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The Wrong Kind Of Mad

The Wrong Kind Of Mad

By Keir Harding & Hollie Berrigan
Hollie Berrigan and Keir Harding talk about issues associated with "personality disorder". With a variety of guests who are experts in the field, this is a wry look at the issues around this controversial diagnosis. It can be a bit sweary and we might discuss adverse experiences and self harm.
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Episode 2 - Joel Paris Should people diagnosed with BPD be kept out of hospital?

The Wrong Kind Of Mad

Episode 3 - DBT and Emotional Regulation with Christine Dunkley
Hollie and Keir talk to Christine Dunkley, one of the lead DBT trainers in the UK.  DBT (Dialectical Behaviour Therapy) is the one therapy specifically mentioned in the NICE guidelines for "BPD".  We talk about what DBT is and isn't, how phone contact works, the Stepford Wives and some of the issues that arise from DBT being delivered in ways that don't fit with what's in the manual.  We really enjoyed this one.   Christine has a book out that we highly recommend.  You can get it here   Its a great guide for helping manage pain and intense emotion, rather than just trying to distract from them.  If you're enjoying the podcast let us know on twitter @wrongkindofmad, instagram @thewrongkindofmad or email If you're hating it tell us that too.  
February 16, 2021
Episode 2 - Joel Paris Should people diagnosed with BPD be kept out of hospital?
Joel Paris is a Canadian psychiatrist and eminent researcher in the field of "personality disorder".  He is probably the most vocal advocate of the idea that those with a BPD diagnosis should not be admitted to hospital.  We explore this view with Joel, whether his research is quoted accurately and what he feels is helpful for those who get this diagnosis.   Joel's most recent book is here Let us know what you think of this episode or anything else that you want to tell us.  You can find us @wrongkindofmad on twitter, The Wrong Kind of Mad Podcast on Facebook, something similar on instagram or email at  Like, review and subscribe :-)
February 3, 2021
Episode 0 - Who are we, and why are we here?
Keir and Hollie introduce themselves as the hosts of The Wrong Kind of Mad Podcast.  While we don't mention it, the diagnosis of Personality Disorder is sometimes described in this way.  It is sometimes seen as too complex for some services while others will decline to help people who have that diagnosis.  While we quite liked the title, it also won a poll on twitter to be the official monicker of the project.  This is us.  Hope you join us for more. 
December 31, 2020
Episode 1 - Talking "BPD" with Nicola Thorpe
In the first ever recording of The Wrong Kind of Mad podcast we talk to Actress, Broadcaster and Activist Nicola Thorpe about her experiences of "BPD" & mysogyny.  Nicola is one of the few people in the public eye who openly talks about identifying with BPD and we had a great discussion around diagnosis, integrity and the pathologising of fiesty women.  You can read Nicola's regular columns in the Metro and she is active on twitter @nicolathorp_ (note the underscore at the end) and instagram @missnicolathorp You can find Hollie and Keir on twitter @keirwales & @Hoppypelican and Instagram @keirhardingOT and @themainoffender and Keir is on Facebook - Keir Harding OT You can find Keir and Hollies writing at & www. Contact us as above or twitter @wrongkindofmad or
December 31, 2020