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Women In Tattoooing Society

Women In Tattoooing Society

By Women In Tattooing Society
WITS is a series of interviews with female tattoo artists, exploring their experiences whilst working in this amazing, artistic, industry. As much as us girls, try and be one of the lads in this environment, we will always have unique perspectives and challenges. What better way to spend the extra free time we have at the minute, than telling our stories and reminiscing about our careers up to this point and also looking to the future as the world is changed.
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Terri Benamore - Realism and Restoration

Women In Tattoooing Society

Terri Benamore - Realism and Restoration

Women In Tattoooing Society

Stacie-Rae Weir - The changes in tattooing over the past couple of decades, and of course, pioneering Areola Restorative Tattooing
Wow!  This Woman is such an inspiration.  She has had some amazing experiences that we all can benefit from as well as overcoming her own personal tragedies, and using that energy to help others. Stacie is a worldwide educator in Restorative Tattooing, pioneering the use of permanent pigments in Areola Tattooing and creating (along with Samantha-Rae) the world famous Pink Ribbon Series.  She has been relentless in her mission to educate Tattooers, PMU artists and of course, Breast Cancer Survivors and this story is absolutely one you should hear. One thing I really love about this lady, is her honesty.  If you ever need a straight answer, Stacie will give it to you packaged in positivity and at the end of the day, thats how we progress right?  enjoy our little chat and I promise you will learn something :)
July 13, 2020
Tanya Buxton
Tanya is a really hard working multi talented artist using her skills as a tattoo artist in the PMU world.  She bridges the gap between the industries, and is helping people in the PMU world understand tattoo fundamentals which will only benefit their work.  It's all tattooing after all!  She even performed a live seminar at a huge conference in Vegas!  Today we're chatting about her journey and experiences so grab a cuppa, sit back, and enjoy! Check out Tanya Buxton on instagram and facebook and check out her website
June 16, 2020
Tattooists AGAINST Sexual Assault
This episode is an important one.   Sexual harassment and assault is something most women have to deal with in their lives, and unfortunately it exists in our creative community.  We really do not want to see the industry suffer because of a few tattoo artists abusing their position of power.  It's time for UNITY. I was lucky enough to chat with Lucy Pidgeon, Gemma May, Dolly Tattoos and Hanna Bozward about how this movement (Tattooist Sexual Assault Survivor Support) has come about, and the potential solutions to creating awareness of inappropriate behavior and keeping clients safe against sexual abuse . Lucy posted a video of her experience recently, and it went viral encouraging more people to come forward with their own experiences.  These ladies I'm chatting with, are working extremely hard to support victims of abuse at the hands of a tattoo artist.   As a tattoo artist myself, we all have a part to play in improving our industry that we love so very much. If you have been effected by an incident with someone in the tattoo industry, or would like to learn more please check out @tsass_uk If you are easily offended, or you may be affected by this episodes topic, you may want to skip this one. Cover art by @jimdillontattoo
June 2, 2020
Ali Burke
Im so chuffed I got to speak to Ali.  One of my favourite tattoo artitsts and all round nice guy (guyess??).  We chat about her journey, hard work, being thrown in the deep end, and being recognised for high quality tattoo art throughout the industry.
June 1, 2020
Lucy Thompson- The Nipple Innovation Project
Lucy is definitely one of my favourite people.  She has gone above and beyond to help improve the standards of restorative tattooing for Breast Cancer Survivors, and set up NIP, a charity dedicated to this cause.  She is also a fantastic realism artist too! Tonight we chat about her journey into tattooing, and what influenced her to move forward into restorative tattooing and set up a registered charity. Check out The Nipple Innovation project for more information on how you can become involved.  
May 26, 2020
Terri Benamore - Realism and Restoration
In this episode Im chatting to the extremely talented and kind hearted Terri.  We chat about tattoo choices, her journey from apprentice to business owner, and using her skills as a realism tattoo artist in helping people feel whole with restorative tattooing.  Plus, again, the work/ life/ parent balance. *Dear tattoo artists interested in providing restorative tattoo procedures, please check out  Stacie-Rae, founder of ART provides training and mentorship in high quality, realistic, permanent restorative tattooing.  ART is a global collective of certified artists in this complex procedure.  Although as experienced tattoo artists, we have a fantastic fundamental understanding of applying pigment in skin, I would definitely recommend extra training to prepare us for dealing with scar tissue and other contraindications associated with Breast Reconstructions.  
May 22, 2020
Toni Warman (Tattoos by Toni)
Chatting with Toni about her very effective marketing and branding in the tattoo industry, her upcoming book, work/life balance, and our most embarrassing moments!  find Tattoosbytoni on all social media platforms. 
May 17, 2020
Sami Pickett
Tonight I catch up with Sami.  Sami is a very solid all rounder in tattooing, and it's been really interesting to talk to someone who embraces the traditional aspects of tattooing when it comes to equipment and ethos.  check out Sami Pickett on social media, and Homestead Tattoos Worcester
May 14, 2020
Katie Winifred and Nicola Cry
Today Im chatting to Katie Winifred (Bristol) and Nicola Cry (MIdlands) about how they got into art, and tattooing.  The good, the bad and the ugly!
May 11, 2020
Intro to WITS (Women In Tattooing Society)
coming soon a collection of interviews with female tattooers worldwide! For more information or to find out about how to get involved, please visit
May 8, 2020