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Wissurge - Vision

Wissurge - Vision

By Wissurge
Hey, welcome to our podcast series "Vision", a subset of our website Wissurge. In this series of Vision, we will have a different eye about the events occuring all around the world. Check our website to know more about us.
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Vision Ep-02 : Social Media And Mental Health

Wissurge - Vision

Vision Ep-5 : Sex Education
Hey, welcome back to episode fifth of Vision. In today’s episode of vision, you will have an insight about not much acceptable topic in our society; Sex Education. Listen to the whole podcast about Sex Education. And you can also read about it further at
January 22, 2021
Vision Ep-4 : Universal Basic Income
Hey, welcome back to the fourth episode of Vision. In Today's episode of Vision, you will have an insight over the least and somewhere most effective way of regulating the basic needs of the country. Take the full insights of both head and tail of "Universal Basic Income". And you can also read about it further at
January 11, 2021
A Talk About Animal Rights
Hey! welcome back to third episode of Vision. In today's episode of Vision, you will have an insight into the need of animal rights in our society.  Take a glance over some facts that emphasis 'why we should accept and respect the animal rights in the society'.  You can read the about animal rights on wissurge.     
November 30, 2020
Vision Ep-02 : Social Media And Mental Health
Hey! welcome back to the second episode of Vision. In this second episode of Vision, you will have an insight into social media and its impacts on us. Take a glance over the factors that stress how social media harms us. In this podcast, you will know 4 ways how social media is affecting your mental health. You can read about social media and its impact on Give a read to this article 'How Social Media Affects our lifestyle?'. 
November 23, 2020
Vision Ep-01 : Indian Festivals And Pollution
Hey, welcome to our posdcast Vision, a subset of Wissurge where we will adress the world with a different eye. In this first episode of Vision, you will have different insights about the indian festivals and the harsh realities on enivronment behind the joyfull celebrations. Take a look at the enivornmental impacts of Ganesh Chaturti ,Eid And Diwali. Disclaimer : By this we don't tend to hurt any feelings, any regilion aspects and any community ideology . 
November 14, 2020