal Assholes, & Embarrassing Moments
We're talking about Bobcat's destroying Python eggs,  Humans being assholes in Santa Monica, and the most embarrassing moment of Retep's life! Enjoy, Patrons! Love you
April 15, 2022
TWT #94 - Turning Fear Into Fascination with Ms. Mallory, Queen of Creepy Crawlies
Join The Wild Times crew chillaxing on the couch at Retep’s place as they chat with the one and only Ms. Mallory, Queen of Creepy Crawlies! This woman is a serious badass with plenty of gross creepy crawly tales to share. Between her Fear2Fascination program, 8 Minutes of Ew podcast, and Weird Nature series, Mallory brings a new perspective into play that makes bugs and insects cool, not creepy.    Watch on YouTube for some of the gnarliest and most amazing creepy crawly videos and images. For our brosteners just listening, don’t stress, this episode is full of wild and gnarly stories. We love you! TWT #94 - The Breakdown   00:00 - INTRO: Robot Kyle counts us down   1:35 - Meet the queen of creepy crawlies, Ms. Mallory!   3:10 - Mallory’s story: fear to fascination   5:08 - How Forrest met Mallory   6:11 - Guess the skull with Ms. Mallory and Forrest Galante (super cool, go watch on Youtube!)   07:50 - Check out Mallory’s hagfish in a jar   8:00 - Ms. Mallory goes to Narcisse Snake Dens   10:00 - The Ms. Mallory and F2F angle for wildlife conservation   12:48 - Eating bugs is cool. Even Rhodes Galante is doing it!   15:30 - Mallory ruins blue cheese for everyone #science   16:37 - All about Ms. Mallory’s pod, 8 Minutes Of Ew   17:58 - Brosteners listening on a “listening device” (Forrest Galante 2022), time to come to Youtube for some tantalising wildlife video content!   19:04 - Superpowers of the velvet worm   20:14 - Why salamanders are SO dang cool   24:45 - African clawed frogs make good pregnancy tests AND deathly chytrid fungus diseases   26:25 - Ms. Mallory’s experience with botfly nesting in her HEAD (*brosteners, do yourself a favour and go to the Youtube for some horrific botfly extraction footage*)   29:21 - Mallory’s first expedition into the Belize jungle 31:20 - Forrest Galante’s survival tips: how to NOT get botflies   37:40 - Maggot debridement therapy a.k.a “Nature’s Neosporin” (Retep 2022) (*more gnarly content on the Youtube*)   40:10 - Fascinating leech facts: medical leeches used for surgery recovery?!    41:44 - Forrest’s horrific leech story: Extinct or Alive behind the scenes   44:20 - Ms. Mallory’s creepy crawly tips: how to remove leeches properly   46:33 - How Mallory brings wildlife to underprivileged children   49:10 - Where to find more of Ms. Mallory and what’s next?!   51:00 - Forrest casually ruins how we perceive toothpaste #hagfishfacts   51:40 - BATTLE ROYAAAAAAALE, Creepy Crawly Edition Rules: Choose 3 elements of weird animals to create the most disgusting, off putting creepy crawly.  *No 2 picks from 1 category (spiders etc) *Snake draft   52:55 - Forrest’s first pick: creepy, undulating legs of a millipede   53:42 - Retep’s first pick: head and beady eyes of a sewer rat   54:5 - Mallory’s first pick: nightmarish head of a lamprey. Second pick: tongue of a parasitic wrasse   55:55 - Retep’s second pick: tentacles of a giant squid AND a bonus Retep fact about giant squids   56:60 - Forrest’s second pick: body of a slime eel / hagfish. Last pick: face of a blobfish (Retep’s spirit animal - repping the merch)   59:00 - Retep’s last pick: stinky body (glands specifically) of a skunk   59:58 - Mallory’s last pick: creepy hairy body of a tarantula   1:01:26 - BR Recap (Dave Sunshine, get ready to create some gross as mockups)   1:02:25 - OUTTRO & where to find Ms. Mallory   Brosteners, don’t forget to comment and vote who you think made the grossest,
April 11, 2022
TWTUG #29 - April Fools!
The gents are in-person from Retep's living room studio talking about kids riding alligators, Forrest's pig, and Forrest's April fools prank!  Join us for the shenanigans.  Love you!
April 06, 2022
TWTUG #31 - Grizzly Bear Attack, Reddit Rundown, & Kevin Costner
This week we're talking grizzly bear attacks. PLUS Retep's new segment, reddit rundown, AND Pat spills the beans about working with Kevin Costner. 
