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Wireless Pubcast

Wireless Pubcast

By Wireless Pubcast
Learning tech together, one beer at a time.

An informal yet informative podcast rounding up tech news and discussions set in a virtual british pub.

Where the beer Flows Fast, Free and Frictionless

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013 - Geeks of Meta (this is our MetaGeek Episode)

Wireless Pubcast

Far Out Dude
Apple's 'Far Out' event... a bit crap really...
September 08, 2022
Raymond Keeps Drone-ing On
On today's show, we talk about: iPod DJI Mini 3 Viasat
May 12, 2022
Fido known you were open…
On today's show, we talk about... Sonos - We didn't talk about this... we talked about Crypto instead Starlink FIDO
May 06, 2022
Twitter or Bust
Twitter Apple Repairs - DJI Drones
April 29, 2022
The Pub isn’t British
Ryan is on a boat, Alan’s counting his bitcoin, and Dan couldn’t get Siri to remind him of the recording, so the foreigners take over. Today we’ve got Raymond Hendrix, Chris Reed and a special Guest - Joel Crane!
April 29, 2022
The Pub has Scheduling Conflicts
If you’re interested in joining and expanding the bullpen even further write to us at
April 29, 2022
April 29, 2022
036 - An award-winning Landlord, who’d have thought it...
We talk about Wi-Fi 6E, the WLPC Videos and the new Apple hardware. I think this is our first episode under an hour too...
March 24, 2022
035 - Everyone's Getting 6E
We have a new host tonight! Everyone meet Ethan! @eth4n3t We're talking about the new 6E APs from Mist, Cisco, Meraki and Aruba - Russian Hackers and Energy Mist AP45 - Mist AP34 - Cisco 9136 - Meraki MR57 - Aruba 635 -
February 03, 2022
034 - Dan is Training to be a Better Landlord
This episode is all about Training and Equipment 
January 25, 2022
033 - The Census on Sensors
Design Day CCNA Wi-Fi sensors to give evidence (before and after)
October 18, 2021
032 - AP days
Hive Radar - Wi-Fi Survey Kit - Nick Turner's Blog - & Vantage Tripods -
September 26, 2021
031 - What the CWAP...
We talk about CWAP... as per usual!
August 06, 2021
026 - I wanted something like AP on a Pole (Wi-Fi Ninjas Collab)
I wanted to see if I could get away with writing 'collab' in the title... Please send your abuse to @papageordy on Twitter
March 11, 2021
024 - We aren't doing this sober, don't ask again!!
Is there much point in filling out this bit? Does anyone look at the episode notes? I mean, we never put anything decent in here anyway...
January 21, 2021
023 - All I want for Christmas is Helge
We talk to Helge about WinFi and a bunch of other stuff. You'll have to listen to find out what. Plus we have a few questions for you lot to put to him.
December 31, 2020
022 - Welcome to Episode 22, with Me Episode 22
Hey Eddie!
December 07, 2020
021 - Watch me whip, watch me Ferney
Watch me whip, whip, watch me Ferney In Ferney's Man Cave he touches touches people... We talk about wires, 5G roaming, Spanish, Antennas & APs
November 17, 2020
020 - Dan takes a Sabbatical
Industrial Wi-Fi, Hurricanes and shopping at Aldi
November 02, 2020
018 - Second Class Citizen
Want to know where your beer mats are?? We might have the answer!
October 12, 2020
016 - 1 Short of a 7Signal?
Ryan shows how much he loves 7Signal by completely fangirling out. We unintentionally play the 7Signal drinking game with the man himself Jim V, we moan about clients and get deep in analytics. Who needs a survey when you have clients?
September 09, 2020
015 - 'Suma' is 'MIST' translated in Finnish
Swedish furniture Pooing on a 3.5m jack MIST Opportunities
August 24, 2020
014 - Is there really an IEEE-801?
We talk to Rick MurphEEE (@rickmurphyWiTs) about all sorts of stuff including the IEEE process and his visually pleasing background (we know that this is a podcast but we were drunk and using a video call to talk to each other). It's not our fault you weren't on the call...
August 04, 2020
013 - Geeks of Meta (this is our MetaGeek Episode)
Alan gets some EyePA inSSID’im
July 21, 2020
012 - This is not our Metageek episode
We talk about Industrial Wireless, ARM and the audio sucks ass for one of us and we are not even going to apologise for it...
July 18, 2020
011 - Alan Interviews for NetAlly
We talk about NetAlly, NetAlly and NetAlly!
June 29, 2020
010 - It’s Not Unusual - Phil Morgan
Other titles include: Talking about tech? What’s new pussycat? Wi-Fi’s new Pussycat! Phil me with knowledge We talk about dogs, conferences, CCIE. Black dog is a Zeppelin song.
June 18, 2020
009 - No Cables Attached... Devin Akin.
We don't want to spoil it... You'll have to listen.
June 03, 2020
007 - Wirelessly Adjusted Ninja
Kristian gets wirelessly adjusted into Karen and we find out the Ninja can’t do accents.
May 15, 2020
006 - People will do anything for a free piece of card...
Dan, Alan, Kieron and Ryan listen and respond to the flood of solicited voicemails from the WiFi community.
May 12, 2020
005 - Leaky Dogs in Space
What happens when Alan Blake drinks Disco Forklift Truck IPA - He talks some sense.
April 28, 2020
004 - Nigel3.m4a - Kieran's Python
You can tell we've been locked in for a while...
April 20, 2020
003 - Butcombe and Pecks
The one thing we've learnt this episode is to not put out an open invite to a live recording of your Pubcast on the internet... Oh and some stuff about roaming... We think... Join us next week for our 'lock-in' - Aruba AirPass Aruba ClearPass WBA & OpenRoaming
March 28, 2020
001 - Pre Drinks
What happens when a few British WiFi engineers get together for a drink? Let’s find out... Links:
March 13, 2020