April 01, 2022
TWT #93 - Coyote Peterson Talks Stings, Favorite TV Moments & Career Advice
Extinct or Alive host Forrest Galante and Papa P are joined this week by the King of Stings himself, Coyote Peterson! Coyote has been immersed in the wildlife field in a few different ways, so this episode is a GOLD MINE of info for wildlife nuts (we’re looking at you, brosteners). The Wild Times gang chat sting pain reviews, favourite memories from Brave the Wild, Coyote’s TV show, magic moments in Extinct or Alive, and go into how you can get into a career with wildlife. Don’t be like Retep, don’t miss this one. Enjoy, brosteners! TWT #93 - The Breakdown 00:47 - COYOTE PETERSON IN THE HOUSE 01:47 - Coyote Peterson as “the guy who gets bitten and stung” and Forrest Galante as “the extinct animal guy” 03:20 - How Coyote Peterson became the King of Stings 5:40 - Forrest’s career advice from Joe Rogan 6:45 - Coyote Peterson on turning Brave Wilderness on Youtube and Brave The Wild on TV 9:36 - “If Steve Irwin had the crocodile, Coyote Peterson had the common snapping turtle” 11:08 - How and how NOT to hold snapping turtles 17:17 - Forrest Galante thinks Coyote Peterson is a F***ING genius 18:15 - Coyote on Youtube vs TV 20:30 - Coyote Peterson gets stung by the Cicada Killer  23:28 - The King of Stings coming out of retirement?? 23:50 - Execution Wasp and Giant Hornet vs Bullet Ant 25:23 - Coyote Peterson’s gnarly sting from the Execution Wasp  27:15 - Coyote’s favourite memory from Brave the Wild: Pantanal Jaguars 29:07 - Forrest Galante’s best moment from Extinct or Alive  30:15 - The Broducer’s favourite memory from Extinct or Alive: Forrest sniffs green jungle powder 31:10 - Forrest geeking out about Australian Wobbegongs 34:25 - STORY TIME: 19 year old Forrest Galante gets bitten by a lemon shark (kinda) 37:56 - Pat’s pre-BR game: Forrest Galante vs Coyote Peterson 39:26 - Forrest pitches his top bucket list expedition 41:10 - Coyote pitches his dream expedition 43:15 - Forrest is scared to visit remote Papua New Guinea (but would 100% do it, no question) 44:56 - What’s next for Coyote Peterson? 48:57 - How do you start a career with wildlife for real?! 52:28 - Broducer Pat goes to Yellowstone 54:38 - Forrest is ‘dollar store Coyote Peterson” 1:01:13 - BATTLE ROYALE!! Classic BR: Create your own animal choosing elements of 3 animals - head, body, and legs - for an all-out battle in an arena. Caveat: your choices must be ONLY animals you have personally worked with. Snake draft, go! 1:03:06 - Pat’s first choice: HEAD of a 1200 pound Alaskan Brown Bear 1:04:46 - Forrest’s first choice: HEAD of a Taipan Snake 1:05:49 - Coyote’s first choice: HEAD of a Common Snapping Turtle 1:06:20 - Shoutout to Dave Sunshine, don’t let the boys down 1:06:38 - Coyote’s second choice: LEGS of a Wolverine 1:07:12 - Forrest’s second choice: LEGS of a Mountain Goat 1:07:55 - Pat’s second choice: BODY of a Fin Whale 1:08:40 - Pat’s last choice: LEGS of a Scolopendra (Red Centipede) 1:09:50 - Forrest’s last choice: BODY of a Fishing Cat 1:10:42 - Coyote’s last choice: BODY of an Alligator Gar 1:11:55 - Battle Royale RECAP 1:12:35 - Forrest’s quality outtro & where to see more of the King of Stings, Coyote Peterson Don’t forget to comment on the pod and vote for who you think won this Battle Royaaaaale! Leave a review on iTunes Apple Podcast:  Instagram:  Official Website:  Info: https://thewildtimespodcas
March 28, 2022
TWTUG #28 - Pat's Blast From the Past
Did you guys know that Forrest isn't the only famous on-air talent in the TWT crew? Tune in to find out wtf I'm talking about! Love you!
March 24, 2022
TWT #92 - Forrest Galante’s Amygdala VS Kings of Pain feat. Adam Thom & Rob Alleva
Joining Extinct or Alive host Forrest Galante and The Wild Times gang this week are the fellow wildlife nutheads from the TV and Snapchat series, Kings of Pain. Giving Forrest’s amygdala a run for its money, Adam and Rob reveal their worst bites and stings from some of the gnarliest animals with the wildest super powers (featuring the aftermath of a reticulated python bite). These guys are CRAZY!    This episode is one you don’t want to miss. We love you, brosteners! TWT #92 - The Breakdown 00:00 - INTRODUCING KINGS OF PAIN   02:02 - Who the HELL came up with Kings of Pain?!   03:15 - The Pain Index explained #science   04:02 - Another gnarly Forrest Galante spearfishing story   9:23 - Proof Forrest has an amygdala   9:37 - 16 foot reticulated python bite 23:15 - Faulty warrior wasps   25:03 - Hippo attack on the Nile   37:48 - Rove beetle superpowers   40:20 - Velvet ant pain review   42:20 - Adam slams Rob   42:32 - Wild facts about the slow loris (venomous primate?!) 52:43 - Retep gets deep   53: 46 - Extinct or Alive behind the scenes: Scolopendra (red centipede) sting remedy   54:47 - Giant Asian centipede sting pain review   56:34 - Longest lasting pain (hint: tarantula)   1:02:50 - Forrest’s amygdala strikes again   1:02:26 - Talkin’ pee-pee problems feat. candiru   1:04:52 - Kings of Pain bucket list   1:08:20 - Forrest lets a Nile croc bite his buddy’s nipple (typical)    1:10:26 - Pat goes full producer: pre-BR game 1:19:19 - BATTLE ROYAAAAAAALE, Kings of Pain Edition Rules: Choose 3 animals to bite/sting your enemy that will inflict the MOST pain WITHOUT killing the victim. You must also choose WHERE your enemy takes the bite/sting/etc. *No 2 picks from 1 category of animal (mammals, bugs, etc) *NOT a snake draft because Retep would never keep up with all these people   1:21:23 - Forrest’s picks Stone Scorpion Fish spice to the arch of your foot
2. Scolopendra giant centipede bite to the face
3. Rat bite(s) on the butt   1:23:22 - Adam’s picks Male platypus sting to the fingers Wandering spider bite (crazy superpower) Candiru up the pee-pee   1:24:38 - Retep’s picks Gila monster bite to the nipple Stingray barb to the TAINT specifically Box jellyfish sting to the face   1:28:00 - Rob’s picks Anaconda bite to the head Black piranha bite to the ‘worm’ 6 foot electric eel bite to the taint   1:29:30 - Papa P’s picks Human adult bite to the nuts Bombardier beetle acid to the uvula Hyena bite to the top of the foot   1:32:40 - OUTTRO & where to find the KINGS OF PAINNNNNN   Don’t forget to comment and vote who you think won this Battle Royale!   Leave a review on iTunes Apple Podcast:  Instagram:  Official Website:  Info:  Merch:  Patreon:   
March 16, 2022
TWTUG #27 - Little Joys, Eastern Mountain Lions, Hank the Tank
Everything in the title PLUS the bros answer a book recommendation question, and talk about Face the Beast. A show they created. Love you!
March 14, 2022
TWTUG #26 - More Darwin Awards!
You asked for it and so here it is! See Pat react, Forrest die inside, and Retep smile with glee as they watch some of the dumbest humans... "play" with animals in this rendition of THE DARWIN AWARDS!
March 08, 2022
TWT #91 - Adventurer & Uproxx Author Steve Bramucci
Fellow adventurer, and story teller Steve Bramucci joins Forrest Galante and the gang to talk about embarking on incredible adventures while traveling the world. Enjoy, brosteners and sisteners! Love you! Steve's website: Follow him: Follow us @ Patreon @ All of our socials @wildtimespod
February 28, 2022
TWTUG #25 - Meet Wild Kyle
Wild Times Editor/Shooter Wild Kyle joins us to talk about his upcoming trip to Mexico with Forrest!
February 28, 2022
TWTUG #24 - Mysterious Creatures, Shark Attack, Arm in Tiger Cage
The boys are back for another Underground episode! Remember when they aired only 1 episode of Mysterious Creatures and that was it? Well, find out what the hell  that was all about in this episode. Plus we react to some Darwin-esque moments in the animal world. Plus more! Enjoy, fam. Love you!
February 20, 2022
TWT #90 - Brian Barczyk Talks Reptiles, Titanoboa & Animalcon!
Forrest Galante & The Wild Times crew are joined by world animal lover, conservationist and YouTuber Brian Barczyk as the guys discuss everything from Brian's reptarium to Titanoboa to Animalcon! Visit Brian's YouTube Channel: Patreon @ All the links @
February 14, 2022
TWUG #23 - New Thylacine Footage Found, iNaturalist
@tasmanian_tiger_page joins the crew to discuss the new Thylacine footage he uncovered. The boys then talk about the WIld Times iNaturalist project, and more! Check it out:  Love you!
February 06, 2022
TWT #89 - Orcas Hunting Blue Whales, Forrest’s Thoughts on Mt. Everest, & German Beer Slugs
Forrest Galante & The Wild Times crew talk about the recent observation of pods of Orcas hunting Blue Whales, what Forrest thinks about Mt. Everest and more! We love you! Patreon @ All the links @
January 31, 2022
TWTUG #21 - The Pitch Meeting
The gents hone their incredible improv skills in this one. Plus Forrest almost dies on a small plane (again). You don't wanna miss it!
January 27, 2022
TWUG #22 - Tusk Tusk
A lot of tusk talk in this one, Patrons! Enjoy! Love you!
January 27, 2022
Forrest Galante & The Wild Times crew are back talking about the possibilities of the Tasmanian Tiger, Thylacine, being alive in Papua New Guinea. It's a remote island with cannibal tribes. We love you! Patreon @ All the links @
January 17, 2022
TWTUG #20 - Jolly Gents
Back from the holiday, the gents are jollier than ever (well except for papa pee pee)! Enjoy, brosteners and sistners!  Love you
January 07, 2022
TWT #87 - Bradley Trevor Greive Talks Top 12 Animal Moments of 2021
Bradley Trevor Grieve join Forrest Galant and Retep to talk about the Nat Geo top 12 animal moments of 2021. That plus a bunch of other ridiculous nonsense. Love you mofo's! Patreon @ All the links @ P.S. Pat is meager.
December 25, 2021
December 16, 2021
TWT #86 - Otters Attack!, Dinosaur Discovered?, & Obese Goldfish
Forrest Galante and the Wild Times crew are here talking everything in the title PLUS Pat's brilliant new Christmas tradition. Animal Mystery, Battle Royale, and more! Check us out on Patreon @ Links to everything @  
December 15, 2021
TWTUG #18 - Happy Holidays!
More shenanigans from the TWT crew! Happy holidays Patrons :-) Love you!
December 12, 2021
TWT #85 - Cookie vs. Neil Waters
Another victim of Neil Waters and his harassment/brigading, Cookie, joins the TWT crew to shoot the sh*t. Be sure to stay until the end where we duke it out in a hoax spreading battle royale! Checkout cookie's Neil Waters saga on his channel @ We love you, not you Neil! Patreon @ All the links @
December 06, 2021
TWTUG #17 - We Love You!
Love you all!
November 24, 2021
TWT #83 - Ditch Weed in Zimbabwe, Killer Piranhas, Best/Worst 90‘s bands
Another Wild Times episode full of shenanigans and games! Enjoy! We love you! Patreon @ All the links @  
November 15, 2021
TWT #81 - Bradley Trevor Greive Talks Adventure Beast & More!
You asked for it (and so did we)! BTG is back and more gregarious than ever! Enjoy, you rascals. Love you! Patreon @ All the link @
November 01, 2021
Another bonus drop! Enjoy Patrons! Love you!
October 30, 2021
TWTUG #15 - Replying to Brostener DMs
We went through the Patreon messages and tried to get to as many of them as possible. Enjoy!  We love the fuck outta you!
October 28, 2021
TWT #80 - The Worst Shark Attack in History, Dolphin Protects Diver (Again), & BMI is a Farce
Forrest Galante and The Wild Times crew are talkin' everything in the title PLUS bizarre animal of the week, Top 3 and DFL, and a holiday themed Battle Royale you don't want to miss! Enjoy! We love you! Patreon @ All the link @  
October 27, 2021
TWT #79 - Mysterious Creatures Premiere, Rare Arizona Monsoon Shrimp, & Costa Rica Breakdown
Forrest Galante & the Wild Times crew are back this week with thrilling tales from Costa Rica, and more! Forrest gets deep on his new show Mysterious Creatures (!!SPOILIER ALERT!!) and the gents talk a bit of news. Finally, the boys read a brostener DM and things go swimmingly during the battle royale. Enjoy! We love you! Patreon @ All the links @  
October 18, 2021
TWT #78 - Loch Ness Drone Sighting, Ivory Woodpecker Declared Extinct, & Animal Divorce Court
Welcome to week 78 of The Wild Times podcast, with your host Forrest Galante. We're talking everything in the title, plus a whole bunch of other shenanigans. Including a pitch for a new Forrest Galante hosted show, "Animal Divorce Court." Love you all. You make our days! Check out the Patreon @ All the link @
October 04, 2021
TWTUG #14 - Wild Times Meme Reactions
You asked for it and here it is! The crew goes through @wildtimespod.memes whilst Sucking back on grandpa's old cough medicine.   Shoutout to EdwinJ for creating and maintaining   The highlight of my day. Every day!
September 30, 2021
TWT #77 - Woman Saves Dog From Black Bear, Exploding Whale Carcass, B&E by Badger
Forrest Galante and the Wild Times Crew are in-studio talking about everything in the title and more! Battle of the rants, Cave Dwelling Battle Royale, and the usual banter. Enjoy, you rascals! Love you. Patreon @ All the links @
September 27, 2021
TWTUG #13 - The Taco Bell Tasting
We're despicable.
September 24, 2021
TWT #76 - Faroe Islands Dolphins, Woolly Mammoth Resurrection, & Ankle Biter Mosquitos
Forrest Galante and the gang are back in studio for this week's episode of the Wild Times podcast! We're talkin everything in the title PLUS a Battle Royale that even the kids will love! Speaking of love... Love you! Patreon @ Discord @ All the links @
September 20, 2021
TWT #75 - Bradley Trevor Greive
Bradley Trevor Greive joins the Wild Times to talk about his upcoming adventures, news, and play some games. Enjoy! Love you! Patreon @
September 13, 2021
TWTUG #12 - Mega Top 5's
From the top 5 celebrities who piss them off, to the top 5 most regrettable things about middle school; Pat and Forrest have a grand time talking about their top 5's while Retep is away. Sad to say it, but this was one of my faves to listen to even though I wasn't there LOL. ~Retep
September 10, 2021
TWT #74 - Birds Takeover The World, Insects Fighting Eachother, & Louse Tongue
Lyrebirds are liars, Cockatoos will kill us all with sharp tools, an insect battle royale and much MUCH more! Find crazy stuff we can't put on Youtube @ All the links @ We love you!
September 08, 2021
TWTUG #11 - is Forrest Smarter Than an Idiot?
Papa Pee hosts a gameshow where we find out if Forrest is smarter than Retep when it comes to animals. You can probably guess what happens 😂😂
September 05, 2021
TWT #73 - Woman + Chimp Affair, Tortoise Hunts & Eats Baby Bird, & a Deadly Top 3 & DFL
Join Forrest Galante and the Wild Times crew for another ridiculous episode of The Wild Times! We're talking about everything in the title PLUS brostener/sistner DM's and a HUGE battle Royale you don't want to miss. Join Forrest Galante and the Wild Times crew for another ridiculous episode of The Wild Times! We're talking about everything in the title PLUS brostener/sistner DM's and a HUGE battle Royale you don't want to miss. Special thanks to @kylefitzgerald_ for helping w/ the edit! ( Also special thanks to Mimmkey @ for the awesome sound design! Patreon @ Discord @ All the links @
August 30, 2021
TWT #72 - Forrest is Back!
The Galante is back from a month long adventure! He has much to tell and you don't want to miss it. Also a CLASSIC battle royale. Which animal concoction will destroy the others? Patreon @ All the links @ Pigtrash @  
August 23, 2021
TWTUG #10 - Darwin Awards pt. 2
Watch Pat cringe in the second rendition of Darwin awards!  Love you!
August 19, 2021
TWT #71 - Treasure Hunter Josh Feldman, Ice Cold Gold, Lost Gold
Star of Discovery networks' Ice Cold Gold, and Lost Gold, Josh Feldman joins us to talk treasure hunting and a whole lot more! Enjoy! Patreon @ All the links @ We love you!
August 17, 2021
TWT #70 - Weapon Wielding Polar Bears, Bubonic Plague Chipmunks, & Viral Blue Tit Chicks
The apocalypse has arrived, brosteners! And we're here documenting it for you every week 🤣 P.S. Just Retep & Pat for this one, but also dropped Bonus Ep #9 - Extinct or Alive Memorable Moments Pt. 3 on the Patreon if you're missing Forrest! Plus 8 more bonus episodes already up on Patreon! Love you! Patreon @ All the links @
August 09, 2021
TWTUG #9 - EoA Memorable Moments Pt. 3
PART 3! Forrest and Pat talk about the most memorable moments they had while filming Extinct or Alive! Retep cracks jokes.   Love you! Enjoy.
August 07, 2021
TWT #69 - Meth Trout, Fermilab particle Accelerator, & A Tiny Cow
Why are these trout on meth? And how did Fermilab clean out it's 4 mile long particle accelerator. Plus, a tiny cow, Battle Royale you don't want to miss. AND Fact or Fiction that'll make you say "WTF?" Patreon @ All the links @ P.S. Sorry for the audio only hiccup. Love you!
August 03, 2021
TWTUG #8 - The Crew Scrolls the TWT IG Feed
Much fun was had scrolling our own Instagram page, and reacting, whilst drinking. Let us know if you want more reaction vids! Love you !
July 30, 2021
TWT #68 - Giant Goldfish, Definitive Proof of Underwater Aliens, & Snake Orgies
Tons of brostener DM's which evolve into bananas chaos! Battle Royale brostener artwork reactions. Plus everything in the title and a Battle Royale where we figure out how to chase hipsters outta Manhattan. You don't want to miss this one! Love you! Patreon @ All the links @
July 26, 2021
TWTUG #7 - EoA Memorable Moments Pt. 2
Forrest and Pat talk about the most memorable moments they had while filming Extinct or Alive season 2!   Retep cracks jokes.   Love you! Enjoy.
July 22, 2021
TWT #67 - Shark Week Wrap Up w/ Forrest Galante
Get the inside scoop from Forrest Galante about venturing to Alaska and Mexico for Shark Week. Retep cracks jokes, while Papa P. wears a VERY serious face. All that and more in the Post Shark Week wrap up on The Wild Times podcast! Patreon @ All the links @
July 19, 2021
TWTUG #6 - Extinct or Alive Memorable Moments
Forrest and Pat talk about the most memorable moments they had while filming Extinct or Alive! Retep chimes in with some nonsense. Love you! Enjoy.
July 14, 2021
Hippo Homicide Stories, Herpetology Banter, & Race Car Driver Nick Mancuso
Forrest, Patrick, + Retep and racecar driver Nick Mancuso, talk race car driving, and reminisce about being college herpetology dorks. The gang create the most ferocious creatures you can fit inside your carry on luggage. Patreon @ All the links @ Love you!
July 12, 2021
TWTUG #5 - In-studio w/ the Bros
The first in-studio bonus episode! Let us know what ya think in the comments.  Love y'all!
July 07, 2021
In-person chemistry is back as The Wild Times crew make a home in their new studio! Still some work to do on lighting and cameras, but you're here for the banter anyways, right? 😂 Special thanks to our Patrons who make the studio possible. We love you! Patreon @ Merch @ Discord @ All the link @
July 06, 2021
TWT #64 - Extinct or Alive Behind the Scenes w/ Mark Romanov
Wildlife Cameraman, Mark Romanov joins us to talk shop. Lots of Extinct or Alive behind the scenes, and working on Blue Planet 2. Join our amazing Discord community full of wildlife and adventure enthusiasts @ Patreon @ All the links @ We love you!
June 28, 2021
TWTUG #4 - Brining the Sauce
[Bonus Ep Audio] TWT Bonus Episode #4
June 24, 2021
TWT #63 - Pygmy Blue Whales, Rhino Poacher Kingpin, & Animal Abilities Amazing Race
Rhino poacher kingpin gets a taste of his own medicine. Pygmy Blue Whales discovered. Animal abilities amazing race. Forrest, Patrick, + Retep talk parachuting beavers, Javan Rhinos just keep on fucking, and get to the bottom of why nobody likes IPAs. Patreon @ All the links @ Love you!
June 21, 2021
TWTUG #3 - DM Dives and Good Vibes
Another bonus episode for you amazing people! The boys dive into some DMs and shoot the shit for another bonus ep full of good vibes and booze! We love you! 
June 19, 2021
TWT #62 LIVE - A Beautiful Disaster
This episode was recorded LIVE and devolves into a wonderful sh*tshow towards the end! Enjoy! Love you! All the links @
June 15, 2021
TWTUG #2 - Pat Loses his Mind
The crew answers all the brostener questions and the Broducer absolutely loses his fucking mind on camera. We've never seen Forrest laugh this hard.  It's a good one y'allllllll.
June 08, 2021
TWT #61 - Forrest is Back & Girl Hops in Monkey Cage at Zoo, Zoo Keeper Weighs in
Forrest is back! Long time brostener, Mason Kleist joins us to talk about a news incident that happened at the zoo he works at. The boys weigh in. Plus battle royale and all the other normal nonsense! Love you Patreon @ Discord @ All the links @
June 07, 2021
TWT #60 - Bradley Trevor Greive (BTG)
Bradley Trevor Greive A.K.A. BTG joins us to talk about his latest adventures! This one evolves into utter dabauchery I promise. Enjoy! Patreon @ Discord @ All the links @ We love you!
May 31, 2021
TWTUG #1 - Forrest's Visit to Africa
Forrest is back from his crazy ass trip in Africa and he's dying to share some of the insanity. You're gonna love this laid back story-telling episode. I promise! Enjoy, Patrons!
May 30, 2021
TWT 59 - Laura Zerra
Hunter/Gatherer Laura Zerra joins us to talk about elk sheds, roadkill, and her favorite reality TV shows! You don't want to miss this one! Patreon @ All the links @ Join our amazing Discord community of wildlife and adventure enthusiasts @ WE LOVE YOU!
May 24, 2021
TWT #58 - The Patreon Launch and More!
Another bonkers episode from the Wild Times crew! Patreon @ All the links @ We love you!
May 17, 2021
TWT #57
More @ Check out our amazing Discord community of Wildlife and Adventure Enthusiasts @
May 10, 2021
TWT #56 - 25000 Barrels of DDT Found Off California Coast, Woman Swallowed by Python, Animal Mystery
Another bangin' episode of your favorite wildlife clownshow! More about the TWT crew @ Join our amazing Discord community of wildlife and adventure enthusiasts @ We love you!
May 03, 2021
TWT #55 - Ancient Bear DNA, Animal Meat Lab VR Experience, Bros vs. Biggest Animal
There are no words for the ridiculousness that is this episode! Enjoy! We love you!
April 26, 2021
TWT #54 - Bobcats Takeover The World, Aliens Confirmed, Polish Animal Mystery
Hide yo kids, hide yo wife! It's another episode of The Wild Times podcast! Join our amazing Discord community of wildlife and adventure enthusiasts @ More about us @
April 19, 2021
TWT #53 - A Very Meager Brosession
As Forrest prepares for a secret expedition, we eek out an episode! It may be a bit short, but it's not nearly as meager as Pat! Be sure and join our amazing Discord community of wildlife and adventure enthusiasts @​ More about the show @
April 12, 2021
TWT #52 LIVE – The One Year Anniversary!
Join us for the 1 year anniversary LIVE episode of The Wild Times! Join the discord: More @  
April 05, 2021
TWT #51 - Zimbabwe’s Great Alien Invasion, Bear Hot Tub, & Boozey Orca Boat Party
In episode 51 the broducer introduces a new game. Plus everything in the title and more! Watch/Listen everywhere @​ Join our Discord community of wildlife and adventure enthusiasts @ We love you!
March 29, 2021
TWT #50 - Walrus Nap, 15 Gorillas or 30 Crocodiles
It's our 50th episode and the energy is off the charts! Join us for our usual nonsense. We love you! Go here: 
March 22, 2021
TWT #49 Recorded Live - Big Extinct or Alive Update & Neil Waters Thylacine Drama
Join us for episode 49 recorded live with millions of brosteners tuning in! Pat and Forrest talk about the future of Extinct or Alive. The brofessor addresses Neil Waters and the Thylacine Awareness Group of Australia trying to censor criticism by abusing copyright laws, and much much more!  You don't want to miss it! Watch/Listen anywhere @ Join our amazing Discord community of wildlife & adventure enthusiasts @ We love you (Except you, Neil Waters)!
March 15, 2021
TWT #48 - Forrest & Friends go Sailing
Papa P. is off on an adventure so the gents bring on long time friend of Forrest, Adam Schewitz. Adam rehabbed a sail boat and spent 3 years traveling the seas in it! Forrest went on some adventures with him and they boys are eager to discuss. All that along with Fact or Fiction and a Battle Royale you don't want to miss!
March 08, 2021
TWT #47 - Yellow Penguin, Brown Browed Babbler, & Octopus Are Alien
More evidence that Octopi are not of this earth! Plus Forrest Galante and the Wild Times crew talk about the first Brown Browed Babbler sighting in 70 years. All that, a battle royale fight to the death and much more! Watch and listen anywhere @ Join our awesome Discord of wildlife and adventure enthusiasts @ We love you!
March 01, 2021
TWT #46 - Apocalypto Cow Fall, Pigtrash Insult, & Bears Eat Ass Too
Join us for our 46th week of The Wild Times podcast! We're talkin about an ass eating bear. You DO NOT want to miss it. Watch on youtube @ Join our Discord of fans, wildlife and adventure enthusiasts @ We love you!
February 22, 2021
TWT #45 - Pinatubo Volcano Mouse, Bear Chases Man Down Ski Slope, & Sheep Farts
Check out our daily videos and join our discord @ More @ We love you!
February 15, 2021
TWT#44 - Forced Monkey Labor is Bad, But P.E.T.A. is Insane
Forrest Galante and the crew get heated discussing P.E.T.A., the broducer steals Retep's trademark hairstyle, and much more! Watch & listen anywhere @ Join our wildlife and adventure community Discord @ We love you!
February 08, 2021
TWT #43 - Bradley Trevor Greive, Penguin Bloom, World's Smallest Chameleon
Bradley Trevor Greive joins Forrest Galante and the Wild Times Crew to talk about his time in the special forces, his body of work, and of course, his #1 AU box office hit, Penguin Bloom. BTG is full of hilarious stories and his Battle Royale team may be one of the best ever created! You don't want to miss this one! We love y'all! Join our Discord @ Listen anywhere @
February 01, 2021
TWT #42 - Magic Mushroom Injection, Eden Whale Feeding, & Old People Facebook
Happy Monday brosteners! This one was recorded live with 100+ brosteners hanging with us! We're talking everything in the title and so much more! We love you!
January 25, 2021
TWT #41 - More Extinct or Alive Behind the Scenes with Forrest Galante, Patrick DeLuca, and Mitchell Long
This is the episode people have been clamoring for! Extinct or Alive camera man, Mitch joins The Wild Times Crew for Extinct or Alive story time.  Forrest, Pat, and Mitch recount what was going on behind some of your favorite EoA moments (like the hippo head on the boat).  Enjoy, brosteners! Love you!
January 18, 2021
TWT # 40 Recorded Live! Squirrels are Insane, Langoor gives a haircut, Octopus vs Squid
Another fantastic live where we're talking everything in the title and much more! Watch on youtube Join us on Discord: More info @ We love you!
January 11, 2021
TWT #39 - Aliens Landed Here in 2017, The Trippy Toad, TWT Furry Convention 2021
We're talking DMT, Alients, Furries and much MUCH more! You don't want to miss it. More @ We love you!
January 04, 2021
TWT #38 - Octopuses Punching Fish, Tiger Shark Human Limb, & Stock Tips
Join us for another episode of The Wild Times podcast! Watch on youtube and listen anywhere @ We love you!
December 28, 2020
TWT #37 - Panda Poop Parties, Turkey Man Joe Hutto, Ant Formic Acid Anomoly
Recorded live! Everything in the title plus Darwin awards and everyone's favorite, battle royale! We love you!
December 21, 2020
TWT #36 - We're LIVE!
Join us for a special live recording episode! Over 100 brosteners join us in this one and you don't want to miss it! We love you!
December 14, 2020
TWT #35 - Utah Wildlife Bridge, Tiger King Bill, Emotional Support Animals Banned?
Everything in the title PLUS your favorite games like Battle Royale! AND a new segment called 'DARWIN AWARDS' where the crew reacts to some of the dumbest of the dumb, then votes. You don't want to miss this one! More @ We love you!
December 07, 2020
TWT #34 - Covid Zombie Weasels, Rescue Wolverines, Ming the Clam
Join us for almost 2 hours of shenanigans this week - everything in the title plus much much more! We're going live later this week. Follow us on IG @wildtimespod to find out when. Watch and listen anywhere @ We love you!
November 30, 2020
TWT #33 - CIA Heart Attack Gun, Sea Otter Eats Shark, Japanese Macaque Jail Break
Everything in the title PLUS, who would your basketball starting 5 be with Disney characters? Find out that and more in today's adventure! We love you! More @
November 23, 2020
TWT #32 - SHOCKING Murder Hornet Update, Shark Drowns Whale, Bullfrog Kneecaps
Bizzare animal of the Week, Battle Royale, everything in the title AND MORE! Maybe the best episode, nay THE BEST PODCAST IN THE WORLD! You don't wanna miss it! We love you
November 16, 2020
TWT #31 (LIVE) - Kayakers vs. Humpback Whale, Wolves in the Rockies, Yellowstone Chicken Geyser
Happy Monday Brosteners! We did this one LIVE on Youtube. Be sure and check it out! Subscribe to our Youtube channel to watch all of our episodes and see our beautiful faces and chat with us. We love you!
November 10, 2020
TWT #30 - Penguins High on Nitrous, Murder Hornet Update, Orangutan Escapes
We're talking everything in the title and much more! This week's battle royale is bananas. More @ Merch @ We love you! 
November 02, 2020
TWT #29 - Self Felicitating Otter, Jellyfish as a Food Source, Aggressive Turkey Put in Place
We're talking everything in the title and more! Join us for this week's adventure. Listen/watch anywhere @ Merch @ We love you!
October 26, 2020
TWT #28 - Doc Antle Indicted, The Staircase, Female Mole Testicles
We're talking tree kangaroos and everything in the title. PLUS... Find out how Forrest Galante plans to make it to the top in the C.I.A.  Join us for this week's adventure! More @ We love you!
October 19, 2020
TWT #27 - Devil's Island, 3D Printed Sea Turtle Eggs, & Charly Jordan
Social media influencer turned conservationist Charly Jordan joins us for another adventure. Don't forget to check it out on Youtube. Listen/Watch everywhere @ We love you!
October 12, 2020
Disney Robotic Dolphin, Flamingo Jail Break, Brain Eating Amoeba
The bros are back at it again this week for more shenanigans. Join us for this week's adventure! Listen anywhere @ We love you!
October 04, 2020
TWT #25 - Forrest is Back!
Forrest finally made it back from sea and we couldn't be happier! Join us for this week's adventure. Follow us @
September 26, 2020
Where's Forrest? (Bonus Episode)
Forrest is lost at sea searching for his amygdala, but not to worry. Retep and Pat are bringing you the normal wild times news and nonsense in this bonus episode. Forrest will be back to drop our regularly scheduled episode later this week. Keep an eye out!
September 22, 2020
California Fires, Python Lays Eggs Without Male Help, Forrest Galante Thoughts on Steve Irwin
Listen and play the wild times drinking game with us! RULES: P.S. Drink responsibly, brosteners. Show Notes: Big Fires Cause Big Problems EoA Behind the Scenes - Fires in Tazmania 00;07;08;10 Forrest and Pat talk about status of Extinct or Alive 3rd season 00;11;14;22 Death by elephant   00;16;50;24 Forrest Talks about Torture Mueseum in Bancock 00;17;38;27 Japanese use sharks to torture POW's during WWII 00;19;45;16 Listener asks Forrest about incident where a doe attacked him 00;21;55;26 The Broducer Talks About the time he pee'd his pants 00;24;16;00 Forrest talks about python that laid eggs without being exposed to a mate 00;28;40;08 Borris Becker Story   00;31;33;04 Forrest Galante talks about Steve Irwin saving lives of missing divers 00;34;22;03 Pat talks about the Sea Shepherds attempting to rescue someone during Whale Wars season 3 filming 00;36;20;24 Listener asks Forrest, "what is the craziest animal that lives in the UK" 00;38;08;06 Knoxville, TN Tiger on the loose Forrest talks about how one might track and capture a tiger on the loose in an urban area 00;41;05;19 Forrest answers: How long until you would get killed by a big cat if dropped in the saranghetti naked 00;45;09;08 Forrest Galante talks about fences and boundries on Nakes and Afraid 00;47;47;15 Forrest Galante talks about dancing naked in front of his partner on Naked and Afraid 00;50;04;05 The broducer talks about his friend's experience on NEXT the TV show 00;52;48;07 Forrest talks about recording episode 1 of The Wild Times Podcast 00;57;58;15 Forrest Galante talks about how Academia views his work 01;00;02;01 Battle Royale   01;06;05;19 The Jewel Wasp   01;20;27;27
September 14, 2020
Forrest Galante vs. Coyote Peterson, Maine Shark Attack, Saola Update (Asian Unicorn)
Forrest tells us about his terrifying adventure swimming with bull sharks. And who would win in a fight between Forrest and Coyote Peterson? We're talking wildlife news, everything in the title, AND MORE! Join us on this weeks adventure! Listen anywhere and watch on youtube: We love you!
September 07, 2020
Laura Zerra Survivalist, Naked and Afraid Behind The Scenes, & Madagascar Poop Flu
Episode Video @ Survivalist Laura Zerra joins the crew for their very first video podcast! Also, Forrest laments on his dream of becoming a jungle porn producer. And producer Will makes his first appearance for an unedited and raw episode of The Wild Times. You don't want to miss this one. We love you! More at Follow us on IG, FB, & Twitter @WildTimesPod
August 31, 2020
Extinct or Alive Behind the Scenes Part 2, Surfer's Wife Saved From Shark, & The Michigan Can Scam
Join us for this week's debauchery!  We're talking everything in the title and more. We love you! Follow us @WildTimesPod More at
August 25, 2020
Humpback Whale Charges Swimmers, Emotional Support Alligator, & Frog Pregnancy Tests
The crew is finally back recording in the same room for this special 20th episode!  Join the broologist, the broducer, and the brofessor on this week's audio adventure. We love you! Follow us @WildTimesPod More at    
August 17, 2020
The California Condor, The American Hippo Bill, & Puking Tiger Sharks
Hear about how Forrest's dad shot at and almost killed Forrest's BFF growing up. And tune-in to learn what the bizarre animal of the week has to do with a classic Nintendo game. We announce a contest winner, and the battle royale is a pig sh*t show! We're talking all that, everything in the title, and more!  Join Forrest and the crew for this week's Audio adventure! Follow us @WildTimesPod Learn more at We love you!
August 11, 2020
Shark Week Near Death Experience, Zombie Gay Sex Cicadas, and Satanic Cats
Today's audio adventure opens with an angry Retep ranting and raving about how Broducer Pat's lack of communication is derailing the podcast recording schedule. After that we hear about how Forrest's lack of an amygdala almost gets him killed again during Shark Week filming. The guys introduce a new segment called 'Bizarre Animal of the Week,' and a surprise guest pops in to yell at Pat. Tune in for all of that and much more!  Follow us @WildTimePod More at We love you.
August 03, 2020
Paddlefish Sturgeon Hybrid, Black Panther in Sydney,& Vehicles Not Made on this Earth
Hear about 10 ridiculous animals that you can legally own in California, aliens, and hear Pat get blackout drunk on air! Join us on another audio adventure where we talk about about everything in the title plus much more!  Follow @WildTimesPod More at
July 28, 2020
Elephant Deaths in Botswana, Blood Type Mystery, & Forrest's Egg
Forrest talks about mysterious elephant deaths in Botswana, while Pat bashes scientists and their aloofness on blood. The gang tackles an important Taco Bell slogan mystery. This week's battle royale will make you barking mad. Join us on this week's audio adventure.   Follow us @wildtimespod More at We love you!
July 20, 2020
Cross River Gorillas, Time Travel, and Pat is a Poopy Pants Fibber
Retep unloads on Pat for getting lost in the wilderness over the weekend, The crew travels through time, and Forrest conveys his profound affection for a mutual friend. We're talking primates, jewfish, dingos, and more. Join Forrest Galante, Pat, and Retep on today's silly audio adventure! Follow @wildtimespod on IG, Twitter, and FB. More at We love you!
July 14, 2020
Shark Week 2020 Announcement, Boorish Boars, and More!
Forrest made it back from his Alaskan expedition and gives an exclusive behind the scenes peak at Shark Week 2020! Pat tells us about a deadly encounter with a surprising critter, the guys talk about lab grown meat and the effects it may have on the world, and Retep gets a glowing fan review. The battle royale get's REAL ugly. You don't want to miss this one. Read more at Follow us @WildTimesPod on IG, Facebook, and Twitter
July 07, 2020
Rare Finless Porpoises, A Surprise Guest, and a Zombie Apocalypse Battle Royale
We bring in a surprise guest who gives us an exclusive peak into Forrest's younger days, and Forrest is on location in Alaska. The battle royale is out of control, as usual. More at We love you!
June 29, 2020
A Hitchhiking Echidna, Mysterious Invasive Snails, & Bizarre Animal Mating Calls
Before bro-ologist, Forrest Galante heads out for his next expedition, he and the guys get a debauchery filled episode in! Join us for episode 12 of The Wild Times podcast where we talk about everything in the title and more! The battle royale is bonkers bananas. You don't want to miss it! More at
June 22, 2020
Ancient Bipedal Crocodiles, Giant Squids Fighting Sharks, & T-rex Dodos
All kinds of crazy pre-historic nonsense in this episode. The battle Royale will blow your mind. You don't want to miss it. More at Follow us everywhere @wildtimespod We love you.
June 15, 2020
Methane Eating Shrimp, Sharkano, and Why do we Dream?
Forrest pisses off a bunch of his colleagues... And Why do we dream? All that and more in this episode of The Wild Times podcast! More at
June 08, 2020
Apes Don't Wear Shirts
Did you know that a monkey literally stole a bottle of coronavirus from researchers? And why is Forrest exposing himself live on pod? Find out in another ridiculous episode of The Wild Times podcast. More at
June 01, 2020
Forrest Eats Sh*t!
This episode is full of insanity and you're going to love it! Trust me. Just listen. It's madness. We're all going crazy. There's a pandemic. Check out the
May 25, 2020
A Naked Ape, Ten Thousand Rats, and Nic Cage as Joe Exotic
What do 10,000 rats, have in common with a naked ape? Find out in this weeks episode of The Wild Times w/ Forrest Galante! More about this show at
May 18, 2020
Kite Flying Monkey, Beards, Aliens and Ghosts
The show opens with Forrest telling us a bit about his quarantine exercise routine, and how it makes him look like a lobster. Then the crew watch a monkey fly a kite (no, I'm serious). After that, we hear a bit about Forrest's potato hoarding on his episode of Naked and Afraid. The boys take a deep dive into the paranormal and debate if ghosts and aliens exist. Forrest, Pat, and Retep share their own paranormal stories. Contest winner #2 is announced and the boys travel to a deserted island for this week's Battle Royale! After a bit of hair and beard talk the crew says goodnight. Find us on social media @wildtimespod Check out the videos mentioned in the episode here:
May 04, 2020
A Heinous Hippo, Animal Murder Mystery, and Forrest's GQ Interview
The guys discuss how they're staying sane during Coronavirus quarantine. After that, Forrest recalls a story involving angry tourists and hungry hippos. Long time friend, Maverick Alexander drops by to make fun of Forrest for a while (check out his podcast). And... An animal murder mystery 2 hours outside of Los Angeles needs solving. Plus you don't want to miss this week's "Battle Royale!" Finally, the crew resolves a HUGE controversy surrounding Forrest' GQ interview.
April 27, 2020
The Cryptid Cast
Forrest gives a biologist's perspective on the world's most infamous cryptids, including sasquatch, chupacabra, Loch Ness Monster, and skinwalkers. The gents take a deep dive into Zoom etiquette, including Forrest's refusal to wear a shirt. Forrest explains how the Tasmanian Tiger may have made it to North America due to a shipwreck.  Bobby Flay and Ryan Seacrest get involved in the Battle Royale segment. Forrest makes plans for extinct animal searches post-quarantine.  See more at
April 21, 2020
Extinct or Alive Behind the Scenes Banter, Carole Baskin, Swimming with Anacondas
Forrest's goes foraging in the forest. The chaps discuss a spicy Chinese remedy for COVID-19 (hint: it doesn't work). The Battle Royale involves a fight 'til death with an animal friend and medieval weapon.   Forrest Galante interviews one of the cameramen from Tiger King and much behind-the-scenes dirt is spilled. It's a bonanza of spicy gossip including a secret note from Carole Baskin.    Forrest details a dream vacation swimming with anacondas. Patrick gets furious at employees of the "quiche shop" showing up late to work. Forrest has the biggest mishap of his career while describing an extinct slug. Some behind-the-scenes on Forrest's discovery of the extinct Fernandina tortoise.   AND an Exclusive look at the original Tiger King sizzle reel.  Nico Intro music by humanoide9000 (
April 14, 2020
Tiger King, Fruit Fly Invasion, and Grandmas on Spring Break
What do a crocodile with a tire around it's neck, grandmas doing Zumba, and a violent gang in Columbia have in common? AND... What does Forrest Galante think of Tiger King?  Find out in this episode of The Wild Times!
April 05, 2020
Alien Octopus, Extinct Lion Blood, and an Obese Owl
What do an unsuspecting animal duo, a fat owl, and an alien octopus have in common? Find out on this week's episode of The Wild Times Podcast!
April 05, 2020